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  1. mr doggo

    1:29 the percents see there child having fun

  2. KTGobli

    The is adenovirus but more maturity

  3. 延宇畏【SUPERBRY】

    Don't mean to be racist but why does baby with a gun have to be black?

  4. Alex Castro

    This will makes me depressed I know it's dark humor but,oh god,why WHY

  5. Ørēô Øwl


  6. matheus augusto

    I dont cry i dont cry i crying😰

  7. watermelon gaming

    wow super fire (know as super nanny

  8. 0of panda

    My name is zachary 10:16 ;_;

  9. Jax Lobo

    I literally cried when Joey and his dad flew into the sunlight.

  10. Picklebobpie

    1:12 best crossover ever

  11. paul 100 videos


  12. Jebus Crust

    This shows that claw machines are rigged she could even get her favorite prize it was almost there

  13. Jayden Dickerson


  14. Gabriel Miller

    The people who decided the father is a Is the a** licker d*** face

    1. Gabriel Miller

      Hes smart

  15. ParashockZ


  16. The narrator Blox56

    Imagine if this was real i would think of eating pizza with chocolate milk and hot cheetos

  17. Rachel Owen

    13+ to 15+ content

  18. Shinobi X

    If Kirby was evil

  19. Kasra

    I love Larry they picture my life

  20. Sharp_Tail

    Doctor: It’s fine. Google:

  21. Gene Phillips

    1:01 the tumours be lookin like those ground beef nuggets you have on a meat lovers pizza

  22. Izuku Midoriya

    Make a tiny style 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10

  23. Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal


  24. Melvin The Rooster

    Daddy been pumping the children out damn