'Armour glass' windows on new Tesla Cybertruck shatter during demonstration

Guardian News

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    A demonstration intended to show the strength of the windows on Tesla's first pickup truck went wrong when Elon Musk’s team threw a metal ball at them. The futuristic Cybertruck was unveiled in Los Angeles on Thursday. Production is expected to begin in late 2021
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    Cybertruck: Tesla unveils new pickup truck but windows shatter during demo ► www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/nov/22/cybertruck-tesla-unveils-the-pickup-truck-we-have-to-have
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    1. Guardian News

      Cybertruck: Tesla unveils new pickup truck but windows shatter during demo ► www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/nov/22/cybertruck-tesla-unveils-the-pickup-truck-we-have-to-have

      1. Sirius Magus

        @The visitor101 look at the faintest events. Elon came out and said Ai is very dangerous to humanity then some individuals promised him $ billions to buy tesla back he mentioned it in the media. Followed up by encouragement to smoke weed on Joe rogan. He was then fined millions and removed as the head of tesla. And whom ever promised him the $ billions. Vanished. That was to teach him to keep his mouth shut and do as he is told .. Elon like others are the front men supported by persons in the shadows. I would not be surprised if this was another lesson to remind him to toe the line. Coincidently Elon forgot about his fears of Ai and now he is to achieve the assimilation of Ai into human brain by end of 2020 (from intrallink presentation ). See the bigger picture. Don't just watch the magician waving hand or the sexy assistant. YOU UNDERSTAND ME? ??

      2. The visitor101

        @Sirius Magus If those satellites are of the same quality as this car, then it's nothing to worry about.

      3. rick shaw

        @machoneboard it was meant to shatter. There is no back stop for the rock for when it bounces off bulletproof glass to keep it from hitting the audience.

      4. Sean Burke

        The engineers weren't expecting elon to throw the ball at it so they didn't put in the bulletproof windows. Maybe do your research next time

    2. Thehider 1234567

      You call that shattering?

    3. JustAnotherSwitchUser

      The windows were weakened from testing before.

    4. cd0u50c9

      I really can't believe not a soul howled out laughing!! I'd be in cramps!!

    5. Gandra


    6. Quares

      Me last minute before presentation

    7. 4lien

      JFK would have still died

    8. KrissKnowsnothing

      So sad

    9. D I E G Ø

      They call me Mr. Glass.

    10. Reiterate Your Sentence

      plot twist : the glass was never meant to be bullet proof but now everyone is talking about the car ; Lets be honest.. How many times has someone shot at you? precisely... Nobody actually cares if their windows are bullet proof apart from a select few who have a-lot more money than to buy this. Free advertisement and it worked like a treat, bravo Mr. Musk, Bravo indeed 😂

    11. BardiX Official

      I still like it!

    12. Eliza!

      where are the side mirrors tho

    13. Vic

      cybertruck looks like a car with low graphics.

    14. Kaan *

      Its just a promo move Like the sonic trailer

    15. higherkite

      Tesla has had many great achievements, they are bound to screw up sometimes. They will get this right.

    16. More Skittles

      i'm strongly disappointed. We all know the higher ups had this technology since the 70s. That's why it was in movies for the last 50 years. Yet, they still cant get it right.

    17. Leena jain

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      Rubbish looking car. Anyone who gives Elon their money without receiving a car in return is sheep. And did I mention it looks really really dumb?

    19. Mason Lee

      How embarrassing

    20. Flash Drive

      #49 on trending for gaming wtf youtube

    21. Germaine Smyth

      Type "F" to pay your respects.

    22. doviid

      Introducing the new tesla ball!

    23. 我不叫Oscar

      I prefer the nike 2022 from gran turismo 4 than this.

    24. Rayan Danai

      Who’s here from David Dobrik’s podcast?

    25. that feel

      "you sure?" Man that hurt.

    26. Plazmir

      “It didn’t go through”

    27. Noah Abbott

      0:15 just keep clicking thank me later

    28. Flipje NL

      "it didn't go through". Well no, but it left a hole in the glass, so technically, it penetrated the glass.

    29. Rafael Alonzo

      Nick Fury’s SUV was stronger than this!

    30. Shadyfier 8

      bruh moment

    31. Eric Jia

      Ah don't you also just hate it so much when you walk out onto the streets and someone hurls a ROADDA ROLLA DA at your face

    32. Kevin Pereira

      Highest level of marketing !

    33. Nick W.

      He just say omfg?

    34. beedsj roiue

      Walks into office the next day: Window team, you're fired

    35. MufasA 925

      You need to be able to kick a window out. Drive car off cliff. Learn my little fucktards

      1. beedsj roiue

        nice for a movie and very ugly in real life

    36. Theo Hiddema

      Fiat Multipla is beaten... this js now the most ugly thing on this planet

    37. fairlanewhip79

      “Those pieces of glass were clearly paedos” -Elon Musk

    38. roouit patan

      It was at that moment Elon knew: He fuked up

      1. Record3r Pr0

        Not funny! Didn't laugh!

    39. samaniac tv

      Oh finally he can work with bill gates ........you know ..windows

    40. Luys Att


      1. roouit patan