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  1. Shelby Rainwater

    lixian deserves an award for dealing with mark and his craziness

  2. Caroline The ACNH Lover

    Recommended: Here’s this beauty. Again.

  3. kylazgacharose galaxy

    This world is at war in this case with skin color........

  4. Tieryen Dracon

    Mumbo Jumbo for mayor

  5. Shinju Amari

    Eating some Puppet

  6. Chase Sullivan

    Siren head is my favorite monster

  7. Eijiro Kirishima

    Five nights at Freddy’s five years later damn

  8. Unicorn Squad!

    2:42 wow he's great at drums

  9. Bradley Litz

    Why does this video have so many dislikes? Wtf

  10. justin Coleman

    I like how the end music is from scarface as well.

  11. Sonic Plush HQ-Sayonara YouTube

    kill them dead i shall never forget it

  12. Lee Zeigler

    Mineraft in VR Mark~!

  13. RED dude

    God bless these four idiots😁🤣🤣🤣

  14. _ P å š t ë l _ K ï t š û n ë _

    38:02 close your eyes and just listen to this with no context, you will understand when listen for a while XD

  15. Drew Pickle

    I'm surprised no one made a "Nice cock" joke.

  16. FuzzBuddy

    i loved this series i binge watched this during the corona thing.

  17. Dominic Assadourian

    I think mark got the good ending

  18. One Craig

    18:44 If it says its mclovin im gonna be super pissed If you ever watch superbad Its amazing And offensive

  19. Mad Wolf Man

    Body booking, that's prostitution my friend

  20. quagsire E

    like mark doing this all the time

  21. Weird: Yes

    I thought you wouldn’t do a video like this

  22. Damon Chen

    wtf I really can’t believe that it’s been 5 years since he’s played this game..that’s legit so crazy yo

  23. amanda erickson

    i got all the ending but 18 can someone help me out?

  24. Cory Andersen

    All Lives Matter.

  25. Samuel Heard

    Someone should tell mark there is a second one of these

  26. Kris S

    the fool i am watched this in a dark room late at night even tho im a pussy

  27. Ella and Lainey

    So they magically have close on after u kiss them?

  28. idontcaremw

    mark: *Is angry he just bought clothes and had to change them. * Me: Boy, can't wait till they make you get a close shave in just a bit... *later* Mark: *Goes to do the mission where they make you buy new clothes and shave, but it's grayed out so he goes to get a new haircut and shave. * Me: Ohhhhh nooooooo... Mark: * Continues to scream about just buying clothes and then cries about having to get his mustache cut.*

  29. Reaper106

    Need a better gaming PC. So it doesn't freeze and act up.

  30. Dennis Jun

    The voice actor sounds like your character you play in Ghost Recon:Wildlands

  31. Nosremi

    i guess there's a first time for everything cuz i never thought i would witness a bald lixian drooling into marks ear

  32. Lee Burgett

    Lol Vanished was the game series that got me hooked as a Markimoo fan lol

  33. iistcrmy

    but why does chica moan when he takes off the mask

  34. Shbae

    Someone was disappointed in you on the unus annus video & I was confused

  35. Kronicle nonicle

    2:59 When Dora decides she doesn’t want anybody doing weed on her lawn:

  36. Dylan_Is_Chillin _

    More siren head?

  37. Tristan

    Funny enough, the level that said "stop these naked glitches" had a naked glitch. Talk about hypocritical.

  38. Cor Vespid

    For the people who say "I don't have the answers", I may take a step out and say something that I'm certain is one answer to listen to, among other potentially helpful ones. Something to say, not to the ones looting their neighbors, but the ones (who might or might not also have been looting earlier) who are frustrated and wish to see change: Don't let it become another Occupy Wall Street, where people gathered for a bit, and then promptly dismantled and forgot about it. Don't let it become another March for Our Lives, which just pops up every now and then. Don't let it become what Black Lives Matter was before this incident burst everything into action -- again, a movement with too little wind behind it. Organize and attend demonstrations and workshops for action, if you have the capacity. Protest consistently and with pressure, or at the very least back up the ones organizing it. If one gets tired, at least donate consistently. If you have neither the time nor money to back up the demonstrations, at least inform yourself so that you know your options of how to vote, and who to vote for (especially with regards to fact-checking), and to organize as well as one can if things like gerrymandering, as has historically been practiced, get in the way. If someone starts looting in your demonstration, perhaps they should be reeled in by the demonstrators who originally wanted it to go peacefully. Being in Denmark, I can't exactly organize on behalf of the US, even if I'll certainly speak out against racism online or otherwise. I did, however, donate, among other things that can be done on the net. Just don't let it stop. It doesn't have to be looting, as many have pointed out. But action has to be taken, and this history, in the US and elsewhere of "the populace gets really angry every now and then but then forgets about it" sends the completely wrong message to the people responsible, even if I fully understand that many individuals are suffering to their core. Keep it up. I mean it.

  39. Lobezno Piña

    So many memories :') Mark, you are amazing Lixian and you are such a good duo!

