BMW M8 v Audi R8 v AMG GT 4dr v 911 vs Tesla Model X: DRAG RACE



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    THIS. IS. IT! Our biggest and best drag race EVER! Mat, Yianni, and Raz from Remove Before Race are on the start line, and they’re lining up respectively in an Audi R8 V10, a Tesla Model X P100D and an AMG GT 63 S 4-door! …oh, and if that isn’t enough, they’re also brought along the new BMW M8 Competition and a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S! Could it be our most exciting drag race yet?! You’ll have to keep watching to find out…
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    1. Anthony Salerno

      There's barely any cars out there that can beat a new stock r8😂 thats the best car and fastest. Well done audi. Imagine it with a twin turbo😍

    2. yeeyt __

      He can’t drive the merc he is not a real driver

    3. Jerry T Johnson

      all the other cars have to work up to top end whereas Tesla has top-end right off the line, because EV's have zero loss of torque but are severely limited on their amount of torque but to be fair would've liked to have seen the Tesla Model S bet it would have smoked them all...

    4. jmaine dakilla

      Pls get him out that Mercedes-AMG

    5. [ :

      Thats why bmw fans should respect audi and not to talk sh ab it

      1. [ :

        Even f tesla model x lost on audi

    6. sadchilo

      The GT driver cant handel BENZ

    7. forza gang

      That stupid mercedes driver didnt even know how to drive that

    8. Bumblebee 888

      That Merc cheated u know: .Sarcasm in raz's voice . He is an amg fan boy and doesn't want it to lose. . It is the second heaviest.

    9. Bumblebee 888

      The second rolling race was the accurate one bcos in sport mode. I only said that bcos the BMW won that and I am a fanboy😂

    10. bjørn vabo

      Why in the world are you not using a model S?

    11. cami cami

      Lol merch. What can you expect lol. 🤣🤣

    12. Harroon Renovation and more

      M8 is the fastest of all if you guys knew how to drive it!

    13. komal sehdev

      Tesla Model X

    14. Elvis Putns

      All i see is that the r8 smoked this and i wish there was gulia as well and the bmw fanboys still brag about how cool it is!? But it's no point to talk about it because only bmw boys are the biggest keyboard warrior's let the fun begin.

    15. Soren Sassanid

      Im BMW fan but you all guys know about Porsche. It wasnt fair. 450 hp?! The Porsche 911 turbo s would win this drag easily.

    16. tadex472

      Audi r8 is real supercar just like mclaren😍

    17. Kevin Moreal

      mercs even breaking down in these vids lmao XD XD

    18. Darius Rus

      I still love the Porsche more than all the rest combined 😍

    19. MR. ASS

      remember the tesla is a family car

    20. Carlton Williams

      It's the prettiest

      1. Carlton Williams

        The porsche that is

    21. Josey Dauthe

      The tesla is the ugliest and annoying car ever

    22. Frank Merscheim

      do it again and use a Porsche Turbo S 992 . it win it all !!!

    23. Culture Atika

      Yanni is so hilarious

    24. Demonaco Giuseppe

      The audi is too slow

    25. Lewis

      Now race the Tesla roadster against the Bugatti



    27. Isaac Young

      Porsche & MB are total fail. Never like the MB anyway.

    28. chidambu9

      Actually guys Tesla has only 772bhp and 980 Nm

    29. Israel Keyzer

      Now that I have seen every drag race with yianni every time they show yianni accelerating he looks like he is trying to break the steering wheel. And by the way nobody has reply to my comments so I must not be cool then. Just like yianni when he tries to lose weight but gains more than he is losing when he goes to KFC.

    30. Israel Keyzer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> me when I do not know how to dance in public

    31. Patriotic Asian Populist

      Damn the BMW M8 Looks so Good!

    32. Hamza Sabbath

      Wtf BMW 🤐😶

    33. Jean Deaux

      Yianni ROX! 🤟

    34. Mehmet Türkoğlu

      Bmw is king, there is just no two ways about it.

