Bishop Briggs - JEKYLL & HIDE

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    Born in the time of love
    Facing the winds of fate
    Storms brewing up above
    I was breaking
    I was begging
    Just to raise you up
    From the grave of your mistakes
    Pleasure is a kind of pain
    Have I had enough?
    Cause I keep wrestling with snakes
    Sick of all the slippery stuff
    Are you Jekyll and Hyde-ing me?
    I can’t see in the dark
    Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
    Where’s my mind?
    I can’t sleep in the dark
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Did i make it up?
    I was yesterday’s regret
    But today I woke up in your bed
    Have I had enough?
    Oh have I had enough?
    Sick of all the slippery, slippery stuff
    Red apple
    Cherry on your lips
    Killing me with every kiss
    Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    I can’t see in the dark
    Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
    Where’s my mind?
    I can’t sleep in the dark
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Sweet and then you’re sour
    Changes by the hour
    Never know which one I’ll taste
    Hot and then you’re freezing
    Different every evening
    Baby you drive me insane
    Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    I can’t see in the dark
    Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
    Where’s my mind?
    I can’t sleep in the dark
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
    Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me

    Music video by Bishop Briggs performing JEKYLL & HIDE. © 2019 blissmagicjoylove, LLC, under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Ania Hazzir

      I got goosebumps.. Really.. I start to fall in love now😍😍

    2. Ellie Fullarton

      Y O U A R E S O T A L A N T E D O M L

    3. Watcher

      Jaclyn Hill -ing me

    4. my l

      oh year!!! i think about me, when i've 14 years!!! I's so crazy, thanksand cheers XXX Good trips

    5. Lutitia Youssouf

      Omg i love this song

    6. TAV C0S

      voy a usar este tema para mi entrada en la fiesta de egreso de secundaria

    7. Sah Cat UwU


    8. Bianca Goie

      You're amazing don't stop it!!! I can't stop to listen this song! You're voice is just to perfect for this world!!😍😍😍

    9. Night Aßyss

      I didn't know Sophia the robot could sing

    10. Pladff



      Me encantaaaaaaaaaaa

    12. Ayonix Animations

      I KNEW I RECOGNISED HER VOICE SHE SINGS RIVER! I now have another great artist to follow :D

    13. Nevada Nevadovna

      COOL -COOL -VERY COOL - !!!!!!!!! ))) Thank you -)))

    14. Dale Yow

      Im surprised no one mentions bellie eilish here... cause i remmbered her while listening this

    15. Al Ameen S

    16. Al Ameen S


    17. fuujiii


    18. kdiu kgvv

      I could hear this all day 😍

    19. Gypsy Rose

      Essence of raw and real just pours out of your energy and music Thank you Peace Love blessings 💕

    20. Geovana Soares

      Essa música e fodaaaa

    21. Aman Bhattarai

      Enough of Jekyll ! I'm done with static pages :P

    22. Brunária Souza

      Meu Deus apaixonei por essa música pqp Brasileiro deixa like kkkkk 🤗

    23. Fantasía muerta uwu

      xd ._.

    24. Agir Umut


    25. Harley Monroe

      Yessss can she get any better 🙌🙌

    26. Yusur Kassem

      omg i love this i have no words i'm literally just shook this made me cry for some reason

    27. Jed Farley

      Rawr! Dig that beat

    28. Marri Rubio

      Honestly this is waaaay better than the original Jekyll and Hyde song

    29. Ms Mariam

      OMG 😍 So much nice perfecto ❤️ Who think that her sound. and her shap like halsey . . . With all my love sweety

    30. 와산 .

      beliver 0.0 >?

    31. maryjoe anna


    32. Alfred Lordh

      hermoso, bello, sublime...

    33. Hugo Bagano

      Pera aí, a voz masculina e a feminina é só ele/ela? Buguei. Help me '-'

    34. Madelaif Misty

      Now i wanna go bald

    35. lyndacast

      Purée c'est ringard et chiant

    36. kimothyschma


    37. rakesh jangra

      Have I had enough ?? Well I think yes

    38. Timothy Ho

      Why does it sound like a future song for an apple promo

    39. JP Slayermayor

      Billy Eilish influence? At least Bishop has good taste in music, but man its not even a little subtle!

    40. mandira sur

      Woww...i cant stop tapping my feet..😍

    41. Lazy Dinh

      Finally HUsel recommended me something good ! I’m so addicted to this song now !

    42. Em D

      I believe most people have this trait Thoroughly enjoyed watching two personalities

    43. Athena Zeus

      She looks like the psycho queen from See TV Show.

    44. The Nusxnus

      B.o.B ft. Taylor Swift

    45. niteangel27

      Sounds like Billie

    46. rebel chamberlain

      YES GIRL

    47. Kugelblitz

      I think get bald is the new trend

    48. Honey Rhymes

      who is this and is she here to take Halsey's job? cuz i'm here for that...

      1. Robert Paulson

        she's carrying on the alt/Badlands style Halsey

      2. Lise M


      3. Marri Rubio

        I litarty got a halsey recommendation after this vid

      4. Brandy Grandon

        no one can take halseys job,,shes way to hot for that,music and looks

    49. Awinash Kumar Sharma

      This is so addictive!!!

    50. Keith Michaels


    51. Lisbeth Salander

      Yes,the labels are searching for a new "Bad Guy"....

    52. Denika Nieto

      Her shaving her head for her good friend who just started chemo!❣

    53. Cry Now


    54. Galactic Phoenix

      I will fight anyone who makes fun of her hair.

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      Holy, didn't know Sinnead O'Connor made a comeback!!!

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      This is absolutely my most favored song now ❤

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      Demasiado me lo recomendó HUsel :/ al final lo tuve que ver por error. Volveré a SoundCloud