The official HUsel channel of Coldplay.
New album, Everyday Life, out November, 22 2019 🌙☀️

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  1. Anahí Monserrat Sánchez Martínez

    Omg! I love this song! The piano is beautiful!! <3

  2. Cristiane Soares


  3. Amaal Taehyung

    I'm crying, i'm here bcz of taehyung , army where are u ?

  4. Rod25

    I can see this becoming a minecraft parody.

  5. somaali Media

    Beonce is icon

  6. Ruslan Normetov

    1:17 oh seriously? Thanks from russians fans ☹️☹️☹️

  7. Manjunath Pola

    Instant emotions. The word “daddy” so beautifully pronounced 👏

  8. m

    lovely;somewhat reminiscent "Father and Daughter"

  9. Seu Zé


  10. Juliana Kroitsfelt

    Proud for been a fan since the begining aí💕💕💕 amooo 🇧🇷

  11. Angélica Alves

    Quando escuto essa música, automaticamente vou pra uma dimensão onde sou feliz e os problemas inexistem....acho surreal.

  12. Nelson Gibb

    This sounds a lot like Kaleidoscope...

  13. Fabio da Mota Farias


  14. Dimas Prasetyo

    Thanks for this album Coldplay 👍🏽

  15. Chris Campbell


  16. Mr Peco

    @1:25 for Coldplay, I want the real drums not no drum machine sine-wave bass I still appreciate it though

  17. Noah Shatto

    slap that like if u like Coldplay.

  18. Moisés Delgado

    Ésta canción simplemente me hace sentir bien conmigo mismo y sobre todo, dibuja una sonrisa en mi rostro :')

  19. Dida M

    this breaks my heart as I lost my loving father in september 2015

  20. Julian López

    21 november

  21. Jewel Elizabeth

    Crying. So beautiful Coldplay touched my soul

  22. Mr Peco

    he looks like royalty doesn't he

  23. Jeff Bezos

    I can't wait to be yelling daddy appropriately again.

  24. ghost recon

    I think it says enchin flada😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂coolest vocals i have heared

  25. hnamrina


  26. Suzie Bouret

    Ahhh piano! Finaly Coldplay is back! Bonheur.....

  27. 鹿卡鹿卡

    hahahahahhaah u 4 r toooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQ ~ ^++++++^~

  28. Luisa Maria Tique :3

    Es hermoso 🥰

  29. Liby Rodríguez

    “¡Súper lindo, saludos Coldplay👏👏👏🌷💓 hermosa interpretación, hermosa locación 👏👏🌷🌷!"

  30. home vlogs and beauty channel


  31. Thiago Matos

    I'm here to ask Coldplay for the continuation with a happy ending. Thank you.


    Only one word: beautifull

  33. Mr Peco

    Para- (beyond) Dice. beyond chance

  34. Marcy C

    LOL they're sitting in the same spots like as they were at the funny press conference. Cute. 😍

  35. Federico 2897

    Wow, this song is amazing, everything is perfect, music, video and words... I fall in love with this song! Thank you so much!!!

  36. Alya Fathia Fitri

    Thankyou very much coldplay!! For the QnA video!! You guys just made my day!! 😭❤️❤️

  37. tzetta

    Now, I miss him so bad. :(

  38. Juan Suarez

    Thank you for making the effort of making art and also of making art that celebrates us (and the world) and all of our ups and downs. Thank you guys.

  39. Thor Lezama

    Una joya

  40. Kamila Latifani

    At the first i tought it was a boy, until her tail show off on the water

  41. Electro-Shock Blues

    I love this band more than I can fathom. Nothing beats them for me.

  42. Ferra

    guys one question. Why on 360?

  43. Sebastian Naranjo

    Subtitles are missing !

  44. jarp jarp original jarp

    Wow cool

  45. Amit Aerosmith Pratihar

    Goosebumps sch beautifully written and performed song

  46. Bolin Chen

    This is too cool.

  47. WolfHugsIsSatan

    *OwO daddy I see you came back*

  48. Bujee Davaa


  49. Milka Segovia

    U'r the best, forever.

  50. Gilthwixt

    73K people died to Limit Cut.



  52. Larissa Araujo

    Lots of love from Brazil!!!! 💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

  53. Arundhati Ojha

    Coldplay really gave us the warmest feeling in the world with this beauty 😄😍

  54. Beauty by Sara

    There is nobody who can put a smile on my face like Coldplay does ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. ternitamas


  56. Argo Perdana


  57. Mutia Kamila


  58. Caleb Crawford

    When you feel like you've failed but you have to keep going . . .

  59. Demetino _

    Emocionante dms

  60. Juliana Kroitsfelt

    They are so so lovely best people 🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕🇧🇷

  61. ScarMsanii Aggrey

  62. Peanut Turner

    NGL I’d be more excited about Spies than Sparks but you know what they say, don’t look a Chrishorse in the mouth....

  63. Mango Susan

    Oh gosh this is the first time I've cried in a while

  64. Raiane Silva

    Thanks taehyung! I'm crying and in love ❤❤😷

  65. KR4B1 VINZ

    Why the color of the thumbnail has turned into gray scale?

  66. Zharfan Zulkifli

    i missed this place. 😢😢😢

  67. 鹿卡鹿卡


  68. Christine Lynn Cornejo Bellido

    Love desde Perú 💕

  69. Trick Carisusa

    Coldplay is the best band for me

  70. Captain

    She call me daddy I don’t even know her mamma

  71. Ben C

    Such a beautiful song and video

  72. Danya Turner

    I literally cannot wait to see you in less than two days!!!!

  73. Merry Febri Amelia

    Love this so much ❤️

  74. atuk brontok

    This is so emotional..

  75. Marcos Bernard Calixto López

    🥺 I love You dad, Even if You were a short time with me...

  76. Michael Pouchet

    Sparks.....what a track, what a record. Can't wait!!!!!!

  77. Gabriela Aguirre

    Dad : why are you crying so loud Me: you wouldnt understand! *walks in my room and starts crying with me*

  78. Renzo

    Can´t believe Guy talked that much it's history

  79. Naufal Sholahuddin R

    Wow indonesia

  80. Luana Paulino


  81. Kev Ubhi


  82. Franciene Silva


  83. Maddie blue

    I love India 🇮🇳 From: Guatemala 🇬🇹

  84. Rambofuturista

    Foi compra cigarro

  85. memes for life

    Who is thinking about NBA2K13 while listening to this song

  86. yup chego


  87. Dan Lobkowicz

    Coldplay never ceases to amaze me <3

  88. Paula Alejandrita

    It's so beautiful, I can only cry to remember my childhood

  89. Angry Dragon

    This song carries So much emotions and this song is so sad I hugged my dad when i heard this...

  90. Cyrus Alvarado

    My biological father passed away in 2017, My step father who had totally raised me, and who I've called my dad since I was 3 has finally won his fight with alcoholism this year. Hearing this song, all I can say is This song hurted in the best possible way. Keep the healing going coldplay, much love

  91. Amira L

    الحب و السلام شكرا Coldplay

  92. 테이

    beautiful song.. 💜

  93. lila chic shock

    I LOVE ur music . I need ur help im in london pls help me its urgent if u have a warm heart .☮ps my pic 10 year ago

  94. Emi B

    chris kissing every stage he goes on 🥺🥺

  95. Oh yeah Oh yeah


  96. Muchara Ravi

    🇮🇩Indonesian 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩😎🤘

  97. GreekStuff

    I never had a daddy :(

  98. sai krishna nalla

    I fell in love with my lyf after listening to his songs !! I Love u Cold play !!! 😍😍