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    This is the all-new Audi e-tron! It’s Audi’s first-ever all-mass produced, all-electric car! This electric SUV will be going up against the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC and the ever-popular Tesla Model X, but are Audi too late to the party to keep up? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!
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    Közzététel: 6 hónapja


    1. alex f1

      5.4 is fast in the beginning it started without drama

    2. habitatone

      the cameras-instead-of-doormirrors should be much cheaper than a real mirror because it is just a cameramodule mith a plug and the housing. Very good cameramodules costs around 15$ from the factory. But these are not nice ones.

    3. Bill Bunt

      15 minutes complaing about plastic "bits" and three minutes driving it......

    4. Silver Shine

      Beautiful design yes, but not good price for the specs, the competition is just better

    5. Harry Luteshi

      A Tesla model X is all you need..Why would anyone buy am e tron doesn't make sense

    6. san1122222

      Hey Matt, bit late with comments, but I suggest in future to try some newest Audis in winter! It's hilarious how electronics go bananas, as soon as there's rain or snow hahaha I've so far driven 4 fully specced 2019 models, latest being A6 S-line. As soon as the rain hit, all the sensors started going crazy, cruise controll errored out, gps went bananas, gap assistance, line assistance, all went off 😂😂😂😂 I've driven KIAs in snow storms and middle of summer for example and never had any issues. Source: I rent during my business travels, A LOT!

    7. 3dgar 7eandro

      7:12 😂😂😂👏👏

    8. Shield Toad

      11:43 i also like that the ambient light changes to red so that other people see you 😯

    9. Nev Pickers

      Over £70,000! Nice if ya got the money! Somehow I can’t see people with money like that sitting waiting for it to charge up😂

    10. Dave d'Video Maker

      The Audi e-tron now costs from £59.2K due to more trims.

    11. Madawa Aseb

      hi Mat not the usual questions but could you do an episode on electric vehicle crash tests and if there is, what is the emergency procedure in such a case with fuel powered cars the norm is to remove the battery to avoid electrical fires, what about electric vehicles.

    12. Michael Gogov

      Hahah did you notice how the tesla look like a white baloon next to the audi and all the other real cars hahahaha

    13. ls111553

      I’m sure it will be sold in France under a different name!

    14. Jumble Queen

      The E-Tron has Amazon Alexa BUILT IN! Meaning you can use the Car Chat Alexa Skill to communicate with other vehicles on the road! ...of course if you have Echo Auto, even your '03 Sentra can do this ;)

    15. Anna Ferguson

      That "weird storage area" is for your child's iPad surely!

    16. Adrian Rubi

      Looks like a Q5.

    17. Dyna Melo

      i want those vans *_*

    18. abcd

      The best electric car at the moment.

    19. John Dean

      Just boo

    20. Mark Jones

      Owner: hey Audi the little motors in the door handles are broken. Audi: yes, yes they are. 😂

    21. Mark Jones

      I’d be interested to know if those “cheap plastics” Scratched. If they did and don’t then how they feel is kinda irrelevant.

    22. John Locke

      How fast this car? Weight of it? Range ?

    23. Prabal Lunavat

      Big fan of yours. Appreciate the detail, humor, and general energy! So, thank you always. I am USA owner, of 2019 e-tron prestige, for past two months. Some small owners observations. Disagree. I believe: 1. Haptic screen buttons are not annoying. Fantastic, actually. I mean, I can use them while wearing thick gloves. Nice! 2. Conventional buttons are NOT cheap. That is about the only advantage over a Tesla: this car is more luxurious. 3. Gear selector is intuitive upon living with vehicle. 4. Huge door bins are sort of stupid. Could have done a better job of locking-in (compartmentalizing) bottle, napkins, cleaning cloth, etc. Agree: 1. Glove compartment is long, deep, but low height. 2. Arm-rest space is weird. But actually, big cups struggle to come out. And yes, small cups get grabbed. Agreed. 3. Some materials (wraps) are cheapish. 4. Acceleration is nice, but not 'ludicrous'. Quibbles: - Why 3 screens?? I tend to turn off the middle. The middle could have readily accommodated the climate control (3rd screen). - Steering wheel buttons should have been on lower spokes. I constantly fat-finger their upper placement. - Charge remaining is consistently wrong. F*** off, Audi. (I know: depends on my acceleration. Still though: piss off, VW.) - Oh, this feels like an upscale VW. I think BMW will smoke past Audi once it's broader range goes electric (2022). - Cost of charging on road is readily twice as much as gas. We are in Wild West of how much charge stations can get away with. (At home calculation: assume 25mpg for comparison. And 17 cents per kW. So, that, at cheapest is $0.10 per mile. At cheapest.) - (And forget about it if you amortize cost of new service panel, and charger: $2,500) - WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE A HEATED STEERING WHEEL at US$90,000? Yes!! I am screaming, Audi. Love: + Slightly exhilarating acceleration. (5.4s to 60mph sounds right.) + The haptic buttons. + That I actually shut up and listened to the children that want us to respect their planet, and reduce our gas consumption. Recommendation: ! Wait another year or two to buy a luxury electric. This one might be better than Jag and Tesla. But that isn't saying much. ! Maybe get a Tesla just because Elon Musk moved the needle on these shameless manufacturers delivery of alternate energy vehicles. ! If you get an electric car, please embrace the obvious: install home charger before you pick up an electric car. Must do!!

