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  1. Yiwen Tan


  2. Olivia Flanagan

    The girl that was on the bed and then did a back bend that would be me

  3. Lena Jessen

    36:21 I’m fucking dead

  4. ᗩᒪᒪEGᖇᗩ ᔕᗰITᕼ

    Me: you will live Spider: hehehe Me: you can die but Australia is on fire now so good luck

  5. Maria Radovic

    They were so "tattoless" 😂💞

  6. Sun Ivanka

    I feel bad for ethan and grayson cuz they had to give their gifts after james did and he set dat bar HIGHHH

  7. Maria Radovic

    14:33the way he looks at the pants💞 Why doesn't anyone look at me like that😂

  8. ItsMeHadley Pie


  9. Happy Potato

    8:55 did he say “ow my balls”

  10. Raynya Al

    Are y’all dumb did you pay attention the man put jame’s head on him like goodness.

  11. Jana Chaouk

    Grayson: washes himself Ethan: puts his hand into his a$$ to clean it


    Grayson- Ethan wakes up so late! Sssniperwolf- Hold my baguette

  13. Mark Jenkins

    Crikey! The way these two nancys complain and carry on I thought I was watching the Coyle twins take on the outback!

  14. KaylaSue33

    I’d gladly be handcuffed to Grayson all day any day 😍👅

  15. Julie Jacobsen

    Nobody The twins can’t walk and going manic Nick fry walking

  16. Jana Amr

    The zoom tho.....

  17. unidentified

    ok strawberry pizza is only ok as a dessert pizza with nutella as the sauce and strawberries on top and then icing sugar

  18. Julie Jacobsen

    Oof don’t eat berries in Australia so many people get sick from that shit

  19. Izabel _123

    1:44 OMG DEAD😂😂😂

  20. unidentified

    you put salt in the water for taste you idiot 😂


    the end tho i fell out of my bed

  22. Melanie Lopes

    Grayson: it's in my room?? Emma: *whispers* it's a rhinoceros AHAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂

  23. Nicole Charteris

    living in australia you don’t really think about it but yea it really do be like that

  24. Caroline Gerry

    okay at the start when they were brushing there teeth why didnt one person brush wash it off there the other person brushes

  25. zianka camilla

    when grayson yawns i’m soft immediately

  26. giulia

    I died laughing when Grayson put the straw in his nose

  27. zianka camilla

    28:22 the way ethan went 😆 to being concerned as in grayson

  28. zianka camilla

    7:11 lIgHtnINg NiNg nInG

  29. Emmaleigh Mooney

    I have been dyslexic for my whole life and I’m so happy that I’m not the only one because gray has it xx❤️ ps love you guys xx

  30. Elyse Cruz

    I feel like Ethan does the best pranks

  31. samtheman 08

    I have both

  32. Mia Panoho-Haumu

    How can she drive🤯🤔

  33. im deliriousouttamymind

    At 19: we are old. Me at 29: :'o

  34. Mohammed Alroudhan


  35. Cool Cat 23

    It's so cute that there scared of swearing in front of the kids

  36. Jaida Cunningham

    YoU caN’t eAt CuCumBers

  37. Zoë de Valk

    10:43 i died whahahhhahhahahaha

  38. iiAesthetic Bxtchsii

    No one: Ethan: Why are these lights on?!

  39. ツAussie

    Im from Australia and its not that bad ive been in the wild before too they are over-reacting.

  40. taylah fyfe

    grayson looks like, the dude off lazy town the evil guy omggg

  41. 17justkiki17

    The fact they were 14 in this video- bye

  42. Yoshi TK

    Save your 4 mins. The phone was unlocked.

  43. Lindsay Wales

    Wish they used her nipples

  44. clara o'neill

    GUYS DOES ANYONE miss them

  45. 17justkiki17

    I miss this so much

  46. Lenny Smith

    You can tell nick thinks their idiots

  47. Lenny Smith

    Why you scared of a cute possum

  48. Billie Wild

    “someone lit a fire and it went outta control” yeah he’s talking bout Yepppon/byfield region area 😂😂 ahh sweet home

  49. lucid aubryy

    ethan: it's gunna take like 4 minutes to unwrap grayson: no it's not....... it's take like 6... or 7 😂😂😂

  50. Merrell Twins Lover

    Bitch ass

  51. ツAussie

    No one: Literally No one: Emma: Lets go digging ladies, LeTs Go FiNd SoMe BoNeS!

  52. Lil l

    -_- little boi



  54. s4 STORY

    *This is a fake video* *Look at the time before and after phone unlocks*

  55. lucid aubryy


  56. heavenlycloud.slimes

    As an aussie I just have to say... People legit go out and camp EVERYday. And also y'all are wusses

  57. Ed Fitzgerald

    Does anyone when they start talking about bugs or bats or animals, you just get a feeling one is on you and you check and then there nothing and suddenly you get anxious or all of the animals.

