DAY 3 - Invasion of Rojava (YPG Vet)

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    DAY 3 - Invasion of Rojava
    The YPG and SDF continue their hold on the city of Gîre Spî as the Turkish army and FSA forces move in.
    It’s early in the war, but we are seeing win’s on both sides already.
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    1. Samurai Gango

      Why you atak nato?

    2. seeko93

      come to afrin ahahha, city ​​of turkish state

    3. Cali Cartel

      This Country is the Country of Syrian People. So shut up motherfuckers and cry.

      1. Civ Div

        Yes it is. Not Turkish, but Syrian. All Syrians too. Kurds, Arabs, Muslims, Christians.

    4. marif celebi



      ypg kimin orospusu belli değil 🇺🇸 Abd ninmi ? 🇷🇺 Rusyanınmı ? 🇸🇾 Esadınmı ? hahahahaha kimin orospususunuz len siz kafamız karıştı hahahahaha 😂😂😂

    6. Timur DOĞAN


    7. avidez avi


    8. BMW

      Did this dude just say the ypg terrorists are holding against the second best army in NATO??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. JacatackLP

        BMW second biggest, but far from second best. And they’re far from terrorists

      2. Anthero

        lol that seems not possible, as we can see without serious resistance they are retreating to south.

    9. Kcha ShaZaka

      I'm kurdish we are east we are succssfull ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ Fuckkkkkkk Ardoghan Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk turky Ardoghan is a donkey

    10. Ocalan PKK


    11. grim reaper

      Those FSA fighter are like some headless chickens lol they don’t even know why they’re still fighting what do they really think they’re going to gain in Syria🤔

    12. TheDadoglu

      Don't run away. We want to get all of you. Even the paid foreign YPG fighters. This is the end of the Israeli-Dream. Please don't run. We got to get all of you.

    13. Soso alkordya


    14. GlobalMillitary96

      Turkish army will annihilate YPG. From what I have heard they're going to deploy their most deadly weapons very soon. YPG has no chance :)

    15. Shaher Harden

      day 4?

    16. T A T

      You don't see any movement on Jarabulus because that town is already controlled by FSA. It was the first town to be liberated from ISIS by FSA in 2016 as part of the Euphrates Shield operation. Tall Rifat won't be subjected to any movement because it doesn't share borders with Turkey, it's cut off from rest of SDF and under Assad's sphere of influence. USA withdrew from Northern Syria because the international law allows Turkey to operate near its border, and USA couldn't resist to Turkey's insist on pulling out. Trump didn't want it himself, Obama or Hillary would have probably done the same. It's easy to blame everything on the guy who is in charge, not knowing what he is going through.

    17. Nizam Sora

      The crusader supporting the munafiqoon... we will send both of them to hell...Takbir!!!!

    18. Ahmaw Glinok

      Thanks bro for support rojava

    19. Delilah Wayne

      YPG and PKK members killed my friends from college for nothing. They were all innocent and would be doctors after they graduated. I’m really bored with all these terrorists wanting to split my country. Since they have no power against Turkish army, they bomb theirselves causing other innocents life. RIP all those innocent civilians and soldiers killed by YPG&PKK terrorists. God may be with Turkish Army.

    20. Adam Smith

      Turks have no respect for other nation's land, culture, identity. All they know invading other people's land and expand their territories. They ban other cultures, languages, change the city names to Turkish. Turks have no right or land to claim in middles east. God Bless Kurds, God bless all Syrians. I hope all Middle-Eastern people wake up against these dark minded people.

    21. Jacob D

      Makalbah kimblokab bin Baka aba din blamakba chklin kmao fofo USA pomba kah khimable tenaaraaqah waoklahqhqaab 😎

    22. Keigan Beardsley

      how do volunteer. please im begging for you to reply..


        He has a video already about that. But as far as I understand, they aren't accepting volunteers at this time, but I saw an interview with an international volunteer already in Rojava and they said they will likely be asking for volunteers again sometime in the future.

    23. Recovering Intellectual

      Abdullah Ocalan... true World Leader....visionary and man of Peace.

      1. Raimyz


    24. Recovering Intellectual

      As Winston Churchill said, in response to Turkish neutrality at the beginning of WW11....." tell Turkey Christmas is coming".... Thanksgiving maybe? Turkey stuffing itself nicely.

    25. [AvakinLife] 12

      Halp rojava

    26. Dulpixdrone


    27. [AvakinLife] 12

      Plz halp plzzzzz

    28. Raimyz

      you one of the most disgusting youtubers i have ever seen you are TERRORIST and such a big liar DIE FROM CANCER

    29. Andy Johnson

      Turkey loved buying discounted stolen oil from ISIS, now they are trying to punish the SDA for beating them...

