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    The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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    13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
    As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.

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    1. Nucleo Heaven

      i hate when people said this show is getting ridiculous season by season just like riverdale. s3 n s2 are the best season so far. happiness, sadness, dramatic are all equal in this show. definitely i can't wait for s4 tho this season3 was probably the craziest, saddest, and the best like honestly but it would’ve been better without ani honestly Season 1 was as always awesome n great but i loved season 2 n 3 a lot more.. Justin n clay becoming brothers after being enemies in s1 literally bought me into tears.. I cried a lot seeing Justin starve in streets 😢😭! I hope none of them die in S4.. or else I gotta give up my NETFLIX subscription...

    2. Nyaira Iiliyah

      yess omgg i can’t wait !!!!

    3. maydayna

      Is this season 4?

      1. Brodie Wade


    4. ari gabrielle

      Binged the whole series so I could be all caught up for this Friday but I swear if Monty is actually dead, then I’m throwing hands. I won’t believe it until I see his dead body smh

    5. A world of JAY

      it should only be 2 seasons 🤦🏽‍♀️

    6. Candela Iñiguez Lamberthier

      Can you imagine that in the end clay has a mental disorder and he is telling the story like brice did all that horrible stuff but he has do them and he is trying to incriminate first Brice and now monty and the 2 new kids are Clay's parents trying to make him realize what he was done.

    7. Jordan Jones

      Hannah died three seasons ago 🤦🏿‍♂️

    8. Paris Jeffers

      Can someone tell me why everybody hates Ani? Like yes I watched s3 and she lied about certain stuff but I don't think she's that bad. S3 was definitely trying to make Clay a toxic and obsessive person so I hope s4 is better

    9. Gigi :3

      hannah is shaking rn no cap.

    10. AD B

      This is the most depressing show....glad I didn't watched it after first season.....


      No season can match the level of season 1🥺❤️ Nostalgic!

    12. Chase Smith

      Omg high school is so quirky 🤣

    13. Dylan O'Brien

      This show lost its purpose the purpose was bullying and how it could affect someone sexual assault and how it could affect someone now it became easy money for netflix to make but.......am still gonna watch I made it this far

    14. Rafa Solorio


    15. i'm not cyborg

      should have stop at the end of season 1, the intro is just so perfect with Joy Division song

    16. Vana Kayalik

      alex and zach better get together or i’m suing

    17. Daniel Bonta

      Character: *dies* Their ghost to Clay: “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

    18. Viking Bird

      Aww shit, here we go again

    19. David Flippo

      Me: is absent absent for one day :

    20. Idiash Peza

      Why are there only 2 girls in the main cast? Wtf

    21. Melkar 123

      Dr Ellman is creepy af...Winston is cute but psycho...Clays mind is not a mind anymore...bring hannah back

    22. Charlie Fontana

      I can’t wait to see a bunch of people get raped in an unrealistic school environment!!!

    23. Raphael Hernandez

      Ay they even got riots in this bih

    24. monty wilson

      Final season 😪😪😪😪😭❣️

    25. Yaritza Martinez

      oh my god this is gonna be so good!!! shebsbsnsnjdjs

    26. Miriam Mechraoui

      I miss hannah😢❤️

    27. Zxnci

      shouldve ended in s2 storyline after s2 is like meh

    28. Beau Northwest

      After this and Riverdale... I'm starting to think I did my teen years wrong

    29. Wet_Dirt

      it all started with that tub. That damn hot tub

    30. okaty

      how many times this bitch gonna be resurrected? let hannah be🙄

    31. Sangam Kalyan

      Clay is the most cursed guy i ever seen on netflix .

    32. Spongebob Patrick

      Is it me or have they been repeating the same grade level?

    33. Hart. Argent

      Why is this should still going on......its like riverdale y’all only going downhill

    34. me

      Watch them be playin like soccer or sum shit since they switch sports every season

    35. faizan khan

      I feel like they are overdoing it now I mean 1st season: epic 2nd season: cool justice for Hannah and Jessica. 3rd season: ok it was good Bryce was trying to make things right boom he's dead. 4th season: Monty's lover who was with him for not more than a week is taking revenge for him yeah no doubt there would be so much good stuff but it still can't keep up with the first season.