  58. XxBisexualGachaGamerxX

    i would soo handcuff my buddy that did that with me lmao

  59. Jazmine Magahis

    You could've cut the sides of the shirt, make strips lengthwise and like tie them together

  60. ram sankar

    Fake as 💩

  61. Ava Cunningham

    2017 Dolan Twins hits differently

  62. Raghav Kapoor

    Scripted 😎

  63. leilani or something like that

    the funniest thing in this vid has to be the over dramatic voice overs

  64. Ed Fitzgerald

    Mate, it’s called camping. Us Australians do it a the time

  65. XxBisexualGachaGamerxX

    not gonna lye grasons one looks more real

  66. Kim & Maddie

    Native Australians have lived in the Aussie outback living off the wild for literally thousands of years just sayin

  67. Joselyn - ARMY-

    I never get tired of watching this 🤣 I’ve literally watched this like 7 times

  68. belle🦋

    not finna lie but ethan's little hoop earrings make me hecka jealous like damn i want those now 😂

  69. Sukriti Verma

    Yes Ethan's room look better than Grayson's room.... But.... It was really also very sick!!!!! Dude I wish i too had such sibling 😭😭

  70. leilani or something like that

    “you don’t understand how big these spiders are” me (an australian): oh i saw one of those in my bathroom a couple hours ago

  71. Mac Ways

    That boy say i gotta upload today where’s my phone I’m sorry that was aggressive 😂😂😂

  72. Sanet Ghamrawi

    stick to vlogging not to be rude u have many amazing talents because dancing is the only thing ur not good at

  73. Marisol Hermosillo

    22:21 omg i live those

  74. Mike Wazowski

    Me quaking bc ethan is dairy free

  75. Angeli Therese

    We need a fucking reunion!! just forget about the damn drama the sister squad matters so much to usssssss!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACKK!!!!

  76. Kimmi Did What?

    Did, VanDwellers don’t stay in Hotels... What Posers...

  77. Ilyane Ouazzani

    Why did it take two minutes to do the intro

  78. Sadd

    Why they look like girls though in a thumbnail

  79. the princess layan

    I swear I thought Emma was going to say "I'm in the ghetto" 😂😂😭 instead of her saying she's in the car😂❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️😭♥️♥️😭♥️😭

  80. Nikki and Elina

    omg I just notice how awkward Emma is

  81. Alexana Perea

    Sooooo hawwwwt like ooooommgfg 😎🌻😂

  82. Chelsea Renouf

    Dolan twins- 20mins apart Merrell twins-45mins apart

  83. Campbell Elise

    Anyone else lowkey ship James and Grayson 😂

  84. O_O :]

    I just saw ethan’s outfit and I knew the letters were in the wrong positions so umm I think people noticed him 1st as the fake one like if agree

  85. Emy Anicetto

    Their voice are the fucking samw

  86. Kamryn Baker

    4:40 baby is crying at the cash register

  87. Kamryn Baker

    2:36 JIMSONN

  88. XxBisexualGachaGamerxX

    i just laughed SOOOO much when the woman flashed and just thourgh the video i couldnt hear much cause i was laughing my heart out LMAO

  89. Jeldey Mandey

    Its been 3 years? Wow thats wild

  90. Libby Zech

    Am I the only one that gets super exicited when they mention the state you live in? lol

  91. Suyen Aguirre

    Hidden talent #69 *can eat rubber duckies* Hidden talent #420 *Grayson can take a bath with his hat on*

  92. Tom Noonan

    In one of your videos you said you are Italian but your surname is Dolan, which is Irish, as is Noonan!

  93. Abigail O'Brien

    OMG I love you guys!

  94. Natalie Marin

    can they make another video with this concept, omg BIGGEST dub i have ever seen lmaooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ late to the party but not the point 😂

  95. Jason Bailey Fint

    This video is funny as hell! Poor Grayson getting slapped so many times...his expression is priceless! The old guy, “s Howe’s bump”, lmao!!! And the very best part, badass Grayson on a mini motorbike...This video is one of their best!!!

  96. Kaitlyn Bjorklund

    no one: Ethan: You ever see his boobies? It's like a sea cup.

  97. Sukriti Verma

    Grayson really freaks out when his phone is harmed.....but i remember when grayson pranks Ethan , he is way calm when Ethan is surely be calm and composed one... Surely not like me 😂😂

  98. James Farris

    im ligit watching them in 2020

  99. James Farris

    YOU THINK I HAVE A POTATO- * shows potato * YOu ThINk i HAve A POtaTO WIth mE?!

  100. Brendan M.

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ethan: we’ll be in touch No disrespect, love u guys