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  1. John Doe

    Sad to hear that this was what made Ricciardo leave RedBull

  2. Legominecraft3

    A Lego Trophy I am impressed

  3. Magnus Ågotnes

    Russel: He pulled that of. Now he needs to replicate it to the track. I laughed my fucking ass off!!!

  4. Pcwilli 13

    Can we get the text from Alex rap?

  5. Sapi Verbum

    I’ve see them all a yet still laughed my but off

  6. Aizuddin Fahmi

    If all three were in a high school classroom... George - The nerd kid Alex - The cool one Lando - Clown

  7. UnoJono

    Seeing grosjean at spa is banter

  8. Ewan Ritter

    Two years latter, the 2019 season ends and HUsel recommends me the 2016 Australian GP highlights

  9. Twin540i

    Sums up Hamilton, it's not my fault, even in Monaco 2015 when Hamilton decided to make the pit stop after the team suggested staying out and then was moody and petulant after the race.

  10. cvr4FT

    I would just like to say a big Thank You to Liberty Media for the access to these types of videos. I've been following F1 since 1982 and I really appreciate how you have managed the whole social media part of the sport. Well Done.

  11. greatkali

    the way Kvyatt speaks sounds so weird

  12. edward whitehouse

    There was no Haas😂😂😂

  13. PIKA

    THE BEST VIDEO OF 2019 😂

  14. Emiliano Hubera

    ooh Alex has a suitcase, fancy

  15. yoshi

    That distorted F1 theme on Lando's video killed me.

  16. MK Hunter

    Would have been a short video without danny ric 😂

  17. BricksMovie Studio

    OMG, they are the actual F1 drivers.

  18. Atharva Tanpure

    Aka. Why we love McLaren

  19. M T

    What people in this comment section don't understand is that its not about Hamilton braking, its about his rate of speed over time. His deceleration. Acceleration = velocity/time Deceleration is just the negative of acceleration so = - velocity/time Yes of course Hamilton braked but the telemetry shows that his deceleration was linear and steady. It was virtually a straight line. That's why he wasn't penalised. There was no erratic braking from Hamilton. I've seen it in the telemetry. Vettel just completely misjudged the situation and immediately tried to hide his mistake by driving into Hamilton as if he was to blame. Should have been an immediate disqualification followed by a race ban.

  20. Brandon S


  21. d11ita

    F1 theme is very iconic and motivating.

  22. Rui Nunes

    Good vibes.

  23. Ishanka Jayasundera

    Alex = Jeremy Clarkson Lando = Richard Hammond George = James May

  24. Jraybay

    This is the best video uploaded to this channel 😂

  25. Chemundo Cojoelmicro Armouncristo

    Jajajajjajja Victor en un video de la F1 Jajajajajajajja increible victor ahora solo falta que salgas en netflix con la clasi de monza i el shittyflute por dios

  26. ferjam643

    everyone loves this guy

  27. Stulch Mulch

    Think about it this way, there are only more of these type of guys waiting to get to F1. The content for this channel is save for the next 10 years

  28. Saahithya Mangalore

    Lol!! That was damn hilarious!!

  29. B4ster Rac4ng Dri4er EU W3st

    Nico has won Something at the F1 😂✌️

  30. siddarth venkatakrishnan

    3:36 sOmE Go fASter tHAn OTherS HUWEWUWUEUEUEUEU

  31. Marcus Wang

    Where is the "something lose in my pants"

  32. Chi3f_9_ nine

    The ol sack whack lol

  33. Kami Sama

    All i see is three british lad roasting each other (And yes while Alex raced under the Thailand flag, he actually was raised in UK)

  34. Dan-Andrei Stefan

    I think u mean Ricciardo funniest moments in F1 2019 feat. others

  35. kowbe

    Ohh you're driving driving!

  36. GloomGaiGar

    New Rule for 2021: All trophies will be made of Lego.

  37. George Andreas

    All 3 are very good drivers, but Russel deserves a better car.

  38. Asdasdasd Asdasdasd

    This is the best set of rookies we got, like ever.

  39. Genki Tharakon


  40. Ian M

    Thank you Formula 1 for giving us so many amazing memories in 2019! Most emotionally satisfying year of F1 in my 30+ years of watching, sincerely. Please bring in more teams!

  41. Morgan

    as a film school graduate, i can 100% hand on heart say that lando has my full support after that monstrosity

  42. Igor Brezovic

    World needs more of this...

  43. Міхась Лысюк

    Loved the video. You know guys, I think this video represents why Alex has great potential and, I believe, will be a champ one day. Look at his preparation. Lando and George did the presentation for shits and giggles, and Alex put so much effort. HE WROTE A POEM!! I think it just shows his hardworking nature that makes him the biggest prospect in the sport.

  44. e4chin

    I actually love Russell's presentation. You can't argue with facts!

  45. MogelKaiser187

    lando brings back mlg

  46. DJ Stoplicht Official

    cAN yoU JuST taLk Us thROuGh iT

  47. Jeff Keith

    This year has been a great bunch of personalities, all triggered by a few kings of comedy.