    35. Femi

      You talk too much

    36. S Simonov

      Add the Turbo S and the winner might be different, but it is either the Turbo or the Audi. And why put the AMG 4 door?! Get the proper AMG GT R Matt :)

    37. Syatria Agung

      Tesla alwys Fenomenal since Classic until Milenium. Like name

    38. Shyir

      bmw and yanni didn't wait for go on the first 2 drags. If you watch it frame by frame it's quite clear.

    39. Cliff Burton ın kardeşiyim

      the audi r8 is the best reasonbly priced super car.

    40. Derrick Pul

      Why not the m8 gc?

    41. drifting pro

      the bmw in the rolling race embarresed the audi,tesla,merc, all got fkd up

    42. Nikodem Kopeć

      M8? Bmw? 😂😂😂😂

    43. sarvesh sriram

      Porsche is my dream car

    44. J D

      Bmw cannot produced pretty cars... 20.. 30.. Years ago bmw build wunderfull cars... Terrible...

    45. John Samuel Ih

      Any Audi fans here?

    46. Kirby

      Spoiler alert: Volkswagen won

    47. heyybii

      That amg gt 4 door is absoutly beautiful! Look at the interior on it! Omg thats gorgoues and for cheaper then most of its compétition

    48. Majid Imran

      R8 will win

    49. Majid Imran

      loved the Tesla and Audi R8

    50. Αντωνης Στεργιου

      Maybe bring a Porsche Gt 3 RS

    51. Arbaz Khan

      "what Porsche"

    52. angel oute

      cuando comparéis y comparen los electricos contra electrico y no junto a gasolina mejor, para compararlo con gasolina tiene que ser un eléctrico con 1 motor por rueda vs un coche a gasolina con un motor en cada rueda así se comparan las cosas. PD: comparen un teslo vs un Jet-Powered Drag Car.

    53. Russell Charles

      Now drive around some curves and see who wins.

    54. Willem tolsma

      Bmw wins i think

    55. Bishal Ghosh

      AUDI 💪

    56. Mohammed Mazen

      I only liked this for Yianni

    57. cris rwats

      This was very unfair for the Porsche

    58. Parker Parnell

      How come every other time Yanni’s not driving the Tesla most likely the Tesla would win

    59. Jh International

      Porsche 911 history 44 years Respectively Undisputed 😜😜😜😜 Fools 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


      From Egypt .... love you

    61. Renato John Fenech

      I Vote B.M.W. the Best

    62. Sha Shams

      The BMW design is tooo hot 😍

    63. Bertrand Cupit

      Badly film guys

    64. Christopher Ramos

      The Porsche at the end😐🤣

    65. Filippo Carnevale

      The amg is trash

    66. yunus kayaoğlu

      Kanal çok güzel beğendim 😁

    67. T T

      If it was a 1-mile drag that tesla would be nowhere to be seen.

    68. V S V

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> I just jumped of my bed looking at that m8 . That's one heck of a beauty with monstrous power. Damn that designer and the team of m8 must get some extra bucks man!!

    69. RossBayCult

      BMW Legion stand up!

    70. li zhaoji

      How about 911 gt3 rs?

    71. A J

      Bmw m8... Is now... Great Competator for all companies.hit like.... BMW LOVERS 😍

    72. Roxana L

      Yes we fanboys do love the Audi R8

    73. Roxana L

      Yes we fanboys do love the Audi R8

    74. Mitushi Sharma

      That BMW was no joke

    75. BANANĂ

      That mercedes....

    76. Mauro Comé Banqueiro

      VW power 😅😅😅😅

    77. Tomioka Lee

      NA is the best

    78. PACO NAROL

      The AMG driver don’t Know how to drive

    79. HitmanMidou

      Hello Mercedes Benz You re the best 😈😈

    80. HitmanMidou

      I watch video but I will never suscribe in your chanl coz you talk a lott 😧😧😧