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  1. daddyrichten

    I’ve been rear ended TWICE in the past two weeks in NYC by assholes looking at their phones (aka “my foot slipped off the brake”) There’s no way I’d have a car this nice without moving to Arizona first.

  2. Mauro EC

    Impresionante, Ken, su auto y ese lugar!

  3. Rawmyo Daniel

    Amboi, hang buat modi kancil yer..nk tunggu wira or saga jer mod.

  4. Full noyz Racing

    Can anyone else remember pac’s deal, 10k for 10seconds

  5. John Bastard

    I have an '83 Jimmy- which is pretty similar in stance and build. Seeing what he did with the whole shebang, but particularly the custom bits in the original dash setup blew my mind.

  6. imamuzir azura

    Pump for this!!! Mcm X hoonigan!! Padu siall!!

  7. Mit Airavat

    why didnt you look at Moogs Datsun that thing is crazy

  8. the deadly war zone

    copy of dubai drift

  9. Azizul Aziz

    MCM: Proton Satria Neo

  10. Victim Death

    All of that for a drop of clout.

  11. gembel millenial

    Yang orang indonesia mana?

  12. cmartinez1089

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to drive a center driving vehicle. Bet it would be weird. Like the mclaren f1. There’s seats on the side of that one though.

  13. Cody

    Bleachies lol spose to spray it on ground to make it slippery 😂

  14. False Prophet

    When my parents go on vacation and they forgot to hide the car key.

  15. Nebosvod gonzalez

    They Turn Like Wimps My 49 Year Old Mom Turns and accelerated and Stops way Harder then That Everything Goes Inside Goes Flaying. Bus Seats Stripped. V8 Power Stroke. With Turbo Chargers She is Crazy Especially when Late.

  16. Alfredo Samudio

    [email protected]%# Yeah!!! I Approve🤙🏼😬🤙🏼

  17. J. McKeewa

    Some kids having fun, that's noice !! =)

  18. Connor Hobbs


  19. geolos007

    So this is the Great China Road...

  20. William White


  21. niuean3000


  22. Lucky

    These guys deadset need to be put on build & battle

  23. Mr_fazzy 0

    Am I the only one that realised that when he hit the hot dog stand he capped the bottle that fell

  24. DJGatortail

    MCM ruined the motocompo prices, just sayin.

  25. Aj Lauzon

    Two of my favorite channels coming together. Its like an early Christmas!!!! I really enjoy Christmas. Receiving gifts that were bought by my lady with my own money is every man's dream. #shestooprettytowork #ijustgotmynailsdone #imasucker #shetouchedmypeppysteve

  26. Marty & Marg Muscat


  27. Свой Нах

    Electrocar, a-a-u-u-u?

  28. Mr Spice

    I died watching the dude sprinting around the truck 😂😂

  29. Amin Hilmi

    Christmas already?

  30. Knees Bees NA the world. This what I love about NAs. So much fkn character and so much more fun to drive than turbos.

  31. Bookbird MLG

    Poor old mustangs weren’t meant to handle real power😂

  32. deshon brown

    That is tight that you guys did video with MCM!

  33. Sevin Sevin

    This is amazing

  34. Edmond Pecot Jr.

    the robot lady called them scumbags baahahhahahha...

  35. John Culbertson

    Sixtwelve autoworx builds a 69 carbon fiber charger on a hell cat or dodge demon chassis.

  36. 戰阿祥


  37. the spotsa

    I had a tire nightmare

  38. Tiago de Pádua

    It is so awesome to see these two groups together.

  39. MrSwaggaMatic

    First kick! First kick!!!! Do a burn out !!!🤣😂🤣😂

  40. ivannthegreat1

    Ha! , Take that Challenger. This is where it comes to show you that Something Old can be broughten back with a Modern twist with CARBON FIBER ( no metal included) .

  41. Josh Gray

    I love this build though by the way. Definitely awesome decision on the engine and intake

  42. Josh Gray

    Wait alternator bracket. I thought thatbwas for tensioner pulley spot.

  43. Anthony Abele

    Ncm literally is the reason I’m into Japanese cars, I remember when they built the 180sx and I instantly fell in love. It one one of the first HUsel channels a really remember watching. So mad respect to them and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. And I probably wouldn’t be watching this if it weren’t to them today

  44. Garri Ward

    You guys should’ve asked to see their Golf LMAO that thing is fun.

  45. Josh Gray

    Slight leather crack. Had me cringe

  46. Aaron James

    Buttery smooth ice butter lol

  47. OhSoGrimey

    PAC Performance is dad

  48. Trent Simmons

    My 2 Favorite Car Channels I One Video. 10/10

  49. black santa

    the beyond thunder dome looking grampa turned his rims to slag. So nice

  50. Scott Woods

    I feel so bad for those tires good gawddd

  51. FPSAirsoft

    Bring the Fairlady!!!

