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    The Tesla Cybertruck is, literally, the sharpest design we've seen in a very, very long time. But what does Chris Harris make of Elon Musk's latest offering? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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    1. Allen Z

      So dumb

    2. Ey the Mischief

      Cybertruck looks beyond awesome.

    3. all things electric

      again this shows the ignorance of liquid propulsion.............reuseable rockets is easy, its just not economic.............its all been done in the 90s..............rockets are easy, building high quality 30k cars is much much harder................Rimac has the right approach............tesla will fail, elon musk is a complete fraud.

    4. Antony Borlase

      Can buy a model Y? And this is only 2 months old? Love to hear your retraction when they do come out, but feel somehow none will be offered.

    5. dvoglavaazdaja

      Hey top gear petrol muppets! Just put the pipe from your super ultra mega giga car in your mouth while engine is working. I am sure that you will receive the pictures from the world 2040

    6. 1best Partyman

      want one i think its awesome

    7. far num

      Lol.. it's incredible how many sheep will just buy anything the full of himself Elon will put on the table. Ever heard about that company that literally sold bull shit in a box? Congrats, you belong to that tribe as a consumer. Chris was just trying to say in nice words that "truck" is a big pile of manure. ..better than a GT3.. ahahahahahaaaa ...Case closed.

    8. Richard Alexander

      550,000 reservations as of February 2020...and a model X already won tug-of-wars with a Raptor 4X4, and a F-250 4X4 so don't get your hopes up about any puny F-150 pick-up winning against the Cybertruck.

    9. SCARLIFE34

      Wasn’t the bed like 6 ft long lol, it’s a monster

    10. Virality Factor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> The important part. Tesla has reportedly mislead their customers about the performance. Thanks Chris Harris.

    11. Nerissa Crawford

      It looks absolutely horrible. Take a Pokemon and stick wheels onto that.

    12. audigex

      The thing about Elon is that he does ridiculous things and says strange things and then does weird marketing shit... and then releases the Model 3 Performance and lands a rocket on a boat, and you can't actually be mad at him because he might actually be an alien and we shouldn't upset them

    13. JeSSEbism

      CFD analyses of the cybertrucks shape shows that its actually a really intelligent design, it's definitely a design that's more function over form... TopGear's heavy Shell sponsoring sure does become more and more apparent these days.

    14. Ronald Houle

      You guys are so stupid. It hurts.

    15. Jek

      Why they're trying to pinned this out if it's gonna pass "pedestrian" crash test. Any truck that hit people will be dead for sure, they're massive vehicles.

    16. 420BudNuggets

      Top gear has hated on Tesla since the beginning. Come on guys, grow up.

    17. TheDanishSpaceman

      At least Clarkson and co have humor 🙄

    18. Pet3r38

      The cybertruck is what people in the 50s thought modern cars would look like. It looks like a military vehicle from the 2300’s lol

    19. Tim Koopman

      I still think it's an elaborate joke

    20. H

      Why's it absolute rubbish

    21. ThatCarGuy yes

      This was designed by a 4 year old lol

    22. Christophe Blanchi

      Utter nonsense from Elon musk? What nonsense? That is why traditional ICE car industry is over: Make fun of Elon all you want, he is changing the world and top gear is not. (not anymore). I hate trucks in general but I absolutely love this truck, its as if I am commuting on Mars. The Y is starting sales next month, the roadster is coming, the truck is coming as well. What BS? Not like traditional ICE cars makers have not shown cars they never made. Tesla will make those vehicles.

    23. Noah Bowie

      Rivian came out with a refined, gorgeous and complete electric pickup that could go into production tomorrow without any major issues. Cybertruck looks like the design was done on the back of a cigarette packet by a drunk northerner on a Friday night in Newcastle, and to top it all off expect massive production and regulation problems

    24. The O.K. Corral

      Tesla also needs to put a 100% foolproof manual override system easily engaged -- at anytime--by the driver which is COMPLETELY independent of ANY electronics! An unsavoury Agency already BRAGGED about how easy it would be to get rid of people thru hacking their cars and CRASHING them!

    25. Ronald Nyandoro

      This thing needs to fail completely to save us from the industry adopting lazy "design" cues like this. There isn't any ingenuity involved other than "it's Musk he must be right." Nope, this needs to die.

