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  1. Alice Rios

    The reason why he didn’t tell her is because everything you white people out but you stole it you never earn nothing you raped are people and you stole everything you have

  2. Amrita Janak

    This is insane, the fiance must have felt extremely jealous, angry, he MUST be on trial.

  3. Vanessa Knox

    700000 workers is that why 6 weeks of unemployment people are wiped off the unemployment list and just deleted. Oh my God

  4. ralph goldberg

    How many presidents where impeached is irrelevant, trump is the worst president in US history, most corrupt, most dishonest, most incompetent, most sleazy, fiscally criminally irresponsible, turned the swamp into a sewer.

  5. Tensai55

    11:25 No *new* drilling/mining. So existing mining and drilling will be allowed to continue? Also, what's to prevent a future president from simply overturning that? That's literally what Trump did, after all.

  6. Ivan Sanchez

    I wonder how many new employee's asked to go to the restroom and were never seen again lmao !!!!

  7. Scot Fretwell

    Would a sham trial help?

  8. epileptiquito park

    Chile, a people turn into an 100mts tall ogre against fascism

  9. InsaneDominator89

    Pure khazarian plutocracy

  10. Gene Shull

    From what I understood, Israel went on a BOMBING Frenzy: killing 24 in GAZA; killing 9 in SYRIA; killing 5 in YEMEN; and wounding DOZEN$ of others. JEWISH ZIONISM in action! Thanks for the News Report!

  11. Dave Davis

    Trump suffers from ego narcissist disorder . All politicians do , Trump need's to Stand His Ground . No worries for our saviour of Bankruptcy :)

  12. Animal Farm

    I have always understood the days of Democracy Now exposing the fraudulent “War on Terror” and General Wesley Clark’s Pentagon memo of “Seven Countries in Five Years” was long gone, but I thought I could still count on Democracy Now to produce some credible content; you just have to separate wheat from chaff. Watching Democracy Now and Bill Moyers implicitly promote PBS is of great concern; especially when you understand Charles Koch controls the content of PBS as he does of “Time” and others. The same Charles Koch of the American Legislative Exchange Council fame; the same Charles Koch who gave you “Citizens United” to give plutocrats the right to buy all the politicians and political parties they wanted. After all, as far as Charles Koch is concerned, “Money is speech”. The same Charles Koch who gave you “Right to Work”, that has so successfully defunded unions, undermined workers’ rights, and changed the labor market forever. So when you understand Koch institutions like the Atlas Network, that have been designed to subvert democracies throughout Latin America for the benefit of Wall Street and their local plutocrats, you are forced to stop and question when Democracy Now presents “the facts” on Venezuelan sanctions or a coup in Bolivia. It's not as if Democracy Now was ignorant of the intent of Charles Koch. Only in July 2017, Democracy Now interviewed the Duke University history professor Nancy MacLean who wrote the book, "Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America". In her interview, Professor MacLean clearly outlined the ongoing Koch strategy for subverting democracy. So what am I missing here?

  13. jaime torres

    US don’t like Independent countries. Now they will try to go after Mexico!

  14. hhh eee

    A republic, if we can keep it.

  15. Nicholas Cotoia M

    Start watching Laramie and Wagon Train y'all will see the handling of turncoat ,treasonous liars.

  16. Evan Alexander

    Vile tactics but competitive & strategic in their design. There has been a whole generation of "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" ethos based young sales people who were part of these sales teams -- I've yet to hear anything about them and their willingness to exceed excess.

  17. daddymoon666

    OAS is funded by whom...???...Come on now...!!!...Democracy Now has become a joke and a [email protected]# show...

  18. Alfredo Montez

    Televised insanity begins this week, so you can withstand the heat and not jump out of the pot.

  19. MyMonkeyMinions

    During the recession of 2008 myself, husband and daughter , could no longer afford housing. We were blessed with family and we all squeezed into a two bedroom along with another family. I was thankful for the half one car garage we stayed in. I used that time to go to junior college and found a college that had family housing for $600 in New Mexico. I was accepted and we received a unit and it was our leg up back to the middle class. It was a scary time and I never want to go back to that.

  20. The Flame of Liberation

    Shame on "Democracy Now". There is no CIA regime change that you don't support.

  21. fo747

    Lithum reserves, that is what this is about. Yes Western corporate coup for resources.

  22. brothamn LLPRSZ

    GOVERNMENTz SOLE PURPOSE IZ 2MAINTAIN THE WEALTH OF THE WEALTHY, amerikkka land of the thief home of the SLAVES fucc thiz demonic fascist murderous vile insidious gluttonous korupt society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATANz AUTHORITY

  23. Retro Innovation

    What Nixon was impeached for is quaint compared to what presidents have done since Nixon overtly and via intelligence apparatus, covertly. Don't forget that Nixon with Kissinger covertly bombed Cambodia without authorization by congress. However go after the elite in this case the DNC of that time and you're in hot water, illegal bombings be damned.

