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  1. Verzyvers

    Hey Kevin, how is the lawsuit in Muskoka going??? ttyl sailor :)

  2. Creamapera

    A thief.

  3. Harry Wang

    He forgot to mention diversification.

  4. Kawaiii. AeRo

    4:34 is shiiiiii they brought out the Asians

  5. Goddess

    @2:22 wtf is wrong with him 😂😂😂

  6. Katherine Z

    More reality than Godaddy employee making 140,000

  7. Catalin Arseniu

    Big error..he is just a scammer!

  8. NecromancerAdr

    It's the opposite for me: My Switch is my #1 console while my PS4 is the complement.

  9. Roxy Garcia


  10. liquidnitrogen123

    Why don’t you guys show a profile of a real blue collar worker making around 30k a year and how they budget? Normal people can’t relate to these six figure salaries. Show some real people working with realistic salaries.


    This house can also be used in Indian horror movies

  12. Macawso

    I didn’t have a credit or debit card as a teenager. My parents only let me use cash.

  13. Jim Boland

    My dad was a lawyer and my mother was a college professor. My mother’s family are multi millionaires, however they were married in a courtroom.

  14. votivespark

    So if the study was conducted in 2010 that means happiness at 75000 is now 88,000 in 2020 USD.

  15. Instant Party

    Who's idea was it to put a white font onto a white back drop 4:01 can't even see the price on my monitor lol

  16. Villie Stephanov

    Good morning America!

  17. Eric Highsmith

    Feeling like a failure right now... currently making $0 a year, 30 years old. Lost my job as a shuttle driver due to covid-19. But was only making $12/hr. Keeping my head up though.

  18. Joe Casella

    He was just starting to build up his virus expertise... With Windows 1.0, you guys have to listen to this guy when he talks about viruses and vaccines he has a vast experience...

  19. zico zico

    It's funny how some gays talk more girly than girls. No insult, just an observation

  20. Deus Benedjx

    I currently see myself as a robot that needs to work tirelessly to combat every day or else I'll die. I don't care if anyone doesn't take care of me in the hospital when I get sick one day. I just work today to live (cause I have no choice, I happen to think suicide is a sin) and save money for hospital bills in the future.

  21. Phase Zerosum

    If you fly straight up from the south pole with a jetpack are you still going south?

  22. himynameiscyn

    25 and got 50k 🙃 100k seems too low for 33

  23. Jackson Paflas

    Why is someone spending $700 a month on a car? Even if I was rich I don’t think I would have a car with a $700 monthly payment. That’s just insane.

  24. Dolphins101

    Gotta love the mansplaining going in in the comments below 🙄

  25. Sasha Da Masta

    For the record: 1. I think the uber thing is obviously not a good idea, since that's basically a taxy service, which is obviously expensive. I think what he should have mentioned were things like zipcar or systems like that, where you basically get a car on demand and can use it to run errands whenever you need it, or to go on a weekend trip, but you don't have to worry about all of the trouble that comes with a car. 2. he's obviously not including rural areas, he says the word "city" at least once, and it's obvious through context. I really think people should be looking into car share systems though if you live in the city, not the rural areas, because a car isn't always needed if you can bike to work (most people live so near to their work that they could easily bike, but obviously not everyone can), and you forget about the hassle of all of the costs, keep the freedom of being able to drive a car since the service works 24/7 (don't quote me on that), as well as the parking space, which you could rent if you have one. If you want some opinions, I recommend these two videos: husel.info/video/video/mqWtedSGmX6bjG8.html husel.info/video/video/1W2YmtiHnH2uqog.html

  26. Roger

    Millennials checking in

  27. Josue Perez

    Bruhh I’m graduating next year I’m legit getting spooked

  28. ZachHasAUser

    i want to buy one but i can’t find it anywhere

  29. Marcus M.


  30. Karissa Meyers

    OMG I love sauna so much. It is like euphoria after the hot and cold contrast

  31. cmartinez89

    I think a lot of us are just like Elon. We just haven’t sold a company for hundreds of millions of dollars yet.

  32. MJ Mail

    Easy peasy I’ll do sooooooo much more

  33. Sartorius988

    25 - resident doctor - debt free, 15k in savings :)

  34. Elena Garcia

    They are so ugly, I wouldn’t wear them even if someone give them to me. No mam!

