Listen to thank u, next:

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  1. Kenter Alik

    Thanks 😘😊😘

  2. risky gamer

    God has no gender

  3. Mila Patterson

    Go Ariana work it while your dance go girl ( that voice sang!)

  4. Dufy4 ever

    So Damn Hot @ 2:07 and 2:08😜

  5. Cooper Dieterle

    1:53 its robbie shapiro

  6. Alrayan Hassan

    Catch me back in 2026 replying to this

  7. H4kdog gaming

    2:10 i just wanna be a dog

  8. Nico Del pozo

    Alguien que hable español plis

  9. Benjamin Valenzuela

    ❤💜👍ariana soi de argentina👍👍💘💝💗💞💚💛💓💔💕💖

  10. GlowVxbes

    Who’s here after Ariana unfollowed lana

  11. Izuku Fanfics teorías

    I love you bitch

  12. Donisete Da Conseicao Conseicao

    Como não lembrar da Josiane my god

  13. Rhiza Althea Pantanoza

    Do you remember sam and cat

  14. Sam Aldape

    you stole quadecas flow

  15. guilherme lessa

    pq a maioria dos video clipes de musicas de sucesso tão com muito dislike ??????

    1. Norman Rockwell

      Porque o fãs de outros cantores ficam dando deslike tudo inveja

  16. 劉庶民


  17. ryan hxen

    Black Lives matter!

  18. 劉庶民


  19. 劉庶民


  20. Amber Lucio

    i was feeling sexy at a young age listening this

  21. simplyeden

    Oh the victorious times- 🌟🥺🌼⭐️

  22. Joegy Marquez

    Being single be like...

  23. melzinha ribeiro Ribeiro

    Sou a única brasileira

  24. Sarah Aldina

    This just too beautiful 😭🤧

  25. Maoly Burgos Macías

    The crazy-jelous-obsessive-in love me loves this video for so many reasons! <3


    ariana is so cut💕💕

  27. john jappinen martinez

    ay love

  28. Lovely Riley


  29. Aubrey Robideaux

    We need more videos with Colleen and Ariana

  30. Umaru ChanZ


  31. Kane Do

    I like dogs

  32. Dafunnypanda -ROBLOX

    When her fans get to meet her she be like Thank you next

  33. alyssa

    Plot twist she really tryna get the girl.

    1. nicole holmes


  34. Jaidyn Bole

    Awwww! I love this video! And I love being stuck with my family!

  35. serenadobetrappindoe

    AriChan yahuh

  36. Mabel Martosentono

    never thought their voices would fit so wel together especially lana’s voice because she’s so different from them. TvT

  37. Aminaaa Khadisova

    2:44 and 3:18 HAHAAHAHAHA i can’t-

  38. Wallace Brito

    Melhor música ❤️❤️

  39. Mizz Snipez

    who came here after doing a just dance to this song?

  40. Tiger Doyle


  41. Jaromir Misztak

    please dont swear its really not nice girl and you were so cute when you were a babby i found it on youtube

  42. som sreyroath

    i love all your song

  43. Skylar Kitty Edits

    * Sips Tea *

  44. Jennifer Capano

    I love Miley cirus because I love Hannah Montana

  45. Veda Eden

    Who is that tall guy with Ari??

  46. 학생서다윤

    아리아나 언니 너무 이뻐요! 노래 잘듣고있어요! 정말 내는 노래마다 다 좋아요 특히 저는 이 노래가 제일 좋은것같아요 언니 앞으로도 화이팅해요! 언니덕분에 자신감이 넘쳐나는것같은 하루에요 좋은하루 보내요!

  47. Samantha Clewer

    I love this song

  48. anne kammyle

    gente, a tradução da música KKKKKKKKKK perfeita pra um almoço em família mas agora não fica em casa rapá coronga vírus tá aí

  49. diana carol jaramillo galindez

    Hola amor como te ha sido la primera vez que 👭👭👭👭👭👭🇨🇴

  50. Mautaiaha Stewart

    i love you ari

  51. ROBINO!

    |This is how many people think this is awesome!