    36. Sneha Padmanabhan

      Thank god they fixed Dylan’s hair

    37. Isabella Persaud

      Ok why did ani even come into this show she literally ruined everything

    38. Gargi Bhoir

      End of season 3 Jessica : We've been through a lot, we deserve some happiness. Clay&Justin: yeah Dead Monty : Am I a joke to you??

    39. Uber Frost

      More like 4 Seasons, Why!?!

    40. Xaroz Shady

      I want Hannah back .. even she was ghost .. not the zombie ani

    41. Anand Chauhan

      Why they haven't graduated yet?

    42. Zack Collie

      Why is this show still going on?

    43. Jonathan Cocks

      How r they still in high school

    44. Zacix Mcarcader

      I wonder who watched the last seasons and wanted more of this crap Edit: The only thing I’m excited for is to see IHE’s review of this season

    45. Yeshwath Ram

      I feel really bad for Clay as he is paying a very high price even though he didn't do anything

    46. Alpha Wolf_god


    47. HB vibes

      "Dont freak out" I'm 99.9% sure this character is desensitized to about anything now

    48. Tamanna Khan

      This is still going bruh

    49. Vin Pal

      This trailer looks so scary. I’m not so sure if I want to watch this season.

    50. 420vapenationgodbruh XxX

      These damn kids really need to focus on their education

    51. Krystal Kitchen

      Monty can really go to hell... go away from me with this 🙄

    52. Stan KPOP

      The author of the book is probably confused about their own book at this point

    53. Mr. Movie Mafia

      As someone who used to like the first season, this has become one of the most graphic and manipulative shows I have ever seen. It used to tackle a real issue and had a very focused story, but once that story reached its natural conclusion, it was made clear that the show would do whatever it took to keep going and using scenes of unnecessarily graphic rape and violence as “shock value”. No disrespect to the actors involved, they’re all very talented, but I’m so upset with where this show has gone. Disgusting.

    54. Rami Dickson

      Wtf did I just watch 😂😂😂looks like they about to fight the avengers

    55. Divyansh Kumar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> even joker is scared

    56. Matt •


    57. Steryl Meep

      Everyone in this school is either a victim, an addict, suicidal, a murderer or a rapist.

    58. Steryl Meep

      Alternative title for this season: high-school ghostbusters

    59. scarface52xray1


    60. Kati Kraft

      Am I the only one who thought this show was stupid from the start?

    61. Yuen Ting Lau

      am I the only one who think they should end it when it was season one🤷🏻‍♀️

    62. ovando ferguson

      Oh yes

    63. Roni

      3 more days

    64. billy

      The end should've been season 2. Which is being generous because season 2 was pretty pointless, the book ended after the first season, so I feel the rest is all quite stupid, and it has gone from the story of a girl who killed herself to... whatever this is. It just isn't right

    65. fpetes

      Oh sure, cast the fabulous Gary Sinese in the last season.... Can't wait!

    66. Aadithiya Pillai

      Alex is a psychopath

    67. scottishdumbass

      13 Reasons Why Season 5 - Clay and the gang get involved in illegal street racing Season 6- To stay afloat, Clay and the gang pull off a series of heists. Season 7- Clay and the gang must team up with a government organisation to stop a nuclear device being detonated in exchange for being pardoned. Season 8- Clay and the gang must come out of retirement to stop a new threat, Clays long lost brother Trey who was the mastermind behind season 1's events.

    68. Commander sadiqi

      This is getting more darker as it is 13 reasons why is the point

    69. Ariba’s FoodMood


    70. Sefako Mathibe

      ... Why?

    71. kyon

      Plot twist: this is the sixth sense reboot

    72. kyon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="6">0:06</a> Me: *freaks out*

    73. Andrea Lol

      Imagine having to deal with this in real life, that would be really scary

    74. Nasim ahmed

      These characters are so unique and subtly bonded that I'm awfully excited for the final season

    75. Sara Ahmad

      I've never been so hyped before...

    76. Nirbhay Kumar Singh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> My Favourite Character

    77. ElliottWiththeDub

      13 Reasons why? Nah, this is Sixth Sense Pt.2

    78. Jocelyn Acevedo

      I’m gonna skip to the last episode if it gets me mad I won’t watch the entire season 🤭 this year been having me way to stressed I’m sorry

    79. Yee Howdy

      awwwwww shittttttt

    80. Kswagg Lowery

      Everyone like if you can’t wait