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  1. Robnation

    What's watchable?

  2. sophia martin

    okay but this show was actually kinda good.

  3. konitor26


  4. mar'itza gtz

    People hella judging this one minute video. Y'all some bitter ass people 😂

  5. Benny Hill PL

    Tons of lies. These camps were only German, because at that moment there was no Poland! West Poland was occupied by Germans and east part - by Soviet Union

  6. Celia R.H

    Can you guys remake the series just like paramaount did with Sonic movies were fan were not happy in how Sonic look so they when back redo the movie👍👍👍

  7. Lyricsthetic

    The Fun King condom?

  8. Mike

    Hope they make a second one

  9. Amanda Lisenby

    I’m so jealous I wanna cry 😭💔

  10. Janay Clarke

    I am sorry but at 3:50 Timothée looks sooo hot despite the gaunt makeup look😍😍

  11. Aggeliki Iatr

    I didn't even see the second 😭

  12. aztecgladiator13

    Closest series to Game Of Thrones Im Watching It!

  13. Ernesto Salazar

    Two popes in Rome, a prophecy about the end of times

  14. Celia R.H

    How in the world is a Selena movie is they are not using her music?????i dont want to hear that Selena wantna be sing🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


    Why are they remaking it?... and im sorrh but her thumb looked so weird to me

  16. · Ë y d ã n ·

    I rlly came from big mouth

  17. LillyPanther 18

    Ahh!!!! I can't wait to see this I love Selena

  18. Enrique Marin

    Truth is no one can portray Selena besides Selena herself . J Lo came close tho

  19. Taylove Hndrxx

    Terrell ❤️❤️

  20. Alex P 123

    Still waiting on season 4 to happen!

  21. Ryan Whitman

    Great, already tearing up *Alexa add Kleenex to the shopping list*

  22. ForeverPride

    I just found out about the show tonight. Is this flawless the one from team backpack??

  23. Enlightened Hummingbird

    Lots of comments about cast and how great Netflix is (planted comments?) What about the actual movie?...worth a watch?

  24. Allan

    Anyone else think that he looks like Errol Spence?😂😂

  25. aaarsix


  26. E H

    Chris and Selena's love story would have been everything☺💁👑🌏

  27. Erick Hernández

    Ayyyyyyy como me duele

  28. Becca Lovee

    Suzie Crabgrass is Selena?? Ok.

  29. Doris Barkler

    When I was little I was told that narwhals sword fight each other with their tusks. I believed that much longer than I care to admit. Still my favorite animal ❤️🦄

  30. Lor Lor

    When the bottle popped 😩😩😩

  31. E H

    No j.lo killed it as selena im just disappointed all around about this fml😒🙅🙀

  32. Ashon Navarro

    i’m so excited for this! it’s gonna be a great way to start the new year! christian serratos has always been one of my favorites since the walking dead

  33. cr4ckh3qd luv

    So y’all finna pretend that this Archie didn’t defend his pedophile teacher girlfriend? Yeah, great writing!

  34. Humberto Peel

    It was easy to guess the end of this movie by two things: 2 girls speaking in Spanish and the crosses upside down on the door. Hahaha.

  35. ABRO has

    where did you see blacks in medieval europe? ur tolerance is already pissing off

  36. Wahduhhec

    Please... please... if anyone reading this decides to watch this movie... don’t. This movie was so garbage I can’t even explain how this was the most boring movie I’ve seen all 2019.

  37. GamerGuy25 // Sugar Plum 🎮

    Green eggs, ham, and *Pizza Steve!*

  38. Tiffany Porter

    Is this the grammys damn 😭

  39. Thatlameone

    Out of all the shows this one got canceled

  40. Marvd12


  41. OriJanelle J

    It's already a classic. I dont know how....but it is

  42. mark johnson

    Just wanna hug Adam man

  43. Clos Ri

    It already got renewed for a second season pre-release and why not it actually looks really good. I am excited for this.

  44. Don't Me

    This is movie that scare me every second. Idk every lines seems meaningful and the sound effect / slowmotion make it even worse

  45. Veronsa Custard

    It’s too soon for this

  46. sani

    Love Austin 💀


    I don't like that she's using her voice to sing.... Why not the real Selena voice 😭👎

  48. Taylor Lange

    Now that I have access to Netflix, I'm watching this movie the next time I have the house to myself for a couple of days

  49. DocTinycatMD

    yo that's suzie crabgrass

  50. Edinilza Dee

    I watch this video everyday 😩.

