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  1. Kristen Arambula


  2. IYearn4HisReturn

    All stab, and no slice.

  3. Enderman God

    The mask he used for grinding would make a great mask

  4. earths singerschannels

    I like the way he acts he has to behave when others are in the workshop

  5. Dwarfzilla

    bogdan gotta big ol brain

  6. Luke Kwan

    Please makes this for sale!!!!!

  7. Kristen Arambula


  8. Centauri Rampage

    What happend to the third jet you got

  9. Artie Quick

    hey i actually have a build request can you guys make the Exo-rig from the surge? it would probably take a huge amount of time but i reeeeeally wanna see it made in real life i mean the game sucked but the rigs and the armor that goes with them was really friggin cool

  10. Centauri Rampage

    Me *Uses umbrella to see if I can fly* The Hacksmith *Lets use these jet packs to fly*

  11. filous 666

    The cape and ect

  12. Roach

    "This here is wild James, in his natural habitat after being confined in place for so long than a week."

  13. Your_Driver

    Now we need a 3D maneuvering gear from Attack on Titan

  14. Josiah Legg

    Nice you got chapters!

  15. Tyson TV

    Do they ever edit this on this channel

    1. the Hacksmith

      What do you mean?

  16. KingOreon

    Dath maul...

  17. Rainbow Fan

    Every single song they wrote backwards Riot, and infected mushroom are bands, not songs. Wtf?

    1. Rainbow Fan

      Thanks for the clarification Seriously cool project anyways

    2. the Hacksmith

      Editor messed up

  18. klepto

    Power loader update..?

    1. klepto

      @the Hacksmith understandable 👍

    2. the Hacksmith

      On hold until the team is back can't really work on it by myself

  19. Z Zane

    You should do dr. Octopus arms 🐙🐙🐙🐙

  20. TwistyTomato

    I wish that u threw a metal captain America shield at it

  21. Overlord Of Random

    lmfao, ironman flash hotwire tool

  22. Chad Yordy

    Make a ceramic barrel with rifling for it

  23. jakdakillahd66 6

    This man is undefeated bro!

  24. Hasher Roblox

    You are the real tony stark

  25. Pratima Anavekar

    I don’t remember this video

  26. Norwin And Friends

    My man has tons of murder we opens in his work space. Somebody must have big as balls to rob him

  27. Vinoo Manickram

    Cyber truck is ausome

  28. AsAmEse HaCKer

    You are genius

  29. AsAmEse HaCKer

    I am a Indian and I am big fan of you

  30. LVG K0NEK0

    How to make a ghost busters proton pack in 2020

  31. Donavan Rust

    I'm waiting for the iron man suit

  32. Cooper Nelson

    make a rocket slap but instead of slapping its a rocket punch

  33. ItsKb

    use palladium next time you wuss

  34. The Modularian

    I feel like a 10 minute paint job after the powder coat could have made them look WAY better. Bone isn't perfectly matte like that, and you were already in for a pound, what's a penny more?

    1. the Hacksmith

      I mean clean bone is...

  35. FastBreak383

    How does James look like dr. Strange, tony stark and Steve Rodgers

  36. Spring Bonnie

    spring lock suit please

  37. wasabi chips

    doom guy is proud

  38. Cutting Edge Gaming

    Hacksmith: Don't try this at home Me: But... but that looks fun.

  39. yassin gaming

    Hacksmith in 2020 : we made an iron man plasma cutter Hacksmith in 2032 : we made the spider man suit with tech with real web shooters

  40. Carter Beckman

    I can’t wait until the whole suit is done

  41. Jessica Jones

    :( very disappointed that they had to limit the power. Breaking glass and plates? A basic air rifle could do that. I was expecting more damage. Still gets a like for effort though.

  42. Sans the Gamer skeleton

    Yo the hacksmith you should try and make a semi small version of the hulk buster so it’s easier to hide the power supply and the circuit boards like the mark 1

  43. Jack Jasper

    You know if that really was 40000 volts of electricity that would be about 40 kilowatts electric eel only puts out 900 volts of electricity rates so meaning you would be dead and also that's as much as a small home being power

    1. the Hacksmith

      That's not how electricity works though, it's only 40kW if it's 40,000V at 1A which would be deadly! Power = current x voltage :)

  44. Lizlodude

    Kwad pilots: I put a 12S battery on a 5"! Hacksmith: we made a 72S battery to power a plasma gauntlet

  45. Blicky Block

    Star Wars fan Kids in 3020:

  46. Julian Gonzalez

    Do meliodas sword

  47. sockmonkey6666

    IIRC there is gecko tape and similar materials that will cling to most surfaces. A square inch of it can handle around 30 pounds of perpendicular force, and something like 100 pounds of sliding force. So you could climb vertically and still be able to peel your hands off the wall.

    1. the Hacksmith

      Yeah I've tried sourcing it before, no luck :(

    2. sockmonkey6666

      @the Hacksmith I thought they had at least some of the basic versions of it for sale? If not, the labs making the stuff might be willing to donate a swatch of the stuff. Wouldn't hurt to ask. The guy flying around like Iron Man certainly has a shot Plus it's great advertising for them.

