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  1. theurbanghost

    I can't believe the prices - most people can't afford 30-60K for a car ffs

  2. DriverandtheKid

    The new Aston DBX mini

  3. Krusher

    Interior is so damn nice.

  4. Rich Reyes

    Mat help me out, which is more fun this Fiesta ST or the Suzuki Swift Sport?

  5. Apex Gaming

    audi is the best

  6. kz Sail

    Shmee talks really boring...and weirdly formal

  7. Nate Gracey

    Ugh please delete this horrible persons voice! Not to mention he jumped each race. I want to slap him just for being alive.

  8. George Koshy Vaidyan

    Dig that BMw M80......shit


    A expensive Urus cant even beat tesla

  10. Box play PUBG mobile

    Looks like Linus big brother 😍😍

  11. wwwvisitor

    Tires, weight and destroyed grass under Range Rover have won.

  12. Ben Daulton

    Because GMC doesn't want to admit it's 95% a Chevy just to get an accolade.

  13. Logan Norton

    Joe is a looser

  14. SD RA

    1 like for editor 👍

  15. wwwvisitor

    Introducing 3-Siries 911 Klass Grand OMG e-QUATTRO GTR TURBO-ev crossover.

  16. dank drifter

    Wow, my 2015 honda Fit does 0-60 faster than this thing! 😂

  17. Key Limepie

    You've now given reason for police to issue you a fine for non essential movement.....and this gives them video proof.

  18. smelliotmulcher

    As an American wtf is the I30? The foreign market Veloster?

  19. Henry Liu

    This guy doesnt know how to appreciate luxury sports car. Hes like reviewing a Corolla. Snap and bang the interior slam the door

  20. MrJordanwain

    I wasn’t keen when this was announced but I actually quite like it especially in that grey. It’s way better than the eco sport!!

  21. John Kumar

    Striking, but the TOYOTA LANDCRUISER IS BETTER...

  22. Lloyd Yu

    Teslas are actually more expensive than BMW and Mercedes top luxury suvs?

  23. wwwvisitor

    Mat, working from home?

  24. Lucas-Kane M

    Did u use that cartoon enough ?

  25. Javier Pereida

    HUsel needs more content like this !!!

  26. Muhammad Danni Syazani

    Why does the proceed look like the back of the cayane

  27. Akbar Khamseh

    What’s wrong with a Ford Fiesta?

  28. Rifqi Yudho N

    From this review european loves dynamic handling, and modern features but most of the world would love a durable , good reliable car and still body on frame

  29. GodBoy

    bugatti is faster

  30. Dory Anderson

    I personally wouldn’t count the Tesla as an suv. It’s too small, height wise, making it more aerodynamic in the race too

  31. Josh Komape

    I have been waiting for this model for years and I'm impressed, too much technology on the suspension for an African though..... I like how hard they worked on it..... Now I understand why they pushed the launch date further

  32. Salvage Gaming

    And this is why I like the American Ford better. No more shitty cars. Trucks all day!

  33. Marcin Niewiadomski

    I have been trying but I really can't stand this guy just contributing to littering the planet by thinking it's fun to destroy and throw out car pieces. It is really not funny! I am not going to make it personal but you'd better read more about the climate change and the skin care dude

  34. Bobby Benjamin

    this guys face is ugly lol so many wrinkles

  35. Yousif Shakeeb

    Porsche for life

  36. The Matthew George

    Vehicles manufactured by Ford Europe are far more lively and interesting than what Ford USA has to offer

  37. Jon Elliff

    Throughout the video, Mat seems disappointed to have to do reviews like this.

  38. Βαγγέλης Χρηστίδης

    Yes please do the off road video with your mom😂

  39. Cxntz Z

    So the Porsche is faster than the aventador (Hurricane beat the aventador)

  40. Orange

    What do you use the USB C socket for?

  41. Calub Stardish

    Foot spa: 14:23

  42. dutchdna

    155 HP, 9 seconds, no automatic? Never mind. Unfortunate, because I do love the Mini-Macan design.

  43. Gentinis Bytyqi

    G63-the offroad king👑

  44. Justiceserver1

    Who invited the bmw 😂

  45. ともこともこ

    carwow : good suspension, good handling Japanese : what' is this shit suspension and shit handling😂

  46. Razvan Candea

    What the hell is a "piuma" ? It's Pu-ma not Piu-ma my non EU friend 😂

  47. frank forero

    Me parece un poco excesivo el precio para un carro tan anticuado, pero a pesar de eso es uno de los más vendido en mi país colombia, son más comprado especialmente por los cantantes, buena reseña del vehículo

  48. Farhan A

    4:29 never heard that before

  49. Zach Reynolds

    so basically, Ford Crosstrek

    1. Zach Reynolds

      not dissing this car tho i personally think it looks better

  50. sciroccoR

    how about doing it with some traction? like on tarmac?

  51. Ty Mac

    He has a full conversation by the time he hits 60mph lol

  52. Don Laight

    It's a (don't know) dkv not an suv. For the money my vote goes T Roc, far more purposeful

  53. Ty Mac

    Cool little rig,....change of subject,.....that Ford -eco sport just has to go...anyone see that rolling abortion called eco sport? Good God!