    26. Cheeseburger Eddie

      It looks like something out of blade runner years ago if it flies I would be impressed

    27. MrBMohandes

      What a W@£$%^R

    28. Fooks Lee Ho

      It’s boring period don’t care how fast or how powerful it’s boring. The rocket that can land is 50 year old tech

    29. Bodhi

      Why wouldn't you just make it good looking? Certainly they should've seen that it's ugly. I don't understand.

    30. ShoresOfHelll

      The guy interviewing Chris doesn't seem to know much about Elon Musk history or present. He's talking about rockets landing via parachute... c'mon mate, do your homework at least.

    31. Leif Johnson

      Send your your addresses and I will send you the money for 2 disposable razors.

    32. BMW R1200GS Adventure

      I stumbled on this video by accident. Wish I hadn't. Utter rubbish.

    33. pjerO odKarmela

      I think it is honest to comper the cybertruck with utterly hopeless car

    34. Charlesdavid2009

      Guys like this hate innovation because they want everyone else to drive cars that look like ladybugs or disposable plastic bottles... so THEY can have their big dick toys

    35. srivalsan p

      I wasted my time.useless review

    36. Morten Krogh

      The really big news here is the price. If Tesla can make a 800km range car of this size for 69900$ profitably, then its game over. It must be probably 2x120kwh battery inside, and that means a price/kWh which nobody can compete. A long range model S with 120kwh pack may cost 50000$ in the future...

    37. Peter Simbai

      Well it’s it not the British top gear guys then I’m not interested.

    38. dryzabones atom

      Cyber truck looks beautiful

    39. megabowzer100

      Not interested in the car.but i am interested in the thousands of 5g satellites mr welly face ultra zionist musk is throwing into space !! But no everybody focus on the car while we destroy peoples health with low vibrational waves:/

    40. Rhine River Surf

      I ordered a CYBERTRUCK ✌️✌️✌️

    41. Tunster

      The parachute comment just totally killed this video.

    42. DrewsTurbo

      It's a nonsense vehicle and is not to be taken seriously until it's an actual production vehicle out winning comparisons. End. Of. Debate.

    43. Byzan

      people dont realize shell is a heavy investor in Top Gear & these guys are literally paid to make Tesla look like shit

    44. 李友路


    45. nordfresse

      This guy on the left there, what makes him think he knows anything about design when he clearly doesnt.

      1. Callum Penman

        nordfresse unless alfa Romeo, ferrari and Aston Martin were suddenly erased from history, I’ll never think that thing looks good, it looks like a car from a video game before the textures have loaded in. I liked the look of the model S and the model X when they were launched, now I can’t stand them. Want to see innovative and good looking? Look at the 488 pista, any new mclaren, the DBS superlegerra, hell even the new bmw 3 and 5 series! These are all new designs and none of them are as ugly as that

      2. nordfresse

        @Callum Penman Well thats how it is with innovative design, the average guy hates it at first. But you will come around eventually, in 5 years you will love it.

      3. nordfresse

        @Callum Penman See thats the problem with most "motor journalists", they know all about the technical stuff and think they can judge design as well. It is a totally different expertise that is needed for that. Just because you can tell if you like something or not doesnt mean you are qualified to judge it. Same with that TopGear guy himself.

      4. Callum Penman

        He is a highly coveted motor journalist and racing driver who is asked by multi million dollar companies to road test and judge their own cars. The fact you don’t know who he is shows that YOU know nothing

    46. David Datura

      I’m a traditional petrolhead and I’m not particularly interested in the inevitable rise of electric vehicles. But the Cybertruck is the first EV that I’ve actually liked and would be interested in maybe owning! Not the popular opinion I know.

    47. Zip P

      Most people didn’t like the body look of the Dodge truck back in 95 when they change the look from a boxy truck to the rounded fenders but look at how well that sold. years later. So that being said and note I bleed diesel, and only would buy it in line engine in a diesel. I have to say I have a feeling the design will grow on people over time and he may change the design slightly over time as well. Also from an engineer standpoint of View what’s underneath is pretty impressive I just wish it could get 610 miles out of those batteries then it would compete with my truck.

