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  1. 다은

    내가 저기 꼭 갈게 ㅠㅠ ♥️😙♥️

  2. Philip Burchard Nielsen

    Don’t you dare scratch this I want it in my life😊

  3. bradley osornio

    I feel like I'm going to be hearing about Disney cancelling disney channel because they have Disney plus now

  4. Winnie knowles

    Omg this is so bittersweet. Ughhhhhh

  5. zahra mighani

    Wooooow 😲👍🏻

  6. Raneem Hasan

    What’s with all the hate? I think the blue things will make the story more interesting. Let’s not hate it until we try it. You can’t judge a whole movie based off a 1 minute and 30 second trailer

  7. MAV


  8. Lily Lavender

    Osmosis Jones??? Is that you?!?!

  9. Shadow GD

    Everyone is hating on this movie trailer for being an "inside out 2" or "minion marketing tactic" but if you would take the time, read the description and realize that this idea took 23 years in the making, long before inside out and the minion/despicable me franchise was even made. This is a genuine movie with actual feeling in it, and I personally think it's going to be a great one.

  10. Sepentina Gaming

    is disney + free?

  11. Entense Vibez

    _Outside In: The Movie_

  12. Entense Vibez

    *Outside In* the Movie

  13. hello eden

    Don’t call yourself a musical theater fan if you don’t know this masterpiece

  14. TwistedClown912

    *did he just die in a manhole?!*

  15. João Pereira

    Luxo Jr. turns on the light at night, OMG!!!!!

  16. Animator22

    To think it's been 17yrs since I was there with my Animation class and that was when Finding Nemo just came out and loved seeing all the sketches and concept art hung around the walls.

  17. Сергей Анатольевич Орехов

    Очень милая, трогательная, добрая история! Делайте добро! Very nice touching good story! Do good!

  18. The Blaze

    Not the first time Jamie Foxx would be playing the role of a glowing blue man.

  19. RëëT Süräj

    another masterpiece on its way

  20. Andrew screen

    honestly it ruined it that mcqueen didn't win would'v been better if they made a 4th one where lightning is training cruise and she can win there

  21. ob-LIV-ious

    One day I wanna be an actor and a voice actor at Disney I had this dream since I was 5 when I first watched toy story

  22. Melanie Ivette Rubio Díaz

    Se ve chida la película ;v

  23. Chloe •3• Y


  24. NES on a couch

    At first I thought this was just gonna be a series of live action reenactments... Got something way better

  25. Squahsed

    I dont care how the movie looks if the trailer has AJR imma watch it

  26. Chris Cat

    That one child who just flops on the floor be like: 0:50

  27. joshkolbo

    Who else thought they were gonna make Up live action by the thumbnail 😩😂

  28. Llewelyn Medina

    ready to cry again

  29. preethika makineni


  30. Yeosang’s Chicken

    I’m crying she’s so stupid cute

  31. Jazzy Genomynt

    0:35 their dad is Markiplier

  32. Dude Trader

    I'm worried about NETFLiX.....its got a great competition🙄

  33. Leonel Lopez

    Ay me hizo llorar dos veces :'(

  34. Potato Edits

    *Sees Pixar’s place* Me: LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME IN

  35. ulises lesker


  36. iDrive NFS

    When you mad and you tell your kid _O h_

  37. Oh no It’s Lucy

    I honestly believe this movie will be amazing, even the more cartoony parts when he is just a soul. And I’m excited to find out the deeper level that Pixar movies almost always have. I have faith in this movie.

  38. Frank Peter

    Beautiful 🌈❤

  39. Nikhil Uprety

    Soul mortal

  40. Abraham Picasso

    I Wonder what does it take to be hired

  41. Brandon Goldstein

    A good movie concept Pixar: *bLuE bOoGeRs aNd cOwBoY dAnCE*

  42. Religion1tems

    Cool disney makes a joe joke

  43. Brandon Goldstein

    The person who was playing the Cello looked like that guy from the lorax...

  44. eve

    Omg yeeeesss !!!



  46. Jaqueese Febreze

    2019 pixar: what if FEELINGS had feelings? 2020 pixar: what if black people had feelings?

  47. ShockVox

    The music is incredible

  48. Bonot 31


  49. Cyruxeh Officials

    Wait, Did I see Tom holland name? WOAH

  50. Trey Mills

    y’all this is pixar we’re talking about, pixar movies have always had a deeper emotional meaning than what their childish, playful characters and worlds led initial viewers to believe, that’s what makes pixar so great. so to have a movie that has a deep meaning but just “normal” animation, it loses the pixar flair and, imo, isn’t as impressive as having a deep meaning within a children’s movie concept. so have a little faith in this.

