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  1. Kaden Cr

    i like how everyone is talking about noobmaster69 or the rat but then they all forgot doctor strange saw all of this before hand

  2. Venom the Ultimate

    I have this theory that yoda’s species age every 10 years. Such as Yoda he was 900 so that would mean he would be 90 in his species, but this becomes plausible because baby Yoda is 50 which means he would be 5 and that doesn’t quite correlate.

  3. X box Master

    What if Matpat did a theory on Evangelion?

  4. KGB

    Dad im not a crazed Gunman i'm a Assassin. Well the difference being one is a job the other's a mental sickness. Yes Dad it is legal today

  5. BlindGirl UK

    Laughs in blind person.

  6. Rigel Arndt

    That was one of my favourite film theories.

  7. Lightxr Blue

    read me one sec please , it Will be like Beth and rick ´s wife died and rick go to a dimention where rick left Beth and her mother alone meaby rick experience both deaths

  8. e r i n

    in summer in britain its light until half ten

  9. Joshua R

    Baby Yoda... finally something good comes out of Star Wars after all this time. *prepares for the rage*

  10. Andrew Darby

    If you're looking at light speeds, 1/2 mv^2 no longer applies and you have to get relativistic... which makes the energies get much, much higher. The thing is that you can't actually go faster than light, so there is no way of measuring how much energy is behind that. The formula which should be used here is: Kinetic energy = total energy - mass energy = mc^2 * (1/(1-(v^2/c^2))^1/2 - mc^2 Where m is the rest mass of the object, c is the speed of light and v is its velocity. Examine the formula and you'll see that 1/(1-(v^2/c^2)) basically becomes infinite as v gets close to c as you are dividing by a number that is approaching 0. In other words, if one punch man can approach velocities near the speed of light, his energy is absolutely ridiculous... vibranium probably wouldn't stand a chance.

  11. Nubayera Tajrin

    I have been inside a machine that is like a box big enough to fit a person that has 4 of its walls covered with lights and I was in there to get uv light radiation as I have vitiligo. It didn't manage to do much but make my skin turn a darker shade and I still have vitiligo but I think that this is what you were planning to get Myers trapped into. But... The thing is, I don't know how you would be able to get him in to the thing in the first place. I mean you could try pushing him in but I doubt that you'll be able to move Myers unless you're really buff. You can try sacrificing yourself but the only way you can get it to work is by closing the door and THEN turning it on and the machine is only big enough for 1 person.

    1. Nubayera Tajrin

      Another thing is that I am not really sure that the machine could be able to give out that much radiation.

  12. MANEN

    do a video on some sort of relationship between elsa from frozen and todoroki from my hero academia

  13. Taylor Horton

    Nanomachines, son!!

  14. Adithya Raja

    1.7billion?? Thats 1.7 million

  15. Bready Boi

    Mmmmm destroy this song I shall

  16. C. S.


  17. Merp Derp

    Turn on captions on the first few seconds 😂

  18. Ryan Wilson

    Wasn’t expecting this to hit home so hard.... :(

  19. Owen Simon


  20. Mr. FORGET

    Darth Vader I just wanna say, I agree with you

  21. Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07

    5,700+ people (myself included) are REAL game show buffs who do REAL research... and/or contestants who know first-hand how the program is run.

  22. Shantel Fullerton

    You can watch live TV online. Online is the best way if you want good quality from everywhere. Check ScreenVariety Tv for more info.

  23. Gabryl Oleshko

    she was real but perhaps this was her last night with her family so she is more hormonal and affectionate

  24. Dragon cake Bomb

    I feel like “pixie dust” is drugs 😂

  25. A_ MC156

    Who else skipped the intro?

  26. Abigail_ Mavaroon

    Yeah i think they changed the idea thats why hanz wasn't there

  27. Merlin

    babies, "so useless?" you sound like my step dad now. No child is useless.

  28. Charmant_Playz


  29. Lance The King

    i dont hear brainstorm, just green needle... edit: the asian stereotype can get annoying, im stupid in math, yet im filipino...

  30. Saques Cuya

    Me:Sees Frozen 2 , then sees the video. Tell matpat: *NO*

  31. Maz

    Bru Edit why does this have 1 m likes

  32. George Willcox

    If the Martian atmosphere kills the pathogens in the poo, surely it kills the nitrifying bacteria too

  33. Zoey Lives bitch

    You made a anime episode? Do one of one oiece or assassination classroom

  34. RoNoob Guy

    9:37 h O n K

  35. doty19

    Man, you must have a strange search history

  36. Jan Leon

    it can only be two sith's

  37. Travis Graham

    If this was from 2019 matpat would been like Stuff FTC I hate this

  38. Chris Batrynchuk

    Its called the hunger games even though water is your biggest prioritie

  39. JNC2019 Tan

    What about frozen 2?

