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  1. Yeana Yeana

    hope vick snaps his neck

  2. Travis Stoudt

    a few weeks ago I thought this could be a great game now the stupid saints will dominate

  3. Roman Frederick

    Adam tank is always sleepin

  4. Dwayne Jones

    It's so funny the difference between a locker room that just lost and a locker room that just won 😂. Everybody has smiles on their faces and saying I love you to each others . You can hear extra loud laughter (most the time they are extra loud for the sake of being extra) and different conversations all across the locker room. When you just lost it's completely silent. Anyone hear you cough, especially if you were on the bench the whole time, you're gonna get flamed 😂. So yeah very different settings haha

  5. wassup 12

    I got the Chiefs but I have a feeling the broncos are going to pull another upset

  6. Soap Is Da Goat

    Tell me why obj gets the worst leg injuries

  7. Gehad Mahmoud

    This game is gonna be known as the toilet bowl.

  8. The Bat Le

    Buccaneers 23 Lions 10

  9. The Bat Le

    Seahawks 30 Panthers 17

  10. The Bat Le

    Bears 17 Packers 25

  11. The Bat Le

    Dolphins 19 Giants 20

  12. The Bat Le

    Eagles 29 Redskins 14

  13. The Bat Le

    Broncos 26 Chiefs 33

  14. The Bat Le

    Colts 22 Saints 29

  15. The Bat Le

    Texans 31 Titans 27

  16. The Bat Le

    Bills 17 Steelers 24

  17. Gatoride_Isaac

    Patriots 100 Bengals 0

  18. The Bat Le

    Falcons 14 49ers 31

  19. The Bat Le

    Vikings 33 Chargers 23

  20. The Bat Le

    Patriots 17 Bengals 10

  21. Anthony Ciancio

    If I’m a Steelers fan who do I want to win?

  22. The Bat Le

    Browns 20 Cardinals 16

  23. Tee Hee

    Leave poor Murray alone. He only wants to be like Lamar

  24. The Bat Le

    Jets 6 Ravens 30

  25. Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

    That defense is like a Rogue Lion its all banged up but its still dangerous, when a apex predator knows its a little vulnerable his senses are more heightened take it from me I watch alot of Animal planet.

  26. The Bat Le

    Jaguars 13 Raiders 20

  27. The Bat Le

    Rams 28 Cowboys 18

  28. dontknow405

    Looks like its "On to Cincinnati".

  29. Joshua Fausset

    KC 42 - 10

    1. wassup 12

      I doubt that it is going to be a blow out

  30. Jammy

    Wow I am so suprised that michael was almost invisible. Drax would be so proud

  31. ClavisRa

    Titan's offensive scheme is winning by attacking the width of the field and the seams and Tannehill is finding the open receivers on time with good accuracy. Also, getting Henry the ball in space. Mariota processed to game too slowly to be consistently effective. At some point defenses will adjust, then we'll see how well he can play when the defense isn't giving the offense what it wants.

  32. aj eckley

    I'm surprised her wasn't flagged for hitting a defenceless player. Lol

  33. 07ossadnik

    Bills 31 Steelers 20

  34. LeVar Williams

    3:50 Wow...they really trying to aim for his legs even if he's in the pocket

  35. Lololol Lololol

    Go pack go

  36. Bardo Munoz

    Trevor Siemian went 4-0 with the Broncos...

  37. agreen182

    Nope, 49ers/Saints was better.

  38. Alfred Morris

    sounds like a preview from someone who hasn't watched a Broncos game...and Lindsay isn't what you call a grinder either...he's a big playmaker chiefs will lose; winning the last 8 snap is broken

  39. barsbold battseveen

    Anyone think off how you continue to put in 110% knowing it will pay off if you continue to be negatively reinforced that all your work will be taken away. 9:45 n pillaging of last year

  40. MobileYT Gamer

    24-16 steelers win

  41. QQ

    Summary: A good game nobody asked for.

  42. Paul Harmon

    San Diego (the Chargers will always be San Diego) are one of those teams, despite their record, that had the ability to thump anyone any given weekend. This can honestly be a trap game for the Viking's. Charger's are a good team. I think a lot of this hinges on how well the Viking's defense plays. If they can keep the run game of San Diego in check they should win. The last two weeks of the regular season are huge for the Viking's. One game at a time.

  43. Mets Updates MLB

    First Ravens game i ever went to lmao. This game suckef

  44. Andrew Fung

    16:45 smith says 12 like Terrell Suggs and i guess he got it from Suggs

  45. C P

    Steelers 27-7

  46. D Monique

    Damn I know he had 64 career ints, but how many in the playoffs tho👀

  47. Love Steelers

    24-14 Steelers

  48. Dwayne Jones

    Now wanna know whether D Hop like Queen & Slim or Get Out haha

  49. Amir Haouara

    Great seeing Tomlin having fun


    Saints -62 Colts-7

  51. Blake Petraitis

    Bill's are going to shock the NFL and win this game. Superbowl this season baby!

