Ferrari Enzo vs LaFerrari - RACE & BRAKE TEST


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    It’s time for a Ferrari showdown! Mat’s got his hands on a Ferrari Enzo… And he’s going up against a LaFerrari! Combined they arrive on track with a staggering 1560Nm of torque and over 1600hp! But will the classic Enzo still be able to hold its own against the LaFerrari? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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    Közzététel: 5 hónapja


    1. ExtraSpecialMango

      The Ferrari Benzodiazepine is slow as fu©k

    2. Mr C

      As far as I’m concerned, they both won🤷🏾‍♂️

    3. Steven Xing

      Enzo is just ugly as!

    4. John Geier

      A pair of turbochargers would have been a better addition than the electric motor in the LaFerrari. They are both excellent cars if you forget about the price tag.

    5. Basel is Zephyr

      i was born in the same year as the ENZO and murcielago, where the legends started!

    6. 19:O5


    7. TME C

      The movie Redline made me fall in love with the Enzo

    8. Mikko Constantino

      i love Enzo!

    9. That Kid Kevin

      Fxx vs Fxx K?

    10. my namejeff

      Ok. Maybe this is a stupid question but why couldn't you "do that" to the Enzo?

    11. Jeff Hines

      He isnt driving the enzo correctly

    12. Rodrii. YT

      Con el launch es obvio q gane la ferrari y el otro no tiene

    13. Артур Моев


    14. Joni Lakso

      Laferrari did not have fourth gear on second test.

    15. Jones barbecue And foot massage

      Enzo has the same torque as a bmw 435d

    16. Andrew Thompson

      The more powerful car won... what a surprise

    17. Edson Ijey

      ferari enzo

    18. J.A.N K

      I take both..

    19. Johannes Paul

      Finally cars with the steering wheel on the left side 😅

      1. Liam Syder Dewing

        Johannes Paul wrong side

    20. Mike Hunter

      laferrari will win

    21. Taco Jesus

      It's real name is an Enzo Ferrari NOT a "Ferrari Enzo" please like to educate people.

    22. Myles Gouws

      Is Andrew from South Africa

    23. machdw650

      I attended a Ferrari client track day filled with F1 cars, Laferraris and Enzos. I'll say that I much prefered the Enzo engine note to the Laferraris

    24. rajesh kadam

      Enzo. I love the Enzo.

    25. Arham

      The guy that calling enzo dinosaur should shove dinosaur **** in his ass😂

    26. Bob Hans

      The Enzo still wins

    27. Legalize cannabis

      A lot of modern cars would walk away from the Enzo.

    28. Antoine Rosquoet

      Could you do a drag race with the 957 958 ad’ new cayenne S petrol ??

    29. Archit Jindal

      Ferrari vs Lamborghini please

    30. Hi

      Look at these dumbfucks in the comments choosing a fucking enzo over a laferrari 😂😂😂

    31. NallenTV

      Keeping it real carwow...

    32. Erik Hordnes

      Was he refering to Visio Racer by the way he said horsePAWA

    33. Michael Zak

      well that was another wankwow test

    34. Sean Duff

      La Ferrari

    35. Mitch

      Enzo is better looking

    36. FL Clapz

      Ferrari laffaerai

    37. Donnie johnson

      The guy in the laferrari is a rich idiot that doesn’t know anything about cars

    38. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

      Cool! And now *LaFerrari vs SF90!* 😃😃😃

    39. Zestee

      ‘The Ferrari The Ferrari’ How can they make such a good car but such a bad name 😂

    40. Professor B

      More of the cars less of you guys.

    41. George Poly

      I've got both of these cars in my garage as well as a Bugatti Chiron and many more Oh did I forgot to mention that all the cars are 1/36 scale😂😂😂😂

      1. check my playlists

        George Poly nah its okay bruh

      2. George Poly

        @check my playlists well you are absolutely right I just thought it was kinda funny.

      3. check my playlists

        great, but sincerely i dont remember anyone asking

    42. Big Smoke IV

      1:02 his lips.

    43. Miraç Çevik


    44. Johnny D

      You know, watching this video made me think of Porsche. Every time Ferrari came out with a model celebrating their new decades, Porsche was there all the time, but I have a lapsus though. For Ferrari F40, Porsche came out with 959, but for Ferrari F50 I don't have too many options to chose from because Porsche didn't have a supercar back then. But when Enzo came out, Porsche invented the Carrera GT which was ridiculous(ok and 5 years after). And nowadays both Manufactures are still rivaling with La Ferrari and 918. Anyway. I would love to see a drag race with all those 90-05 supercars like Mercedes Benz CLK GTR McLaren F1 Ferrari Enzo Porsche Carrea GT Maserati MC12 Lamborghini Murcielago Volkswagen Nardo Ford GT Saleen S7 Jaguar XJ220 Koenigsegg CCR

    45. Jamel Butler

      Now this is a race

    46. swansmeister

      Lets be honest here, the only reason you didnt do a standing start cause the enzo wouldnt be that far off, neglectable, and would make the much much more expensive Ferrari laferrari look stupid like it's name.

    47. Kalam Rashid

      Honestly tho, y r people hating the guy 🤔

    48. Boikanyo Onneng

      Fuck this...I want to see a drag race

    49. Jem M

      Please stop saying "I'm sat in a car". It's "I'm sitting in a"

    50. Jacques Esprit

      If I absolutely had to choose, I'd take the Enzo any day. More special. More old school Ferrari. More of a drivers car. A mans car. The newer LaFerrari, to me at least, is what Arnold would call a girlie car, with all that modern aid to help you out. Even your grandmother could drive that relatively fast. But that is not the point. The point is that 1+1 is not two, but three, because of the symbiose that arise when the car becomes an extension of the drivers senses. So Enzo it is. Cheers.

    51. Sideshow88

      LaFarrari more of a daily! 1st world problems...

    52. Youtuber 1

      The Enzo is incredible. Only a moron would refer to it as a dinosaur. In the time it takes the Enzo to hit 60 I picked up on the fact that the guy is an annoying fool.

    53. Shane Glover

      Liked before I watched it

    54. Shrihan Thanasekaran

      99% of viewers cant afford it Like if you are one of them

    55. R.J & Co

      STOP SAYING “IM SAT” it’s I’m sitting

      1. R.J & Co

        Anas Serrari no Australian. I’m sat is past tense. He’s currently sitting in.

      2. Anas Serrari

        I'm gonna assume you're American...

    56. Rhn Gf

      I hope Enzo wake up from his grave and choke this laferrari guy with a spaghetti.

    57. Jan Karlsson

      Enzo is a beauty and .....La Ferrari ;)

    58. Game Life

      Im still like Enzo more than laferrari

    59. Philippines

      "nIcE LAmBo YoU Got ThERe bRO"

      1. NoodlesRG X

        🤣😂🤣😂Good one.

    60. Salmonfaky

      Defo rather have the Enzo though .....