BMW M4 v AMG C63 S vs Lexus RC F v old M3 & C63: DRAG RACE



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    It’s time for a battle that crosses the generations! Mat’s in the Lexus RC F Track Edition, a sports car with a 5.0-litre V8 and 477hp! It’s taking on the BMW M4, with its 3.0-litre, turbo, straight-six engine and 431hp, and the 510hp, 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8-powered Mercedes-AMG C63 S! But that’s not all - we’ve also added in the Germans’ predecessors! There’s the BMW M3 E90, which has 420hp and a 4.0-litre V8, as well as the AMG C63 W205, powered by a 6.2-litre V8 with 457hp! It’s old vs new, so which of these five is your money on?
    Thanks to everyone who lent us their cars:
    Nick's M3 - nicksinghsahota
    Mahmood's M4 - mahmoodansari
    Martin's C63 - BenzvBeamer
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    1. Mat Watson Cars

      Hey everyone. Just so you know this video was filmed over a month ago. In fact, we have a huge backlog of unedited videos (some of which were shot last year) which our editors are working on from home to churn out for you over the coming weeks to keep you all entertained during lockdown. Hopefully, our content will help cheer you all up.

      1. احمد الزيادنة

        @Sarah Mouhdach تاربتزازدوتلبت

      2. Kevin Nguyen

        @Mat Watson Cars you had the Lexus in "Normal" mode. Please switch it to Sport+ by turning the dial to the right two times. Then, do the race again.

      3. Joseph Kondody

        What i don’t understand is that why havnt you used the c 63 amg black series when u have compared it with two doors coupes. So is with e90 a instead of e92. This comparison is not right


        Mercedes should discontinue w205 and make w204

      5. Tigran Sargsyan

        Matt can u plz do this race again but you in a c63s bc 2 years ago the c63s beat the m4 but now it doesn’t and there is no way they made it slower in 2 years

    2. _Bull3t_

      New bmw m4 competition vs c63s the old one with 430 hp is lame the new one vs the Benz is interesting

    3. Krisztian DM

      That 6.2 litre really is a beast

    4. Zodwa Mofokeng

      The new amg 63

    5. Jonny Smith rs6

    6. Sanele Mwelase

      So in short, BMW now makes better cars while Mercedes now makes worse cars

    7. Fireboom69

      that old 63 is tuned no way its faster than a m4 and 63s ive raced them many times not that fast....

    8. コカ・コーラJAPAN


    9. Roz Sa

      Not being biased just because I own a C63 507, but the W204 C63 is pound for pound probably the greatest car ever made.

    10. Mirko Perisa

      You should take c63 amg black series w204

    11. Sealteam7

      I'll take the c63S

    12. Alfredo Morales Lopez

      the old c63 amg sounds like a corvette

    13. Armando Florini

      Old Mercedes is a beast... After 2012 Mercedes lost theyr way... I don't like how Mercedes developed theyr models old c class s class and e class

    14. Edwin Gattorno

      Then... 10 years later (2030) just the Rc still running! (no turbos) 😅💪🏼

    15. Jorge Ramirez

      Mercedes is just better

    16. Ebrahim Kadodia

      Make a drag race with mclaren 765lt vs new lambos and porsche

    17. Ebrahim Kadodia

      Why didn't u put the M4 competition????!!!!!

    18. SpeedSeekerMoto

      I have a w204 6speed manual.

    19. A Xiang啊翔

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a>

    20. Benz E190

      Bester man ! Endlich macht er den old C63 auch

    21. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

      Jesus Christ, the old C63 is 10+ years now and it can compete with modern sportcars, what an absolute amazing car!

    22. Agnibho Chakrabarty

      The old C63 AMG is a legend

    23. FN 2199

      Where’s the king at? Model 3P?

    24. mystxry -_-

      Bro they m4 was shooting forward

    25. Davino Bruneel

      W204 C63 is the best car ever made. Fact.

    26. js002003

      WTF is up with the newer c63? I was worried it would be as fast as the new Aston Martin vantage with the same engine for less than half the price but the new vantage is a lot faster than an m4 cs let alone a regular m4 which walked away from the c63.

    27. Sandra Lahuerta

      Flipas como andan

    28. AfrødéziaK

      Why m4 ? M4 competition it should have been.

    29. arham rasheed

      W204 is love

    30. Çommenter Person

      old c63 is by far the best

    31. Mahesh Namasivayam

      the noise of that old C63 is exactly what everyone needs in quarantine

    32. Fatma Nurlu

      However the new c63 looks better , nothing can beat the sound of the old c63. If i would choose i would still go for the old c63. The new c63 sounds so death. Like a 2.0 motor with turbo

    33. jhlaxbro27

      Old Benzs with m113 engines would keep up with these

    34. frannymarch87

      Why not have the Alfa?