  24. Jon R. Olsen

    Great to see Bill Moyers again!

  25. Aristeidis Lykas

    Morales suffres from the same defect as so many leftists. He can feel connected to society only when he holds political office.

  26. David Owens

    Kevin Young dominated this debate. The other guy is a bootlicker.

  27. Robert N

    The double standards towards our president is ridiculous. So Obama can try to dig up dirt on Trump(For Clinton) but Trump can't dig up dirt on Biden? Is this some sort of "Loop Hole," we are all just suppose to accept? Lets not get started on the fact that Clinton should be in jail for what she did but guess what, Lets not open an investigation on her because that's interference in an election(Shes Running again in 2020, If you don't think so you are in for another surprise like when Trump won the election.) Politicians in general are all hypocrites, but you democrats take the meaning to a whole new level. I give Snowden respect for his courage and is a true whistle blower , but there is a huge difference between him and all these "new age" Tattletalers

  28. jose zamora

    In Bolivia there is no military coup there are 20 millions tons of LITHIUM DOGS YANKEES,

  29. Rodolfo Pontes

    This citizen robbed billion of dollars from my country, He should stay in jail, brazilian Justice is a real trash of corruption, and I don’t understand why international press treats him like a god, this thief brought more hunger for poor people in Brazil, and he tried to make Brazil a communist ditacture, He is a Huge disease for brazilian people, if you don’t live in Brazil, don’t believe in some narratives that media Tells u, This guy is not innocent, He is the wrost type of corrupt in this world.

  30. outbacktrek

    BDS all rightWing republican multiMillionaires like facist mafiaDon (Y)

  31. Paul M

    Pay the disabled enough to to eat but don’t give them enough to pay rent and then call them homeless

  32. Claire Hutchinson

    Watching the hearings and as painful as it is, agreed, it's an education. I can see who is sincere and credible and who is full of it.

  33. Bongo Cat

    Moyers and Goodman passing judgement before the trial.

  34. Paul M

    Tent business for sale, high turnover

  35. Paul M

    Tent sales up 50 percent

  36. Paul M

    One home ownership law , problem solved

  37. Rety Fuller

    Corporate Socialism for elites but no money for working class! SHAME!

  38. Игорь Олексенко

    Хун вэнбинов мао.

  39. John Miranda

    Thati’s an INANE question! Of course there was a coup! What do you think the CIA does for a living?

  40. Lab Goats

    Thank God for University of Massachusetts Amherst. I don't like his dismissal of CIA involvement, considering US's history in South America (and everywhere really), but other than that, good take.



  42. Peregrine Slim

    This Solon is obviously not Solon the Wise.

  43. Chat Noir

    I do not get this interview at all. He "doesn't have a lot of place in his life for people." Wha? Bernie is busy on the campaign trail connecting with people on a daily basis, just what was Anand expecting of him?

  44. Cocora22

    Dear men in black, you essentially see the USA as the ultimate bully who goes into other nations to indiscriminately take . In other words we are the bad guys here? And everywhere? You don’t see the part where it is the United States of America, now please DO , make an effort to realize that the govt. would not have any money were it Not for the taxes they collect from WE the people, including you if you at taxes which you probably do if you live here. So anyway we help soooo many nations all over this planet , with everything. We give MORE aid to MORE nations than any other country in the world. We are the MOST humanitarian nation in the world, we are the MOST generous nation in the world. We are also easily the MOST criticized nation in the world. When someone is in trouble who do they seek aid from first? US! Who foots the bill ? The United States govt! Where does the money come from? Get the picture? Obviously you do not see what a great country we really are, if you are not an American citizen I can see why you miss the point. IF you are an American citizen you missed , well you have totally missed the point. Furthermore, I know, there’s no point in having any discussion with you.

  45. Fab24hdumans

    He got elected with a large majority and when some complained about election fraud, he said no problem let redo it! This is an other CIA operation like Venezuela was...

  46. Rare Animal

    Liberal politics at work. Great job California.

  47. Chris Iman

    This crisis is only the beginning. It will grow exponentially in the next few years.

  48. Douwe Bloot

    USA coups a southamerican country once again.

  49. John Lawson

    I hope they can re-pass the tax that got shamefully rescinded.

  50. Tool's Annie

    I hope everyone buys his book so he knows we love him and care 😊

  51. Russ Logan

    We can thank the inside job of 911 for all this garbage

  52. by peacewillow

    thank you for this 💗 i needed to listen to three intelligent people talking about intelligent things. i look forward to seeing your impeachment coverage.

  53. teogo

    If the care not Rethuglicans in the Senate don't vote for impeachment you know Chump will run right out and pull this crap again.

