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Stay cheeki breeki! Enjoy!
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  1. DoubleDeeYT

    Return of the king

  2. psychopancakeo

    король вернулся, мы можем праздновать с водкой и картошкой

  3. AHTF_Ghost_Squadron

    I remember watching this when he first posted it

  4. Faze Magica

    How is artyom


    play cs:go with abonantion

  6. NG1 N3

    Getting dressed like that, they must've expected Covid-19

  7. SomeonePlayzWithYT

    No virus can disturb the cheeki breeki

  8. Rageminht

    why no gaming video blyat?

  9. Глеб Тихомиров

    Ты вернулся класс

  10. Mr Kookie

    Idea: cooking soup using a Slavic hat as the plate!

  11. Lal Rimawia

    Live in LADA for 24 hours???

  12. Fardin Karimy

    Boris the last slavbender is back

  13. yellow bat

    I have never enjoyed a channel update video as much as this before... An entertainment genius

  14. hello 》


  15. Mythril chains



    How do i make Borscht out in nature?

  17. Rizki Aleandra

    Japanese when they see anime takes off they're clothes:*nose bleeds* Us when Boris takes off jacket:*Vodka nose bleeds*

  18. GodHelpMe

    God has returned in our time of need

  19. Apipp188

    When we need more squat lesson, he gone, but when we need slav-ness, BORIS IS HERE!

  20. Bravo Mike

    We want slavic gopnik dancing guide tutorial.

  21. utilizator500

    Boris pls how do I boil water 2020?

  22. pika

    Blyat *russian hard bass intensifies*

  23. Metrix 36

    I wonder if Boris knows about what’s going on here in America lmao

  24. Dubuya Jay

    Blyat! That not bucket! That coffee can!

  25. Soviet Mp6

    blyat you smol brain make food with Kalashnikov instead of brick

  26. mayaqi

    2:15 you said it correct, im poland tho

  27. Higo

    Give me ur BLYADA 2105 na xyu! :D

  28. The Brother who gets The Cheese

    The old videos were removed, that's why they didnt show up. Sad! I was actually going through them all, no joke. Real based shit in there as is usual king. Don't listen to them haters.

  29. ÒwÓ Xenøn Folf

    Ayyyyyy my good slav Friend.

  30. Sample Text

    Of course there are Europeans making jokes about us Americans deep-frying shit. I’ve never fried anything in my life, blyat!

  31. P0t4t0

    More slavic / gopnik things please. Cooking and gaming are cool, but come on, we want some true, authentic , wtf slavic situations, landscapes, habits and customs. We also want to go back to the Zone, but the game takes forever to be released

  32. MeowingInsanely

    How to pet a cat: Gopnik style?

  33. Ceoyx

    well.... How do I smoke my own sausage??

  34. Wallynuzz

    How to make green Chernobyl spring water tarchun by yourself, blyat.

  35. yoko chen p Otaza


  36. Stefan Krnetić VI2

    Nice cheki breki voice but it is just the beggining of a slav youtuber.

  37. Лук Д.

    What’s with these 10 minute status update, merch videos.. is the Boris is running out of ideas? I know he says he’s not but he says that and yet we get shorter and shorter mediocre content, I miss the good old days... I’m not going to unsubscribe or flip out, I just wish Boris would make up his mind on if he wants to make good content or chase subs... Still waiting on that Doom Eternal gameplay by the way..

  38. AXE2501

    I'm surprised he didn't let him cat choose by laying four paper in his couch and going with the one the cat laid on.

  39. A gun if it makes you die *shrug face*

    how do I smoke sausage blyat

  40. JКZЖ ٖ

    and we need csgo gameplay cyka

  41. Thisas Samaraweera

    Honestly, I think we all know that Boris is not using his actual voice, but honestly, it doesn't matter because it's really entertaining and genuinely fun to watch. It's pretty obvious that he is genuinely trying his best for this channel and he is trying to show Russian culture through funny and entertaining videos so I genuinely have respect for this guy.

  42. dedtyt02

    Ye boris come back dont forget crate hard bass song

  43. Dark Evil Jakub

    Next time: cooking with visa card

  44. King_ Chip_15

    If only the old videos could be archived into another channel.


