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  1. cantacantabria canta

    I refuse to accept that for the mere coincidence of being a man you are a rapist, it's like saying that as you are a woman you are a prostitute. I refuse to accuse my father, husband, son and grandsons of being rapists. You are all crazy. Shame on you. by the way, most child murders are carried out by women. 58-percent of the children who were killed by their mothers (maternal filicide) were female, while 42-percent of the children who were killed by their fathers (paternal filicide) were male. ... On average, according to FBI statistics, 450 children are murdered by their parents each year in the United States.

  2. Pamela Tate

    If he hid in the fridge, why the hell didn't someone shut it!

  3. Jordan Brown

    Wonder if his ready meal deal is in there 🤨

  4. Ben Harper

    Why didn't she mention Jo Swinson? She could loose her seat in East Dunbartonshire.

  5. we all live under one sky

    Jeremy Corbyn is light in a world full of darkness let him and his party make the whole country happier let this decent man be Prime minister

  6. Ayu Dayani


  7. Mr Observer

    Mrs Corbyn looked really happy beside Diane Abbots plaything

  8. Alessandra

    This man is the real deal! How can anyone not vote for him! Admirable! wholeheartedly wishing he is our Prime Minister on the 13/12/2019!

  9. liveloveplaylists

    I deadass thought this was a joke

  10. mr Red

    You shouldn't vote

  11. John Edwards


  12. Without prejudice

    Must protect multi-millionaire champagne socialist

  13. Its- Me

    So where have you been hiding Jeremy? Piers Morgan wants to know why you lied when you told him you respected the referendum vote and he's not seen you since then...

  14. deejee

    The deals been out for too long so he went to put it in a freezer

  15. Omg Aunty Suzanne

    Who is this guy ! He sound like a nut! He acts and sounds like Trump. Embarrassing

  16. Its- Me

    The last time Corbyn did an interview with Piers Morgan he promised to respect the referendum vote...

  17. PHO ROS

    A man hidden in the fridge wants to protect British and Britain and get "" Brexit done "" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 and sell our nhs . 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  18. Kaesewicht

    what a loser

  19. Don't subscribe please

    Damn madlad he didn't even pay $120000

  20. Chris Stroo

    What a very unsympetic man. He is just a tory man with his friends of the university of Camebridge and Oxford. Disgaceful. Chris Stroo holland

  21. andrew lin

    Carrie Lam you did nothing for the people just with your bloody talk, you"re useless

  22. John B

    So he has to stop everything he's doing because Piers Morgan want's to interview him unannounced!

  23. roo roo


  24. Trumps Dantichrist

    If Labour wins the pound is going to plummet!!!!!

  25. verioffkin

    Bet "unfrozen" Boris was inside. Has anyone checked it out?

  26. Tal Chalak

    she's a liar

  27. Straight White Plastic Straw

    So Labour is basically a group of degenerates, communists and parasites who fabricate straw men arguments because they have nothing else huh..

  28. merlin the magician

    Your from the eu ? This is a British vote for the british to decide not for eu citizens to vote to keep the british trapped in the uk,you been denied nothing this is a British vote to decide not for you to keep us trapped,

  29. Gully gullible

    I've been looking 4 me elmo suit all morning now i know were me missus is 🙄

  30. Kerstin Herder

    R. I. P Marie 😢😢😢

  31. WildwoodCastle

    If Corbyn was a Muppet (not saying he's not).. which one would he be..?

  32. Straight White Plastic Straw

    It's amusing that they lie to their own supporters knowing they're not intelligent enough to realise.

  33. Creative Matters

    I played this twice and first her yanny and then laurel

  34. TheTrueBlue

    America flat out sucks. FACT

  35. Bodine Jeremiah

    The whole political regime and voting system sucks and a insult on anyone with half a brain

  36. Roman TTB

    Somebody give this man a hair comb

  37. Matthew Churchyard

    I mean she was wearing red so sorta fits with labour - if she really wanted to cause a protest she should’ve gone with Big Bird (yellow) or Cookie Monster ( Blue ) - missed opportunity.

  38. james richards

    a labour win.

  39. Biel Gispert Carrión

    pedazo esnifadas se metia el dragon

  40. Negan

    kids behave better than some people when it comes to politics 😂

  41. Straight White Plastic Straw

    Wow, that was like a special-needs party. Ashamed of what my country has become. These degenerates are such an embarrassment.

    1. we all live under one sky

      Its not your country you dont own it or buy it u rent a small piece of it ha ha he he

    2. Straight White Plastic Straw

      @we all live under one sky Your English is poor. Are you even relevant?

    3. we all live under one sky

      Projecting your self on to us labour team again get therapy please

  42. Never-die Young

    Stewart Lee has let himself go........

  43. R. Marchant

    He came out later chattering away to the press

  44. cristiane cris

    She is ridiculous. Pure midia. 🙄

  45. Never-die Young



    I understand the outrage and in no way think the piece of ship that killed this officer was justified. Chief, the NRA supports Americans and we like the fact that as of now our government clearly fears it's citizens.

  47. we all live under one sky

    Cool hipster Corbyn ❎ my cross goes in his vote 😇

  48. lance townsend

    hide de hi

  49. Niknoks

    I bet Jezza voted SNP 🤣

  50. Jack Hughes

    Is that worst than Borris picking the dog up and kissing it? We're Fcuked.

  51. steph jane

    Vote for corbyn today this is your last chance to undo 15 years of Tory hell. Vote for him to save starving children and the nhs. Our best leader ever. 😍

  52. fatima hashmi


  53. keegan773

    Momentum thug attacking Elmo.

