How Riot Games Created A Champion NO ONE Likes - A League of Legends Movie



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    Today, let's talk about highest league of legends least played and least popular champion in league of legends history. Ivern used to be an OP League of legends champion, but after being nerfed and new jungle changes in league of legends, he is now their least played champion in the game. This is a video covering the history of Ivern, the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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    Celtics in Disguise - Trabant
    Isle of Mist - Breathing Tides
    Light Breeze - Jon Algar
    The Celtic Flavour - Alysha Sheldon
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    Forest of the Elves Celtic Music by Jonathan Segev
    Free Elven Music A Time Forgotten by Jonathan Segev
    Adrian von Ziegler's Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!
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    Patch 9.24 on the PBE on surrender at 20
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    1. Exil

      We officially hit 200k Subs!!! Thank you guys so much, go check out my community post and leave a vote on what type of video you want to see!

      1. Aske Valbjørn Carlsen

        but you can go braum jungel a main supp but olso can be used jng

      2. McCOZE

        You mentioned eq. I like you.

      3. Alice Jibija

        making it 21:9 doesnt make it a movie lol

      4. alexander martinez

        @RenoZ you really just need slows and range to shut him down, even yorick can murder him in toplane. kaisa is broken AF though, AND her visual design is the stupidest in the game. she should look like kerrigan from starcraft 2 not a transformers bitch.

      5. RenoZ

        @alexander martinez I am neutral about Kaisa. But speaking about balance/changes, I think that some champs are really annoying and busted. Like Darius for example. If he stacks on you, you are dead and it's not hard to stack since he can both pull you and slow you to get those auto attacks in. Super strong dueling potential and even in bigger fight, he can easily dunk 3+ people. On the other hand hard CC and high mobility champ can shut him down but that goes for everyone so it doesn't really count.

    2. Raigheb

      I came here for this: This is LoL's most useless champion, this thing should have been removed from the game after a few months, certainly by now. Remake this useless piece of garbage or remove it entirely since nobody cares about him anyway.

    3. felipe35475

      i hate this champion. He's toxic to play against, and annoing, and not fair to junglers that actualy need to clear camps. Best thing is for him to stay in this garbage form.

    4. Cookie

      ivern mains subreddit has more members than garen mains subreddit

    5. FRFM00

      They need to make Daisy a mount and you become the big sprite.. and just do NAutilus kinda shit

    6. Aysar Aburrub

      i enjoy playing him if i ever get him in ARAM, but aside from that, no thanks, lol

    7. Jello

      I freaking love this, i literally got here cuz i played a game of ivern and was like wow i love him let me go to youtube

    8. tuburcio palangelay

      You know why? Because everyone wants to be an edgyboi who hardcarries

    9. Cynation

      I like and play Ivern xD

    10. Molnár S. Péter

      I like Ivern, title missleading

    11. Rune

      Ahhh, Everquest... If League could only tap into those magic-forest aesthetics more adequately.

    12. JSteph

      I love him, love his lore, love his appearance and I really love to play with Ivern 💛 Of course I love Daisy too ✌

    13. Dr.Poruno Gaming

      Well ivern giving free blue or red buff for the team and can harvest your farm to fast

    14. Mizu Dawn

      So thats why people act like they don't know what Ivern does the ever so often time I play him.

    15. kosmique

      12:40 lol gay.

    16. kosmique

      poor ivern.

    17. Wiktor jajcarz

      I like him!

    18. Z E R O

      I main invern man 😕 he's made to be a good support,, max E and your team won't die

    19. BestHotboi NA

      Normal / Ranked: "nope" ARAM : *surprised pikachu face*

    20. Alex Kerley

      Everything kinda works against him. He also lost points by not just being super nice, but being weird nice. Like pedo weird nice...

    21. Amante

      I was saying "Ivern"

    22. LetsGoGaming

      But... I like him

    23. Thanh Thanh

      I play ivern in ARAM half year ago. It 's so OP =)), Daisy will carry the game . And Riot neft Ivern and it's useless =))

    24. alex_oiman

      i'd make his ult be whatever last camp he frees/smites, including the dragons

    25. Romario Mejia

      1:04 *Sees main on list REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    26. halbalili

      tree man!