  52. Sam King

    regarding Lavonte David, he's driving a brand new Maybach but I thought they'd stopped making Maybach's?

  53. TOOhigh2QuiT

    if Lock passes this test, i will believe he is legit

  54. Hunter Davis

    49ers 27 falcons 24

  55. Leg Man

    This has all the makings of what they call a "trap" game. Baltimore should win easily but Lamar's quad is an issue. The Jets' defense is actually quite good against the run and they have shut down tight ends all season. The problem is the Jets' offense; they may give up 2 pick-sixes in this one. Jets can win but they have to keep it low scoring. Even if they do, Baltimore 20 and the Jets 16.

  56. Anna Monrose


  57. No Way

    The first one of these normally great Harrison Top 5 lists I disagree with. Jack Youngblood has to rank over Orlando Pace and Isaac Bruce. And while I understand the longevity argument, given positional value it's hard to leave off historically noteworthy HoF QBs with championships in Norm Van Brocklin and Kurt Warner over an offensive lineman like Jackie Slater with only 7 Pro Bowls.


    Jets 10 ravens 3 , call of the year

  59. Leg Man

    I'm gonna pick Cincinnati to win. If they continue the Pin & Pull running game and remain the least penalized team in the league they have a chance. Certainly Bill will try to take away Joe Mixon's production. I say Bengals 17 Patriots 15. Okay trolls, fire away!

  60. Matt Miles

    CHI 24 GB 17

  61. 37Dionysos

    The Chiefs survived Foxboro with 5 major and totally obvious clownsticks by the referees and their system. See ya in the playoffs---at Foxboro!

  62. _ DPG04

    They should do for the end of the year the top 100 all decade plays

  63. R C

    This performance by the NFL/refs is why the game is dying. Constant PI until they get tired of throwing the flag, then it's ok.

  64. Kevin Gamez

    La Rams 41 Cowboys 10 will be an embarrassing game by halftime the game in the bag and Garrett's last game!

  65. Startel Droid

    Gonna tell my kids Michael Jackson and Beyonce once performed with the QUEEN at Wembley Stadium!!

  66. jason Gabriel

    I think my niners as of now have the best record at 11-2 thanks to the patriots losing! yay

  67. DanielSong39

    Actually the game sucked

  68. SK Demopolis

    Derrick Henry is genetics and sport science at it’s best

  69. SFO McGee

    The Saints gave away that win 🤦🏽‍♂️

  70. Anna Monrose

    💁Cmon 💯🏈💯🔥🙋🌹

  71. Mr Pringle

    The NFC championship game was so much better

  72. R&B

    Hope u Saints fans enjoy the lamb chops we bought from L.A.

  73. talanock

    first time mia was predicted by all 3 to win. yay?

  74. Dan Malzi

    Pittsburgh 24-21

  75. Poop

    20:30 he’s was a solid 2 weeks off

  76. asdf01212


  77. Dan Malzi

    Watch them win and blow our minds

  78. The QBH

    4:35 thought i heard something else🤣

  79. Robsparksaz


  80. Guapo Luna

    Cowgirls out rams in

  81. call of duty ruined my life

    Do you no how hard it is too win against the steelers at home? Search a steelers Primetime home game from the perspective of a fan in the stands....

  82. D1STURB3D Merk

    Ravens are a far better and different team since last year when playing the Chargers in playoffs and for this year against the Chiefs for that matter. This narrative that teams who see them twice will figure it out is bogus!

  83. Lamuel J Sackson

    Bears 48 Packers 13 That's just half time.... Bears 73 Packers 16 🐻⬇️

  84. gijssuenl

    what an game for the broncos just crazy..

  85. Masio

    Tomlin coach of the year

  86. Jono Leech


  87. King Luey

    Good job Chiefs... Ya out hustled them.🏈

  88. Averie Burch

    I literally cracked my phone smashing the like button!😱😱😱

  89. Desean Jackson

    So nobody gonna show that buccaneers linebacker any love? I don’t know him but I’m a fan now ... ima remember #54 ‼️

  90. Edgar Ramirez


  91. Tree Hugger boi

    Was it 54 for the Bucs that just got traded to the Bears?

  92. Myran Williams


  93. Arvexlol

    This is how many TD passes Drew Brees is gonna throw ⬇️

  94. triodesrbetter

    trap game

  95. Marc S.

    13 year old narrator is back.

  96. Nicholas Malzahn

    Are they like hungover af or something?

  97. Ben Götze

    Tomlin is the kind of coach i always wanted to train and play under. He is awesome. Great person and a great coach. Steelers are glad, they have him. Other coaches would be 4-9 or something. Instead he is 8-5 and might go 10-6 or even 11-5

  98. Flippant Booch

    this denver defense won't let mahomes score

  99. Deadly_Vampire

    Cowboys would have one this game if the defense step tf up