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  1. Liam Schoenhouse

    Look pretty cool

  2. Mohamad Shamel

    Do you mean Happy Feet director?

  3. You Can Do That

    udah ga sabarrrrrr

  4. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    "where is my cup of tea"

  5. 100%Jim

    Wow is this a Google punching bag. I see alot of promise is this tech. I few teething issues but I see a searing hot future in Google in video game delivery and development. Just give it time.

  6. Alex Morales

    HL Fans: am I a joke to you?

  7. - DivinedAngels -

    they ruined sindel all the way , i’m so upset ...🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Deon Spates

    This looks DARK AF!!!! Who needs HL3 anyways...

  9. Black Noir

    I really think Kojima should start doing movie stuff, clearly this game is very divisive but at least almost everyone agrees that the cinematics in this game are awesome. I mean even a movie director praises Kojima for that.

  10. Samuel Irwin

    Valve, get off your butt and make half life 3. It's been 10 yrs

  11. NoturAvg Dude

    Love that they released a new HL game, but hate the fact that it's on VR. Lol

  12. NF AL

    Is this half life 3 ? Valve: *yes'nt*

  13. Kris Paul

    Why not the video game tho?

  14. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    "where is that kettle well can you put it on for me please"

  15. doremidoredo doremifasol

    This game was trully a unique one of a kind experience, Kojima really attempts to connect the isolated together through so many metaphors in the gameplay, whilst telling an amazingly complex and a heartwarming family story. A bueautiful realization of something different in today's landscape of shoot em all mindless FPS games, a game that compels you to think and feel. Loved it!

  16. Ginga Runner

    Atleast it's a Half-Life game.

  17. Andrew

    The open world of this mixed with Monster Hunter new world would make for one hell of a game

  18. Dutch Van Der Linde

    When G-Man appeared at the end. I came

  19. Bongie361

    Where is freeman?

  20. Theamazingspiderguy 99

    Lol I’m addicted to the gameplay of this, completed the story last night and can’t get enough of it. I’m 60 hours in.

  21. Ana Spencer

    i like it

  22. Carium

    We did boys 16 years of waiting lead to this moment

  23. Oken Draws

    I mean I would have rather just had half life 3 on pc

  24. King Berserk

    So we finally got half life 3 but it’s VR 12 years wasted

  25. lifefailout000

    Does anyone even care at this point?


    Can I play with my keyboard please

    1. SirNerdly

      I kinda doubt it... It looks like it's built from the ground up to be for VR

  27. w0nezher0

    what happened to the rpg that was suppose to be released did they take the assets from that cause this looks like those assets

  28. Chris Kemp

    That DM screen...

  29. Sherzod KhanCity

    She said Oculus Quest???? Without mentioning LINK cable, might confuse Quest owners without PCs

  30. Mantha

    For a game that's been out for 15 years, you sure have some low-quality gameplay footage of Half Life 2...


    I don’t care if it’s 100% confirmed I’m still going to say it’s fake.

  32. Ryan The Blue Pony

    2:24 😂😂😂 “NO DONT LOOK!”

  33. AFlockOfMemes

    This makes PS4 look like a PS3 game

  34. AlleyCa7

    That cat in the lower left tho...

  35. Gurdulu

    VR? Thanks but, no thanks

  36. Harold Hafalla

    Takes a screenshot if the game it on social media with caption: *JUST BOUGHT A NEW PLANE*

  37. Jordan F


  38. tim huynh

    AMC rename it The Walking Garbage

  39. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    so the er beginning of a camera.

  40. Aidan Gordon

    Estimated release date: March 2020 Actual release date: March 2030

  41. Mac Ham

    Wow, terrible list

  42. Alejandro jose Florez


  43. Martin Stephen Powell

    10 facts about the hobbit I did know and one wrong fact

  44. ZMan1471

    Looks like I got a clan to revive

  45. Cephas Humbles

    I'm glad this video was made I gave it a thumbs up on the reasoning that I don't have to purchase this game now lmao

  46. DanielRDB

    This seems like the most incoherent and too grand to be clear about what it's trying to convey game ever, yet it's so intriguing

  47. Stone ocean006

    Its a midqual

  48. Ivy_VerTiX

    Me on a Nasa computer playing flight simulator: *crashes into pentagon Mom 5 minutes later: Hey, have u seen the news? Me: *_Sweats_

  49. reidal roncourt Perez

    Yes !

  50. IronBatDion Haskins

    I hate this story a

  51. Christopher Arocha

    Lol not even a damn single game runs at native 4k 😂 RDR2 is 1440p

  52. lee leanhan

    Saints row 4 it just ok, for me olny agent of mayhem who really mess up

  53. Brainpool RealTalk

    I See the next counter Strike VR

  54. tidecruz

    Bigggggg F in the chat for Boneworks boys lmaoo

  55. Yuru Kidigaia

    Community: Half Life 3? Valve: No... But try this;

  56. OptmisticSunRise

    So is anyone else wondering if this is Canon or not? I guess it answers how long Gordon was out of the picture until Gman pulled him out of stasis and when the 7 hour war ended, its also cool to see the combine building the citadel too, which is theorized to have been a living machine

  57. Kirk Cannon

    I wont play this, but it gives me hope for HL3

  58. Crushenator500

    Who else is here straight from the Half-Life: Alyx trailer??