  54. Miguel Higareda

    It's a coup. Bolivians will make justice by their own hands. USA.must stop desevilasting other countries. These communities will later immigrate to others countries and at the end more caravans on the way to USA.

  55. ElijahJohn888

    Trump IS A LYING HYPOCRITICAL COWARD & A MURDERING THIEF & ADULTERER PERVERT & KILLERY IS EVEN WORST & THE REST OF THE CRIMINAL GOVT/GANG ARE NOT MUCH BETTER @ ALL ! 11/13/19 ~Maranatha~ p.s. They want to take the guns not b/c they want to save lives but that they can take your life !

  56. Overthrowthe1Percent

    Kevin Young is hot

  57. Anthony Liang

    US backed operation Jakarta again.

  58. Rehan Zainul Abdeen

    Remove all influence of the Church in the political system and downsize the military

  59. Anticapitalist X

    Capitalist Jeff Bezos should have spent his $1.5 million by raising the wages of his underpaid workers.

  60. Sofia Summer

    Even the native tribes in Bolivia wanted him gone! People do your research! This is not a racial issue this is a constitutional issue! Get it straight! It’s like if a US president wants to keep being president after the 8 years!!

  61. Philip Traum

    It was obviously a coup. It's embarrassing Democracy Now is platforming such an absurd & short debate on the military of a nation forcing out the president and his party leadership because less than 15% of the nation protested for 20 days! How long has France been protesting? And people calling him a dictator for serving terms... Angela Merkel has been the chancellor of Germany for longer & I've never heard anyone refer to her as a dictator! This is trash, Russiagate broke something in Democracy Now & it makes my heart hurt.

  62. Sofia Summer

    I hate how the West media likes to paint Evo, a would be dictator in a positive light. This was NOT a coup!! If people would just do a little research they would see that the Bolivian people protested for days! Bolivia does not want a dictator!

  63. Flavio

    Bye bye

  64. datgurlky1

    Put Zimmerman and the members of the KKK in prison. FOH

  65. cat09

    DACA let them go be Americans! Welcome let's party. DACA in, Miller out.

  66. James Pardee

    This is why I find it totally bizarre when someone calls me a "soyboy". If I were, I'd probably have been dead by now!

  67. Malachi Ben Yisrael

    Neither OAS or the military did not take issue with Bolivia's Supreme Court's decision on presidential terms which was decided 5 years ago, they both took issue with the election itself which Morales won last month .. this is indeed a coup !!!!

  68. Perisemiotics

    No, there are NO "evidences" of any kind supporting the claim of fraud in the elections - in fact, the CEPR out of Wash, DC just put out a report showing not only the OAS presented no evidence but also Evo's electoral victory was statistically nothing short of consistent.

  69. Jan Chelminski

    I disagree with the criticism I am reading here. The rebuttal to the first opinion was quite effective and was also given significantly more time. JC

  70. Ari Magoo

    Another regime change with what appears like a successful coup. But a great misfortune to Bolivia! May this be a short lived bleep and may the evil plotters come forward for honest prosecution for their violations, starting with a major apology! ✊😱💯

  71. Javier Harth

    Evo shouldn't have left Bolivia. I'm sure he knows that now. But he can return; there are many ways he can return. And he should!! He has accomplished so much; and in the end, as he advocated peace, some were baying for blood!!



  73. Emmett Peels

    Now that the formula for success is evident: i.e. to get to the top lie, cheat, live without scruples and be corrupt I can pass this formula onto my children as a way to live - that takes the worry out of being a good parent.

  74. renata rosa

    Evo can make mistakes but a militar and religious coup is not the answer. They put fire in the president family house, mayors were beaten in the streets, they are nazis and use Jesus Christ as a excuse to take the power by force. It's a shame!

  75. LJVC

    Ivanka Trump arrived in Argentina after the coup in Bolivia to seal a deal on a lithium route. Bolivia has one of the largest lithium reserves of the world. Google it. Lithium resources is the reason behind the coup

  76. ingapirca

    I don’t understand why are we even discussing. it was a coup!

  77. Erik S

    What isnt said is that Reed also raped 6 girls in the same area before Stites was murdered. But then again, Stites her fiancee (Fennell, aka the “dirty cop”) also raped woman. The issue is that the murderer is very likely Reed or Fennell. But we just dont know who... So there is reasonable doubt on the question who is the murderer... So Reed shouldnt be executed. But question is how further...?!

  78. LJVC

    No fraud, it's a coup, there were international supervisor. 4rth Re-election isn't a coup, 4th Re-election is the people electing Morales

  79. El Gato

    Bill Moyer an Establishment DEM , a Baptist preacher and spineless supporter of that hideous creature Hillary Clinton. .

  80. Potted Rodent

    Of course it's a fucking coup Amy, don't be on the fence about it. The US has not changed it's foreign policy for the past 100 years. It's always the same.

