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  1. GhostPanic

    I wonder where these 2 fat slags are today?..... 15 kids and on benefits no doubt! Jesus Christ look at one of the mums in the backstage crew! She looks like someone has thrown a sheet over a pile of rubbish!.... Looks like bernard manning

  2. codzeedee dee

    Wow beautiful u go girl u sound great 😊🇦🇺👍❤

  3. Dateinam W

    I love it when he said' I came to see what I can do or can't do'

  4. Royalties Tauoa

    Awww that was so sad

  5. vfx uk

    Beyoncé shoulda won

  6. Genesis Olivarez

    This is my fav performance by them

  7. Christiannette Rose

    She must have been so nervous

  8. Louisa McCann

    Liam was the main guy Niall was just enjoying himself Harry was being perfect Zayn was nailing the high notes And “I really hate you right now” Louis was just being a fetus 😍

  9. Jints1025

    No god no please no

  10. Viola Chianucci

    How much cute is this guy?😻😻😻😻😻

  11. Jordan Deakin

    I’d like to punch this guys head in He’s an annoying tit

  12. Maja

    El AHHHHHH de Niall es más largo que mis relaciones

  13. Dip Y2j


  14. Linda pindard

    This girl would have been big untill the government wanted to send her home to her country shame

  15. Royalfate

    Bueenaa el video pero nose ingles :'u

  16. Elena Bart

  17. sKAltY cuBz

    looks like my mom on sunday

  18. Piper Alpha

    He’s got to be demented.

  19. Claudio Matos

    i kinda love this tho they're just singing and they love it unapologetically

  20. Marsha The Incredible

    Wtf is this!!!!???? 😒

  21. Danna Valeria Gutiérrez Aguilar

    I miss them so much❤😞

  22. One Direction For Life

    Zayn is cute, It’s the truth🥰

  23. Static CentreHalf

    I know Cowell isn't everyone's cup of tea but credit where credit's due. Spotting whatever he spotted with these boys was a stroke of genius.

  24. Alexander Moss

    When Zayn was Niall and Niall was Zayn.

  25. Nitzan Amedy

    They are perfectttt but who on earth dressed them this way??

  26. Sugar Rush

    This is how many times they said sorry in the first minute 👇🏻👇🏻

  27. Sugar Rush

    It was the fatter one I’m the stripy too who made it 10 times worse 😂

  28. Sugar Rush

    In Abby And I’m Lisa And together we’re dying mice singing 😂

  29. taesha kim


  30. Rajkumar BK

    After few years..... Bear:Dad how did you met with my mom? Liam:Show's this video to Bear

  31. Simulacra

    she's a smol precious bean

  32. Zasa

    5:35 hahahaha

  33. elmin82

    Robbie have something in common with Harry and Louis, his relationship with Gary was the same

  34. tropical candyland

    😂😂😂Harry’s dancing tho

  35. Brian Stone

    Strange people!Very annoying. Should be embarrassed but probably don't understand!😠

  36. Valeria Rangel

    She looks like all those Manchester girl tik toks😂

  37. Shot in the Heart

    The guy is just so bad oh my god

  38. Keith S

    I stopped watching X Factor the night they failed and let Aiden go! Still then best singers that show has ever seen, he should never have been voted off.

  39. kelly. blanco.

    Someone make the guys react to this 🤣❤️

  40. Harriet Styles

    The Larry is strong in this one

  41. Teddy Meep

    Date: 12/10/19

  42. Sarah J

    She was like a young Dianna Ross

  43. Abby Soto

    Horrible song choice

  44. Dizzy Focus

    Who r u "I'm peechy, I'm party,I'm peas and together we buming cheese". But that's not your really your name "No" so what's your name "Mary" lol so funny made me laugh so bad

    1. Dizzy Focus

      The friend backstage who was singing was good and cute she should go for it

  45. Scott Wilson

    2:06 is he having a stroke?

  46. Dizzy Focus

    I thought Lisa was terrible singer but had confidence and stuck up for her friend. But abbie in total denial blamed lisa for her mess up abbie do think we want you in Hollywood or charts. "Errm I dunno"


    0:09 the most terrifying giggle of all time

  48. Cr Rod

    Intro 😖

  49. spiegel

    It wasn't terrible and it wasn't great. Thank God he's good looking because if he looked like Jonah Hill or Seth Rogan he'd be cut even if he sounded exactly the same.

