Diablo 4 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | Blizzcon 2019



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    Lilith, The daughter of Lord of Hatred, returns to Sanctuary in the reveal trailer for Diablo 4. Diablo IV is the newest cinematic from Blizzcon 2019.

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    1. Solea Makie

      JESUS CHRIST IS KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Luke Angus

      anyone else see inarius in the flashes?

    3. DarkestLight4U

      Mot even a Diablo Fan- Just not my style of Game That said- This is the best Cinematic trailer i have ever seen. 10/10

    4. Estine Lesse

      This is trash on so many levels.

    5. Антон Парфёнов

      А я всё больше замечаю что Diablo IV это корейская ММО гриндилка со скином Мира Санктуария...Такой проэкт очень хорошо зайдёт в Китае и Корее. Для таких стран он и делается. Очень напоминает новую Lost Ark с внешним видом Санктуария вместо аниме стиля. И то то будут встречаться другие игроки это лишний раз доказывает что это ММО. Да и тот же максимальный уровень с вводом нового персонажа будут поднимать на +10 я уверен. И новые Мифические шмотки которые будут круче Легендарных очередной способ создать фальшивый хайлевельный эндгейм как во всех ММО. Близы пойдут на поводу и впихнут кучу ММО контента в игру которая должна быть однопользовательской А диабло это игра про боль тоску и раздор везде и всюду.И про одинокого героя посреди мира у пропасти. Походу пацаны нам пытаются впарить хуйню и крайне аккуратно подводят к этому..

    6. David Bunyai

      Whats that Gendered version of diablo ? ahah

    7. Bigus Dickus

      Of course the one who seeks knowledge is a ηiδδer

    8. Pop Ease

      Whao is that the *JEWISH* demon Lilith?

    9. Eric peppy

      Evil whyte mayne

    10. Hans Hosenbund

      I'm not familiar with the Diablo Lore, so could someone tell me the name of that bald pale guy? I could be wrong, but he sounds like he is voiced by Anthony Howell. That would be a massiv plus in my book.

    11. specialmitch

      Oh so this is what was going on on Epstein's island.

    12. Elmo

      Bad guy is looking very like Jon Irenicus

    13. Hugh Mungus

      Looks like they will make it just as bad and money grabby as shitablo 3

    14. Arthirias

      So who did the consulting for this? Maria Abramovich, Tony or Skippy Podesta?

    15. Cornelius Wells

      That strict face is really awesome at 8:48 :) I like her, because actually she participated in the creation of Sanctuary, so indeed she has some rights to rule over it, and its denizens, who are actually the decendants of her children (so of herself). Nice turn in the story. "Blessed Mother" :) She could be actually a positive character, if she wasnt a demon, who is the daughter of the Lord of Hatred :D

    16. Caleb Chaney

      this is legitimately the best trailer I've ever seen. gave me chills

    17. Strobable

      You guyz know that the game will be an other epic failure xD

    18. Damian Koźmiński

      Jerome Flynn? 4.49

    19. Daniel Sharkey-Jacoby

      Leave it to Blizzard to make me really want to play a game just for the cinematics.

    20. Michael Kenis

      I like this line their going with, but wasn't lilith a lot weaker than the primevils?

    21. Snow Day

      i called a jesus hotline then i asked if they know a game called diablo they immediately hang up

    22. decoy


    23. Vinsu Karma

      I salute you blessed Mother!!

    24. mishanka1253

      I from Russia Blizzard do please Diablo 4 interesting and deep game not upset us his fans please.

    25. bsherder

      Looking forward to playing this in 2021 or 2022.

    26. IronVigilance

      Was that Tyrael?? Did they kill him off already?? I loved his character

      1. 625Ruben

        But Tyrael is probably dead. This is thousands of years later and he became mortal.

      2. 625Ruben


    27. Transcendent Music

      I think the black guy is Nazeebo.

    28. Jenni Tonell

      Is this tyreal ? I’m pretty sure it is but I just wanna make sure ha

      1. 625Ruben

        No its not

    29. Jorlaxe

      It’s time for a world of diablo game.

    30. Tài Phạm

      trailer đỉnh cao :V

    31. leftstanding

      Release date is obviously going to be Fall of 2666.

    32. Tiger's Playground

      A few thoughts I had relating to this trailer. One it's pretty damn awesome. I find the interaction of the "scholar" and, who I'll describe as nephilim, very interesting. I think he is a direct child of Lilith. Also, the manner in which he gave the scholar his wish before he died, the gentleness used when placing him upon the stone altar (which wasn't needed as they already gave themselves up by offering their blood), and the manner in which he engages the scholar regarding why he came to the darkness, I think, supports that he is not completely a villain. I'd love to see the scholar resurrected in the game with that "knowledge" he was seeking in some form as a gift from Lilith. I hope the story in D4 is more grey and offers choices to make. Here's to a engaging story I hope is coming our way!

    33. Snowblade

      The gameplay... delivering scrolls to near by settlements🤣

    34. Doctour Chabs

      Mobile - yes. PC - for people without real jobs and life.

    35. darkside gaming

      The dude with the eye patch looks like Bron from game of thrones lmao

    36. Javier Vazquez

      Thats the head of Diablo in 8:20 ? Can someone explain this?

      1. 625Ruben

        ? Thats her hand?

    37. Brandon Brown

      From shows like Sabrina and now this is it just me or is Lilith being referenced now more than ever.

    38. Stone Malone

      Wow maybe they can actually make the game feel like an RPG this time and give you real choices on how to build your character instead of the EVERYONE GETS EVERY SKILL garbage

    39. Bot Komp

      8:52 PERFECT. She looks so scary, and so much powerful!

    40. Тимур Семенов

      This game will be immortal)

    41. q8 fallout

      am i the only one to think i heard Bayek ( Nooooo ) ?

    42. James Hogan

      Can someone please tell me what this franchise is about?

    43. Kyle Hinson

      By... Three... They... Come........

    44. Travis Leonard

      Everyone else - "Wooooooo!!!!" Red Shirt Guy - "YEs, sooooo... Accctually, Iffff weeee take a look back in the lore..."

    45. Red Reaper

      Can diablo III become free

    46. wtw5002

      Beric Dondarrion?

    47. Nadie Especial

      Quién lo habría imaginado. Tyrael conoce a Pinhead.

    48. YukitoOnline

      Finally a REAL DIABLO game.. I don't want another World of Warcraft using a Diablo mod(Diablo 3)

    49. Aphotic Pyre

      Hail Santa!

    50. The Funky Muslim

      8:33 and on is freakin’ siiiicckkkkkkkkkkk. Those 9 minutes went by way too fast. Make an hour long movie man.

    51. michael jordan

      diablo movie

    52. Zach Seaman

      Doesn't the one guy look like Bronn of the Blackwater?

      1. foopyu nooui


    53. Joel Kulesha

      Handy reminder. Blizzard doesn't support democracy and sided with the Chinese government to silent Hong Kong protests.

      1. foopyu nooui

        what means " thi " ?

    54. Σταθης Αποστολιδης

      7:56 I thought that mephisto severed inariu's wings .

    55. Trip Essence

      Guys at blizzard should consider nergal from behemoth as actor for diablo series

    56. Ktwin Lee

      baby when i tell u i was SHOCKETH...yass queen

    57. Giorgos Bothos

      That White skinned guy looks and sounds like shinok

    58. Anthony Jordan

      I cant wait to play this on my calculator!

    59. dueeh nyyu

      This is exactly how my mother in law was born

    60. Danny Lee

      Going back to playing hello kitty island adventures