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  1. LB Yui

    She's not just losing weight, her skin is also glowing

  2. stan broniszewski

    Sit-ups are among the most useless of exercises. The best thing that comes out of it is a screwed up back & spine. Planks have been proven far more effective. Plus, sit-ups will never get rid of the infamous spare tire. The gut was designed to retain body fat in the event of energy loss during cold temperatures. But hey, if you can perform a thousand sit-ups, go for it. But the next day, seeing a chiropractic specialist will greatly help.

  3. Tiquan Bennett

    He actually type most pussy in 30 seconds

  4. Timothy Blewden

    When you get so shredded your hair changes colour!

  5. Jesther Xanne Guilaran

    A brother like him 😍

  6. Shrishti Saha

    i find the diet part the hardest :(

  7. Daria Sadowska

    I have 1:03

  8. Treyvon Mayz

    I thought this was a WIRED video

  9. Shashank Singhal

    नमस्ते हम अच्छे हैं। आप बताइए

  10. Antonis73

    He : I am a decent youtuber Me : I hAvE 41 sUbScRiBeRs

  11. Rece Joslin

    6:55 his cat tho

  12. Heavanmari3

    Omg she looks amazing, there's an incredibly big difference! She should be proud of herself 💕

  13. hariettejoynie dailo

    ur a badass

  14. BananaFlorida

    What song is that at the begining



  16. sathesh kumar

    How many calories burn 1000situps tell bro

  17. X


  18. martin soto

    1:06 es mi idea o yo conte 22 pull ups

  19. Aiden Walker

    What about the door frame pull-up?

  20. workout fem

    Blue shirt core is in check!

  21. SPing 2386

    I liked

  22. HDV NOOBeral

    Ill broke your record. Watch my video idol

  23. The Best Comments On YouTube

    1 year later: well Igor did 202 push-ups and beat me again

  24. Marcus St John

    The most satisfying thing just happened I fast forwarded to 5:38 and saw the clickbate totle

  25. Pure Freedom


  26. Zev Vestel

    i can barily do 1 pushup

  27. Gabbe

    3:13 I lost Kreygasm

  28. GalletaConLeche

    I learned 2 days ago muscle up but i need help. With my legs i got like 2 mounths doin bars but i dont look ripped like all these guys lol

  29. Zosh

    Hey Browney, I would like to start calculating my calories, but and don't know where to start, which app to use, etc. Do you have any tips or app I should use? Thank you

  30. Prabhu Nayak

    SAIBOV did it 60 push-ups in 30 seconds and in perfect form

  31. Micaela Gibson

    Good job



  33. Freakybananayo

    Keep on going, I wanna see what a couple more months of work will look like. She's getting her jawline back

  34. The Push Up Running Kid

    ring pushup on progress

  35. Allegra Kelton

    4:04 hahaha I love you, girl! However gets you the best results, hey!

  36. Woulf Woom

    U should do it with 100g

  37. Woulf Woom

    Normally I'm so good but It's hard becouse as vegan I don't know the calloris of meat😅 and I even forgot eggs and dary products get harder😅

  38. Lord Satan

    I wished I had a brother like you but mine used to call me fat everyday when i was 9 and I lost my appetite and stoped eating for a week i think

  39. lil xoco

    Next Vid Transforming My Parents - 30 DAY CHALLENGE

  40. Olivia And Kate

    HAHAHA i only know pounds and i was like SHE IS NOT 900 POUNDS OBVIOUSLY

  41. Omar 333

    200 push ups per day ??!!!! Why are super man or spider man ?

  42. Crunchy Boii

    Your friend looks like Chris hemsworth and skinny captain America’s disgraceful offspring

  43. Andree_ Bautista


  44. Subscribe to PuddiPudy

    Anyone CARE to subscribe 🙄

  45. River Spohn

    I can do knee push ups thanks for asking bronwey 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Evan Ladeairous

    You and that Igor guy would crush this!

  47. Josef Puntschuh

    Your face looks like stretched fortnite

  48. Evan Ladeairous

    If you guys are interested in keeping this process going, I suggest swimming at least an hour 5 times a week.

  49. Angelu T

    The girl at 6:08 was headbanging more than moving her body 😂

  50. S D

    Weet iemand wat voor handschoenen je kan gebruiken voor pullups?

