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  1. Emily Rohn

    Have y'all were realized how sad the MV is?

  2. _no other like_ SJ

    forever SUPER JUNIOR Kibum, SUPER JUNIOR Hangeng, SUPER JUNIOR Kangin and SUPER JUNIOR Sungmin💙

  3. Jessica Lee

    Suho's face look same with my crush while Sehun's face look like Edward from Twilight movie😂😂

  4. Paula Romina Ramirez Guevara


  5. ice angel

    chen congratulations.. I'm happy you found someone that makes you happy because you deserve it... I'll always support you no matter what...idols are human beings and they deserve to find happiness in their lives.....it is human nature to find the love of your life that makes you complete and make you shine brighter then the sun

  6. Ezequiel t.g

    Q linda q es yerin !!

  7. 김단아

    한국인을 찾습니다

  8. Pamela Chatterjee

    I wish you a lot of happiness and joy in your life chen. Love you♥️

  9. Tania Sanjur

    He is one of the best voices Kpop has. Come to your senses. He should not leave EXO. #SaveChen

  10. Chin Hung

    If u didn’t know that Bailey Sok was the one who made the choreography

  11. R3R3 187

    2020 ?????

  12. Ludmila Alvarez

    los amo:(

  13. yanny ian

    ohh my goodness

  14. alin

    I think i choose BTS as boy band Now its tym to choice Red velvet as girl group!

  15. Precious Fiona Flores

    Please rest now bad boy... And...... Give way to PSYCHO

  16. Nurhidayah Nhube

    The best voice

  17. Yv kxna

    we love you

  18. hani H

    Kim Jongdae you are the best, I'd love to hear more songs from you, good luck.💜❤❤

  19. NaisBy

    Chen deseo toda la felicidad a ti y a tu familia. Por favor nunca dejes de cantar para nosotros!!!

  20. Nurul Hidayah

    Let's trending this hastag #weStillwantChenstay

  21. Shobi Kage

    I liked this song when I was around 9 but I found out NCT made this 😂

  22. Bamboo Buzz

    It feels like someone is taking a blade and lacerating the heart watching Jonghyun smiling, dancing and looking happy here. Can’t believe the amount of talent he had.

  23. • angelica •

    Her voice is so mesmerizing

  24. Anu Kimeu

    Why is nobody talking about Jaehyun, Haechan, Taeil, Johnny, Winwin oh and Doyoung? Jaehyun is killing me with his visuals. Taeil's vocals are just **ChEfs KiSs** beautiful. Winwin didn't get many lines but when he appeared I almost died--oof. He looks--just wow. Haechan's visuals are also killing me. Also his outfit--*damn* his vocals : *yes* **ChEfs kISs** Johnny only had the line "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands yo" but sounded great. Doyoung's vocals are also **CHefS KisS** STUNNING. And his hips don't lie.

  25. Ngọc Huyền A.M.V

    I love EXO 🙆💖🙆

  26. Taiwanese Cow

    this song is so good. the iconic bridge, catchy chorus, and rap, i love everything about it. why does everyone hate on it :(

  27. Widya Meisya Widya

    56M, lets go

  28. Edward Gani

    Why do i feel it has similarity to exo wolf 😁😁😁

  29. Munkh Saran

    Lucas dances so well even if he is so tall

  30. Kristina Nepali

    Chen's is blessed from EXOL'S

  31. NaisBy

    Por favor Chen, no te vayas. Que será de mi sin tu voz y tus hermosas canciones? quien me consolara? Que puedo hacer yo detrás de una pantalla? Solamente desear que abril nunca termine

  32. • angelica •

    I love myself I trust myself The words that will hold me

  33. _dianne dueñas

    I'm ARMY and BLINK, now I think I should stan this group aaaaaah they're so talenteed!

  34. WooWoo Jungwoo

    I showed this to my friend that doesn’t like kpop and she said that their hot. Since then she became a NCT stan and a Red Velvet stan

  35. Ayunisari Birinkbretigan

    Uhh, cogan semua 😍😍😍

  36. Cherry Lemon

    Baru ngeh intro awalnya agak mirip panic at the disco_i write sins not tragedy, mirip dikit...setipe.....dari awal mikir kaya pernah denger instrumen petikan biola di intro ini....tapi dimana...

  37. Ahmad Musaddiq

    Don't forget to vote for Red Velvet at Seoul Music Awards !! 22,800 votes more to reach No.16 . Let's be in Top 15 at least before votes closes in 4 days . *RED VELVET WILL ATTEND SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS SO VOTE NOW!!*

  38. WooWoo Jungwoo

    My brother was showering while blasting this song and saying “YES TAEYONG AND TEN MY DADDIES” 😳

  39. Kitty Park

    These children don't even have hips yet I guess I'm just really really short 😉

  40. Yasumi Juseyo

    just another of missing exo

  41. 단발여신

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ꙼̈ 슈주 흑역사 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  42. CherryBlossom

    Toxic fans - Chen leave Exo-ls - Toxic fans shut up and go way!!

  43. vava

    a qui podemos ver de los mejores debuts, SHINee con esta gran canción en la que intentan enamorar a la nonna, y pues apreciemos la belleza natural de Victoria.

