Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Shalini Singh

    Why would you do that😭😭

  2. Anastasia Podolin

    That cake is like the size of my 10 yr old brother lmao

  3. Anna Witt

    Dont know those youtubers except trisha and OMG shes ANNOYING!!!! I can not stand her

  4. antoinette murray

    She said we can’t do anything that she does, so does dat mean we can’t talk?

  5. Alysha Wall

    Dude I literally just found this channel today and I cried wth so cute this would be my dream wedding

  6. Queenie Bee

    She’s speaking dirty cos they came back from their honeymoon 😏

  7. Olivia Nuske

    haha i looked up this video and the related search was 'does melting lipstick ruin it' i died

  8. sparkling unicorn

    i like to mauve it

  9. Anna Witt

    Watching this after Kobe died :(

  10. Camryn Platte

    You are making me want to wear makeup even more. I don't use makeup.

  11. Farhad Foroughi

    Britney Spears has left the chat

  12. Eva Stokes

    You really need to invest in less polish and more nail files and nail clippers. Shape your nails as they grow and it will help alot.

  13. dess less

    straight up spent close to 2000$

  14. Valentine Graves

    Naruto ass slippers

  15. Olga The Carrot

    The girl at 4:08-09

  16. Jessie Xiao

    it really does take a while to get used to.... I actually been using it for 6-7 years and its the best! save a lot of money!

  17. Elizabeth Betts

    wait, you said you can't cancel ANYONE these days. did you mean ANYTHING. or is this a clue to a larger puzzle.

  18. Aisha Davis

    Do you think they could improve the design by adding a string for cup removal?

  19. Shragvi Bala

    Come to India

  20. Arianna Pereira

    you look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous

  21. Isabella Almeida

    im gonna have to stop the video in the middle because im getting so hungry even though i already had dinner

  22. Riley Burkhalter

    I feel like I could smell them ever time she said the name of a scent. Like if that happens to you.😄😉😂 (I keep smelling🍌💚)

  23. Mααrʈεn M

    I miss those pants with lots of pockets and Velcro. Everyone had chains on their pants as well. A lot of us men wore eye liners too

  24. mazing 10129

    I have a question. Is that a real🗡

  25. Giovanni Garcia

    She looks like Mary Poppins

  26. Priscilla A Wijaya

    She had the opportunity to add cream cheese frosting on top of the red velvet cake anD SHE DIDN’T

  27. Julia smith

    This reminds me of the zozo suit 😦

  28. Julia smith

    She could buy so many damn iPhone 11’s with the money she spends on these vids 😹

  29. Connie Galassi

    All you have to do is put your hands in front of a fan. Purple light is UV light.

  30. Fun and learn Now

    Lol day two is always abundant 😂

  31. Connie Galassi

    The only thing I'm good at is cooking.

  32. Croissant Time

    id say Move of the clove

  33. Nat Nut

    why my eyes always focus to rinrin

  34. Maria Granillo

    Saf and Tyler: *fills extra thin cake pans up until the brim and bakes them* Also Saf and Tyler: *Surprised cakes overflowed while baking*

  35. Eden Leave

    What about women's underwear in a can? You missed the best vending machines.

  36. Thomas Cossom

    Marvel shimmer

  37. Emily’s Wildlife

    tf i live near appleton wisconsin

  38. Molly Osborn


  39. Cabbage L

    Dont forget ur neck gurlll

  40. Abby Faith

    You and Cristine should make a franken-polish

  41. Connie Galassi

    Hi Safiya, I love your channel. Amazon doesn't care about the weather. They sent me a very wool skirt, I live in Tampa, FL, HELLO we ware summer clothes year round.

  42. poptart kealynn

    'It's now 3 days older" 😂🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

  43. utubesue8

    Didnt you detour to Haesindang Park hehe? Go check it out.

  44. Jennifer Austin

    Vilt time is good

  45. Aubrey Goodwin

    Me thinking about the name went about like this, Mmmmmm what should the name be? I think.... Muave. I give up! 😂

  46. Sola Polonchek

    Things I want ask saf: are u a water balloon, can I explode u?, are your rings made out of bells, do you live in a bonana. What? am I the only one?

