1. emiliano pasos

      She is perfect with song perfect👍👍❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟 she beautifull

    2. BlooD A İ M —

      Turkler seri like

    3. emiliano pasos

      My favorite song ,is perfect😇😇

    4. Daniel Alexis

      I LOVE YOU!!!

    5. song video fi


    6. Anonym Anonym

      Bukuroshja ime te Dua 😍🥰💋

    7. Fica1

      It sound like JAMIROQUAI MUSIC.

    8. Leutrim Jashari

      Proud to be 🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

    9. Youssef Bel Mahi

      The only music that brings 2009 - 2011 feeling when listening to music, faith in music restored TY DUA LIPA

    10. Betelhem Hantal

      *If I were her, I’d fall in love with my self.*

    11. EM KingLasagna

      It’s beautiful

    12. Amelia

      Ale super piosenka😁

    13. Sultan Al atrash

      الله يحميكي

    14. mlg nightmare in Town

      so she cheat on somebody, why?

    15. Carla Ramos

      En verdad me encanta esta mujer

    16. Erin Vinson

      I love her sultry voice, but this song just doesn't mix well with her.

    17. krzysztof więckowski


    18. daniela maite

      A todos los que les gusta la cancion den le un like

    19. Valerie M

      0:12 I KEEP SEEING RIHANNA Am I hallucinating?

    20. aniaamy_pl


    21. Billie Eilish Mexico

      Still Billie is the queen of pop

    22. nawab rupes

      so u come

    23. Norm McCorkell

      Kinda of E. jùnior it kinda does

    24. Jon Reese

      Oj bukuri kosoves

    25. Naty Dominguez

      Like si hablas español y copias los comentarios de los que hablan ingles 😂🤗🇱🇷

    26. chding zuure

      Like si dualipa es lo mejor

    27. Mohamed Amine GAHFEZ

      0:13 Rihanna ! Is that you ?

    28. Krystian Klimowski

      Jest tutaj Polska? :)

    29. Marcello Roosailec

      It sounds a little beat like MK and Miguel Campbell. Nice, nice, nice :)

      1. chding zuure


    30. Visit Albania


    31. boop

      RIGHT I need someone to recommend me more songs/artists like this that have that funky vibe

    32. Don't Forget to Rock

      Dua's friends HAIM released a new music video for "Now I'm In It'. Check it out! :)

    33. Rohith Bharadwaj

      great song wth awesome tune..🔥👌

    34. Emmanuel Martinez

      Like si quieres que vuelva con dryan skabeche

    35. Bia Tuber gamer br

      I loved this song 😍

    36. Tatiana Enciso

      That’s perfect😍🔥-From Colombia.

    37. Jérôme Landouge

      Jamiroquai’s bass ?

    38. Hirotaka Furusawa

      The first piano key reminds me of something....

    39. Sylvia Wiszowaty

      This made vacuuming the house a lot more fun 💃🙌🙌🙌

    40. Willow uwu

      *if u dont wanna see me dancing with somebody* _Nu_

    41. NITRO 2mlnways

      Dua give me like

    42. shera

      underrated song

    43. Dutch van der Linde

      i have a plan

    44. Zlatil Penev

      Her songs are so 90s.

    45. Zac Morang

      This song making me feeling to say a friend of mine don't start now.

      1. Zac Morang

        Lol.😅😂🤣😆😁😄🙃👍🙏😁🙃😂🤣 Just joking.

    46. Frangiza İshchanova


    47. Cekku-W-9 GFO

      Black Swan's vibes in the shoot of this video.

    48. Abhishek abhi

      Dua lipa😘😘🤩🤩

    49. Mehdi hds

      Rihanna 0:13 😂

    50. Erva Karabulut

      Just people who reads all comments can read this comment YOU

    51. arun kumar

      This song makes me feel like I had a breakup with Dua.

    52. S.A. Morales

      I feel like strutting my best runway walk to this ughhh

    53. Sakira Cadman

      Great song and video. Probably both of her best.

    54. DM Home

      Тут есть русские?

    55. Hana Z

      My first favourite singer is Britney Spears, and now I also really love Dua Lipa 😍 and they look twins here 😱 Wow 😲 I love you both 😘😘

    56. maribel velasquez

      this song is cool

    57. Hannah Edwards

      love the music but kinda miss your long dark hair

    58. Sam Funky

      Funky !!

    59. daniela maite

      Me encanta:)

    60. Amina Labraymi

      it perfect