  51. Lucas Bleyle

    Goddamn this outshine all other variations of this video

  52. Space PFF

    Пришёл сюда ради Войтенко

  53. Jonas Steffens

    Thais so Good for her 😊

  54. Aleksa Radosavljevic

    I Did it!😅

  55. Bastiaan Van hooij

    Browney ben jij een Nederlander ???

  56. ThreeAmigos 57

    I like how he say ms pooosh ups

  57. Glitched Blox


  58. Nathaniel

    Drink Your Water bottle drop 2.0 !

  59. CLG R33D

    I came from the editing if it

  60. Joshua D'lima

    Did they actually mug up the calories?

  61. motz h


  62. Mathew Studios

    He only gets 200 a month ? I’m 15 and I get more than that. Probably cause I’m always working but. Come on bro.

  63. Markus Andre Jessen

    10.00-10.30 easy

  64. Bobbiewer Gaming

    Nederland eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh

  65. Hannah De Beijer

    Are you guys Dutch, because the products are from ’de appie’ haha

  66. Nemesis DeluxXx


  67. Ficor

    3:28 *DRINK YOUR WATER!*

  68. Me Mine

    Your brother s accent is so cool.

  69. Sebastiaan Krul

    Lol I do everything you said not to do. Eat little calories and workout. But I don't want to see abs I just dont want to see my fat😂

  70. Ma Thu

    Browney: my cat destroyed the toilet paper a little bit Cat: I didn't even touch it!!

  71. Ákos Koppány

    I TRIED to push the LIEK with my nose, but I pressed the dislike. DON'T WORRY, I SMASHED that LIEK😊💪💪 Oh, yeah, DRINK YOUR WATER

  72. the fridge


  73. K&K Calisthenics

    8:11 noooo show me your planche!!

  74. Emily Ray

    hes really lucky Id pay browney 100 dollars to help me transform my body

  75. Emily Ray

    His starting body is my dads dream body lol

  76. raphael camera

    God damm spetnaz kkk

  77. Analise Grady

    Can we just talk about how she watched the originals, like BEST SHOW EVER

  78. FinnFasty

    Hé jij bent gewoon nederlands🇳🇱

  79. John Mcgarry

    What an achievement, amazing work, make sure to smash leik

  80. akash koonkoon

    Little blue guy shirt ?...1:40

  81. Thushar Nambeesan

    blue shirt looks like mo vlogs friend Sygan , very similar

  82. Brilliant Life

    great work🤘🏻, we got plans to do it in less than a week, subscribe us

  83. Emma Chan

    on my reccomended

  84. Aswin P Kumar

    So Water is the secret of your energy

  85. Cerberus Gaming

    I am from the future.. U did 60 push ups in 30 seconds.

  86. M.Kerem Ovet

    2:35 that got me real good :DDDD

  87. Aswin P Kumar

    Lockdown Haircut? Barbers are gonna lose their job because people realised how easy it is I Had one (half) too But myself

  88. Godly GreNinja

    Next week: Why 100 pushups in 30 seconds is impossible.

  89. unruly being

    And She Failed Dude 😂

  90. WALLIN

    it says i need a password to come in to the site.. what is it

  91. BLIBY

    7:30 ,when my father gives me the ps4 back after 2 months. btw, im from the Netherlands as well.

  92. *Hrige Srivastava*

    No comments👇 First of all smash that liek👍 & Drink your water Your great fan & i workout 3 times a day and i am 14 Doing all this from 2yrs 👆Unecessary information 😃

  93. Just Abby

    Wanna transform me next? 😉

  94. M.Kerem Ovet

    challange accepted.... After quarantine :D

  95. Nicole Montana

    I wish I could do this I have a chronic illness which makes working out near to impossible because of pain and passing out. I gained so much weight ever since I got sick and can’t seem to make it go away. Help me 😭

  96. Vijay Jha

    What if he realized after doing 1000 pushups camera was off. 😂😂

  97. CARL WongTW

    Amazing . . My bro is more than out of shape like her before, and have a few health problems. He refuse to listen to me, why should i care if he don't care about his own body & health. Anyone can do it provided you have self discipline & consistency

  98. Anwar Karimi

    Your better than him

  99. Caiso_bae XL

    R u dutch? Bc u thought I heard dutch

  100. Johnrey Silangan

    I do 100 push ups in 40 second