  40. Greed Eknes Heimset

    You always know that Wookiepedia is right

  41. WerewolfGaming50

    Aha, there are exactly 35,000 comments. I shall be the 35,001 AND NOT LET ANYONE TAKE IT!

  42. Kriz ivan Ropero

    1:24 BOW to the new emperor of the DEATH STAR Darth Hans! The master SITH!

  43. TreyAnimation Z

    Sooo... basically babies are BIG BRAIN!

  44. Chara

    2019(or 2020)

  45. HERO_BOX 25

    Scientist's: **try to make a mutant cat dog for years** Film Theory: *B ! T C H* I can do that in 16 minutes

  46. Rico Suave

    I want to see the science of roket raccoon

  47. Dabi

    Wait so wouldn't Tarzan be the first on line? I'm assuming they're working with Male preference primogeniture inheritance.

  48. Mak Manaman

    6:59 You seem to be an amazing couple, but please don't do that when they are learning to walk, it is bad for ther bone structure, check it out

  49. Kitty Queen 07

    The first time I heard it I heard brain needle

  50. Meme Man

    Can you do a book theory

  51. Random Stranger On The Internet

    "I currently own a toddler " 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  52. C Af

    It is magic mirror on the wall not mirror mirror on the wall

  53. BlessingBear9 the master

    Evry time matpat gives me a prediction i inmediatly try too se how wrong are you

  54. Mr. Food Trcuk

    I mean Far From Home definitely makes Tom Holland have the best spider sense. He was literally blind and traveled across a building bridge while avoided attack drones armed with insane guns.

  55. Rita Al Ali

    Still wrong

  56. PWN HUB

    @The Film Theorists you can't make theories when there is proof in the lore otherwise...it's not the last Yoda, it's either a clone or a young force sensitive of the species that was SUPPOSED to make it to Jedi temple, as the Yoda species according to Lucas Films and all the comics is quite simple, they are an estranged peaceful people that stay hidden and will send strong force sensitives to the Jedi.

  57. NASA Space Plays

    Hay mat pat can you do a video on a show called you g sheldon he is a 9 year old in high school because he is so smart I need to no how he is so smart! Also if you do a video on it make sure you watch big bang theory it has sheldon but as a adult.

  58. Game Hunter 1.3.5.

    Its just a cartoon cartoons are just fantasies

  59. Zachary Gold


  60. Gotham Girl

    The school that I goto every one calls fcc

  61. CoCloudy

    Me: *watching this theory peacefully Video: Yellow guy pulls a scott tenorman My brother: THATS A SOUTH PARK REFERENCE!

  62. Sarah Marshall

    Finally, someone who truly appreciated the musical "Urinetown"

  63. Tired Creativity

    And a loved one- *wife shows up* No not you *cat shows up* :)

  64. Ivan Pradipta

    Joker's plan is to show people that even the best people can break.

  65. Juan Carlos CONTREVIDA

    I only saw deadpool once

  66. Messages In a bottle

    What if Smith was the first The one and they made him into an agent

  67. Pietro Michieletto

    In Morty's mindblowers in the background there are also some yellow/green memories. What about those?

  68. Juan Carlos CONTREVIDA

    I can make it say brain needle or green storm

  69. Savie Gacha

    Frozen II: Comes in Nobody:Our Questions have been answered!!!!!!!! Film Theory: Theres the answer

  70. Jason Fellows

    i think its oregon

  71. Yeetman 64

    Matpat: The original spiderman is not the spiderman in the sam raimi movies Also Matpat:He is the mcu spider man and the animated spider man

  72. Slack O'Lantern

    "Sci Fi Franchise." And everything that is wrong with the current movies is explained. People keep making Star Wars a Sci Fi. It's a fantasy. That's the entire reason something like "fuel" suddenly becomes a big problem.

  73. Laura

    i hated this video.