  50. Rosita Frutos

    Il est beau la simon cowell

  51. Anna leidenfrost

    It's still so weird to me that Liam and Cheryl had a baby with one another.

  52. One Direction For Life

    Wow he was really young here, his voice changed a lot❤️

  53. Alessandra Iacobucc

    Si vede chiaramente che entrambe sono malate mentali..un po' di rispetto per le persone psicotiche che non andrebbero esibite .di fronte agli "altri" fanno ovviamente una pessima figura.

  54. Breah Trigg

    she really not bad!!!!!!!!

  55. Skylar hu

    it took me so many years to figure out who was screaming at 1:22 but i still don't know who is he😔

  56. Colț Alb

    Britsh ugly horror women......beah 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  57. Kyra Nettle

    I have known her daughter for 6 years cuz she went to my primary school and now we go to the same high school

  58. Aditi Aashrita

    2:17 is what you're looking for

  59. Евгения Коренева

    Oh my god, what a voice!!!

  60. Christie Eiley

    i would have been so star struck, i wouldn't have been able to sing!

  61. Max Lloyd

    The mom just waddling around in the background cracks me up every time

  62. slazz1845


  63. big stream

    You can release us all by getting off the damn stage!

  64. Risangster

    Before she got blame coz didnt flush the toilet after put a SHEET

  65. Hey ArseHole

    E boy vibes

  66. Claudia Pitch

    The real Michael Jackson it’s really sad right now 😂

  67. Martin Cummins

    Fat cow

  68. Banana Fanana

    Harry has embraced being LGBT, progressed as a solo artist tremendously, and has become an inspiration to so many young people. I love that this 16 year old here had no clue what his future would withhold.

  69. Harriet Styles

    Harry was already in Kiwi mode

  70. john milxer

    I feel like Harry had the looks to play “Luffy” in a live action of the anime series, One Piece

  71. Yung Chifly

    Wow I don't care what they sound like the audience was rude for laughing at them this is where self esteem plays in what if they was the kind of girls that after they left the killed they self.. I bet laughing stopped and omg I feel so bad


    I hate absolutely everything about them.

  73. andres muñoz

    The've got drugs troubles absolutely.

  74. Kathryn Conti

    America loves you

  75. Kathryn Conti


  76. cody56011

    Yall should see the malaysian idol mj fail then... At least that one makes u lol

  77. C Als

    When it comes to singing....you gotta' do what Simon says

  78. Princess Of Thebes

    I think her voice is average.

  79. Lil Daddy oficial

    9 years of this... I literally can’t believe how fast the night changes

  80. Lil Daddy oficial

    They were dancing... that’s funny

  81. 0lolinc0

    Niall screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAA cracks me up every time

  82. Diego  Medina Campos

    Hermoso,como canta esta chica

  83. a s h

    Niall reminds me of that "never gonna give u up dude" 's dance

  84. Dyann Reese

    I love his voice

  85. Gamboa A-Marelo

    Que diria Beyoncé. Alguém sem talento cof cof

  86. Elise Jackson

    ugh. this is so funny/cute/sad.

  87. Liam EFC

    louis walsh wrong again, what a surprise

  88. I P

    You did it baby, you did it ❤️

  89. Goran Sinadinovic

    The Spartans were sharp, beautiful and fit. Because they threw ones like Abi & Lisa from the cliff.

  90. Evie Generation

    I can't believe that I sore these people in real life I watched this vid about a year ago and sore them Then went to my friends house and I told him if it was them he said yes he didn't even realize until I told him I could tell if there axent I didn't know how i could tell by how different they looked you could tell by their faces

  91. Monica Nath

    Wow-great strength of vocals from Liam and Niall!

  92. Xerkzes Gamer

    You family Wanat Many? Source Pliss make Faks open asy Pliss

  93. Xerkzes Gamer


  94. Hodan Adan

    Rebecca has her soulful voice because when she is singing at the audition


    Simon Cowell is just such a genius

  96. Maya Bakopoulou

    If only they knew that the 16 year old boy that auditioned would become one of the most famous singers AND people in the world

  97. Jade Fo

    Amazing! Anybody has the song in the end?

  98. Brendan Morin

    Who is here after adore you??

  99. Sagar Yadav

    2:16 Niall: Aaaaaaa 💁‍♂️