A Marine Infantry Veteran who gives advice for going into the Military, getting out of the Military, and everything in-between.

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  1. _Vallee _

    Yea i want to join IFB because i think Revolutionaries look cool in photos i admit.

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  3. Diako 246

    Can u plz make a new rojava vid plz

  4. Jose Rafael Bermudez

    Whats ur favorite color? Mine is hazel.

  5. Wrist Lock

    Never knew your name was Corey! Civ Div thank you for posting the videos you do. I resonate with your views and were around the same age. I'm 22 right now and a lot of the things I want to do or some of my views my parents call stupid. Especially van Life they plus others call me crazy. To come to reality and stuff. Anyway, I respect you and all that you've done from joining the marines to joining ypg to HUsel videos. Much love from the Coachella valley indio California. 45 min away from 29 palms

  6. George's Masonry

    Ah man good music. Weeb confirmed.

    1. Civ Div


  7. Hannah Wetherholt

    I know where u r

    1. Civ Div

      Hannah Wetherholt oh no

  8. Cindy Mendoza

    2:49 so true

  9. Cindy Mendoza


  10. Domenik

    This might be the most important video you've ever made. It's these final life lessons that are what advance humanity, some people never get them, others learn but keep them to themselves, but when you share them, the worlds becomes a better place. Thank you, both for your service in the YPG and for teaching us what you've learned.

    1. Civ Div

      Domenik Hey thanks!! Put a lot of effort into this video because I knew it was important. Glad you got something from it

  11. Michelle Taylor

    you're good at this recruitment. good propaganda

  12. Michelle Taylor

    i can't believe this is a real video on youtube lol

  13. Ethan Morgan

    And what about eod

  14. Ethan Morgan

    Do you have to have 20 20 vision

  15. Benito Camelo

    You are a true hero and be proud my man

  16. God's Son E.B.

    You need help kid contact me direct. Give you a life lesson.

  17. Roald Eriksen

    American veterans deserve so much more than their getting right now. No one deserves to go through what you did and receive no recognition. I hold very anti war views but that shouldn't stop people like me from supporting the human beings who went through hell, our anger should be directed at those in charge. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

  18. Dave Donahue

    I got out of the Marine Corps in 1985 after serving four years at 22 years old. By 23 I was homeless.

  19. marif celebi

    Respekt 💐💐🍀🍀

  20. Mike Hascats

    you worry too much about what people think about you. just forget about the past and learn a new trade like electrician

  21. Matthew X

    nice video, but if you have any contacts to ypg international you may want to give them a heads up that there official web site now disabled and non operational for folks in journalism or folks wanting to contact for human rights or aide or temp assistance in short term joining of ypg, and there facebook bot they use seem to not relay intel unto them like they have had there site pulled by web administrator or hosting company in which ever country it had resided. but your veteran video was okay, i can understand how your trying to use veteran wording and i understand views folks may have vetran status versus how you are using it. cause they conflating veteran benefits vs veteran of a conflict terminology of intent. but any how if you still in contact with any in ypg international notify them there web site disabled in usa and most likely world wide.

  22. Mike Hascats

    lots of people think that all veterans are old. they don't realize that millions are in their twenties

  23. Adam Cazares

    If you leave your home country to fight in a war or support the war you my friend have some balls, most service members when they deploy they are forced to go you left the comfort of your hom much respect from texas

  24. MegadethDude2001

    This is a great video. But with this, like all things, is what my mom always says: "don't listen to people and do your thing". Because you don't have to be a veteran to experience this, almost EVERYONE experiences some form of this. My dad has been shit talked most of his life for "not having a real job", while he was a mobile welder. Your horse trailer busts on half? My dad is right there fixing it. Yet his side of his family, Mormon bastards, never supported us or liked him. He didn't have a choice but to do the work he did, and now he is finally an instructor at a tech school. And since my family hears "college", they're "like ohhh you're a college professor? Omg that's amazing!" Yet he isn't a college professor, he's an instructor at a tech school. And we are fucking homeless, yet we still fight the good fight. Regardless of others. So I guess what I'm trying to say to the veteran community, (I am not a veteran or in the military yet) is hold your head up and fuck the world. That's the only damn thing high school taught me, and it's not much different in the real world


    Great video man, keep doing what your doing and if you could talk about what kind of physical training/conditioning you do in ypg bootcamp that would be awesome

    1. Benjamin Miller

      yo, heres a link to a video he did on this subject husel.info/video/video/2J7KoduamZ7Cm4g.html

  26. Dane Hardy

    Marine 03 with a service related med sep I relate brotha

  27. discowhistle

    Thank you. I can genuinely say that this is one of the most interesting videos I have seen on HUsel.