    3. the Hacksmith

      Yeah if only I could buy some

  48. Anthony Q

    This dude cut his hair for a sponsor, real commitment

  49. Web Forder

    I don’t remember Shazam breaking glass and an IMac, did I watch the wrong movie?

  50. Random Rapid


  51. Random Rapid


  52. Vicente Zúñiga

    what is the model of motorcycle?

  53. Annette jones

    Maybe you could make any of the doctor who sonic screw drivers that would be sick and you can obviously do it because you are the best at creating things.

  54. mark s

    The "gigity" got me.

  55. Ofaka Prime

    How to raid area 51

  56. Nepherus

    robber: *breaks in* everyone down i have a gun hacksmith: but i have the highground

  57. EnderQuakePlayz

    2:50 **Hello darkness my old friend....**

  58. Cataleah06

    Wow. If you can do this, I bet u can make an omnitrix

  59. Mario Jerome Chavez

    Those boney claws look more badass then the previous ones, with them on I would feel a little more like the DC character Doomsday! RRRRAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! and myself would say, ruuuuuunnnn!!!



  61. Marcus Adams

    To be fair the wheels didn't stop turning on any of the other vehicles, they just had much worse traction than the cybertruck. Still pretty awesome how much torque you can get out of an electric motor. That's why diesel trains don't actually use the diesel to drive, the diesel engine produces electricity to power electric motors that actually move the train.


    What about boxing with claws😂 1 volverine vs another volverine😂😂😂

  63. Marvel Professor

    can you guys do avatar aang glider first and second one pls ı know you can make it ı hope you are gona make it pls

  64. Luke Hoang

    uhhh...... your car is covered in snow how did you get it off

    1. the Hacksmith

      With a brush

  65. Dr random

    For your Iron Man project you should call yourself Tony Smith

  66. palash pandit

    How much will you sell it for? Seriously I wanna buy. :P

  67. Björn Buri

    Make Stormbreaker pur of the Same Metall which you did with Mijolnir the Heavy one

  68. Dom Man

    I won’t die without using a web shooter

  69. Nathan Findlay

    I think it would be cool if you made a boom bow from fortnite

  70. 9mmTXn

    Hmm, maybe Canada's definition of firearm is different. The Texas Penal Code defines a firearm as "any device designed, made, or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance or any device readily convertible to that use." Since there isn't technically an explosion and there is no burning propellant, nor can it be quickly converted to fire by those means without substantial modification, even with higher power levels, that is not a firearm. IMO. I even looked up qualifications for a destructive device. This still uses propellant. If you would like to up the power, but are worried about legal issues, its something to look into. There may actually be no law against it.

  71. Nathan Findlay

    I think it would be cool if you make a boom bow from fortnite

  72. Mf Music


  73. Josh Gerreyn

    who is watching in quarantine :D

  74. Lego Builder

    “And since no one is here, i get to do what ever i want!” Me: WHAT ABOUT THE CAMERA MAN?!???!??

  75. Morgan Edwards

    I wish i had this in hide and seek

  76. Morgan Edwards

    Can i buy this?

  77. Abdullah Zafar

    hacksmith i want 3d files of this

    1. the Hacksmith

      Visit Jairus of Alls channel

  78. gustavo diaz

    If you guys are able to make a light saber can you make a energy sword from halo

  79. bei yu

    ok i vote hack smith for new sony wolvy like if u agree

  80. Jagdishwar Das

    He looks little bit like captain america

  81. jacob IG

    i need this

  82. Jake Magri

    I lightsaber on Fire is so unsatisfying

  83. nofreewill

    11:30 That scream hurts.

  84. Vanhatteman

    Tazer on a drone

  85. Dominic Tinsley

    Can you try and make the first order riot baton seen in Star Wars The Force Awakens in real life.

  86. Yung Yeet

    Imagine just doing a basic spin with that lightsaber and cut ur arm off

  87. Zymon Lamano

    2020:making wolverine bone claws 20??:making a glove with claws coming out

  88. ibrahim kyk

    Nimetle şaka olmaz amuk diye enseden vurasim geldi. Webtekno senin yüzünden izledim bunu

  89. gabriel romero

    I was wondering if you guys could make the big shield from the division 2. I would love for you guys to make it.

  90. Sebastian Kovac

    wait what if, you gave these to your fave superhero in person? Hugh Jackman

  91. Marlon And stuff

    Maby make it to retract with the press of a button

  92. ToonV _

    Um you don’t happen to watch attack on titan english dubbed right

  93. Mat M. Mehmeti

    4:20 poor stove ;c 1 like = 1 stove

  94. Alperen Kırıcı

    HowToBasic 2

  95. Vinc

    If robbers ever enter your building and see all your projects their regret will go sky high

  96. dottorG SCP

    James "Hacksmith" Logan ;)