  52. sudhasmita sahu

    I really like Ariana’s voice😍😁

  53. Papa Rewq

    Couragejd fans here if you don’t wanna watch the whole vid 1:52

  54. rainbow li

    Ariana is amazing in so many ways

  55. Perla Navarrete

    Ok mom

  56. R#NdOm*ThInGz

    whos here quartine edit: from a curfew

  57. powerfulariana

    such an underrated video and single! deserved better

  58. Daniel Cortes

    #Anonymuos __ARIDIOSA__ __CON MENSAJES EN EL VIDEO__ Quien mas aqui por el hilo de twitter con el tema de P!ZZ4GATE?

  59. mmgta 241

    Im so glad Ariana made this song, it brings back a lot of grade 5 memories

  60. Nintendobubbletea

    Keep the effort up Arianna

  61. Emi Ceballos

    i'm just gonna say, tun it's her best album

  62. Break Free

    Sweetener wasn't a bad album as some people think it is. It's actually something that was unique and beautiful in it's own way. The songs are just something new that we've never heard from Ari.

  63. Ameru Jamiu

    OMG i love you ariana grande,i am a huge fan

  64. Daniel Cortes

    #ANONYMUOS Aqui porque esta DIOSA en este video cuenta como intento salir del OSCURO NEGOCIO DE LA INDUSTRIA DE LA MUSICA __Vaya mensaje cuando muestra varias caras de ella__

  65. Alma Franco

    I love You 🖤🖤🖤🖤 ,ლ(◕ω◕ლ)

  66. Estela Urtecho

    2 sam y cat por favor

  67. Vivienne Sandel

    Ariana:stuck whit my dog Justin:stuck whit my wife Me:stuck whit home work

  68. Ericles Henrique

    I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since she dropped this video

  69. Juan Pablo Flores

    It's been 5 years already and I keep hearing "F**k is on me". Thank you so much random comment from the past.

  70. Kizzy Lynch


  71. jasmine aung

    Am I seriously the only one that noticed about her hair?!first was blonde than brown then short and then it grew too fast! And am I really the only one that wonders what was in her diary and what was her dog's name?!

  72. •Itz_Isaaccc Angel•


  73. Lolo Ekram


  74. vel_ vety

    that boy looks like the boy Veronica was hooking up with in Riverdale, am i just late to notice it ?

    1. Tyler Ross

      because it is

  75. vitoria amorim

    Me instagram :vick.amorim.351

  76. Creepy Gamer

    Hello im are a normal person and , i can tell you something? Give me a heart and i talk you like a bot

  77. Depressive Rocker

    Anoooooother legendary song

  78. Depressive Rocker

    Just another legendary song

  79. Emily Curtis


  80. Depressive Rocker

    I'll never understand why is this song the most viewed of her. Thank you, next is all I have to say

    1. degenerate male

      Thank u next has 500 million views tho-

  81. Eugenio Orestes Ríos Peña

    Tha Weekee no importa. De un lado :v

  82. xem1d

    July 2020

  83. enzosnchnh

    Here to say i'm here before the Billion ♥

  84. Beamer

    is it just me or does this sound like perfect by ed sheeran?

  85. Maciel Leslye Mamani

    Soy yo!! Pero recuerdo que el auto en el que venía era rosa no negro.

  86. Cindy Toxx TV

    So such a beautiful ariana grande I love it

  87. cristina cris


  88. Bianca Vela

    Anyone notice that’s Robbie

  89. fleggm

    That actor landed the gig of his life

  90. Samantha Karissa Mendoza

    I just came here because of kris jenner

  91. Leah McCoy

    I see DiMarco got you to add CC!

  92. Squeaky&Skittles

    Tbh this music vid is a bit weird, but the song is amazing

  93. roblox gamer


  94. Emels Muftuoglu

    :a ask the owner of the store but its so exspensive so i steal it

  95. SteOfficial

    This song: *Im stuck with you* Me: *Im stuck with Zoom stuck with Zoom Stuck with Zooooooooom!*

  96. Angel Gabriel Muñoz macias

    La mesa :n

  97. roblox gamer

    I see a cute outfit i look at the price cant afforded it.

  98. NinjaX TopGame

    'I will sent you to home' -corona virus

  99. Gina Rosalia

    like this song thanks ariana