    Cooking with a babushka

  46. David Thompson

    Haluski tutorial video please

  47. Cheska

    I still hope we're getting a cooking with brick video...

  48. JКZЖ ٖ

    we need a face reveal blyat

  49. A Human

    Make brick axe out of chainsaw to reach true power

  50. Dogeinator

    How do i subscribe 10 times?????????????

  51. Scrap Tech Tips

    Make a video on how to put on a balaclava

  52. mochapond

    He's back!

  53. Grimm Gamez


  54. Grimm Gamez

    Fantastic and what I have been waiting for

  55. An Actual Goose

    Looking handsome 😍


    This is the real SlavChef not MasterChef

  57. Octavian Tatucu

    5.years ago a fucking legend has been born

  58. DarkSide3211

    3:42 I was about to go to his old videos to listen if he did sound different forgetting that he just saod he privated alll his old videos lol


    Boris, please play the new game PC for 2020. Thank you 😁

  60. Miłosz Szczepański

    Zajebiście KURWA MAĆ.

  61. Durandol

    Boris: I'm BACK! *lip smack* (No one's even going to get this reference)

  62. John Riley

    Boris OG Gopnik wearing a mask for quarantine!

  63. The Goat

    Is vodka cooling stronk?

  64. No Name


  65. Bimla Devi

    Play world of tanks and make vedio on it

  66. Screen Time

    How do I smoke my own sausage??????????????????????

  67. Jakob Fjordside Bjerg

    Oy blyat that was quick!

  68. Cosmic Gamer

    Boris has been wearing a face mask since 2015 he is trained for this

  69. Mr. YouTube

    Are you going to play ksp 2

  70. Biohazard YT

    Blyat wheres my slav jacket!!!!!

  71. Денис Клещев

    Boris, tell us how to make podliva for kotlets. Is true slavic sauce blyad!

  72. Hhashs Shsbshw


  73. killeromer 1793


  74. Gali BG

    I am from Bulgaria!!!!!!!!

  75. Davit Gogiberidze

    It's almost like half the year gone damn

  76. Briley's Existence

    Another dropping of Soviet confectionary knowledge would be хорошо

  77. DarkSide3211

    He has still not yet returned aloona's carpet

  78. lovro 1919

    I showed this to my batmobile Now it's *blyatmobile*

  79. Меченый Сталкер

    потом под такую музыку лев саныч в спорт рейтузах с начесом делает приятность на канате и вращаясь на унитзае вместе с бутусовым орет аааа потому что кусает за писку червяк дядя толя!!!!!

  80. streamdungeon

    I am sure Boris knows how to smoke his own sausage real good... ;P

  81. Androide_T53



    Где Русские блять

  83. GeneralButterz

    The king has returned, the sacred texts has been fulfilled

  84. Nalyd Nosretep

    how would it taste if you threw some Dr sausage in a pan and fried it?

  85. Kamuri

    Boris what do you think of revolutionary war 2: electric boogaloo going on in America right now

  86. bochen

    Hayo Boris !!!!

  87. MinecraftGamerr

    Hey Boris love the videos watching all the way from Australia and I wish I could send you some top notch Australian grade Mayonnaise but I’m poor so that sucks but keep up the good content and um stay cheeki breeki? Idk I’m not Russian

  88. Andrei Roman

    Video Ideea: how to cook with a Kalashnikov (with a bayonet added to it)

  89. SALEH-SA7

    The camera is so FOGGY

  90. Gaben valve

    Boris: I'm back! Me: You were gone?

  91. Farrensya Lisanjaya

    How to pick lock with dr sausage

  92. Maven

    How do I cook with a BRICK!?!?!?!?

  93. Kyle Teo


  94. The Wot blitz Fellow

    Make a video how to be cheeki breeki

  95. RigyDER

    Boris goes to US when?

  96. Yaqeen Achmat

    He should do a sex tutorial, wait what

  97. Oliver Hel


  98. レイ·ライト -Raylight

    Babushka cooking, Life of Anatoli, or how to annoy Vadim 101 please xD

  99. Enes Mehmeti

    still don't know what "urod" means