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  1. Jred

    dont ask me why I have the spongbob one

  2. Kevin walter

    Friends, I was hospitalized yesterday afternoon fur suicide reasons, my ex/wife is literally driving me crazy, today in the morning when I got home I found my door busted and broken into, everything thing that I had was stolen, even my piggy bank was broken into, I really need help to get back on my foot, I've been trying and honestly, between getting my stuff stolen and harassed daily from my ex/wife I'm not sure if I want to! Please help me stand up for my baby son, I really need to get back on my feet! PS: im sure it wasn't her!!!

  3. Teirdalin

    Scott Border, yeah yeah, Scott Boarder, Yeaaaah

  4. Yuri

    S T O P I T J I M M Y ! ! !

  5. Y.E.E.T productions MK.2

    Im a Canadian and holy shit we need to get our crap together

  6. F.U. Productions

    15:24 Stop him He’s too powerful

  7. Pipsqueak

    Level 8 Clerics do get the "Real Power" Destroy undead is pretty good, plus a subclass feature and your second 4th level spell

  8. JustAnAmerican

    THE FLEX WORLD LMAOOOO This is a piece of art

  9. Drawing_Gaming Nerd

    It took me 3 watch throughs and I just realized that the simple words that John put up said “Give me your money”

  10. Marshall Martin

    1:01 JonTron predicted 2020

  11. Hatt

    My parents probably thought I was insane because of how much I was laughing.

  12. Ethanagor S-D

    guy on the right at 3:48 looks like Dr. Frank N Furter

  13. Nick Beast1330

    This is the funniest parody I’ve seen!!!!

  14. fat nugget child

    Go girls games is a dirty place

  15. Wrench

    (Ken) Hi Barbie it's Ken do you want to go on a date (Barbie)*holding that phone and dead by killing herself* (Ken) Ok see you in a hour

  16. MR _ROOTZ

    Your on a 2 week video streak And that was a rhyme

  17. Gawain

    I hope youre safe out there man...

  18. Accidental Tv

    Never will ever be better than veggie tales fan fic

  19. Teirdalin

    "I only believe in my one true beliefs and nobody is going to convince me otherwise." That's one hella open mind.

  20. - KAYAS -


  21. Madjo 1999

    Hey,that guy wearing Wakaliwood T-shirt

  22. ApolloSynths

    If you repeatedly press 4 you get the scourge of LA.

  23. Rene Galindo

    "Will sign me and the rest of America up we have a few more years to the housing crisis let's have some fun" Now hearing this in 2020 hits right at home

  24. Thot6slay9420 Feetus1deletus19

    Top ten unanswered questions 10 what happened to Jared 3 years ago

  25. The Silver Canine Artist

    I’m watching this in early June. I don’t give a Frick

  26. Logan Is King

    The song is catchy

  27. Tredfull

    What happened to the audio at 6:12-6:22? Did it get copyrighted?

  28. Cosmic Sud

    9:51 really didn’t age well

  29. Odai Raed

    2020 by youtube recommendation

  30. Ranging Cat

    11:26 wait can that be the surprise butseks from spy in tf2?

  31. Holy Water Squirtgun

    This whole thing had me crying

  32. ɴᴄᴋʀᴏᴘᴇ

    2:48 the most emotional bit of the entire video

  33. Renato C.Francisco

    The man at the end is talking about the seven churches of Asia from the first chapters of Apocalypse. Either way, still funny.

  34. CPL45

    Jon, why are you torturing your self with this s***?

  35. CPL45

    This is probably JonTron's best vid.

  36. Nhat Truong

    Oooooo that opening joke age like wine

  37. OmegaChase1002

    "Ive reviewed the worst piece of star wars content in existence." But jon, this isnt the sequel trilogy.

  38. Time for free time


  39. Ashley Arjoon

    we all searched "we'll take your entire stick meme" dont deny it

  40. Zavontai Noel

    Anyone gonna talk about the fact that the beginning of the video is literally what's happening rn ://///

  41. Time for free time


  42. ANGL Projects

    *When kids are left unsupervised:* 2:50

  43. F.U. Productions

    9:54 Is no one gonna talk about this or?

  44. Yu Jay

    I love re-watching stuff.. During the snake oil bit there a lady in a red dress and shes leaning in with the best "WTF" look ever. :)

  45. Des Vlogs

    Dogs And raisins. raisins are dried grapes. Grapes kill dogs

  46. RafaelArt64

    M&M HQ: We Made M&M Candy Bars TheOdd1sOut: 12:16

  47. Codi Serville

    9:52 Doctor Orpheus from VB, is that you?

  48. Preston Pyke

    25:19 Kills me every time.

  49. TheTree

    2:05 don ? They fired you i thought? and then a mr bean lookalike? Actually come to think about it, was mr bean in like ten roles?