  81. Xeno Phon

    Of course there was. Morales never allowed foreign corporations to extract his nations lithium. I am sure that will change now...

  82. Durango McMurphy

    Amazing how they leave out what Biden was DOING to warrant Trump wanting Ukraine to investigate him .

  83. Patrick Edgar Regini

    How can Congress become so adamant and incensed about Trump asking Ukraine for dirt on Biden, while letting Ivanka Trump smuggle money and equipment into Bolivia to help stage a military backed coup we stone faced supported through blatant lies at the OAS in front of the whole world, forming a conspiratorial posse of artificial insurrectionist allegiances, and which forced that country’s elected officials to escape for their lives, while obliterating and persecuting their party’s democratic representation in their own government ! ... ... and yet say absolutely nothing about that in any sector of our country, rather instead treat our own people like complete idiots by feeding us the lie of an opposite narrative ! We have become the very authoritarian countries we used to criticize and mock 40 years ago.

  84. Pablo Dornbusch

    Again who is this guy talking about a coup. Lets be clear about this matter. Evo Morales comited fraud in the 20/10/2019 election, the fraud has been proven because he made dead people to vote for his political party and most of the balots were already marked in a clear sign of megafraud. But also after the 21F referendum, he was supossed to step down and not go for a 4th election , because he lost that referendum. At that point he is not anymore president of Bolivia. Are you trying to legitimate a drug dealer and his friends? President Lopes Obrador took him as a political refugee, because he knows 100% that Evo Morales has links with Chapo Guzman and also before with Pablo Escobar and as everybody knows they were partners in crime and drug dealing. Stop telling that this was a coup, specially if you are against drug crimes. The Bolivian people went in a massive civil desobedience movement and that was the real reason he had to step down. Evo Morales is a Dictator who wants Bolivia converted in a new Cuba or Venezuela. The law in Bolivia says very clearly that a candidate can go only twice for the presidency. The 3rd mandate was already ilegal and of course the 4th as well. More than 70% of bolivians agree that Evo Morales went from a good president to finally show himself as a Dictator. Again I am totally disapointed and I think Democracy Now is manipulating the news. It makes me doubt that you are independent.

  85. Tangens Rift

    Angela Merkel has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She's serving her fourth term. Merkel stated she won't seek another term in 2021. Franklin D. Roosevelt, served as President of the United States from 1933, until his death in 1945. In 1953, Mohammed Mosaddegh, then Prime Minister of Iran, was overthrown in a coup. His crime? Nationalization of the Iranian oil industry. Pablo Solon, as well as the right-wing scum across Latin America, can go *u*k themselves😁

  86. Gina the Wine Chick


  87. Domingo De Anda

    Capitalism if not stopped, it will be the end of our planet.

  88. Humberto Misteroni

    Que come mierda esta usted escuchando Amy

  89. Pam Pearce

    Trump is destroying evidence even as we speak. Moyers predicted this slow-moving coup years and years ago. Democracy on life support. Pray for Lady Justice.

  90. Tim Phillips

    I think some people are being to hard on Democracy Now. The idea that this isn’t a legitimate question wouldn’t be good journalism because there are limited facts and assumptions are often wrong. Go to Brietbart if you like unsupported conspiracy theories. That’s not to say that the CIA and others aren’t involved, but you can’t just make a news report stating that with no facts to support it.

  91. Veronica Vasquez

    Too late. Latino gangs rule Texas police departments. You're ignoring what's already happened because you know there's no hope. One state at a time, we're all going down. Joshua Brown.

  92. Stephanie Simpson

    He needs to be set free!! Convict the real murderer!! Stop covering up for him!!

  93. Armando Cedillo

    Time to deport the DACAs.

  94. Pam Pearce

    Some ppl can’t afford cable or don’t have internet access. Really!

  95. Leticia Cortez

    Bill Moyers is a treasure. But PBS & NPR are corporate owned like CNN, MSNBC, Wapo, TNYT, Politico, etc., Sad that public tv is no longer public owned.

  96. POP

    Off point but. Please sign the petition to get Steve Miller out of office. He is a white NATIONALIST who runs our immigration.

  97. constantine

    Since when did the government in Washington obey our Constitution? I believe it started with Lincoln. He didn´t pay attention to the Constitution! There should be more human beings like Edward Snowden!

  98. Hubert Roll

    democracy nooooowwwwww is a joke , same imperialistic crap as msnbcia when it comes to foreign policy No fucking wonder Arron Mate left

  99. Roco Dux

    Don't say Lies, the OAS did not say was a quite fraud, they said there were things that could imply a non transparent process.

  100. Vanessa Knox

    And what I'm also hearing is that your Technologies is the reason why the planet is dying because of your superiority and intellect not a whole planet is dying which means you aren't intelligent at all you just Destroyers