    30. Hali Dali

      I love you 👍

    31. pero

      Good lets kill those ugly feminist

    32. Anti Atheism

      TURKISH ARMY ❤️🇹🇷😎🔥

    33. Noritos

      How is Tall Rif'at reinforced? Are the Kurds allowed to move through Assad territory?

    34. Starman

      Do you think the YPG Interenational is still up

    35. Sebahattin Altun

      R.I.P Kurdistan

      1. Gelax - Games & More

        Sebahattin Altun Kurdistan? Its called Rojava, a territory controlled by the Kurds.

    36. Erbakan Erleri

      İF you close your eyes, the sun means nothing... Full support for Turkey. Pkk,ypg bastards kill 40000 turkish people and today we will see their braves

    37. Alex Qkhwahck

      Thank you!💚❤️💛✌️🇺🇸✊🚩🏴🌱🕊️HeyvaSor!!!

    38. Ismail Senocak

      I'm a Kurdish citizen living in Turkey. YPG is an extension of the PKK and the terrorist organization. He does not defend my right as a Kurd. Terrorists threw bombs at us and killed babies.Pkk's kidnapping our chopsticks and threatens us It's not the right video, I M what I wrote right

      1. Baharda Toprağın Kokusu

        you are not kurdish

    39. Cam_ 401

      God Bless you brotha praying the YPG can hold off until a new U.S administration is in power.

      1. TheDadoglu

        We have to catch all of you. Hope to see you on the battle field. Not on the screen. YPG is history soon

      2. Ms Hala chikhou

        He is right about what he is saying the situation now in northern Syria is too bad .. every day we have injured children and women 😔 I'm in Syria

    40. Remi Hinanawi

      hey Civ Div, do you know why SDF fights in the first place? what is the morale? why did you join them?

      1. Keigan Beardsley

        They want Autonomy. They want to be a democracy. They believe in human rights and equality for men and woman. they want to be FREE.

    41. Marola George

      Yesterday while I was browsing Facebook, I saw a child his face was burned and drowned in his blood Yeah. This situation for all children in northern Syria .. The Turkish occupation is ruthless and has no pity .. And The world has no voice😢😭 ~ I live in Northen Syria ~ and sorry 4 my bad English .

      1. Sinan Nas

        What about the PKK?! They murdered thousand of innoccent people in Turkey...what about those?

    42. Garrulus Garrurig

      Thank you again!

    43. Noor

      SDF casualties are about 100 according to shr

      1. JacatackLP

        Noor it’s extremely strange to me just how low the casualty count in a lot of these modern conflict are, especially considering the level of firepower at play

    44. Swong Standard

      "I don't know why ONE country can't just put 50 soldiers there to prevent it". Let me remind you that being in Syria with foreign military is still de facto an act of war against the Syrian regime. No country except Syrian allies are allowed. US created the situation in Syria, US has the obligation to solve it.

      1. Zec

        The USA has no obligations to be in Syria we need to get out of there completely. We shouldn’t have been in there in the first place

      2. Shot 22

        Swong Standard yeah they’re obligated to fix it but like at the same time remember it ain’t their land and they should respect Rojava’s say in all of it

    45. king kong


    46. Austin Melton

      how do the peshmerga fit into all this? Do Kurdish from Erbil/ Iraq regions go here to support the fight to defend against turkey?

      1. FoRZaD

        They do but the problem will be it'll cause more fights to them 2

    47. Soylu Türk

      I'm Turkish You comment from your hot seat ypg and pkk have been massacring civilians for years and now they are trying to establish a country on the border it's time to say stop 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

      1. Soylu Türk

        @Martial Villager If the Kurds establish a country, they will start to fight us, because you know we have been fighting the pkk for years. pkk killed many innocent people . Explore the pkk massacre.

      2. In3x0rable

        @Martial Villager Cannot comment on Syria part but it won't happen in Turkey I can assure you. Not even more than half of the people want that. Also no, constitution won't change either.

      3. Martial Villager

        @In3x0rable new countries and governments are created all the time, constitutions are changed or replaced all the time... maybe Turkey and Syria will be forced to give up some land if the Kurds can cause them problems long enough.

      4. In3x0rable

        @Martial Villager Kurds are majority in some areas that's for sure but then again there are many other ethnic groups make up majority in some areas, if we go by that logic we have to seperate the country to many pieces. And as I said before, that's against the constitution, it won't happen just because some people want it. They can go declare their independence somewhere else (for example n.iraq) but it's not happenin' in that area.

      5. Martial Villager

        @In3x0rable it's not about who needs to leave. Kurdish sovereignty is not about who leaves, they already make up majority in many areas. In those areas they should have an independent government, national minorities (non Kurds) in those territories have full rights.

