Gryffin - Body Back ft. Maia Wright (Official Music Video)


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    Video by NCSUDS
    Music video by Gryffin performing Body Back (Lifestyle Video). © 2019 Darkroom/Geffen Records

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    1. Abdul Dilla

      Amazing music 2019 now

    2. Bicky Lai

      I want the merch

    3. Lanceuk Ipar

    4. きりんれもん

      from Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Delyght.

      What genre is this btw? Sounds like future bass

    6. Drum Emberrre


    7. Db subba Db subba

      I love you gryffin

    8. vargav jr

      Fof gaan bonesa aku buji paua nai

    9. vargav jr


    10. Sourav Barmon

      Wow mind blowing!!!!

    11. Fatima Vargaz

      Que estupenda rola

    12. syz i

      this song is so addicting!!

      1. Drum Emberrre


    13. ryan ng

      Automatic think for you, why you bother about us, fly here and murder my talking, i would think for you, now have art, how about that?

    14. Longtiba Jingru

      Thanks for such a beautiful song...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍big love from nagaland

    15. Khanh Dam

      It’s perfect

    16. Jiilaani Adan Marayare


    17. ThatFcGuy

      1:42 left hanging daaaaamn

    18. Mr. Martin

      I love simple, creative catchy tracks like this one ....big up

    19. Anda Suada

      Awesome musician

    20. Anant Sharma

      Gryffin , illenium , tritonal, Porter Robinson reason for my Spotify subscription

    21. Yofendo19 Ahmad

      indonesia hadir

    22. 砂糖Sugar

      idk this is just too repetitive

    23. Videos 4k HD And tutorial

      I made a guitar cover of how to play this song on guitar I appreciate if you see it a thousand thanks

    24. Harry Alatas

      Love it. Thx for best music guys. Check body back mashup here🔥

    25. LeeSsinTheBlinD BuBaKuSh

      The Grandmaster 😍💥🔥

    26. The dark Spy


    27. Inan Mosaddeque


    28. Srujan Agrawal

      Anyone else notice dude got left hangin @ 1:43?

    29. cold2d

      now this is a vibe

    30. Ulices Colina

      Now i´m fan of Griffin, him music is insane

    31. Nahin Khan

      I love Gryffin and Love EDM music. It always gives me that upbeat, uplifting and energetic feeling inside .... the kind you get when you are with someone you love.

    32. Harris Petsas

      Perfect song, I'm in love with it ❤️

    33. Neeraj pant

      Awesome song

    34. jonh mx

      this good congratulations

    35. ryan ng

      Check pipe , zara house leaking like a usual way.

    36. Saif Abid AlBloushi

      I really dont get it.He gets 10M views in just 3 weeks and still has 500k subs. Can someone explain this?

      1. Mr. MineGrack

        Im sorry I cant but I love it - its the song with the most heart i have ever seen in my life

    37. Win Arto

      Love song santrek

    38. Hizkia Skay

      I like the song when firts time I heard it

    39. pablo ramos quispe

      Amo esta cancion 😀❤❤❤

    40. Iqbal Atih

      I Like This Song 😍😍😍