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  1. Blank Blank

    This is actually how to make ramen! Just don’t have infinite ramen and boom! RAMEN

  2. Sharoon Aftab

    I hope he doesn't see a coronavirus patient.

  3. dj jessie

    I miss this channel 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Can I get 1k subs with no content?

    When he said"ERKERKERK" I felt that

  5. Markensky Joseph

    Lil huddy when hes turning black

  6. MobileBro Legends

    Thx for the quick and easy recipe!

  7. Richard Smith

    You have a dog?

  8. epiccollision

    Need “how to remove president”, impeachment “wasn’t effective”...

  9. Hồng Trí Phan


  10. Lebron Del Rosario

    0:24 Does the laptop usually release smoke like that when you beat it with a hammer?

  11. Dill Pickle

    0:30 *beatin his meat*


    Moral - Egg is the solution to all problems 👍

  13. The Void

    Is he ok?????

  14. Can I get 1k subs with no content?

    I just got an ad about a guitar before this video like what are the odds

  15. MobileBro Legends

    I was addicted to "milktea" (if you dont know dis, u prob dont hav it in ur country) so my firend showed me this...

  16. Richard Smith

    So long


    1:19 is a hp computer

  18. MobileBro Legends

    Showed this to my mom... Slapped me in the face

  19. L34NN

    Thank you!

  20. ꧁noob gaming꧂

    my phone is hot me0:57



  22. Jacob TheBugg

    I saw him smashing his computer coming, but wow, talk about software gore... If you see r/softwaregore videos or have reddit you will get it

  23. Mohie Atria

    8 years late is it Patched yet?


    First i thought this is a real ordinary how to restore knife but then i saw how to basic Oh

  25. FrazDragonGaming

    When your Computer gets a virus.. Cmon bring it to the hospital try it, They cured mine 😁😁

  26. jeff the killler

    this is what they do to the covid 19 infected patients at hospitals

  27. Lelele


  28. guy who posts garbage

    Man chases chickens with a raw sausage

  29. mbedros321

    I used a extra egg can someone help me on what to do

  30. Jacbo

    I'm getting pimples watching this


    Me:hey mom what are u cooking Mom:ramen Me:are you oooking up a tutorial Mom:yes why? Me:Which person are you following Mom:this how to basic guy Me:oh no

  32. Liquid Lazers

    Shit how do i get out

  33. NCL QN_


  34. OwO _UwU

    Sounds like Gay Hentai sounds.

  35. The man who fell into the river in LEGO City

    I skip 10 seconds and he’s already choking the child

  36. Maximus Ezekiel

    Ngl that hotdog looks good

  37. Swimmy Blitz

    this sounds like the hosts from TV shows that only play the sounds of them gasping so it looks like their hyperventilating

  38. Grobletombus marble eyes

    Whats the music?

  39. Derpixicon the great

    Does it work for Linux?

  40. Alma DelMundo

    What a waste of money for view

    1. The 3 Fr33m4nn

      It worked didn’t it?

  41. Graining Rice

    Guys can we just appreciate that this man wasted hundreds of dollars buying the necessary stuff make a video?

  42. Chicken Boy

    I haven’t been more depressed since this vid

  43. Sarai Truss

    Hey he is a mad man

  44. Sarai Truss

    Mad man

  45. Arzon 200

    You have lot of plates

  46. I’mCap


  47. Zoe_848 ÙwÚ

    My mom have a broken heart after watching this :')

  48. Hackerz Gamings

    HowToBasics : hold an egg Egg : Ah Sh*t, Here We Go Again

  49. Sofwan IK

    This videos kept getting stupid but I found them entertaining😂

  50. Monique Epperson


  51. KevinDm

    Baka u must snap ur finger with another finger And Note : Another one

  52. LUCKYLUCK1212

    2:10 but why

  53. Isabella Walle

    This really helped and now my phone lasted for 2 years!!!

