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  1. Tommy Tindall

    If she got Chick-Fil-A wrong there would be something wrong with her

  2. hasto ali

    faze rug what happened to mike the homlessman

  3. NyxGaming

    Noah: edited it

  4. B0TZ0N

    This is how many Rug said Bro 👇 Gifting my next 55 loyal subs 🥳

  5. Coffee Bean

    Bro u should how brought me to the hunted house

  6. Raze_ Mistyg


  7. Brandon Martinez

    Scribe to my HUsel channel

  8. Melissa Espinoza

    We need more Noah 🥰

  9. David Carrillo

    Disneyland food is expensive but it’s good tbh

  10. Chase Masterson

    Your a good guy

  11. Bird And Penguin Gaming

    Anthony dang you changed

  12. Bilal Hussain

    5:45 what u came for Thx me later

  13. Abhinoor Singh

    Happy Birthday 🎁 ❤️ 🎂 Faze Rug!!! Can’t believe I have been watching you since 2016. Your my favorite HUselr!!!

  14. Antoni Siguenza

    Happy birthday brian

  15. Moses Gonzales

    Why would he drop off whites down the bridge

  16. Kimberly Rodriguez

    Today my birthday November 21 st

  17. Tryston Smith

    I love how he gets Clint a Gucci bag and he gives his family a free scuffed controller 🤣😂🤣

  18. javier damian

    Great brotherhood 👍🏽🙌🏼


    Don’t take the other car for the Lamborghini your Lamborghini is already beautiful

  20. Eric Lopez

    Yo when is the faze rug and tanner fox fight happening?

  21. Matt Gibs


  22. Eduardo Lujano

    He didn’t buy him all that. When you buy something at Gucci it’s wrapped. He probably just bought the shoes.

  23. Subscribe to the EGG

    The cop was jealous cause he broke 😂

  24. Omer Farooq

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Faze rug: yo this is the best cifs ever 14:04

  25. Jose Salinas

    Not trying to be rude

  26. Josh Pedroza

    Do it

  27. Josh Pedroza

    Imagine faze rug doing a gold digger video

  28. Jose Salinas

    It hasn't been a week it's been a month

  29. Ashley Lagos

    i read the comments afterward the video i went back to the beginning to see what y’all were talking about when i read his eyes have size difference

  30. Jose Salinas

    Noah here is a fact he gave u a car

  31. Haylee Clawson

    i would so let u shave my head for that bc my family is litterly so poor u dont even no what im going through

  32. Sherley M

    are you dating Kaylen

  33. AK reyes421

    Play mw

  34. Carter Kangas

    Happy b day rug

  35. Star Ortiz

    My brother birthday is the same as your Nov 19

  36. Jennifer Ramos

    Who else agrees noah needs to make a HUsel channel!! Like if u agree !

  37. Nicholas Burke

    rugs kealyn is a deva

  38. Israel Araiza

    Look at noah eye one i bigger then the other on 😂

  39. Jordan Claiborne

    Poor Noah it’s ok

  40. Patricia Munguia

    Omg my sisters bday is on your bday aaaa

  41. AscendR


  42. mr slime

    Did y’all just see the shadow 5:05

  43. Montana Ajsac

    Happy birthday rug🥳🥳

  44. Jacob Odeesh

    That was a 4 out of 10

  45. Joshie Maui

    Me I eat about like 20 because my mom won’t let me get more

  46. Ivan Check


  47. Heathers Party

    Dude even if it was one day worth of footage she kinda over reacted I understand filming and making videos takes a lot of fine but it’s one video lol. He won’t go broke off one video

    1. Avin Reaves

      Heathers Party he spent almost 3 k at Disneyland there plus he hates not posting video

  48. Clickerz

    dude i want to jump for like 3 days

  49. TheBestKid


  50. dion felix

    One like equals one happy birthday for Rug

  51. YoUg _HyperdaBOT

    papa rug already looked young

  52. dion felix

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    Tbh Noah should be a HUselr also he is so good at recording and everything like a HUselr

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    You should make a mancave

  55. Wattle Clips

    Why wont noah start a HUsel channel?

  56. Sakhi Fuller

    It counts cause its if it goes in and it went in

  57. Egg-Water-YT

    Who else heard the murder happening at 17:49

  58. FF Fitness

    Lmfao 142 I weigh more than that

  59. Celena D. Garcia

    Bro that was shity scary like

  60. Invictius Bryan

    Marina was fine asf

  61. DurpyKirby

    I weigh more than FaZe Rug....

  62. FF Fitness

    He still lives in that demon house

  63. Wiling Rodriguez

    Jake saw

  64. Lakshay Yadav

    I could have gotten him black tortilla chips

  65. Rawya Alnaamani

    Wtf are you saying 😂😂😂😂

  66. Lakshay Yadav

    Btw cacoa is cocoa with licorish in it btw

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    Noah you should make a youtube channel

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    My birthday was November 16th

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    Ewww I could see her assss🍑🍑

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    Fuck faze rug

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    Why is Noah giving stuff to rug? He should just do a giveaway instead.

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    Happy birthday sorry I am late

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    Noea should do a HUsel channel

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    I’m plain and white, so can you make me lit

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    At 14:40 he literally just described a pizza stick

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    I remember when you were in the road to 10 million and I wanted you to hit it so bad 😊 Of fan here ✌️

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    My brother birthday i

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    At lest you said it

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    10 out of 5

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    this is the best youtube vid ever I am crying

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    guys wish rug a happy birthday yayyy!!

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    7:16 is where he starts to sing, 9:37 is where Noah starts to do AD LIBS

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    Happy late birthday sorry im late 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

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    You can get that fart smoke in last Vegas

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    Rug: “I’ll just hold it.” Also Rug: *spins wheel*

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    Who here misses the daily vlogs?

  92. welp am a wedo

    idk any more

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    Noah kind of looks like FaZe Rug 2.0 🤔

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    Awesome video

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    Who’s ready for 2020 🥳🍾🥳🍾🥳

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    Even iam Arabic from Egypt I didn't understand a single word 😂

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    Goin live

  99. welp am a wedo

    branion is gonna win

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    i thought this was posted in 21st of nov but it was 18 now