  28. Clifton Hicks

    I think suicides among the non-deployed result from the _extreme_ anguish young soldiers feel when "everybody" else around them is going/has gone to the battlefield. Had that feeling in Germany '03 when I was stuck on rear detachment. It was weeks before I finally left for Iraq and those weeks _sucked_ .

    1. Clifton Hicks

      13:00 🔥🌳💨...

  29. Esme Ralda

    tough topic, thx for sharing!

  30. Gustave N'Co

    Super touching video, especially for a civil. It's kinda hard the way people treat you, and you just have to go through with less propblems as possible... You have all my sustain ! (Excuse my english I'm french 😉)

    1. Mike P

      You speak english well

  31. Ronaldo Villegas

    Great fucking video!!

  32. WollongongWacko

    Thank you for your service in the U.S.M.C. , happy late birthday

  33. Nero Machiavelli

    How many people have you killed? If you didn’t kill any muszies then you’re a puss! #sorrynotsorry

  34. SL-7


  35. Diako 246

    Post a new ROJAVA VIDEO

  36. Iqbal Sami

    We love rojava

  37. john hopkins

    Old Vietnam Vet explained to me: The sooner you stop trying to explain ('cause they ain't ever gonna get it), the sooner you can leave it behind....never did the VFW thing, never needed it.

    1. MegadethDude2001

      VFW is badass tho yo

  38. Christopher Atkinson

    Thank you for this video. You shared a lot of wisdom and definitely gave me something to think about. I agree that a significant problem within militaries across the world is the tribalism which I think is used as a coping mechanism by those who have been mentally and emotionally damaged during their service through no fault of their own. What you said about ego and pride reminded me a lot of the stoic virtue of courage, the courage to overcome your pride and ego. Moreover the courage to make an honest video of the hardship you faced and continue to struggle against without embracing tribalism.

  39. julian shepherd

    If you lived in a society that understood you then it would mean your country had been through a war of survival. My father's generation and his father's had plenty of people to talk to but they just didnt in thise days. My grandfather never got over the horror of killing men. He was wounded twice but it was the killing that was hardest to get over.

    1. Andreas

      Nero Machiavelli sätt dig på knä din hund

    2. MegadethDude2001

      @Nero Machiavelli omg you people are as toxic as hadji goat balls 🤣 just be nice and go about your day yo

    3. Nero Machiavelli

      Andreas sug balle

    4. Andreas

      Nero Machiavelli din fucking idiot

    5. Agent Johnson

      Killing is fun right?

  40. Nick Siringo

    I’m a junior in high school. I’m thinking about joining the marines after graduation. Any suggestions?

    1. Bill Roy

      If your thinking about it I wouldn’t do it. Either you want it or not.

  41. MegadethDude2001

    I think smoking and drinking causes a decrease in combat effectiveness. It destroys your body and I think should be banned from the military

  42. poya kurd

    Long live YPG

  43. Dave Donahue

    I failed the slide for life. Stairway to heaven was tough but I made it. USMC 81-85 USNR 88-91

  44. darkstar3472

    dude God Bless , i left bootcamp after 3months @Mcrd and i feel the same way as you when i got back there was still parties for me but it all died down, now i havent seen my highschool friends for a full year but dude God is with you and I man. Much love stay violent and kill.

  45. MegadethDude2001

    YEAH FUKK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT IM BADASS 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👍👍👍👍💪💪💪👌👌🤘🤘🤘💥💥💥

  46. Mister Valladares

    I live on Texas,so I hope soon could get contact with you brother,take care brother

  47. Mister Valladares

    I wish get contact with you brother,we had to keep the voice of the KURDS HIGH more then ever I think because the people have to know about the KURDS situation,about what they hard moments fighting isis and turkey,the KURDS needs a lot of help and brother,I hope can get a message of you brother,take care brother ✌️✌️

  48. greatname 779

    Did they even agree to the Geneva conventions Turkey

  49. Derby Mods

    POGs can fit it in, good to know.

  50. Adrian Rühl

    Hey great viedeo I hope you are still doing well

  51. Ty Nolan

    I just failed my meps drug test for the what my next move i still wanna enlist in army

  52. SAA

    Civ Div syrian army is not bad. They fight isis. Why do kurds hate them? Syrian army and kurds have the same enemy.