  54. Rico Lolo

    Surprised not seen any comment of that line from endgame that Hawkeye says

  55. we all live under one sky

    The rich take from the poor thats why there rich thats why they slandar Corbyn they hate his ethics and high morals as the rich have zero

  56. gregpent

    He was just giving him the cold shoulder!

  57. Suzie Greer


  58. we all live under one sky

    Why do people hate equality? Fairness and Justice ? Answer is Greed!!

  59. Bushwhacked 71

    He would have preferred Big-Bird.

    1. Ray Britton

      That’s genius. well done. :)

    2. Windsorian17

      Turdus merula?

  60. james richards

    jeremy corbyn is more interested in downing street than sesame street.

  61. paul hoskin

    I hope there's a hung parliament because I love watching the brexit show for the last 3 years

  62. Suzie Greer

    I remember a time when Labour were in power they were doing so well picking up the damage from the previous con government they had done so much damage now they coned there way back it's been a struggle to get back.

  63. Yan Naung MBF

    There is no Rohingya in Myanmar history. Never ,Never, ever will not be too.

  64. we all live under one sky

    WINNER -Corbyn

  65. Mr. Harrington

    I didn't know that Winnie the Pooh was Chinese. You learn something new every day.

  66. Peter Hockley

    Add Hastings.

  67. we all live under one sky

    The times are changing

  68. Jay Pow

    JC for hope and change 🌹

  69. Jim Matis

    I saw another guy who was dressed as jeremy Corbyn

  70. LIAM

    And people will actually vote for this man

  71. jimmy s

    If this clown gets in we will have another twenty years of austerity after they empty the cash register.

    1. jimmy s

      @Thomas Bows Have you seen the Pic of Dianne Abbot at the polling station, she is wearing odd shoes and both are left feet, it is you that is supporting the clown Party, you are too thick too see it.

    2. Thomas Bows

      Boris is a clown you're right.

    3. Adam


  72. ferkemall

    Angle falls is still going well but there are no water diversions that far up the country !

  73. Jim Matis

    do cartoons vote in the U.K?

  74. Grand Miser The 3rd

    what's this rubbish got to do with Brexit

  75. ferkemall

    Yes there is a shortage of water for the falls but they did not do was to go right up the course of the water source to see the Chinese hydro dams & the other man made deviations for Chiese farming opperations ,reality is if there were no more dams or diversions of water for farming or industrial projects there would not be a problem !



  77. steph jane

    Vote for corbyn today this is your last chance to undo 15 years of Tory hell. Vote for him to save starving children and the nhs. Our best leader ever. 😍

  78. Jack Plugg

    Vote Elmo, not Corbyn!

    1. Phil Blenkinsop

      Yes exactly, in direct competition

  79. Daliya DDD

    Люди я слышу два смешанных звука🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  80. Daliya DDD

    Люди я слышу два смешанных звука🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  81. we all live under one sky

    Big celebritys voting Labour Steve Coogan Vivienne Westwood Lilly Allen to name but a few

  82. Unknown Soldier

    They destroeded her childhood ... What do you say from your big house on Sweden about the children in Syria lets say ?

  83. tfz skl

    sadly it is not something human can self controlled. we knew but we cant do anything

  84. we all live under one sky

    The richer you become the more thicker and less compassionate you become Corbyn is class educated and morally just the Tories are morally bankrupt folks Vote Labour

  85. Without prejudice

    Why were those men assaulting Elmo?

    1. mikechrishill

      Yeah coz Corbyn really stands to oppress tbd working class...

    2. Phil Blenkinsop

      They must have been really scared and shat themselves

    3. Gnome Party

      He's working class.

  86. Suzie Greer

    They put a shower in our house now the damp that came in from there and also our guttering is slowly killing us off too my heart goes out to you

  87. we all live under one sky

    Corbyn likes people human beings Boris and co love Money Greed and Power

  88. KayAgent

    Me reading the Guardian:🥱

  89. YoshiPeach Mario

    Tickle him

  90. we all live under one sky

    We need to drain the swamp of the far right Vote Labour

  91. Suzie Greer

    I have a wheelchair I can't use a walking stick I feel awkward with but I have a rolator that I am starting to use. Julian Assange was a friend of mine or I thought but with a shared icon on Twitter that was stolen from me sharing the same name whoever who really I know I don't mean to call this person but I've already broken down three times. I want to come out but I can't . I hope you can understand.

  92. Dee Stonewall

    Boris Johnson is Britain's joke.

  93. we all live under one sky

    Corbyn is statesman like wow wow wow i love it

  94. 24bit

    Elmo had nothing to do with it.. Weren't they marching a gammon away?

  95. Synyster Craig

    Maybe he was getting Brexit done in the fridge?

  96. Andy N

    Why all of the sudden, a point is made that you can't take photos of your vote at polling stations? Never stopped anyone before, or never been mentioned before now.

  97. Colin Croxford

    Which one was Corbyn?

  98. sam wright

    vote for a change and a new start, kick out the clown

    1. mathew lawton


    2. sam wright

      bojo is a poor excuse for a leader, bojo has no vision, or idea's, he is empty like brexit

    3. BAZZA

      Don't worry Corbyn won't make it in to even be kicked out lol

  99. steph jane

    Jeremy corbyn has the guts to face the public while Boris Johnson scurrys into a fridge like the 🐀 rat he is😂. Go hide rat we don't want you.

  100. It’s Me Shayla

    everyone if you see this follow my tiktok @.stankyfishy69