    35. The Rider 9


    36. Dom

      That old e 63 tho

    37. Emili Avila

      Wow old school boy c63 amg old

    38. ace boogie

      I'm not saying those other cars have a conventional weapon under their bonnets, but that w204 has a NUKE.

    39. Louise Harris

      With the onslaught of downsizing engines & confirmation that the next generation C63 will be a 2 litre, 4 cylinder, these w204 AMG’s really will go down in European muscle car history & I think they’ll really start holding their values with the special ones like the Edition 507 & black series sky rocketing in the not too distant future. People are really going to want them.

    40. Roman Shocker

      Drag race is stupid, I like cars with better handles

    41. Cameron Goliath

      Mercedes prices are just stupid

    42. Roberto Splendori

      BMW M4 very very mostrous

    43. Martin Hermez

      this is not RC F track edition the track edition has a weight loss about 700 pounds

      1. Archer

        180 pounds actually.

    44. Gurjeet

      That W204 is a roaring lion

    45. SpecOps

      Nothing beats the Sound of an Merc

    46. Tickle Me Pink

      wouldve liked to see a m4 zcp instead of base but nice race regaurdless

    47. mat channel

      Mercedes C63 in USA is $94,080

    48. mat channel

      European Car (🇫🇷🇬🇧🇩🇪) and Japanese Car (🇯🇵) is best car and good quality car

      1. mat channel

        European,Korean and Japanese Car is high quality car

    49. Cochi Mascherpa

      Si les ponen subtitulado en castellano sería bárbaro

    50. Selçuk Hastürk

      6.2 lıtre AMG 👍

    51. Ali Talla

      the old c63 is a masterpiece

    52. B N

      I love the fact that they always include a roll race, car manufacturers have became obsessed with 0-60 times in their marketing.......but that doesn’t show the full potential of every car. Most cars aren’t stop light racers, but are beast on the highway 👍

    53. Hybrid Parts

      Rcf is a track pack but the rcf track edition is a stripped out racer

    54. Thomas M

      RCF what a piece of junk, Lexus making shit cars now

    55. TheFallenBeeasT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> twinturbo? You sure?

    56. Enes Məmmədov


    57. ABZ ROLLIN

      Old AMG’s sound way better then these new ones with sound restrictions.

    58. DP gang

      Old m3 all day

    59. jickel180

      Pretty sure the old C63 has a tune on it...

      1. Louise Harris

        Maybe - but even if it had, the tune wouldn’t do a great deal with it being a n/a engine. So a tune or not... just goes to show how strong that 6.2 motor is💪🏻

    60. Jevan.M 6A 19

      Isf should added in this race

    61. Samidine Yassine

      C63 AMG the best sound.


      The old M3 looks simple AF

    63. carlos pimentel

      jajaja funny video the c63s coupe can run the Quarter mile in 11.9 or 12 sec your are not showing real information.

    64. Avinash Samaroo

      I'll take the old c63

    65. Boipelo Pride

      The old c63 amg sounds amazing

    66. teosstef official


    67. Martin Schopenhauer

      English is not a good language...

    68. oratile Mahuma

      I blame the c63 coupe driver

    69. Saikishan Shnmugam

      You guys should do A45 amg s Vs sirocco R

    70. vojvoda draza

      You should get a tuned e90, so he could compete

    71. Brandon Smit

      Mat you are wrong. Torque doesnt matter in roll racing. Thats where the HP matters. From dig the torque is important

    72. Shady Ard

      Help me guys I'm going to buy a car soon C63 AMG 2013 Or Audi R8 2010 V10 ? Both cars have same price in my country

    73. david wade

      Had the rc f in the wrong mode. Performs better in S -mode S+ is made for the track. Unless the new rc f is slower smh.


      C 63 AMG the best car

    75. Ali Shapouran

      I remember all the car journalists preferring old M3 E90 to C63 AMG w204 when they were the last generations, but really the Merc was and is better, as the new AMG which is better than M4

    76. Ali open Madboluy

      M4 forever 😘

    77. zeus01504

      Hit the like button if you have an eBay tab open searching for a Merc C63 W205!

    78. Attila Hargitai

      new c63s driver is looser.....

    79. Foam Flinger Nicholas

      I’d still take my jag XKR on both sound and performance over any of these