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  1. Jefffery Alexis Contreras Argueta

    Good vibes only !!

  2. Adam Elberri

    DaBaby is the type of person to accuse his porch from stealing his package

  3. X2X Hackzy

    When me and my freind get in a project and we make it on the people that hate us

  4. Sujahni Balthazar


  5. Hazel Romo

    jabbawockeez are being slept on man💎

  6. Turk Mercs13

    Who's the reporter

  7. Kazahria Johnson-Hossain

    I listen to this song like 6 times a day 🔥 I would love to meet him in person 🤍

  8. Magen Key

    Da baby you are the best rapper ever

  9. neo vr

    If dababy dies the world stops

  10. Dorjee free fire


  11. oscar mendez

    Im fucking with it

  12. Serter 45

    I heard this right when it came out and knew it was gonna be the best track on the album

  13. Patricia Montes

    Why does this song make me want to bring a mattress to a pillow fight

  14. Ayojit 1

    After this song I think my speakers broke

  15. Ashley Case

    I’m gonna have all that mans babies 😭🥴🤤

  16. Karen & Kyle

    After Quarantine Anthemm lol 😍😂♥️

  17. Malachie Mazard

    They need to come out with a part 2

  18. Nicki P

    Damn, y’all should seriously make a movie 🎥

    1. I'm A Meme

      Wow u joined 9 years ago and still have 1 sub LOLL

  19. Keshawn Porter

    I love this song

  20. Trolls memes

    Please teach my the way🥺

  21. gta Blaze

    this the shit

  22. Za'Nique Grayson

    This fire

  23. Nikovia McClenton

    I ❤️ this song like for real I love DA BABY and Roddy Rich

  24. 4pf Shawn Imvu

    He looks like a hill billy

  25. Cadet Captian.Crabby And Da Gang

    D y'all remember the kazoo kid meme I heard him like when he beat drop he said "wait a minute who are you"

  26. AhMiTo •

    What this song

  27. LaMya Willis

    This is gooddddddd

  28. Red FroYo

    the montage depend on the music and my viewers love the montage i did on this

  29. Ayden McNeil

    and nbayoungboy

  30. Tony Mendoza

    Is it just me or is tik tok eventually gonna ruin this song?

  31. Ayden McNeil

    hi the baybay

  32. Ethan Gutierrez

    This is sick

  33. Katrina Wall

    Umm all that chocolate

  34. Char Lene

    I really like this song so much, it gives me chill

  35. Anthony Misener

    Can someone tell me what pants he is wearing I’m tryna cop fr ? Please help me out

  36. Danvin Cotton

    Yea you right

  37. Mike hawk

    Nba young boy is the type of guy that tells his barber that he dont like the haircut

  38. DreCo ACo


  39. Valerie Garcia


  40. Angel Villin

    I pull up like ima bought to burn down this nation yes lol ANGEL CONQUER BOOM FAMILY FOREVER.....

  41. Clint Newman

    Yo why jucie there??😂

  42. Diamond Stanley


  43. Diamond Stanley


  44. James Charles Has Cancer

    Make a song bout George Floyd

  45. dark -nova-

    Bruh dem cops.


    When u get out of credits on splice and u only have that random friends guitar

  47. Tristin Day

    This ain't what would really go down

  48. Zackary Ilarde


  49. DreCo ACo

    husel.info/video/video/voi6dc9k0mW0hqY.html sign me 🚀

  50. Princess Haddy

    This beat go hard.

  51. Ana Rivera


  52. Scott Lumsden

    Some1 make a LeBron James edit to this song

  53. Micheal Hemphill

    Who watching this fire song in quarentine

  54. Creepin NeverSleepin

    Covid riots 2020

  55. Ariel Stewart

    Make a movie

    1. Chazadea McClain

      yess i been thought that!!

  56. Grizzy YT

    teacher: Who touch my apple the whole class: BLAME IT ON BABY!

  57. Jacob McClay

    The snitch is 6ix 9ine

  58. Emery MZ


  59. Skhylar Scott

    Dababy sece when

  60. Lokesh Khatri

    Nobody Literally nobody Me: they used jumanzi set for location

  61. sophia morel .

    nba youngboy music usually sucks but this got me hype!


    Fgleev Alex

  63. Antonio Fleming

    2:36 why youngboy looking at him like that

  64. Gabrielle Jordan

    I all ways listen to yo song I love yo songs

  65. Fabian Mendez


  66. Fabian Mendez

    Studio gangster. But good flow.

  67. Jason Baxter


  68. Lil JB Gamer

    Who else here before TikTok steals it 👇🏽

  69. Cristiano Williams

    If TikTok didn’t send you here, that can like this comment

  70. Jaden_1202

    If you came from tik tok sub to me

  71. my play house yay

    Bs is my grill

    1. NSG YoungStunna

      husel.info/video/video/smfHnNqYrKK1gq4.html iii

  72. Axl Lambert

    Hows tiktok related to this? Am I the only person who doesn't follow that bullshit and understand why people keep mentioning it??? This Is just good music I thought. I don't tiktok

  73. Jon Hadley

    ok kenny

  74. Gaming with Bam King

    I got a Lamborghini

  75. Gaming with Bam King

    I hope it comes out next year aaaaaaaaa!

  76. cupofleng I

    does the... the dog go in du bag? bruhhhhhh

  77. Karlie Redd

    I dont like how thay did him like that


    All the gamers out there surely I can’t be the only gamer here come on

  79. I'm A Meme

    2:37 for all the boys change playback speed to 0.25x

  80. mike Lowry

    Stupid ass intro but the song is cool

  81. Dominic Rodriguez

    First time I heard dis I wasn’t feelin da vibe buh now Issa diff vibe cuh🙌🏽😭💫

  82. Darlin La Melodia

    Duro manito

  83. cupofleng I

    1:15 so your approaching me

  84. Benjamin Heredia

    this has been on loop for the past hour

  85. Shawn Hinton

    Did some research on the woman and it looks like a construction worker

  86. Cory Goulbourne

    This shii fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. help me reach 30,000 subs without any vids

    I can't believe people dissing his album ist actually pretty good


    Fuck this is some gaming tune thank you Jesus

  89. Stacy Spencer

    dababy can be a movie actor i wish this was a movie ...is it tho

  90. Edilson Júnior

    Vim pelo L7nnon !

  91. Harnoor Kahlon

    My two brothers use your song in Tik Tok

  92. Roblox_queennayla_snow Roblox

    Y’all a good couple❤️👫

    1. NSG YoungStunna

      husel.info/video/video/smfHnNqYrKK1gq4.html yoo

  93. Roblox_queennayla_snow Roblox

    I luv you and b. Simone!❤️❤️🥳😁

    1. NSG YoungStunna

      husel.info/video/video/smfHnNqYrKK1gq4.html yoo

  94. Elisabeth Anneee

    Love seeing Heaven in this , she hypes me up so much

  95. Benson Jean


  96. HighLife 420

    This song stupid hard tho

  97. Chris

    This nigga go crzy!!!!

  98. 1 chain coop

    Supporter i support the baby stay toon and be ready for new videos and new music and pranks and football support 1 chain coop me please✊✊✊gold digger pranks im with the shit

  99. soulblade95

    I am amazed hhow good this sounds 🙏

  100. McKinley Duvall

    Aye da baby it yo man