  47. Eva Mori

    3:54 Eyyyyyyyy My last names Mori (and yes i am Japanese)

  48. Bree Casis-Hansen

    These seem shit!

  49. becky manjarres

    That star is a Jewish star it's called the star of David 😉

  50. Kaydon Wilber

    I'd put that in my bathroom

  51. CallMeCarson 2.0

    I'm scared to get up...

  52. cazouillette

    Dat poofy booty, tho. :D

  53. Ava Reamer

    What about Allergies?

  54. Aubrey Goodwin

    Welcome to the Great Non-British Baking Show! Berry Mary wants you to like this video and subscribe to her channel! 😂

  55. Olga The Carrot

    (Sees title of video and video) I found my people

  56. Dionne Pesina


  57. Mati mizfit

    Made me laugh so hard seeing her walk forward in backwards! Looked so weird and just plain out redicelous! Hahahaha xD

  58. chxrrybunni

    omg please be my science teacher I understand what you say more than what my teachers say 😩

  59. St1ch3z ?

    Rip the butthole died too soon

  60. The K C Girls

    you should make the biggest candle next

  61. Angel gacha girl

    Is it just me or did her first outfit kind a look like buttercup from Powerpuff Girls?

  62. KathrynTheDragon 13

    I want the jacuzzi

  63. Miss Informed

    That's the lotion that I use!

  64. Kawaii Chameleon

    Glitter wine

  65. Kellie Cronogue

    The black starry dress is so pretty!!

  66. Rachel Dugan


  67. Violet146 Flower

    Safiya NEEDS to collab with James charles

  68. Rand Almaeeni

    Yay Tyler

  69. Autumn Long


  70. Galaxy Wolf

    Ur lucky, when we went to space mountain at Disney WORLD (not land) we had a 180 minute wait.

  71. Jamie Cota

    Me when he said I’m nervous: Boi you can easily do it

  72. Autumn and ophelia Jane

    I figured out the intro song safiyas ? Intro song

  73. sakura hanuro

    When you were wearing the 80s dress, it was like looking at my mom on her wedding day. Then you said, “oh my lanta.” And I lost it. 🤣

  74. Sawyer Rothermel

    i am so mad because i am supposed to go to japan but i cant because if the corona virus 😤

  75. Klobe Been

    Who was really just looking at the products not her. Leave a like if that’s you LOL

  76. A

    I hate honey. Spywear that slows the computer so bad.

  77. Kimmy Reed

    I’m a cancer too!

  78. Cute Kitten

    So goooooooodddddd

  79. ᴊᴜɴɢsʜᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ

    _Okay, but did anyone else notice that she totally checked out while wearing one of the chokers?_ 😂

  80. angels '

    with that sweatsuit safiya looks like shane dawson or jeffree- in a good way

  81. Sherra sama

    "laughs derisively in PCOS*

  82. It's Megan

    You're the person we learn about in math.

  83. kelbry tucker

    Mauve that’s all

  84. Nadia LB Pedersen

    *I cryed seeing this video but im going to a family wedding this tear i Don’t want to cry there❤️🥺🥺🥺*

  85. Wendywoo

    Ive been growing my hair it fine but a lot of it & now I want it cut, it looks thicker 😩

  86. Peach Cakes

    I really loved her 1920s look! It totally suited her

  87. ꨄ H O N E Y B E E ꨄ

    She looks like a older Caroline

  88. Denise Arvizu

    * Safiya failing at making good cheese puns* Me: There's nothing cheddar than this! Me: A tornado destroyed a cheese factory... all that was left was de-brie Me: What does cheese say to itself in a mirror? Halloumi Me: Safiya and Tyler make a very gouda couple! Me: Which cheese is most religious? Swiss... it's holey Also me: can spell supercalifragilisticexpilidocious on the first try but can't remember how to spell vacuum -_-

  89. Bee Trinity

    Did I just see Ro pansino

  90. Mary Morris

    Witch hazel will take it off easily