  51. Micah Becker

    That rendition of “What A Wonderful World” absolutely slaps

  52. Doug S

    Bald dude didn’t buy the Doctor was a real killer. This show would be dope if that guy drop kicked that bear, like LITERALLY! Then the bald guy who was with the Private Detective challenged the Plastic Surgeon. There are people that definitely don’t know about the situations but not sure about both the people who Aren’t actors not knowing

  53. Martin KaLdahl

    Great choice 👌

  54. Carlos Garcia

    People are never happy ......

  55. Confessions

    Flaming 🔥Turn down the flame 🔥

  56. dr. benimate

    This is hard to watch because I know how it ends😢

  57. eksine

    he can also shoot beams out of his eyes and fly really fast

  58. Jayson Kornelsen

    but why to netflix, Ican stream 1080p on any other site, I go to netflix and can barely stream 120p

  59. Stephanie Mathis

    Wow, I'll definitely watch this!!!

  60. Steffan Blanco

    The real Mossack and Fonseca are suing Netflix for this. Lol

  61. Steffan Blanco

    The real Mossack and Fonseca are suing Netflix for this. Lol

  62. Rhyan Bullard

    This is complete nonsense. Nothing but anti capitalist propaganda perpetuated by a company that makes money off of bias and false information in the form of so called entertainment.

    1. I. Daniela Viteri

      Rhyan Bullard 😂😂😂

  63. Josue Salinas


  64. Infidelouz

    Ill pass, if they aren’t using Selena’s voice, I can live without it.

  65. Limeade L

    They better be doing her justice. I will be so disappointed if so.

  66. dot bot

    i dont get why many poeple domt know about this film. both the takeshi kovacs are greattt casting. the cinematics is awesome. cyberpunk!. i mean

  67. gimmealatte

    Honestly, serious question here; Why are people still making CGI anime when almost every single one is hated?

  68. Orcawhale

    If ya want to watch it, make sure it's the japanese version. As the english dub is horrible!

  69. TaeandSuga anddon'tforgetkookies


  70. Peter

    Deep inside we admire monsters.

  71. Alisha Mearasco

    As much as I would love to enjoy this its just something it's missing from the preview that's making it hard to enjoy, probably soul.

  72. Clélia Camus

    they are Singaporeans, just not the everyday Singaporean that Singaporeans relate to. But who would want to watch the latter? That would make terrible tv.

  73. Yeshua Araujo

    Why leave Selena's actual voice out?? This just pisess me off! Not cool Netflix you suck!

  74. Dane Kunes

    Been a long time since I've seen a film this good.

  75. LadyDayRina

    I wanna buy this shit. They need to make it available. It is a sin how much I've repeated this video. Great job Troyman!!!

  76. Will C.

    Omg I love it! Finally some more fresh content!

  77. Natacha Metayer

    Cannot wait. I love this show.

  78. Kyle Gruber

    Is it just me or does she look more like Jennifer Lopez's Selena instead of Selena?

  79. Darius Steadman

    Shit was 🔥

  80. RitualJoker

    Better than jlo

  81. Constantin Philippou

    This movie is hilarious!!! Eddie is back...

  82. Jose Alvarez


  83. sathya skywalker

    i like to see the world burn.

  84. Alex Christensen

    Ah. So it looks like Rositas not making it past season 10

  85. Cam Reyes

    Please watch the movie!!

  86. crème dela crème

    lord, she looks more like jlo than sélènas! lol. the shade is real. i think this actress is half argentinian and half jlo. lol so you can't find any mexican to play her?

  87. Limeian

    I wonder if s4 will take place in Utah

  88. Ayeitsme

    Netflix be like *MIC DROOOOP* And I ooop 😯

  89. Ayeitsme

    My jaw literally DROPPED when I saw this.

  90. Ahsoka Rules

    After watching season 4, this is my seasons from best to weakest: Season 4 Season 2 Season 1 Season 3 I think what diminished season 3 for me was how many episodes it had. Seasons 1 and 2 had shorter seasons which allowed them to get the point. Season 3 had a lot things that felt fillerish and the love triangle between Lucifer, Chloe, and Kang was hard to watch.

  91. Steven Cornwell


  92. alex

    OH FINAL SEASON? well damn im like halfway through season two and i was gonna drop it but i might as well catch up for season three

  93. Sue Garcia

    Cuando sale la temporada 3

  94. Demario Eason

    this man brother is Sir

  95. JT H

    If you are rewatching this just look for as many crowd reactions you can and feel the energy when flawless is rapping I’m geeked and been watching this for weeks😂✍🏾

  96. Jahleesa Black


  97. LittleLandBROs

    Please do another one

  98. hunter!

    nobody: *nothing* this trailer: I WANT THAT TROPHY

  99. A.M. E

    Couldn't finish the movie bc od russel

  100. Raquel Johnson

    I’m just here for @terrell 🙋🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️