Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. boppidy boo bitch


  2. LunaFox 45

    I didn’t know what K-Pop really was when I watched this the first time, but now I’m a blink and bet excited whenever she shows Blackpink in the video lol

  3. Peaches lmao

    Might go to a 70s themed party, so I came back to this video to help me figure out something I could wear!

  4. LunaFox 45

    Me: *sees girl group with 4 members* Me thoughts: bLaCkPiNk?!

  5. Ella Palustre

    A name "Franklin Mauve"

  6. Amber Smith

    The moment I saw the first cleanser I was skeptical, then the second one made me scared....those look so thick which is completely different from my Korean cleansers (much lighter). As I'm watching the video I keep wanting to cry about this "beginners pack" is concerning me greatly. My routine is oil cleanser (literally a liquid oil), then the water/"foam" cleanser which feels very light and refreshing. Then the steps from hell start. Sheet mask (or not), skin refiner, emulsion, ampule essence (mine is a combination of both), then tone up cream. Since the tone up cream can make my face a bit too dry sometimes i have to add in another moisturizer. After this its Korean sunscreen or a night mask (which is like the daytime moisturizer but a smig bit thicker to trap the water in your face while you sleep). Once a week I do a clay mask to exfoliate and either my lemon or watermelon gel masks 1-5 times a week depending on the weather. When i do non-sheet masks I do it separate from the entire routine, with either the oil cleansing or the double cleansing first then either gel or clay mask. About half an hour to an hour later is when I do the normal routine. As you saw it takes alot of work and too much dedication. Its a constant struggle for me since it takes so much dedication and I tend to get too busy for it. I try my best to keep up with the routine though since it really helps me keep my face more hydrated and cool (I have really rosy cheeks that make my face hot easily, and they get warmer throughout the day). Hopefully you find the routine that is perfect for you!

  7. A dimond

    "i tryed to leave Tyler" XD

  8. Millie Eilish

    am i the only one that wanted to eat that

  9. Sophia Kenton

    is this anyone else's like millionth time watching this video lol??

  10. Janelle Weed

    Berry scrumptous

  11. Maddy Todd


  12. confused squirrel

    all you feel is fear when smelling blueberries.

  13. Makaila Stevens

    you should call it "mauvelous"

  14. Jane Gel

    Your hair looks a lot better looking after using Function.

  15. In The Moonlight

    1 year later, still laughing at the body lubricant

  16. AnimeAyla

    It should be called sugar plum😊

  17. Anie Ferreira

    The colour would be good if it weren't so fricking patchy

  18. Potato Kid Gacha

    Berry Mauve

  19. Jordyn Golub

    I would call it “Bust a Mauve”

  20. Rebekah Dickens

    SAF! I am just now noticing you have the same “reverse widows peak” as me and holy crap I feel so much more secure. I haven’t seen anyone else with it that really looks like mine

  21. Queenie_ IMVU

    The jeans aren’t ugly wth

  22. Zoe C-G

    Franken mine? I really don’t know 😂

  23. that_dork_kid

    I petition for the polish to be called Mauve Monster

  24. Julie Cain

    You were fun to watch. I learned I didn't really want to buy one of these collections...and enjoyed learning it.

  25. Carmen Fox

    5:00 she’s already smelling the blueberry pancake...

  26. Wolfpack Vlogs

    I think you should call it frankin or unknown mauve

  27. Raven M.

    As a tomboy my dream is to get a makeover like a male idol (or amber!!!). Nothing wrong with girl groups, I just prefer looking like a boy.

  28. Brooklynn Butterfield

    I don’t understand Y-Project at all. That runway was awful

  29. Dakota DIY

    The 3 primary colours

  30. Supergirl f6

    blood of the innocent. the lavish 30

  31. DML NERD

    Eva EVA!!!!!

  32. suga's sugar _

    your smile is so creepy

  33. Brooklynn Butterfield

    Safiya singing a Little Mix song is all I needed.

  34. Melissa Collins

    I was waiting the whole time for u to sniff some coffee grounds to clear ur nose 😅

  35. o St

    I love this stores makeup for 3 years. The concealers n holders are complete live and the best liquid eyeliner ever on this site. They replenish stock all the time.

  36. Edie Brush

    Do a frankin nail polish!!

  37. Nirrrina

    If you really want to find out about this checkout Franchise Kicks. Clint & his wife are hilarious to watch & will give you a better idea of what is involved. As well as more realistic prices for things.

  38. Luna 666

    Anyone else here actually watch Dollightfull

  39. Marissa G

    Are you going to do a candle giveaway?? 😂😂

  40. Lee Cherry

    You found the largest waste of time and nailed useless!! Gold Medal 🥇

  41. kimmeejack

    I’m laughing so hard I’m crying

  42. Christina Castaneda

    “Good to see you too” so funny!