    48. Karl JJ

      Tesla is a fraud, like all electric motors.

      1. Trans1000

        Karl JJ but electric cars are real?

    49. Homie Homie

      Quit talking that bull

    50. Sherwin Jerome

      Top Gear is so salty after Elon exposed them

    51. Eric Lancer

      Its the hype of the musk fan boys...the real matters are lacking.

    52. kickinbackinOC

      Who removed my post? Couldn't take a little ribbing? I'll buy you a teddy bear. I actually came back to edit out my cheeky ribbing, but your butt-hurt internal timer beat me to it.

    53. Tim Smith

      I am not a truck person, so my first reaction (before seeing it) was, 'Oh, woop dee do'. Then I saw it, and I might want a truck after all. I don't understand the detail either, but this is Elon Musk... It automatically is more likely than if Ford had said they were going to make it.

      1. Tim Smith

        I might add that I think pedestrians will be teleported out of danger. If Elon can get good things moving like he has done, then you can't say this is not a possibility!

    54. John McDiarmid

      Musk can do anything but build the crap he takes deposits on.

    55. schmudge

      Search for "TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck" , lmao soo much better !!

    56. Richard Goed

      Now shoot it to the space

    57. val s.

      And who cares what Chris Harris thinks!

      1. val s.

        @santiago calderon who says I did? BBC has become a propaganda network nothing more or less,just this !

      2. santiago calderon

        why are you watching this video then?

    58. JonDavid Tator

      The cubertruck is the most hideous truck I’ve ever seen

      1. GloomGaiGar

        trucks/pick-ups/utes designs are hardly the pinnacle of humanity's infinite imagination

    59. Ron Van Lingen

      And then there is the Rivian: a real truck.

    60. ciliaris2

      Disrupted or visionary? Whats EM track record

    61. Tom Nuytkens

      here's a CYBERTRUCK made in Lego!

    62. Johnson McBig

      I think it looks great. Initially thought it was weird, but it eventually just grows on ya.

    63. steve fitchett

      You won't believe this but some crazy flat earther has used a clip from this video to suggest that Chris doesn't believe that Elon Musk and SpaceX are real. Here is a link to the madness. Any chance you could confirm that Chris isn't mad and indeed does believe SpaceX is real. Here is a link to the madness so Chris can have a laugh if he is ever that bored. I can't believe there are people this utterly stupid on the earth but i am apparently wrong.

    64. john turner

      The cyber truck is back to the future proof.....

    65. Artur Albert Klatka

      I think that you should be more open minded as to the whole design of cyber truck

    66. Justus Goll

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> What is with the Apollo Luna excursion module ? (;

    67. skoda10

      i think it looks like a car from one of those early 90s pc games, like stunts.

    68. William Jordan

      Yeah, great rocket but fire-hazard solar panels. Kind of hit and miss.

    69. Alex Connor

      Cybertruck is a Mars vehicle. I'm calling it now, Elon Musk is going to put these on Mars.

    70. venomspeak

      Forget the CyberTruck, look at the CyberQuad...

    71. Ludwig Bergmann

      Chris Harris 👍😎 Tesla 👎🤮

    72. MrCpolzin

      Chris Harris sounds butt hurt. Tesla is so far ahead of the game.

    73. A Sam

      Please get him on VinWiki

    74. Qi Gong

      Musk spent a lot of $$ to build that little real business will spent that much and get so little in return...

    75. Green Echelons

      Is my graphic card coughing up dust or is that picture slide effect just intentionally glitchy?

    76. nik maknojia

      I am enjoying seeing people opinions on cybertruck and it’s not about proving anyone wrong or right. Elon showed the world something very different, something no one is used to. Ofc people are having hard time to accept it but if Elon can deliver everyone he said in the conference and I really hope on time then tesla will definitely sky rocket but if cybertruck is delayed for a long ass time then the stocks are definitely going down and in that case all the money I am saving up for cybertruck will go in tesla stocks so it’s a win win for me 😂

    77. MATT LACH

      Lies all lies .

    78. Yuosaf Aifa


    79. Falkon786

      Agree with Chris, why do rich people think the masses will follow whatever they put out there. We need vehicles appropriate for our roads.

    80. Charu D

      So you are called Low Gear