    24. Francis Khan

      Sponsered by Idrive.

    25. Thomas Tarnow

      Nice car but very inefficient - you will spend more time charging than driving

    26. EMaster YT

      The 12v socket in the back is for cooling boxes

    27. tamina brat brat

      I will take a base model cyber truck with true offroad capabilities for approximately half the price

    28. Fields Carlisle

      The range is so pitiful for an £80,000 car. You can buy a base Model 3 standard range plus that goes 50 miles farther a charge while using half as much electricity. The efficiency is so poor it isn’t going to end up being tons cheaper than a petrol or diesel.

    29. IndirectFever

      Just a glamorised vw, for half the price u rather get that then lease a Q8 to show how rich you are by driving up and down the mainroads when really you just work for Audi and that accountant in his ford probably earns double the price you do.

    30. Awesome Cars Guy


    31. roblox fan

      Fact: this audi is first registered in nothampton uk

    32. Video Stop

      I’d like to see a proper review between Audi e tron and Tesla x and whatever bmw’s shit version of this is

    33. TheEMMNME

      Looking for cheapest plastic and worst quality go for Model X

    34. James William

      love your reviews Matt but man, you sure do nit pick a lot of silly stuff

    35. David Singleton


    36. H. A.

      They cheaped out and used cheap plastic to cut cost. Why anyone favor this junk over Mercedes S class.

      1. H. A.

        @Henkka those small bits would be the deal breaker for me.

      2. Henkka

        H. A. A few small bits other than that much better and quicker than a s class

    37. metalmaster76

      this is my favourite EV

    38. Mark and Jeanette Birch

      Did you know that “étron” means turd in French! Well done Audi, great research!!

    39. mattetjus

      can't you fold up the seats in the back seat before folding down the back rests in order to get a fully flat surface? (as with VW cars)

    40. Arthur Galvão de araújo nunes

      Where is the cameras in the place of the side mirrors?

    41. Being Dez Dubani

      There's always a twig nearby to poke...

    42. Emily Cameron

      Who else thinks the car industry should re-invent the 12V Socket, with more reliable electrical contact and smaller. Do we still need a cigarette lightener in the car? What do you think, will we have in future more accidents with charging cables involved (dripping, strangle, electric shock ...) than regular car accidents?

    43. Pauly Flyer

      When Tesla really got going I predicted that as soon as the big boys got into e cars then they would be obliterated. However based on what the conventional car makers have come out with so far the gap is widening. Give me a tesla model 3 and I'll keep the £30,000 change thank you. What a heap of shit.

      1. Henkka

        40k for a car that feels like a toy from inside

    44. Desmond Chew

      Look at how far the back window go down... WHAT THE #%%=. Lol

    45. puc kratos

      Hahaha étron doesn’t even exist in French

    46. Julius Alexander Yip

      Can you charge the e-tron on both sides at the same time?

    47. Julius Alexander Yip

      You should do a review of a Audi e tron vs Jaguar I pace vs Mercedes EQC vs a Tesla model 3 or x.

    48. Joonas Karvonen

      Why every electric car has odd rims?

      1. Phoenix Feather

        They more air dynamic so u can drive longer on electricity

    49. Picho1x

      Why don’t you just make a Volvo XC90 review

    50. CMO Vlogs

      5:41 x-rated content! Be warned.

    51. Raghunandan Reddy C

      204-mile range is a crime in an EV.

    52. Raoul Demer

      Do you know what etron means in French.?

    53. ayush chiddarwar

      You need some makeup

    54. JΛMΛ

      haven't they made like 20 different 'E-Trons' now??

    55. Henry van Beek

      Is there one single car in the world that Matt would complain about like an old woman ;) I doubt it.

    56. Lasmiranda Densiewillja

      all the stupid people how want this electric garbage!!

    57. Samarth Lamba

      Me: Hey Matt how’s the GF? Matt: She’s good but not as good as BMW’s Idrive

    58. Niki Wenckheim

      can you charge twice the pace if you charge on both sides

    59. Niki Wenckheim

      stop scratching everything! please

    60. David Psenko

      Sponsored by sun cream protection used on Matt's legs.