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  1. novan Yatmiko

    Love u selena

  2. kakaroto M.V

    For Justin Bieber

  3. Dewan Rezwan Rabbi

    She didn't lose him, He lost her.

  4. nuxella •

    "set fires to my forest" and this, this is how the amazon rainforest decided to go on fire..

  5. Joyce Wamucii

    I saw the signs and I ignored it.....

  6. Wet Sockz

    This sounds like it would be on a Macy's ad

  7. Breanna Torres

    This hits harder than my dad's belt

  8. Ariana cy


  9. Syjohn Pall


  10. Maribel Coaquira

    descargando la canción

  11. Joxongir Jox

    Thank you. Uzbekistan 👍

  12. Michael Luna

    This song goes for Rodney Reed he don’t deserve to be executed on November 20,2019. Free Rodney Reed.✊

  13. Elias S

    Eu precisei perder você para me amar♥️😜 🇧🇷 Te amo Selena Gomez 😘 .

  14. Hayley M

    I don’t usually get chills but my gosh i was covered in goosebumps while listening

  15. Elias S

    Veja como ela está agora Humm mmm mmm

  16. El EE

    Wait.... isn't the guy in 3:18 from 13 reasons why?!?

  17. Nipu Thapa

    I love this song

  18. Syjohn Pall


  19. Nipu Thapa

    My Princess Selena 😍

  20. ᅳ체리

    얼마전 똑같은 감정으로 5년동안 만났던 친한친구를 잃었다.~~ 비로소 나를 사랑하게 됬다. ㅎ

  21. Elias S


  22. Elias S


  23. Bryan Nicifore


  24. Elias S


  25. yiyo almada

    Jajaj re tóxico todo. Muy lindo, el final me encantó

  26. Francesco Calabro

    No war in anger was ever won huh?

  27. Tay Tay

    Why won’t she get over Justin Lmaooo

  28. Nicole Jalire

    Odio a justy. Biber 🙅,,💔👍

  29. Anieyshh Queen

    I l0ve selena Gomez 😘❤😎🔥

  30. shooketh angel

    This song is what I needed.Love yu selena <3

  31. Action Films

    What the hell? This ain’t MetallicA? Where the guitar? Lars’s off beat drums? James’s amazing roaring vocals and hammered down picking? Where’s Kirk’s amazing licks and killer solos? Where’s Cliff pounding away on his bass, stunning the world with his talent of that instrument?

  32. Shanell Taitague

    she is literally so hot omg i love her

  33. Naveen I

    Released on my brothers birthday!!

  34. Altynay Kabylbaeva

    01:32 i am crying really ;(

  35. Hafez Bagasena

    No One : Absolutely No One: Selena : "Yeah"

  36. cain serafines

  37. Leonardo Rocha gallegos

    0:54 willyrex no me quiere na na na na

  38. Jayselk

    tbh the dislike counter is 113K to much how u gonna dislike this its so powerful and moving


    disliking due to those 15 second ads that i saw

  40. Elias S


  41. Alexis Bueno

    Play the game Your gonna be the same Your gonna change your name Your gonna die in flames

  42. SandStorm XII


  43. Nancy Devarona


  44. lily #00666

    Why do you dislike that mean. They should only put comments for likes and loves!

  45. Nkosikhona Ndimande

    Who’s still here in 2019

  46. Silvian Wanjagi

    Who is better Selena or Justin like Selena,comment Justin

  47. Liltle Gunnar

    I love you Selena Gomez your my favorite singer

  48. The Akimt

    We love you queen

  49. The Akimt

    Queen of pop

  50. K Gloomy

    melhor fase de selena,grandes mudanças ameiii

  51. The Akimt

    Queen of our hearts

  52. The Akimt

    Queen of pop

  53. Alexandra

    watching this again after the revelation of their relationship (Julia Michaels). This video makes more sense to me now.

  54. Thedarkgreenmarine

    Selena will forever be my crush, I love her music

  55. Vinny Lara


  56. joyce magdalin laput

    Selena forever

  57. Hiding In My Apartment: Documenting My Life Marie

    She dodged a bullet. Look at her now. 👀 😃 Wow. 👓 ❤

  58. joyce magdalin laput


  59. johnnyboii

    It's ok. Her voice is basic sorry

  60. Yeet Motzirilla

    This song is so bad

  61. Jeziel Marinho

    Show Good i Love you

  62. Aleeya Qistina

    Yes, I told you she really was filming this with an iPhone.

  63. Rena Coonhead

    Don't worry selena we love you and your songs and I know it's hard to forget him and we love you with all out hearts okay selena love you

  64. John

    She's so pretty and gets prettier ever year. nuff said

  65. Cami Nico

    Love you Selena

  66. blasian starr

    who or what is mc smook wasser

  67. DestinyMia Malave

    So true

  68. Elias S


  69. Khai Kindred

    What the fox say ~~

  70. Karla Franca


  71. Rodrigo De Jesús García

    Weeyyy noooo!!! 😭👌💔

  72. Javier Chaves


  73. renyah dimulut

    Ini menceritakan ttg Justin Beiber?

  74. gacha dragonslayer

    This is beautiful! I love selena Gomez!! She so beautiful!! And I'm just like a potato😃😃

  75. Elias S


  76. Youssef Aly

    who is here after lose you to love me?

  77. Bollywood hot uncensored

    Justin...... Reminds of her

  78. Lucy Smith

    U go girl lol

  79. Steven Mungin

    When I fell angry i listen to this to calm down

  80. Nikita Ahnstrøm


  81. Two Can07

    Apart from the fact that Selena is the best, this cansion is also the best and heard like if you think so

  82. El amor de tu vida


  83. Rose Ann


  84. Lizbeth Hernandez

    Me encanta esa canción 🤗😍

  85. edith

    One of my favorite songs ever

  86. edith

    Let's get to 1 milion likes!!! We're almost there. Also a banger

  87. caio alves


  88. edith


  89. Madee Batista


  90. fuck Finland


  91. • Sw1ft•

    damn what a bad booby trap huh? but bruh the song is nice

  92. edith

    She wrote this song so other people could relate to it. She wants to share her feelings and I'm proud of her for being vulnerable about difficulties and headache.

  93. Muhammad Hazazi

    In 2 months you replaced us

  94. xXToxicGamerXx

    14 yr olds eatin this shit up

  95. Abrahão Lyncoln

    *Who thinks that Selena Gomez did well to leave the past behind and overcome, like it there*

  96. Angie Cupitra


  97. Emily BAILEY

    who agrees Selenas too good for justin?

  98. Romiaw Junior

    So deep 😭😭😭😭😭 I needed lose you to love me . Sometime love is like a games. Sometime you win, sometime you learn.

  99. Tracy Adams

    I love this song and totally respect her talent and aspiration for creating it but it reminds me of a Jesse song in so many ways I can't help but to think that's where the originality stems from. That being said..... it really doesn't matter because it is still a beautiful expression of what she has gone through as a person and that is the essence of creation in all respects. That's what's funny about criticism of any kind. It doesn't matter where the idea came from, and I'm not even saying this came from anywhere other then within Selena herself. I'm just saying it reminds me of a Jesse song that I very much like as well. My point is no matter where the idea came from it was only 1 who brought it to life with the beautiful talent they were blessed with and only that one who can bless us with their creation in their own beautiful way. For that reason alone I should not have even started this comment but I did so I'm not going to delete it but I am going to listen to this a couple more times and appreciate the song, the creator and the improvisor and the heart and soul that went into it's makings.

  100. Agung Rahman

    wkwkwkw kena php sakit bener