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  1. Nikki yi

    Oh my my my HUsel frist time suggest me something good..... I love it so much

  2. Kermit The Beautiful Frog

    *I also like water.*

  3. anisha tuladhar

    How can people unlike this song.

  4. Jenna Manord

    Yasss beech

  5. Lauren Campbell

    brilliant and lovely...eerily relatable

  6. Keilani Siliga

    She's not only wicked talented, but beautiful too. I wish her all the best.

  7. Veronica la chapis

    Is beautyful the song...guy🦄

  8. Irrelevance is fun

    Would you like a sliver?

  9. Larrissa Dearing

    I found this entirely by accident and oh my god am I happy I did. This song is freaking amazing!!

  10. 15wylee

    Who hurt you? I'll fuck em up!

  11. BenProPlayz

    This song just made me think of the KDrama

  12. Hoang Doge

    she has cancer?

  13. Mabel Vela

    La conoci por meteor garden I like song Is very good

  14. DavidW02

    Who ever designed this video is a master of their craft

  15. Ahmed Morsi

    I love her movements and face reactions in this video.

  16. Carlos Oliveira

    2 0 5 0 ?

  17. Geisen Garcia

    Meteor garden!! DAOMING FENG 2019

  18. ĐØŁΔŘ

    I love you bishop,very love

  19. ĐØŁΔŘ

    I love you bishop ❤️❤️❤️

  20. theresa jones

    anybody thought this sounded like zhavia

  21. Zed's Dead

    Did those men tell you to cut the hair? What else did they tell you damn I wanna know how their brains work.. Good luck

  22. E Z

    Как же эта песня прекрасна

  23. Perfect Player

    Cadê os Brasileiros

  24. vanessa Gayle

    decided to check you out and wow! amazing tune and that voice!!! wicked job cant wait to see what else you sing!!

  25. MrsYouthworld

    I still love this from the bottom of my heart! If you played this on your new tour I would died haha

  26. Sofia Diaz

    Omaigot i love you🤗

  27. Jesus Dina

    Fuck England

  28. priscila blf

    Tan expresiva

  29. priscila blf

    Me fascinaaaa

  30. kemal ağzıküçük


  31. giorgi kurkhuli


  32. Chaoticslave

    i like her bald

  33. I My Me Mine


  34. The_Jikook


  35. Garrett Grim

    Is it just me or I see Subject Zero from Mass Effect?

  36. Kira Akira

    You great Singer in this Era

  37. Marc Hoebel

    Can't wait to see you performe Live at Mascotte Zürich... LOVE MARC ❤️... Church of Scars is my favourite Album 2018.. 😘🌹...

  38. Kira Akira

    Damnnnnn your voice and you hot AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥 love u from iraq 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  39. Camilla Santos

    November 2019?

  40. Ahmed Morsi

    This is the best song was published for this year that i have ever heard

  41. anthony peralt14399

    I need a longer version of this song super definitely!

  42. Stevi-K&Fam

    Oh God yes!!!!!! Bishop!! Your songs hit my soul. Words and voice, phenomenal style. Im right there with you chick!🤙 lets kick it. Ha, lbvfs!

  43. Patricia James

    Why is she so underrated?? I'm maddd 😤😤😤

  44. Roduki

    never heard of you actually.I was on autoplay in youtube then this song started playing.I loved it; had to subscribe to your channel and scroll through more of your videos.Wish i had heard of you much earlier,hope to see much of such music from you.My apologies to anyone who finds this long haha.

  45. heaven star

    come to hear this because lots af MALAYSIA TV advertisment use this song 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Thu Hiền

    i listen to this song in asphalt 8 lol

  47. Esia Essi

    Wow this song is just... LISTEN😮

  48. romina G

    2019,2020 ahre

  49. - Epiphanie -


  50. fausteana

    *im here from a pantene commercial*

  51. Kewalin View

    When I first thought it was a song of the brand of fabric softeners.Because he put this song in the advertisement. 555

  52. Powered by Moonlight

    This is SO GOOD song!

  53. Joshua Gonzalez

    Allie X vibes

  54. Kebab DoRuky

    I feel pretty wierd about having goosebumps everytime theres mr JEKYLL & HYDE

  55. Patricia James

    Can't get enough. Literally.