    27. D M Anderson

      I actually love Ivern. He is a blast to play and the character development is pretty refreshing. I think a lot of the hate comes from the fact he is niche and not fitting within the main stream demands. It is tragic the hate this champ gets just because he is not understood and not part of the norm.

    28. Myriad —

      Kneecaps where are you at

    29. alexsandar iskandar

      This guy really made me sad for Ivern, good production though man! Most people don't know how to create an atmosphere to their videos, and you do!

    30. Zoë Berkowitz

      Please do Ornn !! He is so lovable and has only recently come into the meta again :0

    31. Tiltmaster

      make daisy scale off tank/ap/res since he doesnt need dmg to jungle

    32. Shadow Gaming

      That's it boys i'm an ivern main now

    33. Roth: The World Ender

      An ivern once carried me

    34. Repollo

      There be a mid lane ivern out there somewhere kicking butt. Succ it.

    35. bishy11

      angry comment! i main ivern

    36. Orthane

      I said this when he was first announced, but Ivern just doesn't fit in the game at all. It's like if Bob Ross showed up at a Neo-Nazi rally. It's just wrong.

    37. Jun Seok Park

      Riot should just get rid of daisy and replace with aoe cc like a tree that locks down players or makes towers dormant. w should be changed to damage opponent players if they stand in them

    38. Manrisa Manrisame

      Ivern is rarely played but I usually play it with friends to team up botlane with rengar while making him ad carry

    39. Pedro Santos

      I really don't like how the game was shifting towards flashy 100 dashes, overloaded champions. Also, the culture of "playmaking" and "highlights" instead of team coop really hurts the popularity of champs like Ivern. I'm glad they're trying to reverse it

    40. KizaTheShaddow

      The balance team need balancing...

    41. Dragon Soul88

      riot is a B****

    42. Drake bradley

      ivern is a good champ

    43. Robin Robout

      Ivern and Shaco are my favorite junglers cause I really enjoy the jank way they handle the jungle.

    44. Randomdudu

      You know... this video has given me a strange motivation to play Ivern...

    45. Aesop70

      I see Ivern 10 times more than Yorick or Kalista...

    46. Matt Swann

      Video premise is false, he’s fun.

    47. Schapie

      Would love a ORNN documentary like this, its so well done im almost tempted to play Ivern.

    48. Emmachii

      GOD ivern support user here. damn.... Im goood.......

    49. aa311

      What? I play bard jungle with great success on ranked. Max you heal and drop your medipacks as you do you camps and collect shimes gank like a kayne just make sure to land your Q stun.

    50. TheSingingPikachu wow

      I don't know if it would help fix Ivern but maybe changing his R into like a transformation like nidalee or shiv or even gnar, turning him into the ultimate defender of the forest, I think it would work. But I don't play him so I don't know.

    51. Galax Gunz

      What ivern needs, some change to his w, to buff his allies in his bushes or to slow someone, he NEEDS some help. His w needs changed and his Q needs some tweeking to make it easy for melees to jump in on enemies and ranged to stay at maxed range

    52. Galax Gunz

      I love ivern and this all makes me sad... hes my main, he needs some love but i hope they dont completely kill him like other characters...

    53. Wouter S

      They should give ivern an update to his passive based on dragons and give ivern the dragon soul based on what terrain sr turns in :^) I love ivern btw but I feel like I just can't really win with him as easily as I can with other champs and after a while it gets stressfull

    54. Succubus Emily

      Sadder than amumu

    55. Anarchy

      Lol even the virtual tree is getting cut down.... no wonder Rift is so hot

    56. Lance Nick

      Sad, very sad f's in the chat

    57. Polzy

      bruh, tresh is a support jungler

    58. Gameon 00

      I love ivern idk if it’s the meme or what but I have loved him for a while

    59. Egemen Bora Uysal

      I wish Riot made him into a real support removing jungle passive or tying it up to smite and give him an another passive that works when you don't take smite and you are a support.

    60. Egemen Bora Uysal

      I gladly play him on ARAM when I get him and I win most of the time with little to no items purchased. Building a Rod of Ages and redemption or ardent makes it strong enough most of the games. I find it so satisfying to see enemy team deal with daisy when I buff my carries and still stay in the back line. When I get honours They are meant for daisy herself.