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  1. Laras Kun Rahmanti Putri

    i dont know much about dua lipa. dua is two in Indonesia language. seeing this video, i thought she has twin and they make a duo.

  2. Timothee Nicole

    Harry styles vibes

  3. Hearvy Specter

    I want to know who’s her dance teacher ?

  4. Sii Ad


  5. Poto Somo

    This song makes me want to cry and dance at the same time 😭 💃

  6. Shankar Suryanarayan

    Blinkeu Likeu 👇🏻

  7. marlon costa


  8. Varsha Gopalan

    I know Thai is kinda late but dang this song is soooo good Like if u think so too!!

  9. Kuka Omurova


  10. Andrea Centeno Reyes

  11. patsy Morris

    I never learn. He only likes the untouchable.

  12. patsy Morris

    Totally in.

  13. asiakrk1

    Not so good..

  14. PePeroeKnees

    Damn the bass line ❤ or is it?

  15. Melody Barakuda

    Is that rihanna on the first video?


    Blinks here to support Dua !!!!!!! ❤️ Hwaiting !!!!

    1. huttio srreu

      This song is f*cking fire 🔥

  17. AMX Empire

    I am here because one plus music festival @ Mumbai... Just love this beat ❤️

  18. Penmas Tengrang

    This fashion will​ be​ in​ Trend. Give me speed some noise 😍😍😍

  19. Deep Deb

    This song is kinda funny and catchy, starter pack for bitch mode on

  20. kalees wari

    2019 best Disco pop song ever.

  21. Chittaranjan Deb

    Who s here before 2 billion views?

  22. alvaro da silva

    Beautiful dua lipa

  23. Cal C

    My favorite song this hour

    1. huttio srreu

      okay, this slaps

  24. Franky V

    What’s with the dislikes this song is awesome

  25. NVH 2001

    Boy I don’t give a fuck

  26. Cal C

    Don’t get rapped lol

  27. Gigi T.

    This has some HEAVY Daft Punk Random Access Memories vibes. I dig it.

    1. A. B.

      Gigi T. Yes!!! This is what makes this song great!

  28. Louis Jr.

    Dua Lipa has a really great idea with these diaries and is a super great treat for us fans! This # 016 is fantastic! Thanks Dear Dua Lipa!! - Dancing Louie

  29. Matthew Mosqueda

    There is the shard and fragments of ever enchantment that still rose. 🌹 The time of life for everything, in even in the tears, it was you... It is truly, the heart that clears the path to portrait and harmony... I love you.

  30. Don't Forget to Rock

    Dua's friends HAIM released a new music video for "Now I'm In It'. Check it out! :)

  31. Li Moon Witch

    All I want to do is to dance this song!

  32. Tsedachel


  33. Cal C


  34. आshu

    Davie404 slap that bass in this video

  35. JS B

    Her voice in the opening line reminds me of how low Britney's natural voice is. It's such a shame her voice was ruined by making her use that baby voice. I think Dua's voice is fine the way it is.

  36. Ashutosh Joshi

    Slappin that Bass

  37. Tulio Flores

    Te Amo Dua Lipa te quiero 😍😍

  38. A Chan

    This song has Kiesza- Hideaway vibes :)

  39. Fawaz Alnoumas

    2019??? It’s almost 2020

  40. Tony Antonio Canelas

    Is that riri with dua lipa?

  41. KraZyDave uya

    Crank that BASS up!

  42. fαмσυѕ кαlαкαя

    Listen to "used to love" by martin garrix then come back and listen to this you'll realize something 🙄🙄

  43. Mike Fernandez

    You can’t tell me you’ve never had that time as a kid we’re you have a favorite song but then start to not like and then like a year later you listen to it again and think I remember this song

  44. Matthew Mosqueda

    My heart is so moved. Truly you belong to your dream, and surely beset God, your life presents truly the meant of your depth in the dream be fell you in such beauty and passion. This was such a good song.

  45. J. M.

    okay, this slaps

  46. Thousand Dreamz

    This song is f*cking fire 🔥

  47. Matthew Mosqueda

    There was a very special word written, that something could be free and return and such as be the lights from the very moment, in so many words, it is true, and can be done... There is no such thing as goodbye.

  48. Nandini Ippili

    who else noticed on one of the signs it said kiss and makeup?

  49. Megla Chakma

    This song will never get old. 2019 anyone?

  50. Zoe Godsted

    What a freaking bop

  51. GEORGE MiNa

    Sexy DUA 😍


    Who is came from "One Kiss"?

  53. Sydney Rivera

    Sing it girl ❤❤❤❤

  54. Georgina Georgi

    Que talento! Woooow! Hermoso!

  55. Camille Feitosa

    musica foda

  56. Joy Kittoe

    She actually sounds like Alicia Keys 😃

  57. lucky Yo


  58. FAN ROBLOX love


  59. Melanie Anze


  60. Uliquendo 33

    That girl from the start isnt Kyla from americas next top model cycle 24?

  61. Lusho

    ese sonido tan future funk <3

  62. Trending Music

    1Like=1Sub Let’s help each other pls

  63. Elias S


  64. lalisa Thailand

    We are love this song

  65. M. Angie PC


  66. Carmen Thielen


  67. Anwar K j

    Adi poli

  68. Isabela Kook


  69. Hack Hack


  70. Tuku2

    Is you!


    OK fuck I admit Maybe I'm enjoying this song...

  72. JanetteSparks

    stage presence is hereeeeeeeee

  73. Ms ferros Ferros

    Brasil ???

  74. ale reyes

    MAYBE unpopular opinion but the album before the "deluxe" version was waaaay better. they should've left it as it was and created a different album to add the "new" songs. sad :(

  75. ale reyes

    back to when her music was actually good...*sigh *

  76. Luis Madrid

    She is hot

  77. LONCENG 1001

    Sophie elle bextor

  78. Ivan M


  79. Alexia Hermence

    guys the reason why there is no music vid is because there is a editing competition.

  80. tienda mexico

    estas bien rica dua lipa

  81. rajat kumar

    It's amazed to see you in India

  82. Z V

    She is just beyond perfect.

  83. Tom Brearley-Smith

    I can imagine this song in the pop radio station in Grand Theft Auto VI!

  84. Ofek Revivo


  85. Johanna Lundqvist

    So perfect !

  86. ღMaiara Silvaღ

    Só eu que conheci ela com essa música? Me lembro que esse clipe não tinha nem 100 milhões de views

  87. micaela strupeni

    Jen y Mar terminamos de rendir y nos vamos de joda ♡

  88. Faisal Razak

    My idol Dua Lipa ✌️

  89. Alpha Chinoz

    Are all her songs about this one guy...?

  90. Familia González


  91. Flora Helena

    Goddess ♥

  92. Valentin Osilio


  93. Domingo Arrieta garcia

    Y love You Dua.💗💖

  94. Eduar So

    Soy el único que comenta en español 🤔😂

  95. isabella cerra

    how thit song can be so perfect?. please someone explain me

  96. suzi Lucas

    Brasil 21:52 ouvindo esse som

  97. AJLA AKI


  98. Organic MC5

    Just before two billion wtf this music broke the internet❤

  99. Choi Sun-hee

    Quero feat com o bp de novo aaa

  100. access 007

    She is in india I think 11.6 million will change to 20 m... As a return gift !