  51. nancy romero

    I was crying so much

  52. Daryl

    This world without Disney and Pixar would be very depressing. Thank you so much you guys! I can't wait for Soul :)

  53. StephonST

    The fact theres no sounds for the dancing at the end makes it twice as funny to me. Especially the gallop.

  54. Anne Miller

    Lovely film. The kitten being aggressive/defensive, when the dog first wants to play, is purrfect. The dog's nature is established from the beginning as almost more vulnerable than the "street-wise" kitten. But neither one can be their unguarded self around humans until they are met with compassion.

  55. No name A

    This is how real men Measure

  56. Milwaukee Boy

    First half of trailer: Audience: *Yay!* Second half of trailer: Audience: 1:20

  57. The Kids Are Here Gaming


  58. Anna Brantley

    I cried so hard like we even watched in class and I couldn’t 😭😭😭😭

  59. 064678543

    Man, Celestia really had let herself go ever since her retirement

  60. Soul Surj

    The name is pretty good

  61. ally

    Really making me feel like a fool for thinking it'd be a cool movie about music or something not inside out 2

  62. Rebecca Michael

    Who would actually like Broccoli on Pizza (with other toppings). When we get Domino's, I get pizza with Chicken, Beef, and Spinach. You really can't taste there's Spinach.

  63. Jane Garci

    I think it’s about a guy dying in a sewer

  64. MightiestArm

    Swing and a miss

  65. L Y O N

    La mejor idea que eh visto ♡

  66. Edson Granados


  67. Madyati

    This is probably one of the minimalistic office I have seen of a business giant.

  68. yuh ay

    I don't know how to feel about these new Pixar movies lately, they just seem stale but that's just my opinion

  69. Samantha Lopez Cruz

    I love it!!!!

  70. Shannon Roy


  71. Josiah Oliver

    the dude legit slided the tangled cables and computers with no struggle

  72. Justin Schwab

    Focused his whole life on HIS ambitions and goals, I bet you in the end he discovers it’s helping other souls find their passions that is his biggest impact.

  73. theawesomechannel101 Thanos

    1.4k why are you mean

  74. Yellow Flower

    This is one of my all time favorite shorts!!! 😄

  75. Kevondre Williams

    So i looked through a decent amount of the comments and i haven't seen anybody say/ask this yet. Did my mans just die?

  76. Jihad Roshdy

    Wow. That looks awesome 😍😍

  77. Pahul

    This looks like every Pixar Fans (including me) ‘dream’ building 🤩

  78. 向Jung

    Want to go there before 30. Saving money now. Pixar, waiting for me!!! 🤗🤗

  79. Razo 17

    Me gustaría trabajar con Pixar me encanta de todo corazón sus películas en especial las de cars Mucha suerte para esta empresa bonita :)

  80. Rocka-billy the kid

    I felt like a boomer actually laughing at the cowboy dance.

  81. Camilo Mayorga Velandia

    I want one of those wonderful giant pictures for my wall jajajajaja 🤭

  82. Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera

    Don't believe this, this is a trap! The real prison is behind that beautiful commercial center. LOL

  83. Mr Clam Man

    Jack Jack was in the shadow realm.

  84. just me

    Awe the little baby was so sweet

  85. λ–Φ Rypht Φ–λ

    Everyone's saying that the "struggling artist" story is so generic, but honestly we want something normal from Pixar for once, and not bright-colors, fantasy, Inside-Out-esque. A story can be original and have a nice, domestic, urban vibe.

  86. Aditya Dixit

    😭😭😭😭 Want. To. STAYYYYY

  87. Rubi Doobie


  88. OwansTV

    Inside out (animation) Up (death) Coco (music) Hmmm i think this one is the coolest 😍

  89. Dalejandro Castro

    Amé ver este video! Realmente me encantaría tener la oportunidad de conocer ese lugar algún día.

  90. Wy Ton Chu

    Next up: Shrek Clip 2

  91. Umar Khan

    How does one get the chance to work at Pixar, no matter the job

  92. Henry Cotman

    It has seriously been my dream to work there as a full time artist!

  93. Tami W.

    all good and dandy until the second part..

  94. Izzy Marino

    It’s like kimmy Schmidt’s backpack Jan...

  95. Ricky Tan

    Saw the name and the piano Than i thought it was animated movie about the genre "soul" lol

  96. Cheekers

    I kinda wish they just went without the weird blue things

  97. Ricky Tan

    0:45 is the dog an easter egg to life of pet?

  98. Andrew Villegas Montoya

    You should hear “A day in the life” -The Beatles

  99. Cheyenne Weston

    A minute and a half video has me questioning everything about my life. I think im having an existential crisis

  100. Redman and Friends 2

    This teaser trailer is 100% nice 👍