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  1. Burtis Tumafishsandwhich

    what ever happened to the a. s. s. hole. thing 🤷‍♂️

  2. Jared Lao


  3. KrazyL

    the comment section: "everyone just copied another" me: HMMMMMMMMM

  4. tsfcancerman

    Now i see why he dont move his upperlip

  5. 1234

    pewdiepie whale be the best!!!!! someday


    Hey felix how is marzia£

  7. Schmittsby

    Please send them to the ranch forever

  8. KPOP Crackhead

    pewds putting an ad for his own game at the end of a video of him playing his own game

  9. JayJamBAM

    i listen to this everyday

  10. END

    Its crashing when i go to brotown

  11. Alan H

    Why all rusins im russin

  12. Tai Hopper

    raise your hand if you've never heard of them? (or is that just me)

  13. dark racer

    Can you play this again it was awesome and funny

  14. Best Songs

    I remember when I was better than pewdiepie in Minecraft

  15. Eddie Maigting

    This game change my life forever😀😀😀😀😀

  16. Ashfiq Sadman

    *OK Boomer*

  17. Sami Heinonen

    Does the amount of stars got from missions affect anything?

  18. Vaibhav Singh

    The story is running in the past dumbs

  19. True Magic

    It might happen with this new HUsel policy

  20. Sammy Sosa

    Is that Faith Goldy?

  21. marvel world

    please unsubscribe his channel who is a real Indian because this guys comments rubbish thing about india

  22. mrtrublu347

    So we need the news to tell us what is right and what is not. Ya i think i'll stick to common sense.

  23. Rx B.Manuel

    dude your good in redstone

  24. RORO _SOSO


  25. Benek

    Ok boomer

  26. We aRe NoObS

    Haters Liked this video

  27. Ishaan Mishra

    Did anyone you notice pewds using Samsung galaxy fold

  28. RyAn ToRrEs

    i dont have an ego

  29. Atheist Oreo

    is this some kind of reupload or susan wo-jerkoff feeling guilty and remove the strike? i know im too late to ask but still.

  30. Magyar Huszár

    To sexy for me

  31. Migs Satilom

    Cant believe this is the same guy who is having a hard time making a cobblestone generator

  32. SiruxMedia


  33. 부인브김

    Crying rn becoz it's not an offline game :(

  34. Uzair Asim

    You like Pakistan yes I to heat indis

  35. Alexipino

    I need to cover my mom on bedrock

  36. yugam khera


  37. AlienWarForce

    I went back here to see it again and got an add for Pewdiepie’s new figurine

  38. Shadow Kid

    He's such a boomer

  39. quietly singing

    This comment section: "Everyone just copied another" Me: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  40. MemeBoy12

    *Mumbo Jumbo wants to know you’re location*


    Who is agree with PewDiePie is game of god who agree subscribe to my channel

  42. Dennidz


  43. Skinny White Kid

    Wow this guy will become famous and play Minecraft one day Hope he doesn’t slip up on a live stream

  44. Vance Biondo

    I don't burn YOU PSYCHI NUT SCREW BALL☝️

  45. Hello mate and Ok

    Tts to much boring

  46. Savke X


  47. Kane

    When will it come out in Belgium?

  48. l91k

    Who is coming when there is have Premium Title

  49. necramancer A gamer

    I am gonna do youtube for life. No matter what imma upload my death bed

  50. Burger Deluxe

    You know what else is cringey? The audio delay on this video 😂

  51. Random Guy

    "its booooring"

  52. CT3 Alves


  53. Yaro

    The app isnt available in the netherlands 😭 hope it gets fixed soon

  54. darwinn 1

    This comment section “Everyone just copied another” Me: Epstein didn't killed himself

  55. tsfcancerman

    Rather make adults do iq tests before they are allowed to breed, and score above 100, since 70 is dumb and 132/148 is lowest mensa score

  56. Can This Pen Get 10 000 Subscribers?

    When Felix pays money in the game that goes to him STONKS

  57. Sofia Palacios

    CARDI B IS ACTUALLY VERY SMART plz plz look it up you’d be very surprised. She’s more than what she puts out there😖😖😖

  58. Thunder Sans101

    3:40 does he not know how to play his own game

  59. Jananator

    A cool new easter egg i found was if you tap on a pixeling's picture when your looking at it's stats, they get hurt.

  60. Navodith Manoj

    Pewds I love this game it looks great..... Thing is.... I DOESNT WORK ON IPHONE 6 FOR SOME REASON

  61. Ngọc Thạch Phạm

    Nice game tho

  62. neka tamo

    Roblox T-gay Roblox

  63. Twitch_StarLord_

    Nice Vid! @10:20 -BUT HOW DID U NOT KNOW MICROBES OMG. Its short for microbes haha. Late but always gonna be upto date. 13 MORE TO go! ;) Keepin the watch streaks for a year now aha! ~The Mysterious Random Forgotten Star

  64. Scales_Char YT

    Help me get to 35

  65. Danny War Robots

    Is that galaxy fold!

  66. sanju raghuvanshi

    9:10 yes we do😄

  67. Julius Matthew

    1:14 Best🤣