  54. Kristian Holdcroft

    Make worlds biggest omelette come !!!

  55. Quốc Nguyễn

    wasting rice ?

  56. Kensley Romero

    How to make holy water

  57. zero_the_fox

    Nobody: Boys during property: 3:03

  58. KAIsibs Does Gaming

    Me: ...I wonder when the eggs are com- 0:33 Me: There they are

  59. Stella games

    Naruto's heaven be like

  60. Mustafa Hussain

    I don’t get how the computer kept opening back up even though he smashed it so many times

  61. Poley

    i wonder how much money he spends just to get the same stuff after destroying everything.

  62. Nikita febiola

    Hi my name is Nikita Am 11 years old Am grade 5 (wanna go grade 6) Ma mom says youtube is safe for me :>

  63. IZEAS - Mr. Picante

    Step 1 Don’t set up a passcode

  64. Eleno Santos

    Da hora

  65. X X

    I didn’t work i

  66. C4 Kylle

    The best time I can wash my hand is 3 seconds

  67. Emma K.S


  68. MiuMiu Lavitra


  69. Casey Johnson

    Oh god did Brandon Rodgers actually hit his head on the stove?!

  70. rèèm Yousef

    Oh , thx i forget how to open the door but this video helped me 🧔

  71. YBZ Legacy

    Thanks this works for me

  72. DOGE!

    I got an ad for an antisnore product before this video

  73. allison Neri

    Oh yes This Is Jzboy's Favorite

  74. Tala Rosario

    This mades my day

  75. Tala Rosario


  76. don't read my pfp

    Uhmm instructions unclear in the cook an egg on it part, two baby chicks came out they tried eating the knife and succeeded now there is two gangs for each chick fighting near my house

  77. Not Eren

    Mission unclear i broke my fingers

  78. Hot Chocolate milky:3


  79. Hurricane HD!

    0:33 No need to thank me

  80. Laumil

    Very useful, thank you so much.

  81. Mokai Pascual

    0:13 jesus wth man

  82. DJ Salad

    Imagine working at the supermarket he goes to to buy eggs, unless he just lays them himself

  83. Sponge bob and Squid ward

    A baby wanna Smash

  84. Pato Rey

    Who snapped their fingers when they read the title..

  85. El Buen Victor 2.0

    00:2 pense que era un cuchillo hecho de tortilla xd

  86. Paul Gray

    0:49 I’m quitting youtube

  87. VIRGIE 1322

    Asmr trigger

  88. Roblox Boi

    Just one regular tutorial... Please?

  89. Śký Çât

    I'm here because of the meme and because I'm bored

  90. Devlinsky

    Honestly he would make great asmr videos some people love that smashin sounds lmao

  91. AmazingMR Pig

    But why did that actually wrk?

  92. I’mCap

    0:29 egg 1 0:30 egg 10 0:31 egg 25 0:32 egg 41 0:33 egg 69 0:34 egg 100 0:35 egg 165 0:36 egg 208 0:37 egg 229 0:38 egg 237 0:39 egg 243 0:40 egg 260 0:41 vegetable 1 0:42 egg 285 0:43 vegetable 9 0:45 slamm 1 0:46 slamm 2 0:47 egg 300 0:48 MILKSHAKE 1:00 HAGGH #longestcomment #EggLivesMatter

  93. Uenoyama Ritsuka

    0:25 Toru Oikawa’s favorite food is *milk bread*

  94. AntiVirus - Genshin Impact

    *Tch* amateurs

  95. Thịnh Nguyễn


  96. Sponge bob and Squid ward

    What a snack

  97. dhaffaadityaa

    next: how to remove corona fucking virus

  98. aitana gg

    What the eegg t-shirt it's a t-shirt frie XD

    1. aitana gg

      What The eegg la camiseta es una camiseta frita XD

  99. Tori

    the entire time i was thinking.. the eggs.. where are they...