For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. Philip Svensson

    she looks like a 90's boyband

  2. brandon lantier

    14:13 Sweet, fine, everything is not always as bad as I think, 5,4,3,2,1 Fuck hahaha! Gets em every time!

  3. seabiscut

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: fucKiNg HeLl ShIt

  4. Adorate

    Anyone else like loquat fruit as well? I felt seen when she talked about them haha

  5. JSRh1no Gaming

    I dont know if its just cause Im high, but what the fuck is she talking about? She jumps topics so fast and its throwing me off.

  6. David Carter

    I wasn't going to watch Charlie's Angels but now I'm planning to see it

  7. G-Man

    "The worst is over" "right?" XD I lost it there

  8. SnowyPoem

    Screw this awkward cheating Bitch

  9. Ethan Schubkegel

    It looks like future Sean went back in time to be interviewed by past Sean lmao.

  10. Conner Souza

    Shia is still the Hot Ones Champion

  11. ptownfernando

    LMAOOOOO 13:59

  12. Sassy Statement

    She’s def my female crush why is she so cool



  14. Sergio P.

    She's quite beautiful, she has something I cannot explain. That said, she has no personality whatsoever, she's quite boring.

  15. cherrykoolaid21

    Can yall get Kristin wiig on the show pls????

  16. Isaac Birdchild

    I kinda want to see Adam Driver now... or Jason Momoa... or Keanu Reeves.

  17. Karla Hernandez

    I tryely hope to see him back... omg! Lol

  18. Apatheism

    01:07 right on, man. I’m sick of watching pathetic celebrities taking tiny bites off these wings and throwing out a full wing of meat. These animals are fucken dying and you’re disrespecting them by wasting it. Scum bags.

  19. Captain. Yamato

    I thought it was Milo Yiannopoulos

  20. seabiscut

    When he pulled out the pepto bismol I lost it

  21. George Godson

    The crowd really deafeats the whole purpose of this show What made this show great was the fact it was really hard not to be yourself when you're mouth is on fire and you can see your favorite celebrities act in a way you wouldn't usually ever see them. But the audience makes them keep that barrier up and never open up

  22. Picos Palas

    I want someone to interview Sean Evans

  23. Don Gato

    Sean please book retired NFL legend Marshawn Lynch, it will be EPIC!

  24. xo xo

    "She give me brain call her hot pot"

  25. Ashley Rose

    i want her to punch me in the face

  26. Chris

    NAOMI SCOTT....girl was like totally fine...HOW?!!!Im brown and I know I would die regardless of how much heat I can take lol

  27. Logan Northington

    Pink Power Ranger 😍😍😍

  28. David Fulcher

    I hate her.

  29. BlackSH0veldeath

    I've always been told he is my doppelgänger. And it used to be annoying. And I met him in la with his mom. And the first thing he said after "hi" was "whoa Am I lookin in a mirror"and had a beer with me and was actually really cool guy. But now I' think it's kinda cool I look like him lol I had the beard first tho 😂 and oddly we have very similar beard shapes.

  30. Mikailla For

    this might be the best Kristen Stewart interview out there

  31. Cruising 360 4K

    Ok by far one of the best interviews by both Evan's and by Stewart. I have seen almost all the episodes. He was great on his questions and I totally loved how she answered all questions and not only that Kristen didn't just nibble on the chicken but she took big enough bits to really feel the heat from the sauces. If you saw the Jonas interview they barely nibbled a tiny piece and practically cried, Khaled bitched out so fast it made the interview suck. Kristen totally killed it and made the best interviews so far. Kristen way to go, and lastly the last dab you went all out. Bad ass!

  32. Dmac 740

    They not hot at all.

  33. Camila Hueth

    i LOVE all your interviews !!! you always seem to bring out the most genuine side of people, i feel like ive never seen kristen stewart like this !!!!!! lol

  34. SketchyDJM

    Justin’s eye shadow is a bit dark.

  35. CaptainTalon448

    I came here after watching Keke and True Damage slay on stage for the 2019 League of Legends Worlds opening ceremony

  36. DAT Zombie

    Keanu Reeves interviewing Sean?..while Sean interviews Keanu?...🤔🤔🤔

  37. Mattツ

    22:57 👀

  38. Genesis


  39. Pen Wednesday

    she's fucken cool

  40. Sky Void

    Next up, Chris Evans.

  41. Docta D

    How can you not fall in love with her

  42. Knight rider

    Okay this episode was like everything for me I don't know what y'all think but I've watched every single episode and this one My God she handled it amazingly... Kristen you rock!!!

  43. TooCompetTooChill

    DJ Khaled to Shia LaBeouf? How is Paul Rudd no the highest standard currently? Flew through them all no issue with a last dab of every single hot sauce combined.