  44. Kitty Park

    Protip: If you watch twice you will start noticing little changes every time enjoy eternal entertain from, Anonymous

  45. Hwang rn

    Streaming again:")

  46. Juvel Abesamis

    Since it's released, I found myself watching and singing Psycho everyday

  47. Ana Chan

    the second you notice how old this is because of the pop up add thing halfway thru the video

  48. Intan Maulinar

    Jaejoong reminds me of nct taeyong kk

  49. Red Queen

    Extraño a estas chicas

  50. Sabeena Gurung

    I'm addicted to this song and his voice...miss you Minho ❤

  51. เพชรลดา อาดัม

    Kyungsoo I miss you

  52. 변준호

    존재자체가 예술인 탱구~ 사랑한다 ㅜㅜ

  53. minchurii 01

    I love you taeyong

  54. untie onion

    Bring back memories when this mv released..I'm so afraid..tvxq as 5 were untouchable in term of vocal , dance nor stage present..but with these two remaining i cannot imagine what it would turn..but then I'm glad yunho improved in his vocal and changmin catching up well on yunho's dance level..they are God afterall

  55. yulita pangemanan

    Loveyouuu Unnie 🤗🥰 always enjoy your song and really appreciate you as a artist 🙏 Keep being YOU

  56. Nabila Chika

    Aku kangen mereka 😭😭😭

  57. Aidah Bodot

    road to 100m LET'S GO REVELUV!!😍

  58. Kitty Park

    I guess those Spaniards were real jealous of their beauty or whatever just what thoughts they had that they tried to kill off this race?

    1. Kitty Park

      Help me with this Spaniards with internet plz

  59. Leoni Maretha

    Still the prettiest and the most iconic girl group. I just realized their acting skills here.

  60. Hallowin

    말하는거 왤케 예쁘지

  61. Lumiere w

    this reff is like Kari Jobe’s Forever

  62. gml_ 2020

    Ajusi 😋 😘 2020

  63. Senny Meiliyani

    papkongati hayan gureumdeul sai So beautiful nega tteodanigo pingkeubit kkoccipdeul sai tto joyonghi dagawa naege beonjin neo neoraneun angyeongeul sseossna sesangi neoroman boyeo It’s like a magic feel na neoreul mannago dallajyeo ga You make me pink all day nae modeun maeiri muldeureo ga neon machi Pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic han beondo mannabon jeok eopsneun Color on georiga neoman chaoreugo ppalgan chae sidong georeo Just come with me neowa dalligo sipeo heukbaegin naui harue neoraneun nunbusin Rainbow It’s like a magic feel na neoreul mannago dallajyeo ga You make me pink all day nae modeun maeiri muldeureo ga neon machi Pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic You’re like a magic feel na neoreul mannan geon gijeogin geol You’re like a magic dream ne modeun sesangi kkumman gata So I’m in love all day nae modeun sesangi da bichi na It’s like a magic feel na neoreul mannago dallajyeo ga You make me pink all day nae modeun maeiri muldeureo ga neon machi Pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic Cause you’re my pink magic

  64. Serena Gesa

    I'm late but this is fire and one of my new faves.

  65. Cocholatto

    up up!

  66. han huynh


  67. Dinda Noviani

    januari 2020 😁😁

  68. Kitty Park

    Aren't native American eyes just too beautiful everybody?

  69. Anis Lathifah Ulfah


  70. นักปา ไม้จิ้มฟัน

    Wait. What is that!!!! 1:10 at the window

  71. Butterfly Effect

    His smile!!! I can't! I fall in love

  72. Tik Tok

    *Danger Str3am Soribada chart* !!!

  73. Sofia Ellen

    天哪!我好爱你!我也很喜欢那首歌,你们很棒! 你为什么不来巴西? 😘❤️

  74. Tahj

    우리도 너를 사랑하고 믿어요

  75. Butterfly Effect

    I love this song

  76. Butterfly Effect

    My angel, EXOLs always support you

  77. 악마큐피드

    아 청아 노랜줄 알았음

  78. Kitty Park

    Here's the secret: I do whatever I want because I'm a good girl and make no mistakes

  79. eboy yuta

    jungwoo the whole video:

    1. eboy yuta

      didnt even know the man was in here the whole time lmaooo baby

  80. mar

    am i the only one that thinks this song is boring compared to their other ones?

    1. mar

      @h h 😳 damn I have an original opinion then

    2. Gaby Mtz


    3. h h

      mar Yes

  81. Leoni Maretha

    14 Rookie Girls...Red Velvet only has 5 members, where are the other 9 girls?

  82. poutyyoun

    china line aaahhh

  83. s u n s h i n e

    *Hey Wong Yukhei* First, it was Zimzalabim with Lucas' face and now this-

  84. Butterfly Effect

    Love u chen, love you forever

  85. gml_ 2020

    Oppa ajusi 😋 😘 2020

  86. Lacey Smith

    2020?? 💚to the world we are n-city💚

  87. alya gina

    Ehh kok iklannya lucas 'mantul dilidah' 'gue bosen yg biasa' Awoakowkwokwoww

  88. Georgia Blazer

    when are we going to talk about how funny taeil is, why is he so slept on???!!

  89. Larren Diane Samson

    Str3amin6 since Day 1

  90. Larren Diane Samson


  91. ᜎ̥ᜎᜈ̊ LJ

    i still love this song

  92. voz angel

    # EXOLStandWith9

  93. Gen leparto

    If my idols have girlfriends i would be happy for them atleast they had someone to talk to....

  94. 박찬호

    45살 씹ㅋㄱㄱㄱㅋ

  95. alya gina

    Yawlo anak anak gua masih pada kyuuttt semuahhh:)

  96. Kenji Mari Salvador

    I cannot believed I listened to his music for a year without watching the MV 😂😂 I'm an idiot. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  97. Carolina Portillo

    Happy WayV Day!!😢😢😢💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️❤️

  98. poutyyoun

    i miss

  99. Sebastián Karmy

    *FUN FACT* 0:42 Behind Joy Yeri is jumping :v