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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. Imelda Santiano

    What date you release that lol wild rift we are waiting😒

  2. HarLEYQueeN

    biz sylascıyız gülüm ayıktirim. galio falan hayırdır ,gelsin de bi vs atalım

  3. enes çolak


  4. Generic Magician

    Where's Yone?

  5. Ben Buttoncoyote

    Too bad Riot cut budget and removed the animated login screens. Something so iconic of League and it was removed because of laziness, budget and the sad excuse of a new launcher. Because the client is still the same garbage.

  6. Kylos


  7. Lucia Mackova

    Awesome!!! <3

  8. vlad

    2:10 Xayah do cares for Rakan.

  9. Mel Patrick Rabadon

    Why didn’t Sylas just run up to garen then finished him or why didn’t anyone just chop Lux’s head off while she was on the ground

  10. Dani Souto

    Season 4 here, and you?

  11. Boni Fasius Alendry Mansihur Mansihur

    Dih anjir gua kesini gara² abis liat konten franco si fox :v

  12. Autistic Tyranitar

    I expect something like this for Fiddle rito

  13. nef dude one ABSOLUTELY no one realized that this video ended at min 3:22...☻

  14. Vianferd Lingan

    Pause at 1:27 and you can see a poster of rise on the right corner

  15. Ciel Darling

    I love how everyone is like, "Yasuo isn't even doing anything!😠" But I'm over here like, "Yeah! Spin that beat, ninja man!!😆😆🙌🙌

  16. Baigorria-00Gamer

    ahora es literal, los que juegan yasuo no tienen huevos

  17. Virgilio Sorio Jr.

    hoping for an 8 hours movie next time HAHAHAHHA

  18. Lucas Diaz


  19. Le SpoderMan

    Azir doesn't need a team. HE IS THE TEAM

  20. The Calculus

    That mura was super cringe. Btw Its muda not mura

  21. loreswew

    2:38 I was excited


    Galio be like: Don't worry, Big Daddy is here

  23. Dragón nikes

    Warriors in yotube rewaid 2020

  24. Star Block

    Cool, but Witcher's cinematic better!

  25. loreswew

    Ben ne izledim öyle ya motivasyon videosu gibi çok iyiydi

  26. Ash Roxby X3

    sweet paint style

  27. Mid Tae

    Miss Fortune looks like more badass bishamon

  28. Hakurei123

    I think they should add an indicator where his ult drops behind the target

  29. Brian Oo1


  30. joshua hernandez

    Did this mf just satly mudamudamudamuda

  31. İ Shyne OS

    Her izlediğimde tüyler diken diken :D

  32. FightFor Wictory

    Olum efsane laan

  33. 평범한인간

    I like that Galio's enter so much

  34. Facepalm Jesus

    enough with cinematics! WE WEED A SERIES NOW

  35. Fridgeman1074

    bro this dude is actually jhin

  36. *_Domes_*


  37. Javyrojo

    Do not be sad amumu you so beautiful and you so nice hero

  38. Gastón López

    10 años y Zilean sigue con el mismo modelo :v

  39. ssticman

    Holy molly I have no wordls

  40. DasBaguettehuhn

    Bloodmoon Kindred PLLLLSSSSS

  41. Proman Player

    Lol mobile?

  42. Lazar Laki

    I wanna be ur friend

  43. Abdenasser Bendahmene

    Okey i need someone to gift me the mecha Jax account name : cryptoz server: euw thanks

  44. Ngọc Quang Trịnh

    Well, open another door to check evevy ult of the new champions or reworked champions intereact with Sylas ult.

  45. Anastasia Drozdova

    tbh, I like this one more than Warriors :)

  46. Jerimiah Paul Guerrero

    Can I ask question what region is philippines in?