  53. SAA

    Civ Div who do you fight against? Regards: SAA

  54. Anthony ofWindsor

    SDF member dying = Turkey bad SDF bombing civilians = it happens

  55. Eric Louclair

    I am so proud that i can die with my “terriost “ brother side by side!

  56. Anthony ofWindsor

    I hope you and your friends do well but as a Turk I understand and support the actions against the YPG. They brought us a lot of harm. Please stay in the US.

  57. Jon Cousteu

    For the people who wants to join battle units of ypg against turkey; their average life time is not more than 2 years keep in mind that. Turkey has choppers, tanks, jets, drones, satellites, intelligence. You will have just questionable rpg and ak47. Its suicide.

  58. Anthony ofWindsor

    So you are saying (iraqi) Kurds are allied with Turkey. That you never hear on the news.

  59. Anthony ofWindsor

    As a Turk with Family members in the turkish forces I hope you do well. Can you tell me the difference between YPG and PKK? Because I see a lot of images of Öcalan on YPG area. Is there any ideological difference? Can you understand that a militia with Öcalan pictures are a open aggression against Turkey? This person brought people so much harm

  60. Cpl. Koala

    Couldnt agree more. When I got the news the US was pulling out I was sure we'd see casualties in the fight for Rojava. Lost my friend Konstantin "Andok Cotkar" Gedig on the 16th october fighting to defend a hospital from the turks in Serêkaniyê. What a terrible mess. Şehid Namirin!

  61. Aku Numbers

    Hi. Maybe you find this usefull - Been monitoring news from russian side about Syria. There is some new legislation allowing sending conscripts from Russia to Syria. Indicates for a probable conflict escalation in mounth or 2.

  62. Chase

    Its Not Hilliarius But its pretty comical

  63. lekosbelas

    Do you know why you did not die because you had to come back to your home and share this video, that's why you did'nt but your ''friends'' may died

  64. lekosbelas

    Just let you know Yes, Isis is finished and your that friend must say ''Isis did not finished'' to be sure take supoort

  65. lekosbelas

    Ohh! poor my guy, you came from long way, they showed you somethings and you had fun. You are so American/ Europian.

  66. Anthony Terry

    I have two questions 1)is the gear and arms supplied or do you have to buy it privately. And 2) I see 2 different AKs,so do you like get to pick them out yourself? You're doing great and jeep up the good fight

  67. Justine Carissa

    I needed this. Thank you.

    1. Civ Div

      No problem!

  68. Angelo B Koljenovic


  69. Evil_ Daimyoe


  70. Lee Van

    Do y'all have wifi out there Fr?

  71. Murphy King

    I hate those nasty bugs

  72. Andreas

    What’s the most interesting/unique/rare weapon you saw down there?

  73. Danielv561

    Hello, I wish you luck my friend

  74. Zach Zhang

    God bless you comrade! Stay safe out there

  75. Danar Kesfin

    I'm turkish ... And I try to understand why you fight against turkey ... I understand the fight against Isis or daesh ok don't have to explain but why against turkey what is your mission or you just want war doesn't matter who the opponent is ?

    1. Danar Kesfin

      Open your eyes put your thoughts aside ... In the near past war happened in Afghanistan. Who is involved? In iraq the same who is involved ? In lybia civil war why and who is involved ? In Egypt ... And so on now in Syria civil war, who is involved ? The question is who's next ? I think turkey ... I think the problem is the west the west is Britain Germany France usa and so on ... Little question and that's the last thing I will write here : the ypg and PKK or whatever you call your self u work together with this west ... When do you think you are the next victim ?

    2. Danar Kesfin

      @ongo bongo turkey is not fighting against Kurds turkey is fighting armed forces. in turkey live more than 10 million Kurds Erdoğan is evil. Ok. But show me 1 politican who is good. Check out google: what kind of laws Erdoğan released for the Kurds ... For example a Kurdish tv channel released by trt ... Which is the channel of turkey

  76. Ronald Whitney

    Thanks for serving brother 🙏

  77. Leema The Joke Ruiner

    "Why'd u join the YPG?" "Because of all the dogs and cats" 😂

  78. _Vallee _

    Don't trust the US.

  79. Timur Yakup

    The ygp and the pkk have been killing civilians since 1978.

    1. Serhildan Tolhildan

      Timur Yakup hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

    2. Kugel Sicher

      Timur Yakup Yes, but just in the turkish media not in the reality 😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕

  80. Youtubes flea market

    Bruh, mrs strausbaug(I think that’s the correct spelling) showed one of your videos today in class while we were learning about isis and the Middle East. I heard you are back in America now!