  74. Sage Deeley

    I clicked the subscriber button twice he did say to click it multiple times

  75. Aaron Wolfenbarger

    Well human being didnt evolve there is no scientific evidence of evolution. No serious scientist will tell you there is evidence for it. Only people like Hawkins will tell you that there is then write a book that once you straiten it out is a circular argument but he twists and loopdie loops enough in such a convoluted manner that it takes a great deal of mental fortitude to come to the foundational mechanic which is quick sand which is the point of the convolution in the first place, its clever deception. So say we were created from some alien race and push the problem back bu it eventually comes to a universal entity to whom the buck stops. then from there it begs the question did he she or it want to be known, and with the sheer amount of order in the universe the answer an y honest person would conclude is yes, then begs the question did he she it leave instructions and if so are they present which again an honest person would conclude yes if he she it can make the universe surely he she it can make sure his hers its instructions survive. then the question become how do we authenticate it so the creature can KNOW its authentic. Then a reasonable person would conclude that it must stand apart from all the man made crap in its precepts and also must contain temporal anomalies that cannot be explained by anything short of he she or it causing such anomalies from outside of its creation. In this regard the BIBLE stands alone, it refutes ALL other "religions" and I quote it because since its a message from the REAL God it isnt religion but fact of life, still it stands in opposition to ALL the other belief systems out there in more than one way in each. There is some overlapping but in detail it refutes them ALL! Then it also is the ONLY "religious" ( see aforementioned "quotation makrs explanation)document to display tyhe ability to tell the future in exact detail, in well advance ( thousands of years) of the occurance all the while he she it says it will be so " I am God there are none like me who declared the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are heretofore". So it then demonstrates " I shall put eminity between her seed and thy seed..." prophecy in plain words and encrypted in the text as in genesis chapter 5 which if you know the meaning of the ten names of the peopel in that chapter it says the following " man ( adam) appointed ( seth) mortal( enos) sorrow(kenan) the blessed god(mahlaleel) shall come down(jared) teaching(enoch) his death shall bring (methuselah) despairing (lamech) comfort( noah). SO quite ltierally he she it fromt eh beginning ( genesis) foretold the subject and verb of the entire book. Ever read Psalms chapter 22? its a detailed description of Jesus' moment of triumpyh on the cross, it even opens with the last thing he said before dying " my God My God why hast thou forsaken me" and we can prove that Psalms was written before he was even born because we have historical records from multiple sources that the olkd testament was translated into greek over 300 years before christ ever was born. in Daniel chapter 9 detial the EXACT day Jesys rides that donkey and presnets himself as the lamb of God. You spend so much time on Star Wars and I love Star Wars but the reality we live in and the epic story of loss and love we have is SO MUCH GREATER I hope you attend to it and see for yourself. Oh ther eis so much more evidence for it like how Jesus was to be betrayed...in the OLD testament it details who what where when why and how and even who gets the money in the end That is in zecheriah chapter 11 verses 12 and 13.

  76. Travis Graham

    I took my earphones out haha

  77. MiaChanz

    Everyone in the ring who’s seen these videos: *doesnt realize that the others know*

  78. Carlo D

    I didn't think he killed tethered Josh with the flare gun. I thought he overpowered him with scissors/force after wasting the round. No?

  79. Milly Torres

    Oh wow. *I just played jeopardy in my school yesterday.*

  80. James Emerson

    The darth Vader wiggle

  81. L. .Poser

    You counted the words in the emoji script ? Man... could have just copy and paste it into word and it would show you the number of words 🤷🏼‍♂️

  82. Plague Wolfy

    Wait, if the highschool was under galactic federation, and they already said that they count time different maybe even years

  83. Fake Bobby Hill

    Yeah, he made Batman.

  84. Woofles

    Matpat ruining memes since 2015!

  85. Tiana Chum

    You probably don’t watch movies like this but there’s a movie called “Zohan” on Netflix can you do a theory about it if whatever he is doing is illegal

  86. Kevin Proton

    Toothless is just a giant fire-resistant flame breathing CAT (that has wings)

  87. Manawa Kapoor


  88. Scarlett Feist

    Film theory’s intro sounds cursed as heck on 0.25 as playback speed-

  89. shivers7766

    Wasn't there an episode where SpongeBob became so dull that he lost his edges and became more oval shaped like its parents

  90. Brigg

    lol How the heck did you get Vader to dance like that! LOL

  91. •Little Miss Infinity•

    baby yoda: the problem is that his eyes are blank. which makes him adorable

  92. The Joker

    The problem with Baby Yoda? Disliked. (Just kidding)

  93. Taim Farhat

    You idiot a septillion is a real number

  94. Will Challoner

    “You need a little bit of” AD: “Google Fi”

  95. Reinhart Akio Sanjaya

    Bruh u watch dub not sub

  96. BadKarma

    Wow that's like A list depth.

  97. Marcus Kian

    do you sing the intro to your baby? just wondering

  98. Steph Oudendyk

    Forgot about far from home?

  99. cat see

    Love you sientist cool

  100. Kyle Alex

    Lol it started on a disney on ice ad on mine lol