  47. Salz Jamatia

    When this game is going to release

  48. Volken Gaming - Alex Bogdan

    Bring theee fokinnnn LoL Mobileee

  49. Cristian Galvis

    Just one thing... CAMILLE PULSEFIRE!!! PLS 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  50. Simon Szabó

    me: watches this vid also me: Kaisa is fckin beautiful

  51. Rama Cuello


  52. Project Zed

    Rakan on steroids

  53. Mariana lucia Pees


  54. Samed Eros

    Çok güzwl olmuş yapımcaları fikirlerine sağlık

  55. Chacht Aurora

    trash can not win Garen in top

  56. i Frenzy

    Worlds 2020: China Worlds 2021: North America Worlds 2022 : Korea ? i hope so . we need K/DA comeback !

  57. Msp Gezegen

    Yasuo mute:S

  58. JJ M

    Kai'sa is gorgeous

  59. Carlos Eduardo

    Bully final showdown ost at the end

  60. 강승호

    아 롤 마렵다

  61. James Phizzer

    At 1:11 i decided to dislike... Cringe overload

  62. Leo K.

    These puns are over 9000!

  63. 김수쓰

    2:39 (Garen) : signals that enemies are missing 2:39 (Garen) : signals that enemies are missing 2:39 (Garen) : signals that enemies are missing

  64. Jopek X


  65. Panos Bitounis

    Cringe jokes

  66. J Sánchez

    Stan Becky G and Keke mwah.

  67. Haund15

    Someone on reddit made a post asking why riot had to make aphelios a girl in his past life and said something about disliking that idea and stuff lmao Looks like someone needs a lore check

  68. Kura Does Things

    Looking like a groomed troll doll

  69. Berb The Singing owl

    anyone knows lyrics?

  70. Suga_Kookie23

    The amount of work put into this 3D animation is difficult pEopLe NeeD to APPRECIATE IT MORREEEEEEEEEEEE

  71. TIKTOK Collector

    số người đã từng tìm kiếm eva elfie (Number of people who ever searched for Eva Elfie) 👇👇

  72. Interestguy

    Riot's music producers are amazing!

  73. 햄튜브랄랄라

    마지막에 캡틴메갈 삘나는데 멋있다 ㅇㅅㅇ


    Adamlar czn burağı garen diye yutturmaya çalışıyorlar

  75. Nexaii

    this 7 minute video is more like a 7 hour video with how this guy speaks i almost slept

  76. Pepicek Bagienko

    Ale chujowe

  77. A9eel525

    wow 👍

  78. 로덴

    야 괜찮아 내가 있잖아 한국어 찾지마 ㅎㅎ 좋아요는 안바라니깐 댓글이라고 헤헿;;

  79. Alejandro Benítez

    ÉPICO!! como siempre 👌👌😎😎

  80. Purple Moon

    LeBlanc need some Love as well ☹️ More about the Black Rose 🥀

  81. Yagmur Kaplan

    Song: "legends never DİE" Tony Stark: Literally incorrect 'cause I did.

  82. 지아변

    카타리나 가렌 구하러 와

  83. Emory Davis

    I love this

  84. Youtube Voltare

    Nice video, violins rock! But to be honest, the singing by Imagine Dragons was far better in my opinion...

  85. umut reis

    lux oynamaya gidiyorum

  86. Jan Marlou Damasco

    4:11 "oh youre approaching me?"

  87. Woof BAE

    1:36 Yes i did see the rich qiyana

  88. Potato Boi


  89. minecraftmaster 69

    Bert is blonde?

  90. Shinobu Kocho

    R.I.P ohmwrecker you will be remembered.

  91. Lily on League

    When does yasuo get his first nerf

  92. Super Natural

    Very beautiful 6:5،🇸🇾😍😎🇹🇷

  93. Alan Bech

    ¿Quien vino por mattsinlife?

  94. Phanto god

    Awaken my brothers

  95. 플랭가

    Only touched am I?

  96. Joey Illz

    0:39 bro taliyah part gave me chills and goosebumps lmfao 🔥🔥

  97. juan david duran ladino

    omg los ologrmas me dan miedo pero muy bueeeeeno

  98. Defsoul Jb

    Sylas must be happy right now.

  99. Huston Jack

    picks up ur weapon and fight ur own fight.

  100. 천성호

    2.4억조회수 개지리네 ㅋㅋ