  52. Anthony Cluff

    Wheelchair wheelies for the win

  53. Edward N. Driskoll

    Too legit. Great link up

  54. Kien Phan

    its been 6 years since marty bought the car? man time goes by quick!

  55. Joey Layman

    Bad ass

  56. cole peterson

    Am I the only one bothered by the editing/some of the camera work? Kinda made this unenjoyable for a camera head such as myself.

  57. Irwin Mendez

    2 of my favorite content creators. hell yeah

  58. Syam Ronz MWCC

    In Malaysia We Have Perodua Kancil Which Is 4 Doors..Also Can PNP With any engine of Daihatsu K-Car Engines..But This Mira Very Awesome !! Who's Like Car With Black Colour ? Please Like !!

  59. Matthew Steenbergen

    Thats How you Drive From now on.

  60. Matthew Steenbergen

    😬👍 Does he Ever Run out of Fuel??

  61. Dj Dillard

    My furlongs a 18' Mitsubishi mirage 78 hp

  62. Every Car Channel

    This is something I’ve been waiting for , for so long

  63. Law19157

    Hand held camera sucks

  64. DooMae86

    Zack, scare to hype in 0.3 seconde...AHAHA

  65. Genesis Gaming

    @5:25 , rest is bullshit , thank me later ;)

  66. J's mod shop

    Vin you did a great job. You asked all the right questions and you also knew what you were talking about. Thank you for the video.

  67. Pecinta Busway

    china is grazy... waaaaaaaawwww

  68. Hilltop Hoodlum

    MCM are legendary, can't wait for next year!

  69. StormX9000

    Do a af18 swap in the motocompo. Did it come with a af05 originally ¿

  70. Dodgy Brothers Engineering

    I'd just love to meet Jay, all the cars would be a bonus.

  71. Chad Roberts

    "...pointed RIGHT at your setup" looolll

  72. Mini Bike Morgan

    Maybe just me but my favorite is still Gymkhana 1

  73. daesyoung

    Danger Dan does a good entertaining very professional one manned show dog hell hell gyea

  74. daDayaT

    A thumbs up from me because Moog said 'PERODUA' 🇲🇾

  75. Kash Bhuiyan

    I'm not sure if it's the camera but the blue paint is not the same in the engine bay compared to the outside body.

  76. Andy P


  77. Gary Peatling

    80 mph is 3000 rpm on disco 2001

  78. buckets of lead

    Whatever cunts disliked this have never built a car. Super clean and simple. I bet it's a blast to drive.

  79. Veilside Shaman

    The Mira sounds just like Supergramps!

  80. Dylan Clements

    I like big butts and I cannot lie.

  81. s anonymous

    I just checked her underwear she has a red g-string on at the moment so what kind of spring rate u using :) !

  82. Vast Anims And More

    My dad has a 2010 camaro as v8 manual with 480 hp he can do this lol we did it in the back yard lol

  83. Locthecroc10

    It is about time you dud a video with them

  84. Corey Staudt

    Sitting at a cool 3.17Mil in subs Hert: "maybe we'll get subs because you said it"

  85. Ravi Khan

    mod max

  86. Sam Teks

    14:47 Bronsolinooo

  87. Lynn Mckenney

    Epic episode, thank you guys for creating such amazing content, it satiates the gearhead inside while I'm low on "car fun" funds <3 I really wish magnaflow offered something like varex's adjustable mufflers, it would be amazing to be able to just hit a button and turn down your exhaust when you get into the neighborhood.

  88. themusicmastera380

    australians talk faster than there cars

  89. Sergynio Gavr

    Заебись в натуре чётко

  90. themusicmastera380

    I subbed because of this video

  91. J T

    There's been talk of closing the dunes for as long as I can remember. It will never happen because you close the dunes and Pismo loses a bunch of $$$

  92. sorin srn

    This is what Heaven looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. David Villanueva

  94. Arin B.

    >240z >not LS swapped >not RB swapped Is this the best swap that ever was?

  95. w5monkey

    Ozzy in the credits was cool

  96. Curtis Litchfield

    OH.... That's what a Hoonigan is.

  97. Josef Mackiewicz

    Hell yeah

  98. matala6767

    I think I seen this asshole driving down I-25 during rush hour cutting everyone off!😎

  99. leonardo capozzi

    Impressionante mai visto nulla del genere...complimenti al pilota e ai preparatori della macchina