Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. alexbtrg48

    Y did u became an asshole after winning the lawsuit :'(

  2. Isaac Selling

    i miss when things were simpler like this.

  3. C H U C K L E S

    The only time I ever thanked an advertisement for covering ethans crotch in the beginning.

  4. fatraptor022

    Who did the horror edits cause im dead😂😂

  5. roccoishot

    MY EARS!

  6. robertobeats!

    0:10 is my reaction to seeing the video title

  7. Il xHELLOx lI

    i chose 6

  8. Dis_iz_Mufasa 23

    “They think the world is going to end because trump won” this didn’t age well

  9. Tommy Howell

    Anyone else notice Ethan strategically omit the "N-WORD" on the wheel? 0:37

  10. Andre Cabrera


  11. Il xHELLOx lI

    the green giant sounds like the hulks dick

  12. Sequoya Jacob

    Ehtan If you want Chris's come back you might have to wipe if off your mom's gave . . . . . Jk I love you

  13. Un-Plug Doubt

    Am I the only person that got shown "Can We Autocorrect Humanity" by their school?

  14. Ryan Smith

    He keeps mispronouncing Fieri

  15. 420vapenationgodbruh XxX

    I wonder if big Ed attempted to do this challenge🤔 yeah I said “attempted” not that he’ll get anywhere

  16. Erinski

    WHY would he go after Tony again? All he did was thank Ethan for the love he sent his way. That's it! And that ReturntotheWilderness guy, if Keemstar retracted the pedo story two hours after it was released, why did this scumbag catfish a guy that was very clearly falsely accused? That's like dropping a bag of money on the front lawn of someone who just got out of prison after being falsely convicted of robbing a bank. Wtf, is wrong with people?

    1. altaf ahmad

      you didnt watched keemstars video didnt you?

  17. 420vapenationgodbruh XxX

    Don’t judge me challenge is an excuse for good looking people to get even more attention

  18. Alex Newman

    I sure hope no one walks in on me watching this. I dont even think I can explain what I'm watching.

  19. Ben Goldstein

    Why didn't you leave credit to there chanels

  20. Chad Marcos


  21. Michael

    Guy: _slaps girl's' ass and lets her lift up his shirt, then takes her into his house_ Also guy: Come on babe, you know I'd never cheat on you. Great writing.

  22. Abdul Dimaporo

    Asked for 100k likes Got 1mill likes

  23. Ully Poumani

    Someone here after George Floyd murder?

  24. Sky Atlas

    just keep clicking 3:38 and thank me later

  25. Emely Martinez

    Y ella lo disfrutaba😑😶

  26. marilia0607


  27. Thomas W.

    That End, oh damn

  28. Joseph Lamb

    Ironically, 23 and me was founded by Susan Wojcicki’s sister

  29. Judah Angert

    Interviewer: What's the best thing about being a parent? Kanye: ThE kIdS

  30. LIAM 007

    Push me to the edge 7:12

  31. Fleece Johnson

    he's sort of like onision

  32. MikefsYT *


  33. Mark Pugner

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder. DSM-5 301.81 (F60.81)

  34. Landon Bass

    Bruh my preacher wore a shirt with Jesus dabbing

  35. Mark Pugner

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder. DSM-5 301.81 (F60.81)

  36. Thot Patrol

    im stuck in quarantine watching old h3h3 videos and it’s beautiful

  37. MikefsYT *


  38. Rubey Cherry

    Your wife is way too tolerant of your antics. If you didn’t get stabbed, you ain’t married and in love. Though.

  39. Omar Tariq

    This dude cusses so much its making me sick

  40. Mark Pugner

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder. DSM-5 301.81 (F60.81)

  41. Mark Littleton

    Keem quit because he was losing subs left and right!

    1. altaf ahmad

      lol no he didnt he didnt even loose much subs

  42. Blanca Millavil

    Hay que denunciar a todos los degenerados de mierda! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  43. Blanca Millavil

    Que mierda los videos que acepta HUsel! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  44. CanisLupusAlpha

    i wanna see their blood pressure levels

  45. J. M. Wood

    What a class act. <3

  46. jacob pelzel

    the wizard of being an asshole lmao

  47. Anthony Vanmeveren


  48. MotoCob

    You two are fucking weird.. still the fucking same 5yrs later lmfao

  49. DjSmileyofLasVegas

    This is when ethan was on some good meds

  50. Bertho Mahendra

    Yeah that's right, society can't judge me for what my eyes do.

  51. TES Enthusiast

    this is really cute

  52. Darren Kluesner

    15:19 good they never should have picked up keem anyway

  53. Tarerest Ehchola

    Ethan we love u buddy

  54. Lil_perkihead 31

    Bro bro really did Roman a d

  55. 강남훈

    5:06 that right there is proof this isn’t a feminist video but just a video about attacking men. Feminism is about standing up for womens rights and achieving equality. If your main goal goes from “standing up for women” to “annoy men” that ain’t about feminism anymore. That’s just you being an asshole.