  56. Lil bo peep

    holy shit I'm in love

  57. Drez47

    Damn I f***ing love this song because the lyrics and feel are just so real. 👊🏽💥

  58. Ameer Kreem

    *غير شكاكية*

  59. MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Bishop Briggs - Wild 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/bishop-briggs-wild/ ❤️ *5.300 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  60. Mav3ricky

    If this woman is not Very Gay I will lose whatever little faith I have left in humanity. Great song either way <3

  61. Мирослава Заботнова

    The moment I can not give up listening this song! I am in love with the composition!

  62. Melvyn ng凯贤

    Rejoice ads song

  63. Саша Саша

    fucking fool sings

  64. Саша Саша

    ёбнутая дура поёт

  65. Thamara Pinto

    Amo de mais

  66. danielle carnicle

    Sarah Grace McLaughlin[5][6] was born in London on 18 July 1992,[7] the daughter of Scottish parents from the town of Bishopbriggs, which later inspired her stage name. At the age of four, she moved to Tokyo with her family. She sang in public for the first time at a Tokyo karaoke bar, and realised she wanted to be a performer. Growing up with the city's karaoke bar traditions and hearing music ranging from Motown musicians to The Beatles at home also inspired her to pursue music. She started writing her own songs at the age of seven, and would perform them for her family. She moved to Hong Kong at the age of 10, where she lived until she was 18. She continued to pursue music throughout her youth, participating in a number of school talent shows and performances. After graduating from Hong Kong International School, she moved to Los Angeles and attended college at Musicians Institute.[8]

    1. danielle carnicle


  67. danielle carnicle

    Sarah Grace McLaughlin (born 18 July 1992), better known as Bishop Briggs, is a British[2] musician, singer, and songwriter. Her single "River" was a number three hit in the US Alternative chart[3] and she released her debut album Church of Scars on 20 April 2018

  68. danielle carnicle

    Yes I can

  69. danielle carnicle


  70. jasmin b

    10M !!!! I'm so proud of u my girl ❤️

  71. jmnny85

    Grace and Frankie end credits brought me here

  72. Celal Alizz

    Türk olma ihtimali?

  73. faith nicole

    i never noticed coraline was in the background

  74. uh i think the fuck not


  75. Pink Beyblade

    If you listen carefully she says jerking and hiding

  76. Violet Rosely


  77. Jeremy Cerveny

    I love all your music.. please come to Virginia. Your one of my favorite artists.

  78. Scr1b3 [Not Scribble]

    This is amazing! <3

  79. Cristiane Almeida

    Onde clica para curtir 1 minhão de vezes?

  80. Avery Duncan

    This is literally one of my favorite songs now. I just her and she is now one of my favorite artist!!

  81. Powder Puff

    Person: So what kinda effects are you gonna have in your video? Bishop Briggs: Yes

  82. Devin Lowers


  83. Luci S.

    Saw her in concert last Sunday and she sang this 🥰 it was amazing

  84. Supernaturall Allexgg


  85. Ashley Texeira

    Sounds like zhavia but I like her better bishop is more my style

  86. Gonzalo G

    I think i'm the only one who came here for Kay Bear's history on FB 🤣

  87. Kenny Jungle

    Who’s here because of Sunday Night Football?

  88. louist91baby_

    One of the bestest songs and MV I've ever seen

  89. Felipe Morales

    Meteor arden

    1. Felipe Morales


  90. missy miss

    YES!!! That is all.......

  91. Shawn Cicalese

    Matty,the roadie of Misterwives today was rocking a BISHOP BRIGGS band t,I complimented!! The radio 104.5 station newer employee spoke enthusiastically of Bishop Briggs merch also

  92. Mbc23 FR

    Very Nice !

  93. H1S5A8

    Can people please suggest similar songs to this. Think I'm in love with his genre

  94. Melissa Thompson

    Yesssss, thank you... I want more!!

  95. ooo aaa


  96. blueblack 05


  97. Grief Tactic

    So pretty but so unstable, shame she butchered her hair

  98. kasekas123

    My favorite song of 2019💜

  99. Autism Sings

    This song feels so personal the way it was recorded.