    48. Selcuk Karayel

      Just wait. Turks are coming !!! Don't be afraid we will save you too.

    49. Luther Sloan

      Thank you very much for these updates.

    50. Elias Simon

      Go on chapo bruh

    51. aziztcf

      Just tossed 5€ to HeyvaSor paypal, match me comrades. Solidarity from Finland, Biji Rojava

    52. rakatumu

      3:00 Why couldn't a country place 50 soldiers to prevent Turkey? It wasn't the soldiers holding the Turks back, it was retaliation from the whole US military if those soldiers got hurt that held the Turks back. "Tripwire force" if you want to learn more. And only the US, maybe Russia has the military capability to do that. The fact you don't know this makes me doubt your credibility.

      1. Mark Wolf

        I'm not sure I would agree that Turkey was being held back by US forces being present. I think Turkey let Trump know that...this time...they were moving matter what. That if the US valued those 50 soldiers...then they better make them be somewhere else. Otherwise they were going to be in a war zone. To me the Turkish invasion is just the natural culmination of a strategy Turkey has been working on for 8 years. Turkey essentially destroyed the Assad regime by using cannon fodder in the form of Sunni rebel groups...including extremist Syria. But the goal would always be that once Assad's forces were decimated enough that Turkey could stroll in and occupy the place. So I don't think they would have necessarily been deterred for long if US, or Russian or any other troops were there. Turkey wants to...needs to...control the oil fields of eastern Syria before the Russians and Assad get to them. That way they can cut off the Assad regime from oil and maybe end up destroying Assad's regime within a year or so. If Turkey shared this strategy with Trump, then it would be in the US interest to see Russia, Iran and Assad out of Syria, and that would be another reason for Trump to pull back US forces. But I'm not entirely convinced that Turkey would have refrained from an invasion even if US forces were still embedded with the Kurds near the border.

    53. Kitty Rush

      i think Kurdish YPG agianst Turkey, Iranian backed forces also is attacking the kurds... may the lord save the kurdish people..🙏 It is not the kurds is the terrorist, its Assad is the real terrorist, hes the one should be attack, but Assad, turkey, Iran, Rusia i think are ally.

    54. hey don't touch that

      Thank you for breaking down the Syria live map for us. It’s kinda overwhelming to look at but you made it easy to digest. Preciate

    55. Kiwan Sleman

      What about Turkey targets an international coalition base in kobane? This right or not?

      1. Marcus Vaught

        It was in response to nearby mortar fire and no personnel were hurt by early report

    56. No Wallet

      It seems Turkey has managed to anger the whole world, they have Assad and his allies against him, and NATO and the EU against them.

      1. cringe intensifies

        Maybe you dont know. Turkey is doing this operation under Nato&International law which clearly states a country has right to clear any non-state armed organization from their borders. Thats why nato or any other country can't do anything but warn just to please sjws.

      2. Keigan Beardsley

        yea very true but all trump will do is warn them then warn them again lmao

      3. The Prussian Mink

        NATO isn't really against them. The US has their back. They pulled out to make this possible and vetoed the resolution against them in the security council.

      4. Shot 22

        No Wallet well let’s hope nato and the eu grow enough of a spine to intervene in time before the YPG and the Rojava revolution get wiped from reality. This has got me really on edge, I really hope they survive long enough to make it out the other side

    57. Samb1600

      your knowledge is so helpful! would sdf destroy the turkish army is they had anti aircraft missiles?

    58. G.D. Idamett

      Hey Civ Div, do you know if the YPG is calling for more international volunteers now that the war is ramping up on the northern border? If so, could you direct me to where one could look to help out?

      1. JacatackLP

        G.D. Idamett good luck comrade!

      2. Samuray Tv

        @G.D. Idamett r u from Us ?

      3. Luka Zorica

        Başur is an insider on reddit is suggesting adding that there should be a call for international aid as there was for Kobane. Good luck comrade if you make the decision

      4. G.D. Idamett

        @_Vallee _ Thanks, I was kind of hoping for something more specific though.

      5. Shot 22

        _Vallee _ pretty sure they’re shelling the main crossing point at that border hopefully I’m wrong though

    59. igli1111

      Turkey is used to acting unilaterally without consequences. It does that with Greece whenever it wants. It did that with Cyprus in the 70s, It's been doing that with the Kurds inside of Turkey for the past 50 years. All of this is without counting the atrocities of the Ottoman empire. The European Union and the US should stop petting Turkey on the back. Erdogan is trying to reawaken the back warded Ottoman empire. This was a unilateral and unprovoked attack. This war needs to end and we as humanity need to come together despite our differences.

    60. B Abdullah

      You don't seem upset at all, is it like a fun game for you?

      1. FoRZaD

        He is