  50. Lori Melton

    This dude made a living for making fun of tape.

  51. Dandy Boi

    8:21 JonTron is now the perfect being

  52. Yuri


  53. Dallas

    A guy by the name of Mike Sparrow has the “full” season of kid nation if you haven’t found it already

  54. Dubious Deliquite

    "Even when hes half-assed and bootlegged he still melts my heart" Hmmmm, gotta switch out the he parts with you and see if that works as a pick up line

  55. calencor


  56. Daphne Tett

    oh shit *blip*

  57. Cthuloid Gaming

    I have the same knife as Phil.

  58. Tuna Priest

    Couldn't find any replies to Jontron on OJ's twitter, far as I can see anyway.

  59. ShockDragon Δ

    Jon Jafari: the only human to take annoying ads and turn them into something worth watching through. Also Gray is one too

  60. im bored

    "What are you going to do next Phil? Flex Tape your head and breath on the moon!" Flex Tape: *YOU UNDERESTIMATED MY POWER*

  61. SuperiorGamer56


  62. Griffin Hawke


  63. Eugene Kun

    The movie was so bad, Jontron didn't even realize the bat from 3:36 was the same bat from 13:46

  64. commder cat 10

    What's the time stamp were he tries to shoot himself

  65. Anthony Horrell

    Has jontron reviewed Sean Connery's Zardoz yet?

  66. Anthony Horrell

    Has jontron reviewed Sean Connery's Zardoz yet?

  67. It is good day to be not dead.

    "The alternate universe where trump wins" how little we knew about how screwed up 2020 would be

  68. Anthony Horrell

    Has jontron reviewed Sean Connery's Zardoz yet?

  69. Pet your cats

    JonTron wants to make America white again. He basically said so himself

  70. Anthony Horrell

    Has jontron reviewed Sean Connery's Zardoz yet?

  71. RockyPixel

    I find it very interesting how at the beginning where he's introducing Jimmy, Jon sounds very professional. Like he's a news anchor or something.

  72. Thomas Dinh

    Imagine you go to your massage parlor and he starts yelling at your back and snapping

  73. Robert Trester

    Goop sounds like what a 4yr old calls its turd before flushing it. "Mommy look I made goop!" And not surprisingly both products are exactly the same!

  74. Nate Schwalbach

    What voice effect was used for the puppet of Mufasa?

  75. Joshua Watson

    This game actually wasn’t too bad, it was a kid friendly sims, if anything my sims had more plot just less mechanics, I enjoyed it which is probably an unpopular opinion but I suggest you play it and anybody to go in with the expectation of having a chilled out time because it is a very chilled out game, Jon didn’t play enough of it, but you can design your own furniture and colour and also design all the building in the game yourself if you please, it’s a very artsy cute game, definitely suggest it for your kids

  76. Robert Trester

    I can say crazy things to!!! If you eat cat shit it protects against the Corona virus. *SSSSEEEE!!!*

  77. Alejandro Kudo

    2:49 I can question that...and yes, it’s worse than I can imagine

  78. Asperger's Guy

    Jontron is a lucky guy

  79. Wx- 81

    “You could of called this show bird vs camel”

  80. Raven Link

    I wonder if CPS took these kids away from their parents?

  81. Mark Condon

    Already unrealistic. The D&D players were portrayed as the cool kids.

  82. Liam Epic

    How will he get all the tape off 10:12

  83. some guy in jeans

    This has more views than the actual commercial

  84. Tabasco Sauces


  85. karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

    15:55 actually it's a clone of suikoden

  86. Fear Foxy

    since he isnt a game channel he dosnt have his intro D:

  87. Papyrus The smol


  88. Edward Elric

    Someone should review the other 12 episodes.

  89. Lori Chenoweth

    "Did the Chinese resent simba?" Kimba the white lion: yup!

  90. mandokir

    He's really not that good on camera. Or interesting.

  91. Jared Hamilton

    Terraria 1.4: your sister is a werefox

  92. Sin Talento Producciones

    with does Oney have a neckbeard? :(

  93. Yuri

    8:16 don't mind me

  94. Freeblade Invictus

    This game feels like it would work better on a computer

  95. FL8 Gaming

    6:02 what the hell did john say

  96. tardis225

    Are you ever going to review video games again? And plz bring back jaques, that bird always made me laugh

  97. JuneBug

    I think you would be a great x-man character

  98. guilherme silva pinheiro dos santos

    In RIO DE JANEIRO we talk portuguese

    1. guilherme silva pinheiro dos santos

      and these vodka are fucking delicious or as we said BOM PRA CAARALHOO

  99. buZZwig Van Roţțen

    I would love if he interviewed people after he did an episode on their thing or whatever I am completely down for a series like this 😂