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  1. Esther Gonçalves

    I love this very cool channel

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    This was just 2 years ago ooof I thought it was last year X(

  3. Ashlynn Sheftell

    49 seconds that is perfect

  4. Ashlynn Sheftell

    49 seconds that is perfect

  5. Katie C.

    If you typed a document... there is a tool that will count the words for you...

  6. im obsessed with stranger things

    if u do tik tok my tik tok is @milliesgloss

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  8. miladis pc

    i did it before craft panda for the clips

  9. lost furry

    Can you quit doing those right and wrong half screens? They dont make any sense. Like at all

  10. Norman olo

    Thanks for making this because I love Christmas

  11. Norman olo

    That's so festive

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  13. Embook

    Who came across this video and thought it was going to be someone reacting to 5 minute crafts based on the thumbnail

  14. Simone Marascki

    Por que aquela menina de cabelo rosa não pinta o cabelo de outra cor

  15. Mac love da Hazal

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  18. Rafeal peter

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  19. Alison Marley

    Someone needs to show these guys how to sew up a hole in a jumper.....

  20. Alfalfa Horse

    Who just watches these for fun?!

  21. tuti fruti

    7.20 she cant wear normal dress? The faster did diy?

  22. enter sandman

    Easy and fast hacks my home is clean💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

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    اعجبني الفيديو

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    I love it!!!!

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    That was a commercial

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    P o u R C o u A E n V o u Z En T E n P A

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    Me : gets an hammer Mom : WHAT ARE you doing Me : smashes the like button

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    Super idea 💡

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    What is the name of this NOT INCLUDED thing for games ?

  43. Rhoda Robert

    I got access to my husband account through *Kyle_hacker01* on IG he's superb 💯💯

  44. Rhoda Robert

    I got access to my husband account through *Kyle_hacker01* on IG he's superb 💯💯


    W.o.w you are the best


    I like the polar bear wan


    who realised that giant stranger things poster it was so cool

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    my heppy

  49. Vigneshwaran Vigneshwaran

    Emily please change your hair colour one time pls pls

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    8:48 true

  51. Wejaru

    1:18 I think schools are mistaken.

  52. Admela Pazera

    Ggufgg, u kojem se nalazi na adresi. , u kojem je u tome je li li li da je riječ je 5TH, ali ne znam kako da je u tome

  53. kotagaram padma

    3:33 beside Jacob that guy is so cute If you agree like my comment👍👍

  54. Yohan Jung

    At 6:15 i thought it was ketchup and mayo. I was like holy crap

  55. subodh kaushal

    Last part of eyeliner one not equal

  56. Fenna Reitmaier

    6:02 nice

  57. Ksenia Yevstratova

    omg why do u destroy good clothes

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    My name is Husna

  60. Anwar Khan Anwar Khan

    You are so beautiful ❤️😍 and cute ❤️😘 but I am Muslim

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    You i love BTS

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    Just cut out the holes, lol



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    Like the video of the music could be a little annoying now

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    Muffler ideas are awesome I love it subscribe to crafty panda 🐼

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    I love Emily😄😄😄

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  84. Drawing & Creativity

    Hi, I am new to HUsel and I live in Morocco. I hope that there will be support for me in my channel. My wish is to reach 10,000 subscribers. Thank you all.

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