  54. Anthony Rafn

    The land cruiser is a poor mans tank, it will last forever if you take care of them

  55. efthlouk

    The dramatization of crash evasion was the best part 😂🔥🙌🏻


    Love the new Puma. Took it out a few months ago in Germany. Ford did a great job. The quality is crazy high. T cross is a piece of crap especially in the interior comparison. But I can't understand why Ford doesn't supply it with an automatic gearbox :/

  57. tj Hayter

    you dont want the 1.0 ecoboost..thirsty on petrol and will blow up eventually

  58. Anthony Foley

    Sorry Matt but it's absolutely an utter turd of a car

  59. Marshmallow Puff

    They need to invent tiny cars that we can drive inside for the endless quarantine. The Ford Hallway 😬

  60. M DALE

    It's just like turning a vauxhall corsa into a crossover... its Retarded... by a ford kuga

  61. rashid Mutombo

    Could make a review of the 2020 dodge charger scat pack

  62. sciroccoR

    bmw cannot carry anything except for two people in front and two elfs in the back. merc and audi can carry a whole family and all the food and wine that they need for a month!


    That front end is going to age really fast,

  64. George Morton

    Doctor: I'm afraid you have Coronavirus Matt: So what exactly happened?

  65. SiiliViin

    It looks like Cayenne to me.

  66. Dan Druft


  67. Dominik Kelemen

    this car looks so nice and great, but come on, these engines.............

  68. Morten Bakke

    so.. some quick questions. Are all the cars on similar brakes? Are all the cars in "as new" condition with all suspension an bushing components? Are all the cars driven by the same weight drivers, or the same driver? Are all the cars driven the same way with as few variables as possible? My understanding is no, to all of the above questions, and thus rendering all of this meaningless, unpredictable and a poor way of comparison. too many wild variables to consider here!

  69. Vincent’s Vlogs

    This better come to usa

  70. Motor Man 11

    I remember a time, not very long ago, when Titanium was the absolute pinnacle of a particular model. Now it’s a base trim. Insane.

  71. Swami G

    C7 Corvette would be a better match against the Supra. They cost the same so *shrugs*

  72. MrGreendew2

    Turn off the lane departure on the left stalk, a button right on the end.

  73. F C

    That’s a tall hatchback if anything. Why does Ford not offer in the US? This is so much better than the absolutely atrocious Ecosport.

  74. Sachin

    0:22-0:55 That’s all you need to know

  75. Francisco Correia

    Matt, are you mad with station wagons? I'm tired of SUVs, please bring in some classic station wagons, sports tourer or whatever they call it. I mean, not those sporty ones, family ones... Thanks a lot. :)

  76. yoker

    Not true. You can turn lane departure system by pressing physical button!

  77. Jabber 1974

    Lightyears better looking than that god awful eco sport thing. If you want a small hatchback but don’t want to climb out of something inches off the floor then this is for you.

  78. Carl Siemer

    Drag with an Audi a7

  79. Ádám Kovács


  80. Sandeep Sandhu

    Is it me or does this look like the shrunken version of porsche suv ???

  81. 992 TURBO S

    This was more of a promotional ad for the M8 and a waist of time

  82. SoppingClam

    Having owned a AU/EU e46 late 2003 I miss it more than any car ever. The SMG just had a special way to drive while changing gears to make it seamless. Treat it like a normal clutch and change gears just the same not like a DSG. I CBF explaining but the way the car feels on the road and all the things like suspension are kept up to date it really handles so predictably, revs like a motorbike and with nice fat rear tyres I had it timed under 4.4 seconds 0-100 numerously. Having owned a GTR, GT4 Group A modified and running 18psi and currently a Mk7 Golf R.. (not touching the service) nothing compared to my super clean, mechanically perfect e46 m3. Having said that drove a fair few that had not had their maintenance items and part replacements up to scratch and it showed. .. im rambling but.. god I wish I never sold it

  83. Regenmeister

    20k for that monstrosity? No thanks... 🤣

  84. Rock Falls Rocky

    Bought 2017 LT Z71 and it is junk. Google Shake-A-Rado to see all problems GM is having with Silverado. Read article that said about 40% of Silveradoes have these problems.

  85. Kristine Le

    The front lights look like it suprised.

  86. Nikk Carroll

    Makes feel stupid for buying my 2018 A3 :(

  87. Guilherme Montenegro

    Yaris looks so damn ugly

  88. Jon G

    This thing is a joke and totally misses the point of the Defender... and pretty much any other off-roader.

  89. Guilherme Montenegro

    WTF Polo did just lost?

  90. Peter Murphy

    Yesss ur maws better than u fool

  91. QUIGGS

    You Sir, are a Grade A Walloper. I can't stand your reviews.

  92. Kraig Kaiser

    It's another overpriced Mall crawler. This is not meant for true off-roading. It's meant to look cool going to pick up Starbucks on a Saturday morning. Hard Pass!!!

  93. David Henderson

    Very little about driving enjoyment? Every other review I've seen if this car seems interested in how it drives but nothing from Carwow about how it handles on the twistier roads (despite it being a staple of most of their review)? What's going on, Mat?!

  94. Travel & Life with JoBo

    Matt,really ,bottoming out,sitting on a sex toy and aroused.!!,and all in one video. Its alright for you ,try telling people that you drive a 3.1/2 tonne bomb proof fully camouflaged Snatch .Its instant social distancing.

  95. Giwrgos Papakitsou

    Rose gold help Range Rover to win for sure

  96. Archie Raine

    It looks like someone tried to describe a KIA Sportage to another person over the phone...

  97. AikarambaNorway

    Thats not a real defender

  98. Per Ullgren

    no solar panels on the roof?

  99. Thug Life

    As a BMW guy, this thing looks cute from front

  100. Mbongiseni Mbongiseni

    The Audi sounds like an owl 🦉 😂😂😂