  35. zbLoodlust087

    Rent? Coming from the man that built his fortune on real estate

  36. The Great Santini

    Elon is the master of the future. Henry Ford, N. Tesla, and Von Braun all in one.

  37. Marcio Cajado

    Good actor

  38. someo ne

    Steve jobs is just like the owner of gucci poeple buy it for the name not for the actual clothes or phones that work good.

  39. fiona QI

    Why am I watching this again?

  40. dwasten90

    6 tees and 3 pairs of jeans - this only works with men? lol

  41. dchawk81

    My coffee is for your safety. Had to increase my budget because the cheap stuff is too acidic.

  42. Premfn

    what is the point of being rich and not spending money. I never understood that

  43. bpln the2nd

    how many times he said you know ?

  44. Vesna Lukic

    She was an alcoholic, that's where all her money went. I save the same amount on half that income and have the same amount of student debts.

  45. Brenda sanchez

    Carmela scores 😂

  46. Kaiden Hall

    Did he say a car isn’t necessary? This dude doesn’t live in the real world

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      Wait! Kevin got 25 suits! 😯

  47. leyley 12

    These people at there waterpark evryday during quarantine

  48. remytron83

    I just pressed play. If they don’t talk about how Dre stole everything from Monster then this is a crap video. Btw, Beats headphones are kinda trash.

  49. IC CE Lover

    I also love crocs I wear them all the time

  50. The Jones

    Rip Trader Joe’s aka naked juice :(

  51. Jordan Baldi

    the coronavirus probably killed his job lol

  52. The Jones

    Welp I was going today after going once a week for a grocery turn up but now I’m def going tomorrow lol

  53. Andieniable

    Worst headphones ever!!!!!!!

  54. Flak153

    Lol 1/3 of my after tax income? The average American would have to move to rural Kentucky for that

  55. HackersSun

    To zoomers, first time huh? :P

  56. Me

    Ahhh Mr. Wonderful, the Simon Cowell of the financial world! I admire this man so much!

  57. Sinn Sage

    FEWER* options

  58. Sndip. a


  59. JaXXTroNaut

    🇨🇦 Dragons Den

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      Is there a smash your face button. Why does the old guy look like he just smelled cat poop?

  60. Brenda sanchez

    I want to hang out w her

  61. Jim Boland

    I leased my BMW ,and I regretted it. I was over the miles and was nailed.

  62. Manny 91

    It’s beneficial in a highly populated city where finding parking is a hassle/expensive.

  63. kyle watts

    Awesome awesome very cool very educational very amazing thank you so much I appreciate it! :-)

  64. Brad Strawn

    Nintendo isn't really a competitor with microsoft/sony anymore. Not many people are deciding between ps4/xbox or switch. I personally find the switch to be the perfect companion to PC gaming.

  65. Sigifredo Coria

    Took her 25 yrs to hit 42 mill that was long !

  66. Karina Del Real

    spends 500+ on miscellaneous which is probably considered stuff she doesn't need and 200 on student loan...doesn't seem the best at managing money. not to mention eating out all of the time. Putting 20 grand down on a house when owing 30 grand in school debt is NOT a good idea, basically in a deficit because she owes money. Can CNBC put people on here that are better with their money?

  67. Buddy Muniz

    Umm 31 or 46?? Lost me when I saw the word rent. Doesn't cook?? Those tatoos?? See yaa!!

  68. Hellokittylovers10

    I can’t believe @JessicaBraun was featured lol every time I think of TJ’s I always think of her and her recommendations

  69. Harry Wang

    Kevin OLeary must not realize that his jacket probably cost <100 bucks to manufacture lmao. His hand stitched Saint Laurent jacket was probably made in China with the final touches put on in France.

  70. Ivan Tinoco

    Is nobody going to address the fact that diversity in these countries is almost nonexistent, and that they are all predominantly whites ...

  71. Li Mei Mei lifestyle

    US food shopping is expensive. Trader Joe would be cheaper by comparison

  72. dchawk81

    The right time to buy a home is when your parents look at you and say "you make more than us. Get out." I was gonna live in my car but Dave Ramsey won't let me buy one.

  73. Lexi Vivid

    The Oppenheim Group from “Selling Sunset” on Netflix!?

