2019 All-Star Event: Day 1

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    2019 All-Star Event #AllStar2019
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    1. J. Jay


    2. Darren Shalla

      Best URF Champ is AD Crit titinic with bloodthirster Leona. Full Build can 1v3 and win no problem, perma stun and crit them to death.If enemy is full squishy she can 1v5 and win.

    3. Mute

      I'm lost at TFT

    4. 김완제

      6:43:37 it is easy for Faker~

    5. isabel sophia castro soto

      I was thinking this was the song of shrek

    6. Flames

      No shrek Disappointed

    7. 밤추리

      우르프 강찬밥 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    8. Joey Turkey

      4:02:26 Jackson Vahue Pog

    9. maja Sørensen

      Karthus Yummi is fun on URF 😜

    10. Sang Woody

      1:36:12 song name please !!!

    11. K K

      Why is caps so awkwardly cute

    12. James Ekholm

      we want 1v1 mode in the client or at least so u can make custom matches with it!! RIOT RITO RIOT RITO

    13. GeneralKoekwous

      Sudden death, rip froggen

    14. william newmann

      why dont the public get the 1 v 1 aram map `? were asking for almost 5 Years and still nothing here

    15. Oskar Prime


    16. Duelo Geek

      Jovi > Faker > DoinB > caps

    17. Wnagato Silva

      Faker e um saco de lixu, são a mesma coisa. Jovi Joga muito, Doinb mito!!!!

    18. King Liam

      How can anyone find this entertaining

    19. Vi And Cupcake

      “Oh yea, you know Tyler1, right? Riot’s poster bot for reformed players and league’s most famous Ivern player?”

    20. daniel anderson234

      Kassadin was broken because his ult, urf his cooldowns and gg

    21. Actionbronco1

      Rick Fox is just an awesome human being

    22. Diego

      Que bonito ver toda una comunidad junta y sin toxicidad. Lastima que no ocurra en el juego

    23. Ivailo Ivanov


    24. recurf

      is this aram game gonna be on the new patch? I would lov to play 1v1s

    25. 도지

      피넛바보!! 베리어인골 까먹은거야 분명해 바부바부!

    26. Jake Anderson

      What song plays at 4:56:00

    27. Callejo

      03:58:59 song?

    28. Maarten Boender

      NA in a nutshell 4:46:09

    29. Dariusz Baranowski

      Sjokz in latex. Niiiiiiice 😁

    30. Adam Neil

      Yes please for hunger games for champions! Best idea to come from Riot except the cinematic series. :)

    31. Purifie

      Who else has been supporting LoL Esports before 2019?! 👇🏼Giving my next 122 loyal subs a 🎁

    32. jason Santana

      Bang was a drag

    33. F1rst World NomaD

      "Zero DEATHS!!" - -Pewdiep- Tyler1 - 2019

    34. Luus Bustamante

      wtf, Penaut is burning when the fire isn't yet... bug report. lol

      1. Leroy Meedendorp

        They literally explained that 5 seconds later. Spectator fire visuals are lagging

    35. wowJhil

      Great games, got to love All Star!

    36. Jonathan Cogswell

      Segment with Stashu was awesome! Would love to see more of this!

    37. Marcus jürgensen

      1:38:00 highlight of the event.

    38. Twisted Fate

      well +1

    39. ILS E

      4:46:25 HAHA is Sjokz in on the memes too? And good interview choice

    40. Imam Ali Ikhsan

      the shy too OP

    41. 윤일 Neil Schmitt


      1. FunkyMafiosoCat

        Jovirone is the best xD

    42. Sgt. Pepper

      literally every single korean pro video game player has the same hairstyle and the same glasses

      1. JL03

        Sgt. Pepper No, not only video game players, but literally 50% of all korean men have the same hair and big round glasses. I was in s.korea last summer and was very surprised how everyone had the same set up.

    43. BiggsFaleur

      Rick Fox continues to be awesome.

    44. Life In Mono

      Becca is practiced at pressing the D :D

    45. Platon Protagoras

      LMFAO Nomanz thought he win XDD min 6:12:49

    46. Kiên CT

      Học trò thầy ba đâu ae ????

      1. Hiếu Nguyễn Trung

        ae đâu hết rồi

    47. BeneBoy

      4:11:30 brudas

    48. lolnoobfiedel

      Moe flexing with his Rolex

    49. Alex Baptista

      Jo urf teve um Deus, e seu nome é Jovi

    50. Fernando Barros

      Referee name pls? Beautiful girl

      1. Can Erdem

        yea whats her name?

    51. Ward Grant

      why does it last 4 hours? i think its supposed to be longer??

    52. Scut Monkey

      New game. 49:32. How many boxes is Dash standing on.

    53. jayden everett

      Hoping that by next year the TFT all stars is entirely separate. I like TFT, but I don't really want to stop watching traditional league for a while to watch pro tft.

      1. Nick S

        i think they might be trying to make all-stars into something like blizzcon. with the new upcoming games, i feel like they want to try to keep everything in one big event

    54. jesus vargas cosano

      Tian, you're beauty!

      1. ωєѕlєу ѕιlνα 韦斯

        Sneaky is above all on it

    55. Alv Noah

      6:45:29 Bruh!

    56. seokah go

      Einfach johnny am start loool

    57. Kaozed

      Sneaky in lane LUL

    58. Sanz Nightmare

      Apa susahnya dikasih subtitle?

    59. Yorick Van Oostveldt

      Sneaky as support? wtf is happening

      1. NCS Hacos

        3 ADC, what do you expected?

    60. Thelegitwin

      The ban picks from NA spell POG backwards