  48. J M

    This should of been titled the Daniel Ricciardo and friends comedy show!

  49. j jln

    Better trophy than the real

  50. Matheus Moura

    Can I like it twice? More videos with these guys please

  51. Brian Tucker

    This new generation of drivers has really brought something special to the sport. These guys are all going to be legends

  52. Abdul Muhaimin

    F1 Animation 1:55 Lewis: "Just give me NORMAL GLOVES! Normal gloves. *THEY WON'T FIT ON!"* 5:22 Lando: "You mean like, forever?!"

  53. leongt1954

    The Baku crash was both drivers fault Dan for braking too late and Max for a double move in the breaking zone but I bet RB blamed Dan just like they blamed Webber when Vettel crashed into him at the 2010 Turkish GP

  54. Hamilton pitonisa

    Ative a legenda em português. Curitiba-Brazil

  55. Papjin

    It wasn't his fault.

  56. Gon Nespral


  57. joe10058

    what happened to 'I have balls, but none of them are crystal'

  58. Thanatos164

    0:33 Lando Norris, V6 turbo hybrid engine, revving at 12000 RPM.

  59. Fathan597

    he controled a 3 wheeled Ferrari like a boss, He's a fuckin legend. I love you Michael Schumacher!

  60. Eeli Hakala

    Just imagine if Alex wouldn't have got the call from Toro Rosso. He would be in Formula E and this trio would've never happened

  61. Кристина Якименко

    omg this is so funny lmaaaoooo

  62. CaptainREEMERICA

    ..... did Russell write his name in Comic Sans?....

  63. Pedro Arturo Ruiz

    I NEED a LEGO trophy now

  64. Sameer Kooliyat

    This is the most British video ever.

  65. Rinaldo Bona


  66. Sananth Nair

    dacha44 did it better

  67. Terry Golo

    5:38 Eddie looks like he's going to rip Ron Dennis' head off :D

  68. Cfruy

    George Russell was the only one driver, who was better than his team-mate in EVERY qualifying session in 2019. That means he is Rookie of the year. :D

  69. brodey jepsen

    However people dislike this I will never know. Obviously just no friend loners that hate everything 😂😂 Podcasts are incredible insights. Maybe have a look at your own life before disliking someomes life story. So pathetic.

  70. Kazeoni 15

    This is the reality TV we didn't know we needed

  71. silentman0831

    Albon finally got trophy not in Brazil but here!

  72. Asep Basreng


  73. Andika Tansir

    WE WANT MORE !!!!

  74. Attila Dezső

    Imagine Kimi, Fernando and JPM doing the same in 2001. 😎😁

  75. jeroen kroder

    Historic this😂😂😂😂 Temptation room😂

  76. Suthy 23

    fk yeh perth legend

  77. Travis Drewett

    4:11 Max's laugh giving me a reason to live rn

  78. Julian

    ‘Im pretty sure i’m lapping you’

  79. Project Harmony - Bus Life Oz

    Seriously Dan Ricciardo is the most refreshing thing in F1 since Mark Webber.... (I may be an Aussie with a biased opinion though)

  80. Tanmay Revankar

    Is this Drive to Survive season 2 preview?

  81. N-Ergy Studios

    These three could do a blockbuster comedy

  82. Abhinav Upadhyay

    2:02 . You can thank me later

  83. Ayushi Gupta


  84. vdynmx

    TBH getting to know the drivers seems more interesting then watching Mercedes dominate races.

  85. Glenn Ooms

    Leclerc only won because Ferrari was cheating

  86. Sloppysecond

    What is the big deal with F1 and funny moment ? I dont see the relevance why people think its such a big deal.. Baffling. you dont see other sports worrying over funny moment.

  87. Hero Game

    I expected when lando give that blowing effect he will put nico Rosberg

  88. Mujahid Syed

    1:00 Guess Lando can't hold Ricciardo on DRS now, can he? Ricciardo be like, "Bye, have a great time!"

  89. FBYO

    Someone edit Albon's rap and put it on a grime/trap beat pls

  90. Nx Doyle

    Such a great ambassador for the sport. And for Australia. A fierce driver and quite clearly a good man, totally uncontaminated by pretension or wankery. It would be so great if he could end up in a championship winning car, whether Renault brings it in 2021 or he goes somewhere else.

  91. Saul Forster

    Yeessssssssss i love you Danny!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Abuelo

    who's the guy scared by Lando Norris driving?

  93. Mysterious Chris

    **Sad noises coming from Latifi being alone next year**

  94. Pradumna V Saraf

    Its 2 Month Old Video 😅

  95. Вячеслав Тихонов


  96. Walter Aguiar Dos Santos Junior

    Verstappen show!!!!

  97. Lemon

    sad that my parents are the do this do that type, money and results are everything xD never get to try out racing. just study all day everyday.

  98. Troy Lewis

    Albon hands down the best rookie

  99. Pradumna V Saraf

    Ya George You Remain Constant Through Out F1😂😂😂