BMW M3 generations DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & review


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    We've pitted against each other all the M3 generations that we could get our hands-on. E30 vs E46 vs E92 vs F80 - there can only be one winner. Join Mat as he takes you through a drag race, a rolling race and a brief journey through BMW M Car history. But before that... Let's race!
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    1. UniTy Games

      The driver of the m3 e46 was sleeping on the start


      E 36?

    3. thisdanisonfire

      I want the E92 GTS so I can sell it and buy a E46 and a house

    4. Zu1u

      E30 - there’s just something about that Iconic Classic BMW front face, just worth owning!

    5. 689Twin

      1:41 463L engine, what a beast 🤪 no replacement for displacement.

    6. MH 1971

      M3 e36 ???😡😡😡💩💩💩

    7. Daten Schutz

      Is ja klar, dass der Vollhost wieder nicht in der Lage ist, ordentlich zu fahren. Stattdessen wieder Laber-Rababer und in den Drehzahlbegrenzer rauschen.

    8. hugh graham

      I love the e30

    9. Max Wells

      Only if my life depended on it could I ever choose only one M car. With that being said, I choose the F80. I've always liked the sedans, with the exception of E46. Not because only a coupe was offered. Because it's one of the best looking car on the road todate.

    10. Martin Coufalík

      Damn, those E90s are fkin elephants

    11. Don Carleone

      How about M3 E36?

    12. The Vegan Driver

      I think you should do this again and use manual M3's, the way they are suppose to be.

    13. Pavel Czech

      E92 for sure with standard gear box

    14. Marcell Karacs

      Where is a 36?

    15. CamNicho

      Wheres the e36 m3

    16. db _dima

      You didn't mention that e46 also came with V8 engine, M3 GTR. e46!!! Limited- but v8

    17. Voodoo Alienkush


    18. Mission Dan

      The E30 was disappointingly shit, always wanted one, not anymore

    19. jimmy-lee trunwit

      No car made beats the original M3

    20. Eck

      Swap the M3 CS for an M4 GTS for a more direct comparison. (yes, the M4 is basically an M3 in a coupe, but there's no F80 GTS and the other gens are the high end)

    21. Manki vm07

      I dont care if the E30 is slowest. It looks just amazing

    22. Michael

      Power: F80 Sound: E92 Look: E46

      1. Sk. Wasim Akhtar

        LEGEND :E 30

      2. Sk. Wasim Akhtar

        Legend : e30

    23. J De Jaime

      El mejor video de la historia de yt

    24. masticbeatz

      O E92 ve F80'i Dalaga Geçtiğin E30'un (Belki E46 Da Olabilir) "Ankara" Versiyonları İle Drag Yaptırsan(!)....

    25. Hazazi Azizan

      I'd still take the M3 GTS just because the engine is V8

    26. Мария Гуржи

      Привет я М.Г.

    27. John N. Freisen

      You used limited models, 2011 M3 GTS, why not use the 2016 M4GTS next time around?

    28. Kezzaa00

      0:57 wtf...

    29. Iphone Shots


    30. ravindu ruwantha

      I like e46 csl 👍

    31. real isrealite

      You picked the worst e46 m3 for drag racing and roll on's.

    32. m81

      C'mon Matt e36 3.2 euro spec? :)

    33. Arjun Binu

      E46 sounds the best

    34. GTR Garage


    35. PforPratham Plays


    36. Betullah Kolaylı

      Türkçe alt yazılı istiyoruz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    37. samuel alfaro

      E46 m3 for sure

    38. harsh574

      Fitment said 110lbs and Mat said 110kg difference in the CSL. Which one is it? Makes a huge difference lmao

    39. D E

      The e92 sounds glorious

    40. Pie Lucas

      A friend of mine had an E46 M3 with the stage 2 Dinan package & I always thought it was damn near perfect. Still do


      The e30 n e46 are way more reliable tho...the others are pos's

    42. RGREEN 216

      E30 for me, cooliest car for sure 👍

    43. clement quirder

      M3 e46 best m3

    44. Amateur Hour

      I want them all

    45. Deebo


    46. CohenPoPo

      More old stuff on the channel please! New cars rarely to never interest me at all.

    47. cezar321123


    48. yenita chan

      Mark wins with BMW M3 F80

    49. Gabe Gatsby

      Lead foot ruined the M3 GTS 2011 BMW M3 GTS Coupe 0-60 mph 3.6 Quarter mile 11.9

    50. Erlangga Affandi

      I prefer the F80 😁💕

    51. _Einherjar__

      The e30 obviously won because is the only manual transmission, that's the real driving

    52. Junior e39 ///M5

      I'll take the v8 anyday and the e30

    53. Nick Plk

      Me GTS😍

    54. Konrad Pazdalski

      what an idiot in E46 1. no LC start procedure 2. no 6th fastest SMG mode 3. from the roll did not choose the right gear

    55. Mike Ross

      So exactly what you'd expect lol

    56. J H

      E92: most beautiful BMW ever made

    57. jase_llan

      Bloody hell, didn't expect the E30 to be that slow - slower over a 1/4 mile than a lot of ~150bhp hot hatches that weigh a similar amount... Still an awesome machine though!

    58. Masóweczka

      BMW e46 M3 csl

    59. Mathias Mikkelsen

      he even mixed the E36 with the E46... when he was talking about the engines after the first drag.. such dissapointment...

    60. isy boy

      The csl normally takes 13.5 if you watch the rs4 vs m3 csl vid