    1. Civ Div

      Yeah she’s my cousin! Yup I’m back home, hope you guys enjoyed whatever vid she showed you 👍🏼

  81. anwar mohseny

    Ilove you for help kurdish.but trump is traitor

  82. Benji Sero

    Im kurd and so proud of u thank u for your service

  83. Smugli

    i am commenting because i like the ypg

  84. I can’t come up with a name so Here’s a cat

    Hey Mrs Strausbaugh sent me

  85. Angelo B Koljenovic

    if you are member of the YPG or PKK you ar Terorist,

    1. Angelo B Koljenovic

      @Eric Louclair) I think you are joking

    2. Angelo B Koljenovic

      @ongo bongo) And the world is sinking. you must be joking?

    3. ongo bongo

      @Angelo B Koljenovic the ypg and pkk are the only moral military in the world

    4. Eric Louclair

      Depends on side: From Britain empire side, George Washington is terriost! For Americans side, he is the hero!

  86. Houston Cranford

    would like to contact.

  87. Ethan Cooney

    What can I do to increase my chances of being accepted?


    Question! I’m an army infantry veteran, I’m 22. I’ve applied a few times over proton mail and been turned down. I’m well trained, 100% healthy mentally and physically, and understand the YPG’s mission as I’ve been looking into it for years.. what exactly is the issue?


      Anthony ofWindsor what kind of problems does this cause exactly? The fact you attempt to compare my interest in helping bring stability to Iraq and Syria to becoming an ISIS terrorist is retarded to say the least.

    2. Anthony ofWindsor

      vizuaL XL The young European ISIS fighters may say the same. I don’t believe that young western men with military experience should join militias in the middle east. You are causing problems and not solving. In my opinion. If you would join the red halfmoon or redcross whatever.


      Anthony ofWindsor how exactly am I like ISIS if I were to go to Syria to assist the people of the region? I want to go to help. I have actual military training, military aged, I’m not going to blast an AK over my head with no attempt at aiming.

    4. Anthony ofWindsor

      vizuaL XL Foreigners shouldn’t be in this area. You going there like ISIS members went there.


      Anthony ofWindsor why not?

  89. SuburbanHome Games

    Something to be careful of: YBŞ are even closer to PKK than YPG. Wouldn’t completely rule out being charged with terrorism depending on where you live.

    1. Eric Louclair

      SuburbanHome Games no worry! Under nazi law, french rebels are terrorists!


    I have military background, I’m 22, and have plenty of training and continue to be turned down everytime I attempt to contact them over proton mail.. I’m extremely confused..

  91. LittleMan0120

    Do they allow you to bring your own lbe, or do you have to buy all of that stuff in country?

  92. Jack Brown

    I'm half Armenian and would join just to get back at the Turks for what they did to my family.

    1. Tarık Mengüç

      @Jack Brown Erdogan and his islamists damaged the republic a lot and Syrians and their birth rates are dangerous not gonna lie but lets be real the republic can't fall because of +5m muslims, they are weak and can't do shit these are people who fled their homeland instead of defending it. You as an Armenian should know how far we can go for our survival. I don't know any Armenian Armenians but I don't think that they are happy, they are landlocked and at the mercy of Russia for their foreign policy. Invasion of karabakh was a huge mistake, ww1 would be forgotten and trade deals could have been made thus Armenia would be a prosperous country.

    2. Jack Brown

      @Tarık Mengüç at the end of the day your country is overrun with Syrians and the number is going to keep rising until your Republic collapses while Armenia and it's people stand strong.

    3. Tarık Mengüç

      armenians never learn.

    4. Arda Aslan

      Actually, when Asala was dissolved, their members merged with PKK. Thus, it would be rational for you to join them just like other armenians who thought the same way with you :D

  93. Lumpen Proletarier

    advice number 1: don't join the marines. advice number 2: join the YPG/YPJ instead.

  94. İspermeÇet

    Wolves ate YPG. More sheep will be eaten. The hunting season of the wolves began.

  95. Abo Trump

    Shit rojava no more greetings from Syria

  96. Ronald Whitney

    Thank you for serving in the marines here in America, Stay Safe My Friend 🙏

  97. Zach Lamb

    Are you all communists?

  98. Scoreface channel

    The nazi Germany coverment works with türkey isis bastards hand in hand

  99. Scoreface channel

    Nice guy

  100. Not Human

    36kg holy sheeet.