  59. Deus Ex Machina

    Oh no....its on vr..

  60. GreatSmithanon

    I have to be honest. I am a huge fan of the comic book. I absolutely loved it. But the series...not so much. I really liked the series despite its differences right up until the way it introduced "kimiko", or as she's known in the comic "The Woman". After that point it seems to have just gone downhill for me. All of the characters were made too sympathetic, everyone's motivations became kind of anemic, and the lack the various substories that made the comic so entertaining to me...The Boys' use of a modified strain of V, teenage kix, how weird and messed up everyone was, the subplot about infighting among the superheroes, the story in russia, etc. With all that not being part of the show, the whole thing feels like its' been gutted, nobody's motivations make sense, and instead of an updated adaptation it feels like a hollowed out fanfiction.

  61. Daniel Le

    I have never seen a star wars movie on the big screen of theaters. This will be the first one. I was so mad when seats were ligit full on all times in the theaters around me. I was lucky to get seats to see it on the 21st of December at 11:15 A.m. and it is my birthday.

  62. Doom Black

    Why is IGN bumming this game so much

  63. DevilGames

    You lot are just taking the absolute piss at this point.

    1. DevilGames

      @Mighty Ragnarok They don't like the game yet they keep pumping videos about it daily. Why?

    2. Mighty Ragnarok


  64. AJ Martinez

    Mk9 sindel- A loving mother, Strong ruler who was powerful enough to keep shaokahn and everyone under him from invading any realms. Mindslaved into working for him to take the spell off and eventually forced into killing her own daughter. Mk11 sindel: powaaaaah me want moooore powaaaaah me want all da powaaaaah.

    1. Michael Friesen

      That was true

  65. thejamesdietz

    How awful! Retcon this awful retcon!

  66. Rippley the Slurp Monster


  67. Kirk Cannon


  68. Vincent Wilson

    So it’s vr?🤦🏾‍♂️

  69. Lentchunk234

    Can’t wait to see North Korea oh wait they probably made it not exist on satellite

  70. Pksomuch

    Gonna feel bad for speed runners

  71. Bryan Serrano

    Wt... Why....

  72. carlos diplan

    Not even this is exciting about this flop.

  73. Daniel Ciufo

    So like, now we need Garry’s Mod VR PLEASE! 😃

  74. Xavier .Washington

    Cal: No ones taking my spotlight Vader: Hold my lightsaber

  75. ascasdasx

    does this use the boneworks engine made by stresslevelzero

  76. Elevator Music

    "We cant count to 3 but we can count to Alyx."

  77. JohnnyLaw0516

    Welp...glad I skipped this.

  78. Sippin Tea IV

    Is this loss?

  79. Ronnie XFILE

    We are saved: from are HUsel.

  80. silence averted

    If they can edit it to make Han awkwardly move to the right then why don’t they just edit out the original shot and replace it with one that misses

  81. Keldrich Archer

    Well I gotta say, Gman looks real fine.

  82. bacd 1990

    You guys love micro transactions, loot boxes and other wrong stuff that normal gamers hate. 😬

  83. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    think of cats 2 as cats 1 and save it for cats 3...

  84. Mad King

    Nice way of reviving the VR market

  85. Dr Weird

    Garrys mod Vr is gonna be sick

  86. ZYMON X

    IGN stop. You didnt even like the game

  87. Sean Ngyuen

    MBJ + war movie = 👌🏼 Definitely watching this


    You can put down Ci Game all you want, this game STILL got a higher rating than Death Stranding.. SGW3 was a mess but it improved with time, They got my money this time again because they went back to the more linear game play because not every game needs a massive open world and multiplayer

  89. Daniel Moung

    How do the sniping mechanics and overall gameplay compare to ghost recon breakpoint? Personally, I've played over 60 hours of breakpoint and I love the game. I'm not defending Ubisoft, i'm not saying i love every game they make, but I'm looking for serious comparisons from others who have played lots of breakpoint too and have played a little of ghost warrior contracts. If you are here to give me a big, angry rant about how much you hate breakpoint then don't reply bc i will ignore you.

    1. Jean Taylor

      I love sniping and stealth so ur not the only one tho

  90. Fikri Fadillah

    Well, it's a obvious prequel game. So it's not an Half Life 3

  91. RoyLT86

    Woke trash pass

  92. Redstone Slime

    Source 2 looking great tbh

  93. Epicstevey Mega

    Dreams do come true

  94. CharlieRashi

    W-what...? Half... life 3...? How long has it been...?

  95. HoosYaNicka

    This actually looks really cool.. The way you shuffle through things on the counter and stuff? If that was gameplay that is.. Man i need an oculus..

  96. Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

    oh man cats 3

  97. DonkeyFilms

    At least it’s not a pachinko machine

  98. mikeshuz


  99. ChikenFartz

    Kinda feels like if it’s the ending then it’s pretty obvious there’s gonna be spoilers😂