  44. Picos Palas

    Man, such a wholesome dude

  45. Scooby Snacks

    Usually I feel bad for the guests every week, this week I feel bad for the hot sauces.

  46. thanos kermit

    she looks tired as fuck lol, who woke her up for this

  47. ThE RaGiNg GaM3R

    What a cute little boy!

  48. LunchBox

    She is just so fucking hot🤤🤤🤤

  49. Juls the Fools

    Those wings look so fucking good I just ordered a bunch of things hoping it’ll taste exactly how satisfying this looks haha

    1. Juls the Fools

      Things and wings

  50. William Neumann Photography

    I believe this woman will evolve into an extraordinary actor.

  51. Jayson W

    Hahaha🤫🤔😘Interesting guest..........Stewart, ought to have been trap in light-house with robert pattinson

  52. Raymond Reddington

    DAMN, Naomi is hot as fuck.

  53. comesect nocisum

    hollyweird yo ....i gotta get outa tx

  54. 5foot Giant

    Some of y'all have never seen her outside of Twilight and it shows 😂

  55. Sexi Lexi

    I want to cringe every time she bites the fuckin fork! Feeya feeya or Fiya fiya lol 🔥

  56. Ernest Koerber

    Please never let camera guy Bill go... He's far too impotent....

  57. Andrea Lynn

    I know I’m not the only one that thinks Kristen Stewart is daddy as fuck #daf #daddyasfuck

  58. Jonathan Peck

    I still don't know why they have "Da' Bomb" on the line up. It is gross! It's like eating a chemical spill!

  59. zachary steele

    worst actress ever 😹

  60. lestudio76

    I just don’t get the draw of her

  61. David Krappenschitz

    She's 29 yet dressed like a 16 year old dope head.

  62. Tiara Prater

    GOD bless the parents who made his fine chocolate ass

  63. CRK Productions

    The pokies were fun to watch.

  64. Jeffrey Frosch

    Wow she straight vibin

  65. Deon Krause

    Keep the "what the fuckie" in each episode please!!

  66. DAT Zombie

    Just keep getting better and better! 🔥🔥🔥

  67. KZ1643 Rock

    Okay fuck you hard, right in the face 👌😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Conn Murr

    REAL AF ~ God Bless Steve-O

  69. TealPandas

    I have the biggest fucking crush on her omg

  70. Zak Kirkendall

    The way she scrapes her teeth on the fork, my mom would beat my ass.

  71. Ryan McAdam

    Can’t watch. She’s eating with a fork

  72. J V


  73. David Ray

    Her eyes look faded af

  74. WildChildTV

    I love to see this side of her. Self acceptance has worked wonders for her.

  75. Marci Leatherboots1

    So disappointed she didnt eat all of the wings.

  76. Sky Sorceress

    Time to get very gay

  77. Haley Vaughn

    Surprisingly this is one of my favorite interviews.. good job both of you 🙌❤

  78. Belen Dominguez


  79. Maililei Borja

    It’s my girl❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺

  80. Rose Marie

    Seth Rogen is my favorite person ever

  81. Ed Palmer

    Get Yes Theory on here ASAP

  82. DonnieDarko420

    Yo is it just me or does she look baked af? Haha ayy lmaooo

  83. Mai D

    Shes totally high during this interview and I love it lol ❤❤❤❤

  84. your mom

    Nobody is going to talk about the fact he talked about pink guy, or referenced one of this pink guy videos

  85. angrr

    Loved it! Can we get someone from the USWNT on this show please?!?

  86. andrew desesso

    <3 <3 <3

  87. Ivan Martos


  88. Evan Johnson

    7 and a half million subscribers now. Sean out here keeping First We Feast under his wings.


    Man i would legit like her looks if its 2005 edit : nevermind she is very cool

  90. I C

    I need a full Naomi Scott episode.

  91. TheRegret

    still a really awkward interviewee, gotta say she did not get any better with interviews since The Twilight series.

  92. veee

    thank you for this -from all gay girls

  93. Csaturn95

    Can you please do The Weeknd I’ve been waiting to see him on this show

  94. John Veazey

    The more she sucks in the worse its gonna get ...the air comin in makes it worse

  95. Weed Wilson

    Naomi : "What is Spicy?"

  96. Roberto Torres

    Is it me or does Ella want to smash Sean when she was staring at him? Haha

  97. Scranton Strangler

    Blood shot eyes 👀

  98. Chris Long

    This show seems to humanize high profile people like no other show can. I've never seen Kristen so loose and relaxed.

  99. Martin Garcia

    Pls get 2Pac in this show