  56. jacob pelzel

    I hope when keemstar dies he goes to the deapest section of hell

  57. Christopher Perkins

    Can you believe this dude is legit trying to run for Senator

  58. bIG_bOY_29

    We need whiteface man in these trying times

  59. TES Enthusiast

    Ethan used to not be as portly.

  60. AdamBurnsRed

    This was all a lie.

  61. J. M. Wood

    Who among us? Hugh Mungus!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Australian SkyWatch

    I wonder how long it will take before he rewatches this shit and decides life is not worth living in embarrassment

  63. Andrew

    Logan Paul is a boxer?

  64. Anwar Ubermensch

    This is the guy who hired an average girl to go on a tinder date with him in his apartment .welp the girl made a video about it on HUsel and said that his apartment smelled like shit .

  65. Bublee

    Holy shit I remember the Basher drama, I'm getting fucking old But I felt that at the time since I was just past my minecraft youtuber phase and that was just awful and I dont remember what happened but I hope he got better and help. And just gotta add that the only one of my friends who liked Keem was the guy that we stopped hanging out with because all he talked about was how he watched cam girls 24/7 and some girl sent him a nude photo on Playstation That dude was annoying and I'm not gonna go off more but there's way more that made that kid weird

  66. J. M. Wood

    Zarna is oppressing men...

  67. DeJesus Spencer

    I dont k ow why I started watching this while eating, thankfully not seafood

  68. Johannes Sonnenmann

    My brain hurts now because of that Indian woman.

  69. J. M. Wood

    I love the close up. I can fully understand ur point now! Thanx bro <3

  70. J. M. Wood

    Hila- "Yeah, I'll watch it"

  71. Temüjin Khan

    Please dont use Etika as a valid argument just let him rest please

  72. Epic pink gamer Le Epic

    Stop worrying about keem and worry about Jake Paul the rioter and looter.

  73. Miklojam jam

    Why is mutahar there :"vv

  74. DroopySnoopy

    They had the secks

  75. J. M. Wood

    Hila's "yikes" face is the best

  76. Cesar Montoya

    This channel changed nothing but lazy boring ass drama

  77. Honest Commenter

    Is Ethan still cool with post?

  78. remetto

    i wanna do this with some actually coke

  79. Swizzle Swazzle

    Can someone just like.. kill Keemstar? He's spreading so much hate and misinformation and ruining peoples lives in such disgusting ways, it makes me sick.

    1. altaf ahmad

      like ethan?

  80. Rynthetical

    I love how they edited so hard for this

  81. Jeffrey Bozko


  82. Donald Dank

    Why does these videos have so many likes?

  83. Nate Pettyjohn

    Love u

  84. Favi Cakes

    I couldn’t watch more than 6 minutes of those video because of how incredibly annoying this guy was. Please shoot me.

  85. Red Hulk

    1:30 I feel like no one reacted because she looks like a dude:P

  86. Tarek Fawzi

    Ok I know this is old and obviously dumb but I got 7, 3 and 9 lmao

  87. Drifty Boi

    I always turn my attention to his nose

  88. J. M. Wood

    I love that he spit out the tiny bit he got in his mouth

  89. Curtis Steenbruggen

    I legit feel bad for that guy, he looks like he has been defeated by life.

  90. David Biron

    A little bit of a milk

  91. J. M. Wood

    Hazmat lovers 😍

  92. Australian SkyWatch

    Do old content like this again, I don't watch any h3 video past 2018 because it turned to shit somewhere along the way

  93. Rectangle boi

    2:23 Panda gaming

  94. FakeTheWizard

    not only is Keem a hypocrite for going after sponsors himself but he literally used Etika's death as a platform to sort of shield himself from all the hate he's been getting

  95. José Malta

    These rich investor motherfuckers are all about free market, pay to win, no labor rights or guarantees, but when they make a stupid slip they hold everyone accountable except themselves, what a bunch of fucking pigs

  96. JCglitchmaster

    NGL I'm surprised he kept her in the car that long.

  97. Mateo Davis

    He lives in Austin so if I see this man that would be epirc

  98. Susan Davis

    At 2:55 you said "Who Among Us"! Almost sounds like "Hugh Mungus"!

  99. Niestutorial Niestutorial

    Imagine that all the pranksters on the world have a worldwide human trafficking network and Everytime a kidnapping fails they just straight up say " oh no that was just a social experiment"

  100. Gauthier J

    Plot twist No-one gives a shit, you don't take the bus or metro to have a nice and wholesome ride you take it to go to work or get somewhere and you know that's there's gonna be people, probably weird smells and stuff. Buzzfeed ranting about dudes who just sit there normally is completely stupid like who watches their videos and says yeah fuck these people ima lead a protest.