  74. dchawk81

    I get her theory but if you're gonna keep a car 5+ years anymore you better buy it new or VERY low mileage before anyone had a chance to abuse it. And about 5-10 years in they start to need wear parts replaced. So be ready for that. Either cash or mechanically inclined with tools. 12+ they're probably going to start needing more than they're worth. All depends on luck really these days. They aren't designed to last forever. They never were. It's just that old ones, pre-2000, were easier for the average owner to do significant repairs himself. Eg my '86 pickup is dead simple from nose to tail and parts are cheap. My '18 pickup scares me a little and parts are NOT cheap. Plus there's always the issue of inheriting swamp crotch seats and a COVID-19 HVAC system when you buy used.

  75. dchawk81

    She's right. Jay Leno doesn't have any new cars in his hangar. 😃

  76. Sera the Educated Feline

    It doesn’t surprise me that a shop that has no loyalty cards, compact space, next to no brands other than own-brand, and reasonable prices is owned by Aldi. Being a Brit who hasn’t been to the US, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I know bugger all about Trader Joes, but believe me, I have plenty of experience with Aldi and Lidl (the two main super-cheap supermarkets we have).

  77. Kai-Uwe Merkel

    You ain't going to get rid of me that easily. I am like athletes foot. Ask Murrar. He can tell. We just do a little swing like Voyager on it's way out of Jupiter's gravity.

  78. Brands of Chloé

    Very interesting video! I saw some items I’m going to try in my next Trader Joe’s haul.

  79. Snip-Snip Tear

    Cons: The Nintendo Dock can scratch the system regardless of its design or careful placement.

  80. Vincent Lin

    Only 38 comments? This is weird 😂

  81. quadsnipershotp1lvl4

    It’s not a bad answer. I agree with the cash back but it depends on what you do and your income level. Most people only need 1 credit card. After a specific income or a more variety of use you can expand

  82. avril14thlove

    Don't understand why she wouldn't just pay off her student loans?

  83. Brands of Chloé

    Another great Millennial Money segment! I love that she was so transparent in sharing her account balances before she started earning, and saving more money.

  84. xxNATHANUKxx

    If you learn to not rely on consumer goods for your happiness, save whilst you are young/live at home and invest all this money you save you set yourself up for financially stable future. The stock market, although volatile does offer great results for your savings over decades and if you save enough you won't have to worry about being able to afford that yearly holiday anymore or even your mortgage because your dividends/growth appreciation will take care of it

  85. B. Davis

    I hope they find jobs soon! They are hustlers!

  86. 44Wynter

    Covid might have been the trigger this time but capitalism is the underlying cause. A fairer social and economic system wouldn't have allowed so many people to fall in to complete financial catastrophe as quickly and brutally as this one.

  87. ZombieLove

    he became a millionare by profiting off of the housing market crash that left so many people homeless.

  88. fabwen foob

    Finland a happy country??? You´re definately far from the truth. And it just shows you never lived in this country. One of the world top country for suicide and alcoholism.......Having a good school system is useless when most of the inhabitants are deeply depressed......and depressing. So... welcome to Finland.........as a tourist of course.

  89. Coc Ca1

    Bro i wear them from like 2012

  90. Peter Olejnik

    8:11 Kevin looks like he’s saying “you young, punk...you’re doing better than me”. 😂

  91. Alexandra Aspioti

    That's a reality for many ather countries for many years ,like Greece and Cyprus. Young graduates cant gets job on there field of studies. That's life for our generation. I'm going to bee a economics graduate at 2020 but I already know that I'm not going to find a job in my field of study and probably going to find a job on a caffe or something like that.

  92. clutchkd 90

    We are talking about a guy who said that the Air force would be overtaken by drones.

  93. DeSean Kirkland

    Why the black dude gotta get fired lol jk

  94. Nxdav

    My guy makes more money than people dream of but he uses none of it

  95. Nula Rayn

    Love the Grateful tee!!! 😃 I have one too. That 116 crew

  96. Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas

    You sir are my hero. I would love to have such a creative and forward thinking person as a friend.

  97. Altair *

    He does seem smarter (with technicalities) and with a way more likeable personality than all those others put together.

  98. Wayne

    Lol does not apply to large metro high populated cities.

  99. des2018

    you know kevin was probably finding every cook book he could get his hands to learn to cook LOL