  43. Candy_Queen990

    “14% blue…” I bet that would have changed if the Blue Blood palette were in here...XD

  44. Liam Chia

    Just call it Franken-mauve

  45. Mangoonthemoon

    You should of named the yellow one benana

  46. Lila T-Z

    By this point, I think u count as a beauty guru

  47. tayla MUA

    Mauve on over!

  48. piper1128

    Haha I live a half hour from Appleton lol 😆😆

  49. Gacha Maddy

    Omg I’m so weird but your guys hands are great! Don’t judge me 😭😭😂😂

  50. Lps Evie


  51. Beandog 77

    Franken-orly or mauve over

  52. Katie May

    It's 3.30am and I'm binging Safs videos 😂😂

  53. Cameron Ahola

    I don't remember seeing any of these..........

  54. weimar Soto

    The Franken Polish

  55. iikrazy.vibesii ._.

    The Mauve Cove

  56. A Razz

    i liked mauve over that was funny

  57. Olivia Litton


  58. Tiffani Erickson

    I want all 3 of these polishes!

  59. iyanna makes thing


  60. Bailee Setzer

    I’ve watched the lipstick melting videos about 5 times each and I’m back for a sixth now 😂

  61. Jessica Manijak

    Franken berry

  62. honey marquez

    Bro I got so excited when she said Seoul bc of BTS😂😂😂

  63. Lauren Kessler

    call it "MAUVE IT NERD"

  64. Chris B

    Just saw your about calling the franken-polish "Girls Mismauve-havin'..."

  65. scarlette andi

    the franken polish reminds me of magneto. he wears simular shades and all he controls metal so the metallics go right idea how'd that work with a name

  66. Max Bush

    A baby basilisk shed. That's what it looks like to me anyway

  67. Nikki Lynn

    Mauve Out The Way

  68. Da_WolfGirl

    Me : **Sees them getting flannel.** ( Portland, 3rd city ) Also me : **Wearing red flannel**

  69. Frosty_Wolf_YouTube Morocho

    A name you should give it is mauve frankinfora _💄😊

  70. honeycomb gacha

    My ideas Your *mauve* (your mom) *Mauve* berry Frankenberry

  71. Zela Night

    "Because that is a lot of Work and PAIN for Maybe."

  72. Emma Leib

    I think u should name it "The mauveonator"

  73. xXnaDilXx

    You should never do upside-down yoga positions when on your period. Your period could stop and taking that it‘s a cleaning progress of your body you shouldn’t deliberately help it stop.

  74. Ginger Bella

    Cyan yellow magenta - they can now create any colour using all three like a printer toner cartridge 😁

  75. Abigail Cats

    Mom has this

  76. Foong Priscilla


  77. Welfige TM

    ah yes, the ideal spa trip. getting your head ripped off so you can get your hair ripped out of your head.

  78. Calli Sherbert

    You should name the franken polish frankenlicious

  79. Emily Kriess

    Mauve outa my way

  80. Rainbow Sprinkles

    Mauve- ulous

  81. Mango Crush

    Scary mauvie

  82. simplyyblxssed

    I feel bad for boys who come across her channel and read the captions

  83. shunying liang

    Name it berry nice!

  84. Kaitlyn's World

    My teacher showed us the more cowbell the other day. I just rewatched this and finally got that joke.

  85. Shane Lever

    Could call the nail polish Barrie black

  86. JustThatLauren

    I like Mauve Over and I'm Mauver It.

  87. sammy and A1 boi gaming

    Mage move

  88. henjarford

    I have been watching your videos for so long and they always made me feel happy but I recently found out my autistic younger brother loves your videos too. He keeps going in and out of the hospital and every time he’s in there I think about how he would love what you posted and it warms my heart. Thank you for making us laugh

  89. karen pereira

    Nice video! I love Safiya’s lipstick 💄... peace and hugs KP

  90. BawiChin Par

    I love watching ur video :D

  91. Jane Gel

    I couldn’t tell if Sofia had her make up on before she got on the train.

  92. Lucero Nunez

    you should try a full face of makeup from yesstyle!!! prices are cheap and quality is ??? you can test it out and see if the quality is worth the price!!! i love you 🥰♥️

  93. Gacha Cookie

    Name it Fra

  94. You should do a I dressed in the Victorian age

  95. Not so Serious with Jenn - if - er

    that one person sauna I kinda want to try.

  96. George Disney

    The shirt transfer hack would actually be ok for a last minute cosplay (like if you wer gonna use a patch and it doesn’t arrive on time or something)

  97. Not so Serious with Jenn - if - er

    you had me in tears. to funny

  98. Katie May

    My best friend has been obsessed with KPop since at least 2015 (she did it for GCSE). It went from her showing me videos every now and then, to it being everywhere 😂😂