  40. kahner Levi12

    Fill it with water

  41. Neice

    Please do a dont laugh on this video by killer bees clean memes that are actually funny lmao funniest stuff you'll ever see

  42. Dyllan Rowan

    "You mouth-jaculated on my dick" was not a sentence I expected to hear in a cake video

  43. Myst_The_Ravenclaw Slendergirl

    Mark: Speak up! I didn't mean speak up! Me: *Laughs uncontrollably while my family thinks I'm insane*

  44. Kryptic Reboot

    Who else skipped the parts with the jump scares?

  45. Samuel Fuller

    Play roblox piggy lol

  46. Gizzy Rabe

    Mark while scrolling through the blueprints and sees the mystery animatronics(ennard); SEEeeeᴱᴱᴱᴱᴱᴱ?

  47. Wowasaur

    Mark: “baby and bonbon” Scott: it’s free real estate

  48. Thetrashcan

    ✊🏼 we will have a change no matter your race!

  49. Prime Brix

    The best gamers together in one room Markiplier and Jablinski games

  50. John Marston

    Big-E stands for Big *E R E C T*

  51. StupidIntelectual

    Notice that "Try Not To Laugh SI Back!!" in the description, speech increased by 10.

  52. Erik Haugan

    Mark Bob wade and jack should play Monster Hunter world and iceborne through the whole story. I wish they would.

  53. Kronicle nonicle

    That girl is acting like that bear is just another karen

  54. TheBowenArrow

    can someone explain why one cop’s mistake means ruining businesses of people with no relationship whatsoever to the police and killing random police officers? I understand police brutality is an issue but it doesn’t mean murdering riot control out of pure hatred. The majority of police is good and they shouldn’t be murdered for the mistakes of bad police officers

  55. Mr. Blocks


  56. Louisa Anciano


  57. ProspektNova

    Good old days.

  58. CrazyChr1s

    I just watched a man laughing at mice screaming for a minute and I enjoyed it.

  59. maizy _

    *Animatronic eats kid* Mark: :O

  60. mg.speedy

    I think its really cute when Mark "Reacts and talks" to Lixian

  61. Critical Chizz

    It's fine its 2020. Lol

  62. Thornhill


  63. justice hering

    5:42 is literally 100 percent of my humor and jokes.

  64. eli Heywood

    2:58-3:07when my mom takes the pop rocks

  65. Actual Unown

    I don’t think they should delete it bc that basically just deleting like must of your energy, time, and life

  66. ???

    You can't solve crimes with crimes or violence with violence it won't change anything I wish more people realize that

  67. Sub to 2k challenge

    There will be a jumpscare in 0:33 seconds Me:felt like 33 years

  68. StupidIntelectual

    The force is strong with this one.

  69. RaeSyd 08

    the Minecraft music stopped me from desrying a flower..

  70. Thehowlingminecart 2.0

    The part with Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln *killed* me.

  71. Sqeeeks Nicks


  72. Alex Caraway

    I still have that cereal in my pantry 🤢

  73. Trent Atkinson

    2:25 -Santaplier

  74. Sheri Hazuka

    I laughed so hard at this vid!!,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ve never seen Mark as nice as he was in this video

  75. njlm7659

    George floyd was high on meth and fentanyl, trying to pass fake money and resisted arrest. Oh, did anyone see the george floyd porno? How low is the bar, if george floyd is considered a "good man"?

  76. Tristan

    "I won by humping. Who knew?" -Markiplier 2016

  77. BJ _bjoba

    The button disliked the video.

  78. Apex Motorsport

    Ghostwood is the best town in this game and nobody can convince me otherwise.

  79. yeetus deletus

    0:33 13:33 23:33

    1. yeetus deletus

      meet ur terror

  80. Erik Haugan

    Monster Hunter world is better than dauntless hands down

  81. Brady Chips

    4:27 He is spittin bars though

  82. NBDE 003

    Audrey is probably my favorite because for some reason I’m actually attracted to mega bitches

  83. Jonas Lo

    Mark's voice is funnier than all of those clips combined...

  84. Madison Page

    mr afton is willam

  85. Mr.Skowfers OG


  86. Toetoeba


  87. Lucas Tucker

    I chuckled on all a lil bit to be nice but droop snoot got me a bit butttt ima keep watching

  88. BlazinHope

    Man watching this after 6 years feels nostalgic.

  89. Brock Mead

    I think the reason I like watching this is because of the conversations they have. I love them!

  90. StupidIntelectual

    Thanos pewdiepie

  91. Rei Anne Ancheta


  92. Mudd RuddEr

    we all need more bob and mark. also the bombs lol

  93. Moist Krab

    Oh yes this is what I need

  94. PancakeArtz

    i am from 2020, mark please continue this series

  95. Casey M

    I love that they’re having genuine fun playing this game, that’s what I like to see. Keep up the good work Mark!!

  96. Alex Everman

    This is dark souls lore in a nutshell

  97. XxepicminerxX

    "...am I a CAT"

  98. Sky Blue Music Girl

    When mark says bane breaks batman's back if you listen closely he says Backman's back not batman's back

  99. svensdaughter

    " I'll eat whatever you want me to eat " *iNtErEsTiNG*